More on wealth transfer, the Social Security shortfall, and rule by billionaires

Recently I’ve been writing about two subjects that turn out to be interrelated. One is wealth transfer to the super-rich and rule by billionaires (“All your money are belong to them”). The other is protecting the social insurance programs, including Social Security, from looting by the foxes, the predators of both parties. The excuse for that looting in the case of Social Security is the Trust Fund shortfall.

As it turns out, these subjects are related. The billionaires not only want to get their hands on the Social Security Trust Fund, they’re the ones who caused the shortfall in the first place. I spoke with that recently with Arnie Arnesen of New Hampshire’s WNHN radio.

Here’s that interview. (Note: there’s an error in the metadata for the file; the interview is only 15 minutes long.)

The kick-off for the interview is this set of posts:

■ Our growing income inequality causes 43% of the projected Social Security shortfall

■ America faces more than a dozen deadlines, all caused by billionaires and wealth transfer

America doesn’t have a Social Security problem, or a climate problem, or an energy problem, or an infrastructure problem. America has a “billionaire problem.” Amazingly simple, isn’t it? Solve that and we solve the rest.


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