LA Catholic archdiocese considering “massive” fundraiser to pay for child-rape settlements

Who doesn’t want to pony up big dollars to bail out the financially-troubled archdiocese after their reported $660 million settlement with 562 victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests? It’s for a good cause, right?

Sure, the archdiocese appears to have ignored reports of potential pedophile priests.  And the Catholic church overall still hasn’t fessed up to its crimes.  And sure, some Catholic leaders blames the kids.  And they some cardinals attack the victims outright.  But who could possibly feel like they’re funding the sins of the church when they hand over money to an organization that has consistently lied and obstructed authorities from finding out the truth about the systematic rape of children?

I mean sure, there’s that little issue of the Catholic church even being involved in modern-day slavery and holding firm on bigotry, but besides that, they’re really a great bunch of people once you get to know them, and hand them all your money so that they don’t have to feel the pain of their sins.

Just because the LA archdiocese is still holding back on providing the full details of their decades of child rape doesn’t mean that they haven’t learned any lessons from their severe failings. I mean, who hasn’t helped to cover up rape, especially the rape of children?

Catholic priest in handcuffs pedophilia sex abuse child

Catholic Priest via Shutterstock.

Remind me again why anyone gives the Catholic church money these days for anything, let alone to help the church minimize the damage from its horrific sins on this matter?

NBC News:

Amid continuing anger over the poor handling of sexual abuse cases by Catholic Church officials over several decades — and still deeply in the red from settlements with victims — the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is considering the launch of a massive fundraising campaign, according to the website of a Catholic fundraising organization.

The non-profit Guidance in Giving lists the Los Angeles-area Catholic Church among its “diocesan accounts” and says it is exploring a campaign to raise $200 million for the diocese to meet “a variety of needs,” including “priests’ retirement, seminarian education, Catholic schools, Catholic Charities and parish needs.”….

The effort to shore up church finances is the initiative of Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, who was installed in 2011, and now seems keen to move the church away from its tarnished past.

Yeah, it’s time to move on.  Even though the Catholic church has yet to fully come clean.  It’s hard to “move on” from something you haven’t even fully admitted.

And I’m wondering what kind of massive fundraiser the Catholic church has in mind?  The slogans write themselves:

“Give until it hurts?”

“If you don’t give us $200 million, God will force us to rape again.”

“Give to the Catholic Church. We’re not just about rape. We held slaves too!”

Catholics like to say that they’re not responsible for their church’s bigotry, misogyny, overall hateful attitude and activism, or the past century of child rape. Yet those same Catholics continue to fund a church that has yet to come clean about any of this mess.  If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

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