Flash a gun, get 15% off your pizza (seriously)

A pizza joint in Virginia Beach, Virginia is offering a 15% discount to anyone who flashes a weapon in the store.

Gun nuts have been doing a lot of this since the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, when a young man took his gun-nut mother’s guns and shot dead 20 six- and seven- year old children, taking care to shoot each child three times before moving on to the next child, in order to ensure they were truly dead.

So the gun-nut response to Sandy Hook is to get gun-nuttier.

You’d almost think they were the victims of Sandy Hook, the way the gun nuts are responding.  They’re the aggrieved party because the country got more than a bit upset that one of their own decided to go on a rampage, yet again, against innocent people, in this case small children.

So the gun nuts have decided they need to flaunt their guns in public, rub them in our faces, lest anyone get “too” upset about the mass slaughter of first-graders two weeks before Christmas.

Case in point: All Around Pizza and Deli in Virginia Beach, Virginia, offering a 15% discount to anyone who openly carries a weapon into the pizza joint or who showed a concealed carry permit.

All Aound Pizza gun ad

And who can forget the Utah gun nut who in mid-January went into a JC Penny with his assault rifle and a Glock in order to “make a statement.”  Folks got his statement, all right.


One of these days, one of these guys is going to be mistakenly shot dead, by either a patron or the cops. But it’s actually worse than that.  Contrary to the notion that more guns make you safe, in places like Virginia and Utah, where gun nuts like to flaunt their guns in public, you won’t know when the next gunman comes into a place of business whether he’s a nut or a gun nut.  You really won’t know whether to call the cops until he’s shot his first child dead, then you’ll know to call.  That’s a problem.

Think about it.  If Sandy Hook Elementary had permitted guns at the school, and teachers had seen Adam Lanza, the guy who perpetrated the massacre, carrying a gun, they  might not be sure what to think.  Maybe he was a pistol-packing parent?  Or a Sherrif-Arpaio-type vigilante “posse” there to help keep the kids safe.  No one would really be sure.  And no one would call the cops, or challenge him, until the first bodies dropped. Just imagine the outrage, and the lawsuit, if you dared challenge a gun nut about why he was carrying a gun at a school?  You’d be violating his Second Amendment rights by even asking.

And could you imagine the 911 call?

Hello, Virginia 911.
Yes, there’s a man, he’s got a gun.
Yeah, so?
What do you mean ‘yeah so’? I’m calling from a pre-school.
Did he shoot anyone?
Call us back when he kills someone.

Mass murderer, or just another guy with a fetish for violence?  The difference is becoming increasingly difficult to discern.

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