US has “ongoing, severe epidemic” of STDs – biggest problem is HPV

The religious right (also known as the Republican Party) has an obsession with sex, but time after time, their preference for ignorance creates a dangerous environment for everyone else. Instead of focusing on what works – sex education – they insist on running from the seriousness, and truth, of the issue.

Getting serious about sex not only is better for the lives of millions of people, it also saves money. How is it that these two issues are so controversial for the religious right? It’s not that radical to let science instead of religion lead public policy, but for the radical right, they prefer living in the Dark Ages.

Recently we’ve seen the GOP once again attack science, most recently, in Missouri, but there was also Marco Rubio’s bizarre announcement that nobody knows the true age of the earth (except they do). They’re offensive and no better than the religious extremists that they claim to hate so much, like the Taliban.

The price of ignorance is not pretty.  The big problem, NBC reports, is HPV:

Science via Shutterstock

Science via Shutterstock

The “epidemic” Satterwhite speaks of, he said, is driven almost entirely by two bugs: HPV, and chlamydia. Chlamydia, a bacterial infection, is easily curable if it’s diagnosed. And there’s a very effective vaccine for the most dangerous forms of HPV that can trigger cervical, oral, anal, and penile cancers, and cause genital warts.

But, Golden argued, “we have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” by not pursuing effective strategies, such as school-based universal access to the HPV vaccine.

Only about 35 percent of American girls age 13-17 had received the complete course of HPV vaccine as of 2011, according to the CDC. The rate among boys was about 28 percent. In comparison, Australia’s National HPV Vaccination Program provides the vaccine to girls at age 12 and 13 through their schools. As a result, 72 percent of girls have received a complete vaccine by age 15. (Boys were added to the program this year.)

Satterwhite’s study estimated 14.1 million new HPV infections during 2008 and a prevalence of 79.1 million, making it the most common STI by far. While the majority of HPV infections are cleared by the body’s immune system, some are not.

NOTE FROM JOHN: I got my HPV shots last year.  I asked a doctor I know and trust, who is well informed on the vaccine, if it was still worth it at my age, and he said yes.  So I got it.  They’re not cheap.  And my insurance at least doesn’t cover them, not sure if it’s covered for women.  I believe it was like $180 a shot, and you have to get 3 shots over 6 months.  But then again, $500 versus a shot at cancer, I was willing to scrape up the money.  Still, it’s amazing to look at the difference between our inoculation percentages and Australia’s.

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109 Responses to “US has “ongoing, severe epidemic” of STDs – biggest problem is HPV”

  1. karmanot says:

    Honey, you need to get out more often. The mold in your bunker has infected your brain.

  2. karmanot says:

    And underarm deodorants cause skin tags!

  3. karmanot says:

    When reality is also true. Idiots are often oracles.

  4. Pooua says:

    Viruses can become resistant to vaccines much the same as bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. Avian flu is one example of a virus that is gaining vaccine resistance:

    “in the vaccination program in China and Mexico, several
    vaccine-resistant strains were confirmed. Vaccine-resistant strains
    usually cause a loss of the protection effectiveness of vaccination.”

  5. Pooua says:

    Part of that misuse is not changing the lifestyle to prevent the need for it.

  6. samizdat says:

    TMI right? Mea culpa :)

  7. karmanot says:

    Thanks Chris for a truly delightful troll day…More! More!

  8. karmanot says:

    “we can rent you a quality escort that doesn’t mind you crying.” OH NO Mr. Bill. Kermit the frog just locked himself in his room.

  9. karmanot says:

    Well OK, I’ll try: Perhaps if your down arrow were up more often, you might have better self
    esteem. Try Cialis.

  10. karmanot says:

    We are sorry for your saddle sores dude. Better you keep your pants on. You scare the livestock.

  11. karmanot says:

    “The mormons don’t vaccinate their children DO NOT have autistic children” That’s because Mormon’s lock them up in the attic with Uncle Fester and Aunt Silly.

  12. karmanot says:

    I personally saw Mrs. Satchwatch buying diapers at WAL*MART recently!

