All Marco Rubio’s lip-smacking condensed to 1-minute video (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Possibly the most disgusting video yet from Marco Rubio’s increasingly-disastrous appearance last night.

Someone made a collection of all the lips-smacking that Rubio did, on one long video.

UPDATE: I posted last night, below, the infamous animated gif of Marco Rubio lurching for a water bottle during his Republican Response to the State of the Union.

But it got me thinking.

There were so many other dreadful moments during Rubio’s speech, most involving what a sweaty mess he was.  Rubio kept wiping his forehead, repeatedly, because he was sweating so much during his address.

So I decided to create a few more animated gifts of Marco Rubio’s address, just for the fun of it.  The first two are sweat wiping sweat moments, the last two are licking lips.

Marco Rubio animated gif wiping sweat SOTU  Marco Rubio animated gif wiping sweat SOTU

Marco Rubio animated gif lick lips SOTU  Marco Rubio animated gif licking lips


Courtesy of National Journal a wonderful moment captured in time from Marco Rubio’s “Republican response” to the President’s State of the Union.  Marco Rubio and the water bottle, a moment in American history captured in time forever as an animated gif.

You see, Rubio was a bit sweaty.  He also got really whiney and complained a lot about how mean the President is.

It seems the nerves and the whining finally caught up with Rubio, who got a serious case of dry mouth.

So Rubio lurched for a water bottle off camera, mid-speech, and took a gulp on camera.

As someone just noted on Twitter, President Obama spoke for nearly an hour and he didn’t need a wa-wa break.

Marco Rubio water bottle

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  • you gotta give yourself an hour buffer after that bowl, man. cmon, marco… should know this by now.

  • David Halik

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. “Michael Savage”.

  • David Halik

    At least he doesn’t read off a TelePrompter. Hey. Lets find fault and forget the real truth. That’s typical of a Liberal.

  • David Halik

    oops. I bumped into a blog sight of miss informed people. I suppose your just a bunch of idiots. Lets talk about down right lies the Liberals put out. ACCORN, Fast and furious, Global warming, Beghazi attack, Obama phones just to scratch the surface of the Obama Administration lies. Grow a pair and start thinking for yourselves and take responsibility for your self.

  • paulabflat

    my favorite of the day.
    well. so far.
    yer good.

  • hollywoodstein

    Hopefully, that is an involuntary nervous tic the attempt at suppression of which will only cause more problems, lol.

  • hollywoodstein

    Yes, that desperate lunge for the water bottle, is a classic, but there is going to be a lot of media training in the next few months/years including hydration with ice water and Gatorade to get your core temperature down. And yes Rubio is a petulant, unprepared prick on the trail, but his set pieces are great and he will get the training he needs. Remember, Republicans mocked Bill Clinton as road kill after his convention speech. And his early competition will be Christie so he will look like a statesman by comparison, though the two of them together could be entertaining or a sign of the Apocalypse.

    And the Republicans don’t need to win the minority vote, they just need to peel away 10,15, 20% of it.
    If HIllz is not cramming the Rosetta Stone, or has a VP in mind, a native language speaker could do the trick.

  • A.R

    that was weird!!!

  • Ninong

    Fred Phelps?

  • dmhlt_66

    Come on … let’s be fair.
    Rubio performed a miracle during his SOTU reply:

    He turned water into whine.

  • hollywoodstein

    Let’s not laugh too hard. There was a time Bill Clinton was not ready for prime time.

  • Yes. It’s very disturbing to watch.

    Rubio’s actual speech itself was even more so.

  • cole3244

    the lip smacking is actually a secret language spoken to the tea party and used mainly after they have been to a tea bagging party, not my choice of social activities but different strokes for different folks.

  • Did folks see the new video I added up top?

  • UncleBucky

    With that tongue a-going, he looks like Walter Brennan in The Real McCoys…

  • And we enjoy the spectacle of you kicking your own ass. Who’d a thunk, a fourth stooge.

  • Maybe we should call it: Republican Night Live.

  • Gives new meaning to the term: ‘lick spittle.’

  • FLL

    Paul Krugman wrote a very good refutation of Rubio’s accusations about Freddie/Fannie Mae in the New York Times (link).

