Slave-loving pedophile-enablers send Obama a nastygram about gay immigration

Let’s all say it together now: No one cares what a church that to this day still hasn’t come clean on its enabling of pedophiles, and refuses to apologize for nearly a century of forcing 30,000 women in Ireland to serve as unpaid human slaves and only ended the practice in 1996, has to say about morality.

Hint: That would be you, Catholic Church.

The American Catholic Cardinals are quite upset at the President for suggesting that he will fix an immigration problem plaguing binational married gay in the immigration bill.  Because, God forbid we address an immigration issue in an immigration bill.

From AP:

But Catholic bishops, with the support of evangelicals and other theological conservatives, have sent a letter to Obama protesting his proposal. In a sign of the sensitivity of the issue, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops would not provide a copy of the statement, saying the signatories agreed not to make the letter public. Sister Mary Ann Walsh, a spokeswoman for the bishops, would say only that recognition of gay couples in the president’s reform proposals “jeopardizes passage of the bill.”

As I’ve explained previously, married gay couples are not recognized by the federal government because of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  So married gay couples in which one spouse is not American find themselves in a difficult situation when the foreign-born spouse is told to get out of the country because they’re not legally married to an American.  The President has promised to fix this problem in the immigration, though Democratic Senators Schumer, Durbin, Menendez and Bennet already stabbed gays in the back by removing them from a bipartisan compromise released last week.

Catholic hypocrisy via Shutterstock

Catholic hypocrisy via Shutterstock

To no one’s surprise, the Catholic Church has teamed up with militant evangelical gay-haters in order to demand that the President drop gays from his immigration plan (I’d love to know if the Mormons signed the letter too).  As you know, the Catholic Church likes nothing better than hating on harming gays, unless of course they’re harming children, or women, or the homeless – or best option, all at once.

It would be nice if a politician would finally stand up to the Catholic Church and tell them: “With all due respect, I don’t need moral advice from people who enslaved women as recently as the 1990s, and who continue to enable pedophiles.”

It would also be nice if there were any kind of smart organized resistance against the Catholic cardinals, in order to stand up against the church when it gets on these moral crusades.  Imagine the placards one could wield (“I’m not a pedophile but my priest is”) to teach them a lesson that every time the Catholic Church decides to launch yet another moral Inquisition against gays, women, or anyone else, we will remind the world that this is an institution that has yet to apologize for literally holding 30,000 women hostage as unpaid human slaves, and who aided and abetted the systematic rape of small children during the same time period and continues to deny it, while attacking victims.

So yeah, the Catholic Church isn’t a fan of including gay couples in the immigration bill.  And I’m not a fan of slavery or raping small boys and girls.  So if the Catholic cardinals want to have a public debate on morality, oh please let’s do have it.

A little reminder of the morality we’re dealing with when negotiating with the Catholic Church:

How do you say “bite me” in Latin?

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