  13. karmanot says:

    “educating needed.” SO TRUE! one must educate at the right level: for example, tell poor information conservatives that the best way to prevent STD’s and pushy fetuses is to save all those empty Cheetos bags and newspaper rubberbands and make your own condoms as a family togetherness crafts project.

  14. karmanot says:

    I’ll throw in some ‘paper bad’ chum!

  15. karmanot says:

    Good work Drew2U and a sublime excercise in patience. JQ the Jacobian Queen has had a bad sock day because his mommie walked in at the wrong moment.

  16. karmanot says:

    “unless you are in a Democratic stronghold, like Maine or Vermont;
    obviously, they never think about sex, as seen by their declining
    population levels.” Sorry to tell ya honey, but Vermont and Maine just aren’t into you. Folks in those old Yankee States go to new York for sex, because of the tax rates. —-thought you might enjoy some more hyperbolye with a dash of as hominen.

  17. karmanot says:

    Orthinology, Immaculate Conception, wishful thinking and Bible cartoons.

  18. karmanot says:

    That’s right pooperscooper! If Mr. God didn’t want kids to get STD’s he wouldn’t have created kids, bad priests, pedophile freaks, and STD’s and get real people like you!

  19. karmanot says:

    dems suck dick—you should be so lucky micro pecker-head.

  20. Naja pallida says:

    Just ask Newt Gingrich, who admitted to getting blown in his car in the Congressional parking lot, by a woman who was not his wife, while beating the drums for a witch hunt against Bill Clinton for infidelity. Repression doesn’t help anyone. Education helps everyone.

  21. karmanot says:

    Well, that depends on the parish priest.

  22. karmanot says:

    Too many visuals S. uuuurrrrrp

  23. karmanot says:

    Naja, I would guess is delighted that you are running as far away as possible. The visuals of you fucking anything is rather repellant.

  24. karmanot says:

    “in some absurd notion that only dirty, bad, Liberal people have sex,” I would maintain, by nearly 70 years of personal experience that liberals do have down and slurpy dirty, fabulously bad, and outstanding sex in comparison to say, religious conservatives whose frigid sad, inadequate hopping on and off humping rituals resemble bird mating. I would go further to say that the GLTBQ communities make the best experienced lovers along side men, who actually love women. I offer this anecdotal information into evidence.

  25. karmanot says:

    But ‘me’, the Bible holds to multiple partners, enforced rape, and worse. However, it does warn that Voyeurism will turn one into a pillar of salt for wild animals to lick.

  26. karmanot says:

    We are channelling today Dula! I personally hold Barbara Bush responsible.

  27. karmanot says:

    The visuals of you cracking up is known as ‘red neck plumber’s butt.’

  28. karmanot says:

    “Your trying to hard bro.”

  29. karmanot says:

    Yep, it’s a good troll day to brighten up the news. Bring em on I say!

  30. karmanot says:

    And when they do have sex the field mice weep.

  31. karmanot says:

    “get the fuck out of my life thing.” In your case, I’m sure it would be no problem at all. I would advise, however, that you clean your ‘life thing’ on a regular basis and avoid group sex as your commons sense implies.

  32. Weknowthe TRUTH says:

    The mormons don’t vaccinate their children DO NOT have autistic children. Doctors who vaccinate have incidences of autism at rates of 1 in 50 boys and 1 in 90 girls. Holistic clinic that does NOT vaccinate has NEVER had an autistic child. FACT – Big pharma is in bed with the government and they do not care about your health and wellfare. They want you pumped up on poisons so they can control you and make money for the lifetime of health care visits that the vaccinations cause you to make due to the harm it does to your body.

    Research all the people on youtube who have died from vaccinations. They don’t talk about that do they?

