Flash a gun, get 15% off your pizza (seriously)

A pizza joint in Virginia Beach, Virginia is offering a 15% discount to anyone who flashes a weapon in the store.

Gun nuts have been doing a lot of this since the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, when a young man took his gun-nut mother’s guns and shot dead 20 six- and seven- year old children, taking care to shoot each child three times before moving on to the next child, in order to ensure they were truly dead.

So the gun-nut response to Sandy Hook is to get gun-nuttier.

You’d almost think they were the victims of Sandy Hook, the way the gun nuts are responding.  They’re the aggrieved party because the country got more than a bit upset that one of their own decided to go on a rampage, yet again, against innocent people, in this case small children.

So the gun nuts have decided they need to flaunt their guns in public, rub them in our faces, lest anyone get “too” upset about the mass slaughter of first-graders two weeks before Christmas.

Case in point: All Around Pizza and Deli in Virginia Beach, Virginia, offering a 15% discount to anyone who openly carries a weapon into the pizza joint or who showed a concealed carry permit.

All Aound Pizza gun ad

And who can forget the Utah gun nut who in mid-January went into a JC Penny with his assault rifle and a Glock in order to “make a statement.”  Folks got his statement, all right.


One of these days, one of these guys is going to be mistakenly shot dead, by either a patron or the cops. But it’s actually worse than that.  Contrary to the notion that more guns make you safe, in places like Virginia and Utah, where gun nuts like to flaunt their guns in public, you won’t know when the next gunman comes into a place of business whether he’s a nut or a gun nut.  You really won’t know whether to call the cops until he’s shot his first child dead, then you’ll know to call.  That’s a problem.

Think about it.  If Sandy Hook Elementary had permitted guns at the school, and teachers had seen Adam Lanza, the guy who perpetrated the massacre, carrying a gun, they  might not be sure what to think.  Maybe he was a pistol-packing parent?  Or a Sherrif-Arpaio-type vigilante “posse” there to help keep the kids safe.  No one would really be sure.  And no one would call the cops, or challenge him, until the first bodies dropped. Just imagine the outrage, and the lawsuit, if you dared challenge a gun nut about why he was carrying a gun at a school?  You’d be violating his Second Amendment rights by even asking.

And could you imagine the 911 call?

Hello, Virginia 911.
Yes, there’s a man, he’s got a gun.
Yeah, so?
What do you mean ‘yeah so’? I’m calling from a pre-school.
Did he shoot anyone?
Call us back when he kills someone.

Mass murderer, or just another guy with a fetish for violence?  The difference is becoming increasingly difficult to discern.

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30 Responses to “Flash a gun, get 15% off your pizza (seriously)”

  1. sir kodak says:

    I know this, and this is a fact, which has been polled multiple times
    and always comes out the same. Responsible gun owners want responsible
    education and gun laws, and don’t see you as being a jerk at all for
    trying to be sensible on the issue, but the simple fact is, the NRA
    lobbying leadership in Washington DC is not representing you and not supporting these things, they are actively fighting against them, and encouraging Republican representatives in Congress to fight them as well.


  2. Naja pallida says:

    You may be a member of the NRA, and you and a majority of NRA members may be for all these things you listed. Individual regional groups do advocate for these things, and that is exactly what the organization should be about. I know this, and this is a fact, which has been polled multiple times and always comes out the same. Responsible gun owners want responsible education and gun laws, and don’t see you as being a jerk at all for trying to be sensible on the issue, but the simple fact is, the NRA lobbying leadership in Washington DC is not representing you and not supporting these things, they are actively fighting against them, and encouraging Republican representatives in Congress to fight them as well.

  3. David M. says:

    No problem with open carry in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Open carry is completely legal in the Commonwealth.

  4. David M. says:

    I fully agree that we must find a solution to the mass shooting that have occured, but one person out of 4.25 million NRA members doesn’t make all of us nut cases. You are also misinformed on your facts about the NRA. We are not completely anti anything against guns. Here are your facts:

    1. Anti Background Checks– Wrong, we want to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, and crazy people.” We have pressed the AG and state law enforcement to investigate those that have come back with a Denial on the background checks. We are however, against making a national, viewable list of all gun owners/conceal carry permit holders. This would be a clear violation of my privacy.

    2. Anti-Gun Safety — Wrong, All people that want a concealed carry permit, MUST go through an education course, proving they know how to correctly handle, and fire a handgun; they must also know the laws governing handguns in the state, and be approved by the circuit court/state police for their area; often going through a second background check by the court system.

    3. Anti-Education– Wrong, The NRA Training Department develops safe, ethical, responsible shooters through a network of more than 93,000 instructors and range safety officers, more than 5,200 coaches, and more than 1,700 training counselors. NRA Training Counselors recruit and train instructors to teach NRA’s basic firearm courses. They even have the Eddie the Eagle GunSafe Program. This teaches Pre K- 3rd Graders what to do if they notice a firmarm; STOP!, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area, Tell an Adult.

    I am not trying to be a jerk by posting this. I am just stating don’t believe everything you read before you get all the correct facts.

  5. David M. says:

    Once again, please check the facts, it is a 15% for those that open carry, or show a concealed handgun permit. If I flashed my concealed carry, yes I would be in trouble in Virginia for brandishing a firearm. That is why there is open carry. Open carry is in plain view of all others. If the weapon is in plain view, it is not considered flashing. If the owner doesn’t want me there, he can always ask me to leave.

  6. David M. says:

    Read the article please. It is a 15% for open carry or showing your concealed handgun permit. We are not disagreeing with the fact that “flashing” a concealed weapon would be illegal. That is why there is open carry. If the weapon is in plain viewing site, it cannot be considered “flashing”.

