Mormons join religious right bigots in filing brief in support of Prop 8

There they go again. After claiming they were toning down the hate after single-handedly getting Prop 8 passed in California in 2008, and ripping the right of marriage away from millions of gays in California, the militant Mormons are back with a vengeance.

Hate took a holiday. It’s back now.

Chris Johnson reports in the Washington Blade that they Mormons have joined other religious right bigots in filing a brief before the Supreme Court defending Prop 8. (Prop 8 will be argued before the Supreme Court in March.)

And as always, the Mormons, and the other religious right groups, are just as arrogant as ever in their brief. From the Blade:

Mormons Salt Lake Temple via Shutterstock

Mormons Salt Lake Temple via Shutterstock

The participation of the Church of Latter-Day Saints in a legal brief filed by religious groups in favor of California’s Proposition 8 is vexing an organization that advocates for LGBT Mormons.

In a 38-page friend-of-the-court brief, filed before the Supreme Court Jan. 29, religious groups — including the Mormon Church — emphasize that justices shouldn’t strike down Prop 8 on the basis of religious support for the anti-gay amendment. The brief is signed by Von Keech, a Utah-based private attorney who has previously assisted the Mormon Church, as well as other private attorneys with his firm Alexander Dushku, R. Shawn Gunnarson and Kirton McConkie.

“[O]ur members supported Proposition 8 based on sincere beliefs in the value of traditional marriage for children, families, society, and our republican form of government,” the brief states. “Only a demeaning view of religion and religious believers could dismiss our advocacy of Proposition 8 as ignorance, prejudice, or animus.”

Yes. The people who had/have a problem with blacks, women, Latinos, and gays would like us to believe that their militant hate-filled activism isn’t hate-filled.  Is the Pope Catholic?

And Chris reports that the same motley crew, along with the Mormons, filed a brief in the DOMA case that’s coming before the Supreme Court in March as well.

You have to laugh when the Mormons get on their high-horse about the “traditional definition of marriage.”  For Mormons, there was no tradition before the mid 1800s.  And their tradition after that was polygamy.  So seriously, Mormons are going to lecture us about the traditional definition of marriage?  Oh but they do:

Mormon brief traditional marriage

And even more about “traditional marriage”:

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 9.56.37 PM

What all of this means, of course, is that the Mormons lied.  Again.  Just like they did to the Jewish community when they said, back in the mid-1990s, that they would stop trying to steal the souls of Jewish Holocaust victims in secret posthumous baptisms.  They didn’t stop.  The Mormons are on the 9th attempt to steal Anne Frank’s soul, last time we checked. The Mormons also secretly baptized President Obama’s deceased mother, without his permission or knowledge, right before the 2008 election.

And they lied when they claimed that they were going to tone done their militant anti-gay activism.  They did for a while.  Then they stopped. And now they’re back.

The Mormons are awfully interested in people liking them.  That’s I’m sure a large part of the reason they’ve been so busy sucking up to some of the biggest bigots and haters in America the past two decades.  In the hopes of making friends with people, ironically, who don’t really think the Mormons are Christians to begin with.  But the Mormons have deep pockets. And they got the religious right’s attention, for now.

The Mormons also launched a $6 million “I’m a Mormon” ad campaign a few years back.  Yeah, well, I’m a Mormon victim, and here’s our ad:

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