Man allegedly shoots couple to death over dog poop

In all fairness, dog pee was involved too.

And actually, while I mock this, I’ve found some dog owners to be incredibly obnoxious (as a dog owner myself now, I interact with them more).  These are same people who are rude drivers, rude walkers, and rude on the phone to you when you call them up for customer service.  Well, then they go home, get a dog, and they’re rude with their dog too.  Such as in this case, where they allegedly let the dog pee on their balcony, and the pee would run through onto the balcony (and presumably head) of the man below.  That’s a bit gross.

Not that I’d pick up a gun and kill them, which is what the elderly man in this story allegedly did.  But I know the frustration of having incredibly rude neighbors. I think my favorite rude neighbor was the architect who was in the apartment next to mine and would get up at 4am for work and blast her stereo to help her wake up.  Even after asking her to stop, she wouldn’t.  I killed her in mind more times than I can count.  Such are the times when you really don’t want people to be armed.

Man with gun via Shutterstock

For far too many Americans, guns and violence are a fetish. Via Shutterstock

And thus the flaw overall in the NRA’s “we arm the world” argument.  People don’t become more sane when they have a gun. If anything, they become more belligerent and more self-assured.  And if they have a gun, they’re tempted to use the gun if the right (or wrong) circumstance arises.

As a country, and a people, we have a violent streak.  A self-assured, selfish, me me me – dare I say, a-hole – streak to us.  Men probably have it more than women, but it’s there in a lot of us.  Republicans, like the folks on Fox News who blamed Mr. Rogers for creating a generation of “takers,” as Paul Ryan calls them, fail to understand that a lot of the “I want it all, I deserve it all” crowd are Republicans.

Before, they had the threat of a lawsuit every time their hot coffee was actually hot.  Now they have their guns.

Think about it.  Do you find the gun nuts any more amenable, friendlier, sane, cool-headed than the public at large?  Hardly.  A lot of them are quite the opposite.  There’s a bravado there that, if anything, suggests these are the last people who should be armed.  Yet, they’re the first.

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