TSA saves America from crying 3 y.o. girl in wheelchair, takes her stuffed animal “Lamby”

Missouri has been in the news a lot recently for all of the wrong reasons, including this recent ugly incident involving the TSA.  The TSA insisted on checking a three-year-old girl in wheelchair, and then took away her stuffed animal, Lamby, and refused to give Lamby back after checking him for explosives.

(I wonder how you say “Lamby” in Arabic?)

It’s troubling that every time we see another crazy moment by the TSA, they make some kind of an apology, claim they will fix the problem and provide better training or guidance, but the problems continue.

There’s a distinct lack of common sense that privatization won’t resolve. (The GOP always thinks privatization is the answer, but it only answers the call of campaign contributions.)

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 12.16.38 PMWhether it’s humiliating a woman dying of leukemia, harassing seniors, or holding another young girl in a wheelchair for explosives, the TSA is unable to change. They even retaliate against people who don’t go along with their silly tests, not to mention the bizarre incident involving the very dangerous cupcake icing.


Lucy and Lamby, in better days.

The TSA – whether it’s run by the government or outside contractors – is beyond repair. It’s not making us any safer, and they have zero proof that suggests they’ve done anything to improve air security. Picking on a three-year-old girl in a wheelchair who just wanted to go to DisneyWorld is typical of what they do. This is not protecting anyone.

The video of this little girl is just heart-breaking.

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