Former top staffer of gay arch-enemy Musgrave signs Prop 8 brief in support of gay marriage

UPDATE:  Okay, so the story is that it is Marilyn Musgrave’s former district director – the man who headed her congressional office in Colorado – who signed on to the brief, not Musgrave herself, which is still a big deal since it’s the devil’s right-hand who signed on.  I’ve updated my story below accordingly

In a surprising development that puts President Obama’s apparent ambivalence about filing a Prop 8 brief in an increasingly untenable context – the former local office director for GOP Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), the chief sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment during her time in the US House (the FMA would add language to the US Constitution banning gay marriage), the American Conservative Union’s “most conservative member,” has just signed onto the Republican legal brief in support of gay marriage and in opposition to Prop 8.

Marilyn Musgrave had a 100% rating from the Concerned Women for America.  100% rating from the Christian Coalition.  100% rating from the Eagle Forum.  She was rated the most conservative member of Congress by the American Conservative Union in 2006.

A lot of us (especially gay philanthropist Tim Gill) spent a lot of time and money trying to kick Musgrave out of office.  And they finally did.  She was horrible.  The woman was evil incarnate on gay rights issues.   She was the worst of the worst.  She was the LEAD SPONSOR OF THE ANTI-GAY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.  It doesn’t get any worse than Marilyn Musgrave.

Former GOP House Member Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), likely the most anti-gay member of the entire US House during her term in office.

Former GOP House Member Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), likely the most anti-gay member of the entire US House during her term in office.

And now her top congressional staffer in the state is actively supporting gay marriage, when our President isn’t quite sure if he wants to as well.

From our earlier posts on Musgrave….

Musgrave is one of the worst, if not the worst, anti-gay right wing Republican. So much can be written about Musgrave’s obsession with the gays. My “favorite” is this pronouncement in 2006:

Musgrave declared that gay marriage “is the most important issue that we face today.” She told the audience that when you’re in a cultural war like this, you have to respond with equal and hopefully greater force if you want to win,” and warned that the “future is grim” if gay marriage is not banned.

Yes, she did. Musgrave was the lead sponsor of the anti-gay constitutional amendment for several sessions and is on the bill again this year. One of the best lines ever about Musgrave comes from McJoan at DailyKos:

For those who haven’t been following her career, she’s as wingnutty as it gets.

Here’s Musgrave on gay marriage in 2006:

“If we have gay marriage, our religious liberties are gone… this battle is the most important issue that we face today.” – Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO-04), at the Family Research Council conference, September 29, 2006

I don’t know how the Obama administration doesn’t file a Prop 8 brief before tomorrow’s deadline, in view of all the Republicans who have put their necks out in favor of equality.

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