    The government wants to push vaccinations on you because of the Haige Kissinger Depopulation Agenda. They have done much research and have found viruses cause cancer. That is why they start you at an early age injecting you with viruses so you get sick, tired and fat and then get diseases later on in life. Most diseases such as cancer are caused by viruses and other preventable toxins in the body. If our government cared about us they wouldn’t be srpaying these viruses into the air (see youtube videos with former FBI directory Ted Gunderson) who refers to our govt spraying us with poisons as “death dumps”. According to scientists (see Dr.Hellerman on youtube) Big Pharma created AIDS and then it was used in vaccinations. (See Dr. Len Horowitz’s book on Ebola and Emerging Viruses). Millions all over the world are awakening to the deception that our govt under the control of the shadow govt has betrayed us!

  33. WeAreAwake says:

    This is all a ploy to you submit to their harmful vaccinations that are full of poisons and viruses that cause cancer. Become aware and research the truth about vaccinations and how dangerous they are. Don’t submit to pressure, they only want your money and don’t care about your health.

  34. WeAreAwake says:

    Scientists are finding that the environment is being sprayed with military created viruses such as HPV. These are being sprayed via chemtrails. Any lines in the sky that last more then five seconds are chemtrails. Former FBI chief, Ted Gunderson refers to these environrmental pollutants as death dumps. We are all being deceived by our govt that is under the control of the illuminati. See president Eisenhowers granddaughter’s videos on youtube. See Alex Jone’s channel and website Don’t get caught in the fear or anger. IT’s time to awaken the masses. Every one can help spread the word. We will all stand together as one against our enemy. They will be put into the concentration camps that they have built all over the U.S. And they will not be allowed to harm anyone again!

  35. Two comments based on some of the comments I’ve read: imagine the savings in lives and money that the future generations will enjoy by stopping the occurrences of cervical cancer. The second point: Men carry this. Let’s just say you have abstained until your wedding day but your fiancee’ did not… you may have abstained but your partner did not and you are subject to HPV/cervical cancer. This isn’t a problem that isn’t impacted by the actions of both men and women however again many want to focus on women having multiple partners… which is not right. Men spread this, it takes two to tango…

  36. judybrowni says:

    Because something someday may not be effective, we shouldn’t use it now — oh yeah, that makes sense.

    And as the comment below points out, you’re also apparently confusing antibiotics with vaccines.

  37. samizdat says:

    Well, I think you’re talking about the increasing ineffectiveness of antibiotics, so I’ll take a shot. According to most studies–by science–the prophylactic use by feedlots and farmers, and the increased and unnecessary use of “antibiotic” hand washes, along with neglecting to use the full course of antibiotics as prescribed by a physician, or a physician prescribing antibiotics unnecessarily, are the primary causes of drug-resistant bacteria, etc. The fact that there is currently a drug-resistant form of gonorrhea is one consequence of the misuse and overuse of antibiotics.

  38. samizdat says:

    Sounds like you got off the emotional growth train at roughly sixteen years. Bad choice. But, you know what? That was your choice. All we want is for others to have a choice about sexual education. Something which is currently not a choice in many schools, thanks to the government you hate, and the policies–and pols–you support.

  39. samizdat says:

    You’ve got some serious anger issues, bud. No one is suggesting control, of any kind. We are suggesting that the children of this country be given the opportunity (which, at this moment, most are not) to have the ins and outs (sorry, couldn’t resist) about makin’ with the love explained to them. In addition to that, a little knowledge about the possible risks involved in having relations with another person. Right now, because of people like you, the vast majority of American children are forced, by their government, I might add, to remain ignorant of the facts. A situation which can do them greater harm than the knowledge of things sexual.

    Looking at the related links supplied by judybrowni, one wonders if all of that “don’t think about sex, while we tell you how bad sex is, even if at this very moment you’re probably thinking about puttin’ tha nasty to your hot teacher MILF or hunky history teacher with the curly hair and blue eyes” talk got all of those chillun’s hot and bothered. Really, remember when we were adolescents? Yeah, the ‘rents said it’s bad? Let’s try it! Jeebus, I was a good Catholic boy, and I got wood in religion class, and had the hots for my hot, dark-haired art teacher, and practically got flashed by a hot cheerleader in art class when she and I were both underneath a table clean up at the end of class. Hmmm, who knew art could be so erotic;P

  40. judybrowni says:

    And got slapped down by his Tea-Bagging voters for doing so.

