Someone needs to switch to decaf (video)

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  • hollywoodstein

    It’s the genes for dealing with mankind that seem to be lacking.

  • ROTFL!

  • A pair of Jimmy Choo pumps and matching bag.

  • ROTFL!!!

  • Mighty

    Crocodile Note to Self: Take elephant off of menu list.

  • melbach007

    Can elephants wear crocodile shoes or was this a senseless killing.

  • Cletus

    As long as the gene for kicking crocodile ass remains intact, they should do fine…

  • hollywoodstein

    Never any doubt how that would end. First the yanking airborne then the heavy step.
    What a shame we are reducing the genetic diversity of these creatures every year.

  • Jim Olson

    Yeah, don’t mess with the elephant.

  • Cletus

    Wonder what was left of the crocodile…

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