  • citizen_spot

    Did you notice that Biden had a single glass of water in front of him, and it looked like Boehner had a cocktails serving tray in front of him during SOTU.

  • “I don’t always awkwardly gulp water on camera during a short speech, but when I do, it’s always Poland Springs.”

  • Ninong

    “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

  • It’s code for “poor people were allowed to buy houses they couldn’t afford.” The usual anti-minority dog-whistle, really.

    Republicans have been agitating for years now to dissolve Freddie/Fannie and FHA and turn everything mortgage-related over to private banks.

  • Because they’re still the Party of Reagan, which was when they really began pushing what I call “mirror policies.” Stuff like ‘Healthy Forests’ — which meant opening up pristine wilderness areas to clear-cutting. Or ‘Trickle-down Economics’ — which was actually an upward redistribution of wealth, a veritable money-gusher, for the ultra-rich.

    That idea has been internalized by the GOP, and it’s worked fairly well for them. But as with any political strategy, there’s always an impetus to take it one step further, to become ever more outrageous, and more objectively blatantly cynical. Now they say they want to ‘protect the vote’ — by denying citizens the right to vote. Or ‘protect’ Medicare by turning it into a privatized voucher program.

    As their proposals grow further and further from what people would actually want, they have no choice but to cast about for what they hope will be some charismatic figurehead or useful idiot who can sell their snake-oil. Their trouble is their proposals are so far out there now, they can’t offer any details or any ideas that are anything other than more of the same stuff, as you say, that got us into this mess.

    Sadly, if you ask the average GOP base voter why we have huge deficits now, they’ll exclusively blame Obama and the Dems. Not a one of them will admit that the bigger contributors were the Bush tax cuts or the unpaid-for Medicare-D expansion or the massively inflated military/defense budget and its off-the-books wars or the lack of oversight and regulation that caused the mid-decade economic collapse — all of which happened under GOP rule.

  • FLL

    I can’t figure out what he meant by his explanation of the causes for the downturn of 2007-2008:

    “This idea—that our problems were caused by a government that was too small—it’s just not true. In fact, a major cause of our recent downturn was a housing crisis created by reckless government policies.”

    Does he mean that Bush instituted reckless government policies that created the housing bubble and its collapse? Most economists think it was the unrestrained banking industry and a deregulated Wall Street being reckless, not government being reckless. What is Rubio talking about, I wonder?

  • “intelligent design”Hello! America’s Top Model.

  • “The GOP message is “Hell no, we will not cooperate or govern.” Obama will do ‘their’ governing for them.

  • Sad little dweeb and his stale talking points.

  • More likely it was that double Tequilla martini at dinner.

  • Yep, it goes with dry brain.

  • Someone must have dropped some salt on his tail and he was dissolving.

  • Leave it to the Republicans to pin their hopes on someone that comes off like a bad used car salesman.

  • What I can’t wait for, assuming the GOP is foolish enough to think Rubio is ready to run for president in 2016, is for reports on Rubio’s habit of lying about his family’s history (with respect to exactly when and why his grandfather left Cuba) to begin making the rounds again.

  • I did watch the whole thing, and as speeches go, Rubio’s was dreadful. My opinion anyway. His delivery was whiny, nervous, and high-pitched. He came across as superficial and immature. And the content of his rebuttal was nothing but complaining about Obama and the Dems, along with false claims — like saying Obama was responsible for the huge deficit, that it was his spending, when in fact Congress passes the budgets, and they’re the ones who set tax rates and spending priorities. Or that gov’t regulations caused the real estate crash, when in fact it was the absence of them.

    The only specific I could identify was when Rubio offered the only specific GOP proposal, which was to cut corporate tax rates, although he wouldn’t say by how much. Nor how it would be offset to avoid even larger deficits.

  • olandp

    It is even worse when you watch the entire thing. Hopefully this blows Rubio’s chances fro President, and as Senator. He was the Teabagger candidatein Florida. I didn’t vote for him.

