Should CBS be fined for Ravens QB’s F-bomb after Super Bowl win?

The horror, the horror.  A football player, quite understandably, used the f-word last night on live tv right after his team’s victory in the Super Bowl.  Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco shouted “this is f–king awesom!” while assembled with his teammates right after winning the game.  CBS’ mic picked it up.

The Parents Television Council is beside itself:

“No one should be surprised that a jubilant quarterback might use profane language while celebrating a career-defining win, but that is precisely the reason why CBS should have taken precautions,”  PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement. “Joe Flacco’s use of the f-word, while understandable, does not absolve CBS of its legal obligation to prevent profane language from being broadcast – especially during something as uniquely pervasive as the Super Bowl.”

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco drops the f-bomb after winning the Super Bowl

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco drops the f-bomb after winning the Super Bowl

Well, if no one is surprised that a jubilant quarter used the f-word, and if it was a guarantee that we’d have one jubilant quarterback at the end of yesterday’s Super Bowl, then what the f-bomb were parents doing letting their kids watch the game if they’re so worried about their kids hearing the f-bomb?

That’s a bit like taking your kid to an R-rated movie and then being surprised that the kid is exposed to nudity, and then, later, telling people that you expected the movie to have nudity.  THEN WHY DID YOU BRING YOUR KID IN THE FIRST PLACE?

If you watch the video of the moment, you’ll see another player saying “holy sh*t!” too.

I’m not opposed to any standards at all governing television.  But I’m also not convinced that the occasional unintentional swear word is going to warp any children for life.  I’d be far more worried about my kids (had I kids) hearing this guy, or these guys, say anything about any topic, than about Flacco using a swear word in an obvious moment of joy.

What do you think?  Much ado about nothing?  Or does CBS deserve some blame for not having the victory on a 7-second delay?  (Which of course means that CBS would be 7 seconds behind the live event, which probably would have ticked viewers off – and CBS would be thus scooped by anyone with a cell phone at the game.)

And here’s the video of Flacco dropping the f-bomb:

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