Too much snow for Scooter (video)

I remember when we were kids in Chicago, and had one of those insane blizzards (I want to say 1967), and our dog would just get buried by the snow. She loved it. She’d dive in, medium sized 20 to 25 pound dog that she was, and just get buried by the snow and leap from position to position, slowly making her way through it. That was Gypsy, the mutt.

Sasha, my current dog, a yorkie-bichon, has zero interest in snow. Snow is one more thing for the little diva to have to trouble her feet with, and we’ll be having none of that. (And being a rather intelligent dog, I have a sneaking suspicion that Sasha understands that snow is just another way to say w-a-t-e-r.) I was disappointed. I remember how our dog Lady, Gypsy’s puppy (back in the ’60s you let your dogs have puppies), loved to dig her snout in the snow and kind of throw it in the air.

Of course, part of Sasha’s disinterest in the snow may come from her size, she’s only ten pounds, and the fact that the snow forms mats of ice in her fur. It’s a mess taking her out in the snow – I literally have to blow dry the ice off of her belly. Fortunately for Sasha, we haven’t had much snow in DC for a few years now, and there wasn’t much in Chicago over Christmas either.

Anyway, enjoy this guy’s dog, Scooter, who apparently does like the snow.

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