  • Badgerite

    Why is it that the GOP can never actually examine their underlying policy choices and the effect those policy choices have on real living Americans as a means of appealing to ‘minority’ voters. Instead they always reach for the nearest ‘spokes model’ to sell the same old crap that got the country into this mess in the first place.

  • Can’t say the word gay either; instead danced around it with the usual hostile code words, drenched with insincerity, fear and loathing. They aren’t fooling anyone anymore. Look at the flimsy set and wrinkled Stars and Stripes here that cry out for an over-the-top Saturday Night Live parody, along with his desperate, mid-act water grab; not much embellishment will be required. Check out his face: look at the fear, see the greed. A bit better looking than Ricky Bobby Jindal, but that’s not saying much; still very much the callow greenhorn with all the awkward fumbling; looks as if he’d start to cry if you touched him — do not trust this guy with a gun or behind the wheel. One does not want to come across that way in Little Havana or on live television. Personally I’d just as soon deal with a Calle Ocho Loco from Alpha 66 or Omega 7. They may be crazy, but at least they’re not paralyzed and catatonic like little Marco here, and they’re lots more fun to be with. Some talk about his smarts, but for a Cuban, Rubio comes across as only half-bright. I’ve known more than enough of them to know, and that in 2013 – as in 2012 – Republican=Bigot.

  • samizdat

    Oh, so that’s the little child-voiced, petulant toady I heard on NPR responding to Drone-bama after I left school last night.

    Having said that, and with all due respect to caphillprof, this statement, “…President without the capabilities required of a President…”, could just as easily be applied to His Majesty the Executioner, Drone-bama.

  • caphillprof

    The Republicans are no longer a political party. They elect candidates who are not politicians but Madrassah educated automatons. They are spoiled children who stamp their feet and just say no. They cannot relate to the world as it is. They are in the United States but they are not of the United States. The party lurches from one ill thought quick “fix” to another; we’ve reached the point where they are so disconnected from reality that their quick fixes are only farce.

    Marco Rubio does not himself do anything; he does not think anything; he has no desire whatsoever to help his constituents. He thinks he can become President without the capabilities required of a President; just as he became a Senator without the capacity to be a senator. Since Ronald Reagan they all think that public office is just an acting job. It’s why Boehner has that perennial tan; it’s why Cantor plays the role of Eddie Haskell. The Republican side of the aisle is no more than a white trash reality TV show.

  • The greatest part of the GOP “response” is that they always create so much HUMOR for the rest of us to enjoy for weeks on end !! At least they contribute SOMETHING of value for the American people since they clearly are incapable of governing LOL

  • HolySnare

    They might not realize it yet, but last year’s Republican clown show didn’t cycle through all the Bozos they have in their tent. Rubio, Jindal, and a few random vaginal probe guys are on deck for 2016.

  • USMCJock

    Can’t wait til Hillary puts it on him with questions he can’t answer…..and then follow it up with: “Take your time answering…you need a water break?”

    Hillary will tear this child apart. He’s done…No 2016 for him.

  • HolyMoly

    Will the next Republican superhero please wear one of these?

  • HolyMoly


  • olandp

    He is always drunk, every time I see him on the TV.

  • I set up If anyone has any solid links to throw on there, let me know.

  • FLL

    An embarrassing performance. Humiliating, actually. So the not-so-secret mantra of the Republican boosters now becomes… [drumroll, please]… Jeb, Jeb, rah, rah rah! Hilarious.

  • Pro Forma

    I’m beginning to think that the quickest route to becoming a Republican has-been is t give the response to th SOTU.

  • hauksdottir

    Lying affects the nervous system with various symptoms: dry mouth, rapidly blinking eyes, tics, fidgets, etc..

    Nerves CAN induce dry mouth, but usually the sensation is more of a thick tongue than a dry one. I suspect that his difficulty swallowing was due to thick tongue. Being dry and thirsty doesn’t impede the chugging of water: athlete or non-athlete, down the hatch it goes. I might have recommended a glass, so as to take occasional little sips, and a conversational attitude, if I was advising a merely nervous speaker. By the time one has given a thousand stump speeches, one ought to be able to face cameras and crowds without being tongue-tied and sweaty.

    Of course, medications can induce uncomfortably dry mouth as a common side-effect.

