Sequester’s “devastating” defense cuts were Boehner’s idea

So, the Daily Beast just caught John Boehner lying. Now there’s a surprise.  You might have noticed in the past several months the Republicans making this bizarre argument about President Obama being responsible for sequestration and the devastating cuts to domestic programs and defense that it will entail.

And you might have scratched your head and said, “wait a minute, Congress passed the sequestration legislation before President Obama signed it.”  You might have also noted that sequestration was the deal everyone signed on to get the Republicans to stop holding the American, and world, economy hostage.

So it might have seemed odd to you that the Republicans were now claiming that the sequestration was President Obama’s handiwork.

Well.  The Daily Beast’s John Avlon uncovered one of GOP House Speaker John Boehner’s PowerPoint presentations from 2011.  It’s a presentation that Boehner gave to House Republicans in an effort to get the buy-in of the Tea Party crazies that now run the GOP.

And what does John Boehner’s PowerPoint presentation show?  That Boehner came up with the idea of the sequestration – and the idea of including the defense budget equally in the sequestration – in an effort to woo the Tea Party crazies.

Here is John Boehner’s proposal to his Republican House caucus, including the sequester:

John Boehner PowerPoint presentation proposing sequester of defense budget, via John Avlon, Daily Beast

John Boehner PowerPoint presentation proposing sequestration of defense budget, via John Avlon, Daily Beast

Boehner and the Republicans are now running around town with big signs calling the sequestration the “Obamaquester.”  Now we know, thanks to the Daily Beast, and John Boehner himself, that John Boehner is a liar. has a list of a few other Republicans who are liars too:

Rep. Martha Roby, Feb. 16: My district is home to Fort Rucker, the primary flight training base for Army Aviation. If the president’s sequester takes effect, Fort Rucker would lose 500 students training to be combat aviators and roughly 37,000 hours of aviation training. Source: Weekly Republican Address

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Feb. 13: Take the Obama sequester as just one example. The President had a chance last night to offer a thoughtful alternative to his sequester, one that could reduce spending in a smarter way. That is what Republicans have been calling for all along, and it is the kind of thing the House has already voted to do not once but twice. We want to work with him to actually make that happen. Source: Congressional Record

Rep. John Boehner, Feb. 12: We are only weeks away from the devastating consequences of the president’s sequester, and he failed to offer the cuts needed to replace it. Source: Press release

Rep. Jeff Miller, Feb. 10: The Administration’s sequestration threatens to reduce our military’s readiness and throw our nation into another recession. Source: Newsletter

Rep. Howard McKeon, Feb. 8: Today the White House finally broke their silence on the consequences President Obama’s sequester would have on domestic spending. Source: Press release

Rep. Peter Roskam, Feb. 5: The sequester is the president’s sequester. Source: CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report

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