    However, his motivations haven’t appeared to be pure, but for once, conservative grifting would have gone to good use.

    A stopped clock.

  41. judybrowni says:

    Any conversation even remotely related to sexy time stuff brings out the wacko “conservatives.”

    “Conservatives” have issues about sex.

  42. Pooua says:

    What happens when the virus becomes drug resistant? You see, the problem w/ relying on drugs to save you from the consequences of your actions w/o changing your actions is, eventually, the drugs stop working, or don’t work effectively against whatever it is you are doing. That’s what is happening w/ a host of STDs, including HIV, gonorrhea and syphilis.

  43. Pooua says:

    Whatever else you might say about him, you cannot claim that he opposed the use of Gardasil to prevent the spread of HPV.

  44. Naja pallida says:

    I don’t know even any of the regulars who would try to ‘lay claim’ to the site, most of the commentators here, even the most rabid of liberals among us are more than happy to have a discussion with anyone who wants to come here, regardless of ideology, and actually trade facts for facts, reality for reality, but if someone is just going to come here to name-call, spew hate, and blatantly troll, they’re just wasting their time. Nobody here wants to hear it, and this guy is just another tired troll in a long, long list of them. Offering nothing new, nothing special. There’s just another lonely bridge out there.

  45. Naja pallida says:

    I’m sorry you think that knowledge and education is “controlling” you. But that’s the good thing about this country, you are welcome to hide in your own ignorance. If you want to deny reality, you’re welcome to. You keep voting for people who want to keep you like a mushroom, that’s your choice. But don’t complain when the facts don’t line up with what you want to hear.

  46. unclemike says:

    Nice. You lick your girlfriend’s pussy with that mouth?

  47. Badgerite says:

    Um, you are trolling at THEIR site, they are not trolling at yours. You are inflicting yourself on them. What we have in this country is called the Market Place of Ideas. That is why we value freedom of speech. Public debate and having to prove your argument with facts is how we try to arrive at the truth. At reality. I realize that maybe you are off your meds or something and you can’t handle that concept but do try.

  48. judybrowni says:

    Tin foil hat sale on aisle 11.

  49. judybrowni says:

    Troll typos, always good for a laugh.

  50. Drew2u says:

    (wouldn’t you if that was your understanding of an ‘education’?)

  51. judybrowni says:

    Knowing what the Frankfurt School was still doesn’t make sense of your word salad.

    You’re a Sarah Palin with Tourette’s!

  52. judybrowni says:

    Then you should stop voting for Republicans: Big Government increased ten fold under Bush.

    Ah Sweden, where they haven’t suffered from a recession created by Republicans?

  53. dula says:

    Fascism is a Right Wing ideology. Fox “News” has failed you again. Republicans legislate reproductive choice, birth control, sex education, and what Gays do in the privacy of their own home. Who revealed their desire to be in everyone’s bedroom??? You really can’t even manage basic critical thinking skills. I bet you want to cut school funding even more after what they did to you.

  54. judybrowni says:

    Wow, fantasies, you’ve got them.

    More like nightmares, actually.

    At least I don’t have to live in your head, that’s a comfort.

  55. JQ says:

    Oh look, Judy aka historically retarded hag, I can post a comment and then hit the up arrow just like you! I feel so important. I have to go now. I need to go post biased links to make myself feel more important like you. Good luck with your internet based education, Judy. Oh and you can google Frankfurt School you dumb fuck.

  56. JQ says:

    That’s right, Judy. I’m sure an internet hag like you probably has no fucking clue what the Frankfurt School was all about. Now you’ve just proven that you are a fatass, MSNBC, internet hag, uneducated waste of time. Stupid bitch.

  57. JQ says:

    We don’t want more government policies. Got it, Judy? No you don’t. Fuck off and move to Sweden.

  58. judybrowni says:

    Um, because I come armed with facts, not fantasies.

    That would be a major difference between me and religious zealots, and you, for that matter.

