The Super Bowl “God made a farmer” ad has been fixed

I know that a lot of people loved the “God made a farmer” ad that ran during the Super Bowl, but I hated it. For me it was too kitsch, too preachy and too time warped. It had little to do with today’s actual farmers. And then there was that little issue of almost everyone being white. The whole thing was offensive and annoying to me but I’m not a target buyer for a gas guzzling truck anyway.

For me it seemed like the kind of ad that Sarah Palin voters would love because it confirmed their belief that they were better than everyone else and yes, that those good people working the earth were almost all white. That crowd always is so keen to promote the pureness of everyone living in the country, as if they are the chosen ones. With that comes the unstated obvious (in their minds) that city people are bad, and probably not white and wholesome like them.

Thankfully the ad has been corrected by Cuéntame, a Latino non-profit organization. I still hate the preachy Paul Harvey nonsense the the photos make it much more accurate. Nice work.

The commercial left some wondering: Where are all the Latinos?

“It’s a white-washed ad,” said Axel Caballero, founder of Cuéntame, a Latino nonprofit. “(The) composition of America has changed. The faster brands understand that, the better they’re going to do.”

In response, Cuéntame uploaded its remixed version of the Ram truck ad to its Facebook page, keeping the audio but replacing some of the photos with images of Latino farmworkers. Cuéntame’s caption to the post read, ” ‘God made a farmer’ ad – K, we fixed it!”

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