Obama’s nonsensical terrorist ‘Kill List’ defense, explained by humorist Matt Filipowicz

Call this a “music” post … of sorts. This explanation from the commentator and comedian Matt Filipowicz of the inane Obama kill-list defense is spot-on in every particular. It’s also entertaining.


■ Barack Obama claims the right to kill American citizens at will; he claims it by decision of the Executive Branch.

■ He also makes this claim in secret. He refuses to release the legal memos he claims justifies his claim.

■ Barack Obama has already used this power. There are at least three American citizens he has killed without a trial.

■ All of the definitions under which you can be killed are also secret.

■ We’re clearly through the looking glass on the word “imminent” — in the best right-wing tradition, “imminent” now means its opposite, “not imminent”. You know, like “strengthen Social Security” means kill it.

■ The phrase “going full-0n Nixon” comes up. So does the phrase “snuggle-puppy rainbow.” Go figure.


The “bending over backward” left gets some attention. There’s also a nice riff on “informed high-level official” — the one who can kill you (3:16 in the clip). For what it’s worth, what Obama calls “informed high level officials” I’ve been calling “Exec Branch rabbits pulling the trigger on your kids during a lunch meeting.” Sounds the same to me.

I’ll have more tomorrow. But do enjoy this today. There’s a ton of info in this “righteous comic rant.”

(By the way, the Matt Filipowicz Show is worth your attention and support. Progressive media doesn’t support itself you know. We don’t have billionaires; it takes the rest of us.)


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