  59. Drew2u says:

    “JQ Drew2u • 2 minutes ago
    Shut the fuck up, you arrogant piece of shit who probably can’t count his way out of a paper bad.”
    Oh, I love you for this. I feel like I owe you something, maybe dinner?

  60. JQ says:

    Dipshit. You are a nonthinking dipshit. Go touch yourself while staring at Obama. And next time you want to attack “religious” right, try remembering that most of us on the right now are queer and pissed off by bitches like you for trying to take over our lives. We’re gay not Socialists. So fuck you.

  61. judybrowni says:


    You might make a better case for yourself, if what you wrote made any sense whatsoever.

  62. JQ says:

    Shut the fuck up, you arrogant piece of shit who probably can’t count his way out of a paper bad.

  63. Drew2u says:

    It’s best to ignore JQ. She sounds like someone so paranoid about the government coming for her, that her insanity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We (the People) need to destigmatize mental health and make sure everyone’s mentally secure. (wanna bet someone will retort with, ‘mental control by Big Gubmint!’ ?)

  64. dula says:

    Well, “the church” has multiple sex partners but thankfully doesn’t have to worry much about catching STDs from children.

  65. JQ says:

    Judy- You’re really convincing us. Yes. You are. Keep posting links. And you’re different from a religious zealot how? Oh that’s right. You’re not.

  66. judybrowni says:

    Like I said earlier, reality has a well-known liberal bias.

    And “conservative” trolls have no facts whatsoever to back up their hate-filled, sputum-sputtering screeds.

  67. JQ says:

    Fuck you, bigot. This is exactly why many of us have run from the left. Nothing but a bunch of mindless, jackbooted control freaks. I don’t give a shit about Jesus. I want YOU out of my life. I can handle it. Shut the fuck up and try controlling yourself before insisting on controlling me.

  68. Drew2u says:

    You sound like you just need a really good fuck. Did you get dumped
    today? I’m sure if we pass the collection plate we can rent you a
    quality escort that doesn’t mind you crying.
    All kidding aside, seek help. All that anger you’re expressing isn’t healthy. Find a good shrink and get better, if just for your own sake and safety.

  69. dula says:

    The point of this thread, douche, is that schools (AKA Government AKA We The People) should be smart enough to provide sex ed and vaccines to teenagers in order to bring down the rates of STDs, like more advanced nations do.

  70. JQ says:

    Oh boo. Someone gave me a down arrow!!! Oh no! I take it back. Oh please have government fucks tell me how to live my life! Oh please!

  71. JQ says:

    Young people aren’t fooled by these control freak pedo progs. I think it’s a good thing the “fucking” fascists have revealed their desire to be in everyone’s bedroom. Kids are going to swing toward liberty vs the Frankfurt School of Freaks and Nambla.

  72. Drew2u says:

    Really? That’s what you choose as a response: call me a control freak nightmare and then proceed to describe on me adjectives that you choose yourself with nothing remotely related to what I originally wrote? Did you learn that behavior from your mother yelling at your middle school English teacher? Or did the “oops” comment hit too close to home?

  73. judybrowni says:

    Well, sure, some Conservatives will occasionally push for sensible policies, if there’s a buck in it for their friends:

    “Governor Perry, by executive order, required all girls to get vaccinated against HPV, ..

    1) It looks like a dirty example of crony capitalism and the revolving door. Perry’s former chief of staff, Mike Toomey, was a lobbyist for Merck, the manufacturer of that vaccine. Merck pushed hard for the mandate and stood to profit from it.”

  74. JQ says:

    You’re an idiot. Just because someone doesn’t want to be a groupthink joiner of the Democratic party of Socialists, you assume we’re a bunch of religious zombies. You’re just a bigot and yet another perved out control freak who is oddly obsessed with teenage sex. Disturbing. Really disturbing. I bet you want to personally go into schools and talk about sex. That’s very revealing. In today’s world, do you really fucking think teenagers don’t know about sex? Get a clue, you fucking twisted pedo.

  75. judybrowni says:

    But under the Bush administration, the federal government has planted itself firmly in the abstinence-only camp. More than a billion dollars have been spent to support these programs.