  • And if it is not Jeb, his moron sprout is not far behind.

  • You are the second person on the second message board he suggested that. Hmmmm.

  • pappyvet

    “Every day I would go down to the Congress,that grand old benevolent, national asylum for the helpless,and report on the inmates there. If one of those men had been present when the Diety was at the point of saying :Let there be light’, we never would”ve had it.” Mark Twain

  • One thing I can say, after forcing myself to watch his whiny little rebuttal speech, is Marco Rubio’s dry cleaners are going to have a gamy-smelling business suit dropped off in the next couple of days.

    That aside, his speech was like he hadn’t even seen Obama’s. Nothing but right-wing talking points, vague generalities, psychological projection, and deliberate misrepresentations of fact.

    Another certainty: The GOP message is “Hell no, we will not cooperate or govern.” Any proposal from Obama’s SOTU address — no matter how reasonable or sensible, no matter whether the GOPers clapped or got to their feet, and not even if the proposal is something they already said they wanted — is guaranteed to die in the House.

    First up, the fiscal brinksmanship will continue, and the GOP will continue to hold America’s (and the world’s) economy hostage.

  • Ninong

    I was hoping for Bobby Jindal again. I wanted to hear more about “something called volcano monitoring,” or maybe he could explain why he thinks “intelligent design” should be taught in science classrooms.

  • Richard_thunderbay

    If only he had done a spit take. He would have won the 2016 nomination then and there.

  • “He must have really kissed ass!” Fixed that for you.

  • dula

    Poor guy was a bundle of dry mouth nerves from all that pressure knowing this wasn’t a response to the State Of The Union, but was his arrogant attempt to claim the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential election.

  • Nuff to make cats howl!

  • What a dweeb….the new Dan Quale.

  • Ron Thompdson

    Now when he says that he’s afraid
    Oh, won’t you take him at his word?
    And for the price this ploughboy’s paid
    He gets to sing just like a bird.
    Coo coo coo coo coo

    My brow is sweatin’ and my mouth gets dry
    Dancing people go driftin’ by
    Moment of truth is right at hand
    Just one more night than you can stand

    See the man with the stage fright
    Just standing up there to give it all his might
    He got caught in the spotlight
    But when it gets to the end
    He wants to start all over again.

  • FredPh

    Really? This is the best you’ve got? Man, he must have really kicked ass!

  • CattyNineTails

    It’d explain a lot if it turned out to be vodka rather than water.

  • Ninong

    Once again it is Mardi Gras today, so maybe it’s a voodoo curse on the GOP?

  • rerutled

    Bobby Jindal already screwed up his SOTU response in 2009. Don’t you remember the famous Chris Matthews “Oh, god” moment?

  • Ninong

    Was Boehner lit tonight or does he always glow bright red like that under the lights?

  • guest1

    I bet hes on coke

  • Ninong

    It could have been worse. They could have had Bobby Jindal complaining about wasting $140 million on “something called volcano monitoring.”

  • Naja pallida

    Well… it could have been worse, he could have been Bobby Jindal, or a Governor associated with forced vaginal ultrasounds.

  • rerutled

    30 minutes after this article was posted: Buzzfeed reports there are already 15 parody twitter accounts.

  • usagi

    So, it’s Jeb Bush 2016 then? Rah…

  • UncleBucky

    Can you imagine his fear-sweat smell?

  • LOL God I love when they screw up and an entire 15 minute speech is distilled into one bad moment.

  • UncleBucky

    LIVE! This is your last Tuesday night with dignity, Marco.

  • ledotter

    Lying will induce dry mouth!

  • brian

    Wait, sorry. Just saw the gif. Waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy worse than the smacking noise into the mic.

  • brian

    Before he took that sip, I would characterize his response as stale, sweaty, and parched. Now I’d just call it stale and sweaty. Seriously, it was uncomfortable watching him struggle to swallow. The mic was picking it up and everything. Better a gif of him sucking a tiny bottle than continuing to smack into the mic. Also, sounded like 2004. Didn’t 2012 just happen?

  • cole3244

    the great gop hope just dried up before our eyes, next.

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