  7. Hankensteinium says:

    Almost as funny as this video on gun / grenade safety…HYSTERICAL:


  8. Naja pallida says:

    Yeah, it took MS until this year to get around to abolishing slavery. It’d take them at least another 200 years to get around to any amendment on guns. Really though, despite the rhetoric, nobody discussing this issue seriously thinks that the Second Amendment will ever be repealed. But the NRA and members of Congress who have been talking about this subject are anti-background checks, anti-gun safety, anti-education on the issue. They’re even against allowing the agencies that are supposed to police guns to collect data so that we can learn more about the various problems to try and find solutions that benefit everyone. So while you may be concerned about the training and background checks, and want to highlight that as the problem, your Representatives in Congress are actively fighting against improving those aspects of our gun culture. If one side is advocating for anarchy with guns, the only option is to approach absurdity with absurdity and counter with an opposite extreme. They maybe, some day, we can actually meet somewhere in the middle, where one’s right to not get shot outweighs one’s right to have a firearm.

  9. David M says:

    Before you post, maybe you should understand the Laws here in Virginia. It is perfectly LEGAL in the Commonwealth to carry a pistol, rifle, etc openly (i.e. in plain view for the morons). We don’t “flash” our gun; it is already IN PLAIN VIEW. I was there tonight with my wife and boy. He gets PLENTY of business from gun owners, and NON gun owners. I would feel more safe here knowing their are LAW ABIDING citizens who have passed a background check, etc., and would take out the threat; than going into a place that invites criminals into their store by posting “proud gun free zone.” Wake up people, guns are not the issue; it is the training, and background checks that are the real issue here. Oh….good luck repealing the 2nd Amendment when you need 75% of the states to approve it.

  10. Steve says:

    It’s just a matter of time before someone is accidentally shot. If I’m wrong free pizza on me.

  11. Pugsley says:

    After getting robbed twice, this shop owner put a gun in his safe. The third time, when he opened the safe, he pulled the gun and shot the perp. He hasn’t been robbed since (2007). I guess it works pretty well for him!

  12. J. Robinson says:

    I would gladly take my kids to eat there, at least i know that if some nut job comes in trying to shoot my kids somebody would be able to defend us there… Thank god for the second admendment and nothing but respect for te pizza shop owner, all business thru out US should take notes and apply it.


  13. mike31c says:

    So is this an attempt to show the world this place is high in crime because everyone needs to carry guns or is this place so bad you have to offer 15% off just to get people into your establishment?

  14. karmanot says:

    Clean out your cat box and we’ll talk.

  15. John Colaw says:

    Do you get paid by how many times you use the phrase “gun nut”?
    Oh wait, a Georgetown JD. Now I understand. Lawful citizens using a right guaranteed by the constitution scares you.

  16. Rambie says:

    This pizza place is over the line, at least an ethical if not a legal. I’d imagine in states that have them, a concealed carry permit does NOT permit one to “flash” their gun on a whim.

  17. Perry Logan says:

    Better not renege on the deal.

  18. milli2 says:

    I hope he loses business over this. What parent in their right mind would bring their kids into a restaurant where half the people there have guns on them? I wouldn’t.

  19. perljammer says:

    Hmm. I wonder if Joe Biden has ever eaten there?

  20. art says:

    what if the guy carrying these assault weapons gets pissed off at someone. Does he show his weapon…And is this gun nut mentally stable…Plus has he had a weapon pointed at him. Plus what wud his reaction be when he does get one pointed his way…Are all u americans nuts or what. Its obvious that more guns aren’t the answer, or are u too stupid to see that…I guess the majority of americans must be whimps or weaklings. they can’t stand up with there fists, they need to carry a weapon for protection.I can see 2-3 guys getn into a scrap, then there will be bullits flying in all directions….Great way to solve an issue. americans keep showing the world just how arrogant and stupid they are…COMMON SENSE-0 STUPIDITY-1

  21. mark_in_toronto says:

    No different than the assholes who changed french fries to freedom fries on their menus.
    It showed how ignorant and wrong they were and now they are to embarrassed to even talk about it.
    Oh well . . . he got his free advertising out of it.

  22. amordecosmos says:

    I’m going to try this when I go to the bank to renew my mortgage. Hey, 15% is 15%.

  23. Naja pallida says:

    “I have a gun, let’s just make that discount 100%.”

    Really though, under concealed carry laws, flashing your weapon without a reason of self-defense could be considered a threat if someone chose to see it that way. Someone could always just sit near the counter at this place and repeatedly call in anonymous tips to the cops that someone is scaring people with a gun.

  24. And what do you get if you shoot up the Pizzeria? All the money in the register and all the free pizza you want! Good deal!

  25. Randy Riddle says:

    That headline should read “Virginia Pizza Shop Invites Armed Robbery” or “Virginia Pizza Shop Gives Discount for Small Penis”.

  26. Steve Gwin says:

    Concealed Carry is OK with a permit. There could be problems carrying openly.

  27. monopole says:

    This last bit needs to make it into movies and TV.

    Show clearly insane stalkers and terrorists brandishing guns with the cops unable to do anything about it.
    Make it a trope/meme.

  28. Or imagine the conversation during the busy dinner-hour: “I’m sorry sir, are you here to rob us or did you want the 15% discount?” Guy with AR-15: “No, I’m the 15% discount, the Glock is here to rob you, and the sub-machine is pissed off about being let go last week.”

  29. Carl Gorney says:

    I’m sorry, but that business deserves to have its doors closed. Or at the very least boycotted by the not-bat **** crazy part of Virginia Beach.

    I can just imagine the order…”I’ll have a large cheese and pepperoni, with extra gunshells.” “Would you like an AR-15 or a concealed carry on the side?” “No, thanks.”

  30. nicho says:

    I’ll just add that to all my other reasons to avoid Virginia.

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