    …Eleven states have tried to evaluate their abstinence-only programs and the results have been dismal. In Kansas, the evaluators stated that “no changes [were] noted in participants’ actual or intended behavior.” Evaluators of the Texas program found the same thing — no change in the number of students pledging to remain celibate until marriage. In fact, more students reported having had sex after taking an abstinence-only sex ed course then they did beforehand.

    Google, and reality, is your friend.

  76. JQ says:

    Do you always have others think for you? Think Progress? Try pulling your head out of your ass for once and thinking for yourself. You’re not the answer to the GOP. You’re just as much of a control freak nightmare. Actually, you’re worse, you gay fascist. Do what you want but stop assuming everyone should be like you, agree with you, do what you want them to do and when. Somehow I doubt you’ve done shit for anyone else, you preening Diva jackhole.

  77. JQ says:

    It’s just amusing to people that assholes think the government should wrap a condom around them. Fuck whatever you want just don’t expect me to care about your genital warts. Not a religious thing. It’s a commons sense and a get the fuck out of my life thing.

  78. judybrowni says:

    Obviously, no one wasted money or time on your education.

  79. judybrowni says:

    Plus, the highest teen pregnancy rates.

    A two-fer!

    Double fucked by “conservative” policies!

  80. judybrowni says:

    Or, you might learn how to read, and think:

    “Recent surveys show that 70 percent of U.S. teens have engaged in oral sex by the time they reach 18, and more than 45 percent have had intercourse at least once. More than 70 percent of young women and 80 percent of young men approve of premarital sex, according to a study published recently in the Review of General Psychology.

    In addition, studies show sexually transmitted diseases are spreading at an alarming rate among young people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly half of the nation’s new cases of STDs each year occur among adolescents and young adults. A recent study found that teens who took pledges of virginity as part of abstinence-only sex ed classes ultimately had STD rates similar to other young people and were less likely to use contraception or other forms of protection when they did become sexually active.

    In short, the idea that teens will remain celibate until they marry — and that they don’t need information about sex — says much more about the values and fantasies of the people who are promoting these policies than it does about teens”.

  81. Naja pallida says:

    The “better answer” is a fallacy that isn’t actually applicable to reality. Like most Republican policies. People are going to have sex whether you educate them about it or not. This is evidenced in every single state where abstinence education has been pushed as the only option, and in every single case it has failed miserably… not that we’ve stopped wasting money on it. Actually educating people at least gives them a fighting chance in the real world. Plus, sex education has been studied exhaustively from the left and the right, and study after study has shown that it reduces disease and unwanted pregnancy rates, which in turn reduces health care costs – which in turn reduces insurance rates, and health care costs for us all. It also has been shown to reduce abortion rates. These are all things that the right-wing claims are goals, yet they choose to support the exact opposite all in some absurd notion that only dirty, bad, Liberal people have sex, and only Liberals could possibly get an STD. If only they just loved Jesus instead.

  82. judybrowni says:

    Really? Do you mean the church with the violated altar boys?

    Or all those Protestant churches at which Youth Pastors are convicted of child molestation?

  83. judybrowni says:

    I know reality is inconvenient for Conservatives, but still it’s often more inconvenient for those who have to live under their half-assed “policies”:

    “States with no mandates for abstinence had the lowest mean rates of infection among the overall population and among adolescents. States with mandates emphasizing abstinence had the highest rates;”

  84. dula says:

    No, it’s Reagan’s fault too, moron.

  85. dula says:

    What do they teach their children when they don’t believe in sex education?

  86. judybrowni says:

    And Bigfoot lives! I read it on the internet!

  87. dula says:

    Wear a condom? Right Wing trash doesn’t want condoms in schools because they think abstinence is a realistic goal for all teenagers.

  88. AdmNaismith says:

    AmericaBlog must be doing something right to get this many trolls to insist that people not protect themselves from STDs.

  89. judybrowni says:

    “States with no mandates for abstinence had the lowest mean rates of infection among the overall population and among adolescents. States with mandates emphasizing abstinence had the highest rates”

    It’s called “science,” you might want to check it out.

