In Japan, movers put on clean socks so as not to dirty your home (video)

A video from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs showing you what it’s like moving to a new home in Japan. Apparently the Japanese put on cheesy porn music when moving you out of your home, and then put on Wonder Woman music when you get to your new place. That’s awfully nice of them.

“Fast, polite and considerate” is their motto. They clean all your stuff before packing it up for you, then they clean everything again when it arrives at your new place, and then unpack everything for you. But before arriving at your new home, they change their socks to ensure that they don’t bring any dirt into your new place. Imagine.

These are definitely not the guys who moved me to my current apartment here in DC. They were slow, broke thing, and tried to gouge me for more money when they had given me a firm quote before.

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