Woman kisses lions. Lives. (video)

This woman snuggling with lions strikes me as more sane than swimming while hanging on to the dorsal fin of a great white shark.

This video is from a non-profit in South Africa called Cheetah Experience, that tries to create awareness of endangered species. Here’s their main Web site.

You have to check out the photos on the Cheetah Experience’s Facebook page. OMG.

Taking baby cheetahs for a walk.

Taking baby cheetahs for a walk. From Cheetah Experience.

This one is apparently called “Drew”:

A baby cheetah named Drew, from Cheetah Experience.

A baby cheetah named Drew, from Cheetah Experience.

And here’s a video of one of the Cheetah Experience volunteers getting all friendly with some lions.

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  • Sandra Taramtamtam
  • Jim Olson

    Different language. Seriously…you can’t think about cats expressions and needs and wants the same way you think about a dog’s..they think differently and are motivated differently. I can read my cats very well, but its a lot more subtle and there is more body language involved than with dogs. Cats are not generally motivated to please humans, but do enjoy our company on their terms. One of mine is snuggled up between me and the computer keyboard across one of my arms at the moment…mostly asleep and purring up a storm.

  • EdA

    Baby cheetahs always look as though their hair dryers malfunctioned.

  • I can’t read a cat at all. A dog, yes.

  • hauksdottir

    Cats have EXTREMELY sensitive ears… they love nuzzling and licking but lipsmacking annoys them.

  • pappyvet

    Like Mark Twain said, “Its not always easy to be eccentric, anyone who grabs a bull by the tail once, is getting 60 to 70 times more information than the fellow who hasn’t.”

  • Drew2u


    This is the Most Important Bill Ever to Protect Big Cats from Abuse

    “Congress was too caught up in the fiscal cliff to hear these bills in 2012, so please ask your Senator &
    Representative to Reintroduce and CoSponsor The Big Cat and Public Safety Protection Act.

    … In the past 21 years, U.S. incidents involving captive big cats—including tigers, lions, cougars, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs and lion/tiger hybrids—have resulted in the deaths of 20 humans, 246 maulings, 254 escapes, 143 big cats deaths and 131 confiscations.”


  • TheOriginalLiz

    Is it kissing, or tasting?

  • perljammer

    This is a stupendously bad idea. These are wild animals, not pets. Even if they were pets — well, I’ve had cats all my life, and I know that if they were big enough, they would kill and eat me without a second thought.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    They do act like house cats, but house cats can’t do so much damage. I noticed the one lion kissed her on the mouth. I hate it when my cat does that.

  • Island In The Sky

    Nice vid – it’s all sweetness and love until Big Kitty bites half your face off.

  • Jim Olson

    This seems like a bad idea.

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