  90. judybrowni says:

    Oh, you mean Bush’s push for Abstinence Only education, which since, has seen STDs increase wherever it’s “taught”:

    “States with no mandates for abstinence had the lowest mean rates of infection among the overall population and among adolescents. States with mandates emphasizing abstinence had the highest rates;

  91. dula says:

    $500 really is worth it especially since you’re still quite active they say.

  92. judybrowni says:

    Reality has a well-known liberal bias, jackass.

  93. Drew2u says:

    “Low-key Red State” means Texas?

    “Little-known Republican Governor”? Oops!

    Sorry dude, you lost my interest after that first sentence.

  94. mirror says:

    Yeh, where did all these trolls come from? And why don’t they know the policies that their own politicians actively and vocally support? They are not only right wing, but also ignorant as fuck about their own leaders/manipulators.

  95. mirror says:

    Uh, the highest rates of stds are in the states that follow your advice.

  96. Pooua says:

    I wasn’t aware that Hollywood is run by the religious right or the Republican Party. Not that I should claim that Hollywood leads the way in sex obsession. I think that title belongs to everyone… unless you are in a Democratic stronghold, like Maine or Vermont; obviously, they never think about sex, as seen by their declining population levels.

    I would like point out that a little-known Republican governor of a low-key Red state, Rick Perry of Texas, once tried to get Gardasil vaccination against HPV signed into law. Some folks objected that the safety record of Gardasil, the only vaccine approved for use against HPV, was not entirely favorable in the short track record of the product. Others simply didn’t like having the government force them to undergo costly and painful medical procedures that have little relevance to their own lives. After all, if one doesn’t engage in sex with multiple sex partners–meaning, they are not as obsessed with sex as those who do–their risk of infection is low. Should the government force citizens to receive a vaccine that they claim is absolutely safe (as they used to do), when a small percentage of recipients of the vaccine die as a result?

    The article should correct its wording regarding approval of Gardasil for boys. The vaccine was approved for boys in the US only as of 2011, which might be why the numbers are low for them.

    I don’t know what the age of the Earth has to do with HPV, or how one’s views on either could possibly lead one to be mistaken for the Taliban. I suspect the author was using hyperbole, that is, making a ridiculous and rash comment purely as an ad hominem. That wouldn’t be professional conduct.

  97. Drew2u says:

    Wow, John, do you know what conservative blog mentioned your site? The trolls are really out in force today! Probably couldn’t find a strap-on as big as their heads, lol

  98. NS says:

    No money or time wasted on anybody.

  99. NS says:

    This article blows. You said the republicans were the reason behind std’s. Wear a condom or don’t have sex if you don’t want an std. It would be better for someone to tell you not to have sex if the std rate was this high. That would be the only educating needed. Alright everybody lets take this time to tell each other what I just said. Problem solved.

  100. BigAl1825 says:

    The “better answer” is not something that no people, in no time, ever have done, or ever will do. There are lots of things that lots of ‘churches hold to.’ That doesn’t mean most or even any of them are a solution to modern societal problems.

  101. cindy washington says:

    The republicans are good at sharing and spreading hpv / other diseases the want to increase their party affilation

  102. ricky nelsun says:

    Please go to Natural News .com and get the truth. These vaccines are dangerous and deadly as are all vaccines. Make an informed decision.

  103. JQ says:

    Yes. I like to blame my genital warts and herpes from bare backing strangers on political parties. Author is complete f’ing moron.

  104. lutraphobic says:

    wow nice lefty wacko trying to burn the right. your trying to hard bro, get a grip on reality

  105. Drew Kaplan says:

    It’s all George Bush”s fault! You dems crack me up.

  106. me says:

    what a waste of time. perhaps the better answer is not having multiple sex partners, as the church holds to.

  107. Unsooper says:

    This is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read. Yes, you caught me; the “Conservatives” all want everyone to die from STDs and they teach their children that disease is God’s will because they are evil. How stupid are you? Do you know any real people?

  108. demssuckdick says:

    What a load of shit, learn how to write. Stupid article.

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