All Marco Rubio’s lip-smacking condensed to 1-minute video (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Possibly the most disgusting video yet from Marco Rubio’s increasingly-disastrous appearance last night.

Someone made a collection of all the lips-smacking that Rubio did, on one long video.

UPDATE: I posted last night, below, the infamous animated gif of Marco Rubio lurching for a water bottle during his Republican Response to the State of the Union.

But it got me thinking.

There were so many other dreadful moments during Rubio’s speech, most involving what a sweaty mess he was.  Rubio kept wiping his forehead, repeatedly, because he was sweating so much during his address.

So I decided to create a few more animated gifts of Marco Rubio’s address, just for the fun of it.  The first two are sweat wiping sweat moments, the last two are licking lips.

Marco Rubio animated gif wiping sweat SOTU  Marco Rubio animated gif wiping sweat SOTU

Marco Rubio animated gif lick lips SOTU  Marco Rubio animated gif licking lips


Courtesy of National Journal a wonderful moment captured in time from Marco Rubio’s “Republican response” to the President’s State of the Union.  Marco Rubio and the water bottle, a moment in American history captured in time forever as an animated gif.

You see, Rubio was a bit sweaty.  He also got really whiney and complained a lot about how mean the President is.

It seems the nerves and the whining finally caught up with Rubio, who got a serious case of dry mouth.

So Rubio lurched for a water bottle off camera, mid-speech, and took a gulp on camera.

As someone just noted on Twitter, President Obama spoke for nearly an hour and he didn’t need a wa-wa break.

Marco Rubio water bottle

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