Kayla loves the moon (video)

Kayla is a little girl who really loves the moon, a lot.

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  • Cletus

    Trust your instincts…

  • Kalya points to the moon….enlightenment just around the corner.

  • Eight or ten years from now, teenaged Kayla will be horrified to know there’s this video of her out there on the Internet, forever and ever. ;-)

    Yes, she’s adorable now though. Me, when I was her age, I was going to grow up, marry Lt. Cmdr Montgomery Scott, and fly around the universe on the Starship Enterprise.

  • Isn’t that the case! When I learned that Santa was my Dad, I no longer believed that the moon was made of green cheese, because Dad told me it was made of Brie.

  • samizdat

    I don’t have children, my wife and I don’t want them, buuuuut…Oh, my, god, this kid is feckin’ adorable. And kind of smart, too, in recognizing the specter of the moon in daylight.

  • Laws, yes, Tom Cullen!

  • wtf2

    That poor child is delusional.

  • Naja pallida

    “M-O-O-N, that spells moon.”

  • quax

    Adults are so jaded …

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