The Super Bowl “God made a farmer” ad has been fixed

I know that a lot of people loved the “God made a farmer” ad that ran during the Super Bowl, but I hated it. For me it was too kitsch, too preachy and too time warped. It had little to do with today’s actual farmers. And then there was that little issue of almost everyone being white. The whole thing was offensive and annoying to me but I’m not a target buyer for a gas guzzling truck anyway.

For me it seemed like the kind of ad that Sarah Palin voters would love because it confirmed their belief that they were better than everyone else and yes, that those good people working the earth were almost all white. That crowd always is so keen to promote the pureness of everyone living in the country, as if they are the chosen ones. With that comes the unstated obvious (in their minds) that city people are bad, and probably not white and wholesome like them.

Thankfully the ad has been corrected by Cuéntame, a Latino non-profit organization. I still hate the preachy Paul Harvey nonsense the the photos make it much more accurate. Nice work.

The commercial left some wondering: Where are all the Latinos?

“It’s a white-washed ad,” said Axel Caballero, founder of Cuéntame, a Latino nonprofit. “(The) composition of America has changed. The faster brands understand that, the better they’re going to do.”

In response, Cuéntame uploaded its remixed version of the Ram truck ad to its Facebook page, keeping the audio but replacing some of the photos with images of Latino farmworkers. Cuéntame’s caption to the post read, ” ‘God made a farmer’ ad – K, we fixed it!”

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  • Farm girl

    The commercial had several different races in it. If you think the commercial had little to do with farming today, ha! Please come spend on spring or fall with me & my family. You get up before the sun, as soon as the dew is off the ground your in the fields & in the fall you pray for full moons so you get your crop intime. You miss alot of meals & time with your family unless they want to come eat with you in the fields (which is not unusual) Farmers work hard so you can have food, anything made out of plastic, clothes.. Ect. Ect. Think about things before you speak!

  • Bob

    This author is a fag

  • Tom

    this is the most ridiculous article i’ve ever read. just because there arent many hispanics make it evil? i’m going to protest the lack of Irish people in NBA commercials…

  • Miguel

    This article was written by a negative nancy. I’m latino and this was a GREAT commercial. And by the way, there was a black guy and two latinos in the commercial and you completely missed the point of this commercial.

  • JHJ

    If you don’t like the commercial don’t watch it but to go out of your way to disrespect the American Farmer is unamerican. People like you are the people destroying America, worrying about fairness and complaining when successful people are rewarded. YOU SICKEN ME AND MOST OF AMERICA.

  • USA

    Are you freaking kidding me! Boo hoo to all of you cry babies.
    It was a great commercial giving praise to all farmers. Period
    Nothing to do with race.
    You are the racist who has turned it into a racial issue.
    Do yourself a favor, drive out of the CITY, talk to any farmer, black or white
    And ask their opinion on it.
    If this commercial had all minorities it would have been considered historic or monumental.
    But because it had white people its racist.
    You are an idiot and because you make an issue out of nothing it creates racism rather than help
    Eliminate it.

  • Ted Freelander

    how often do you see a minority farmer? That commercial was totally accurate. I’m not being racist. Its just the truth.

  • -sjm

    Loosen up everyone. If you like it or or don’t like it, it doesn’t matter! Whether your looking for green, orange, or purple people, it doesn’t matter! Whether the poem is used for a truck commercial, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the poem is a truth of a farmer’s life. No one in our societies, home or abroad, works harder with dedication and heart than a farmer. The farmer is the back bone of our communities. Whether your from the city or the country, it doesn’t matter! Whether we are talking about farmers from yesterday, today or the future, it doesn’t matter. Without the farmer we ‘all’ do not survive, and that does matter!

  • City People Suck

    So Chris based on all of your experience in the software industry I’m guessing your personal favorite was the make out session?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    At whom are you angry? I am half Mexican American, and I was not happy with the final product. However, no one at this blog is responsible for the video. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  • Buddiee Lovee

    I’m a “Mexican American” and you, for making this video, for taking pride in this video, for noticing the first one had “errors” in it, YOU ARE A GOOD FOR NOTHING RACIST. Makes me sick so many of you damn people are still so ignorant.

  • Bob

    At least it wasn’t another “illuminati” commercial like most of the others.

  • truth

    To many beaners. They ment farmers that actually own farms nd tractors nd cows and all that. Not immigrants the do that cause thats the best they can get without a green card or citizenship

  • Mike

    Are you delusional? Not only are there at least 4 Hispanic looking people in that ad (moreso than myself and my mother is a native of Mexico) but there’s a black guy sitting on the truck bed in one of the pictures. The only thing racist about any of this is your pitiful attempt at race baiting an issue that isn’t even about race. You’re pathetic.

  • Lilie

    So they made a Latino washed version? Seems like the didn’t actually make an inclusive ad, they did the same thing just in reverse.

  • Ninong


  • emjayay
  • emjayay

    It is amazing how Daimler and then Cerberus mismanaged Chrysler. All decisions seemed to be based on completely incompetent marketing resulting in an incoherent bunch of cartoony vehicles which didn’t work that well either. The latest Jeep Grand Cherokee is however based on Daimler technology. Oh and the VW Routan van is more than a rebadged Caravan. The front and rear and interior are completely different. They really did make a sow’s ear halfway into a silk purse. Fiat did of course do a much needed crash program facelift on the Caravan and 200 and I think a couple other vehicles. Chrysler really does need to work on quality and reliability, which remain generally at the bottom of the pack.

  • emjayay

    All advertising is simply commercial propaganda, no matter how good. The Dodge Truck ad is a poetic version of the same Heartbeat of America (Chevy trucks) kind of advertising used a lot for trucks. Of course it’s ridiculous. Probably by the same people who did the black and white “Imported from Detroit” Eminem Chrysler commercial.
    A commercial about the load capacity and excellent NVH and unique special features and advanced rear suspension of Dodge trucks wouldn’t have been quite so effective.

  • emjayay

    Getting that drunk is not good for your health.

  • emjayay

    Whew. Could someone please post a Cliff Notes version of that thing?

  • hollywoodstein

    Karmanot, you’re the best.

  • hollywoodstein

    Oh good lord, what have I done this time.

  • hollywoodstein

    Hey, I woke up!

  • EnterSandman

    i think that the re made commercial is even more racist than the Super Bowl one. I also think that you are racist for thinking something is racist i dont know if that explains it or not but yeah

  • hollywoodstein

    Three, way deep sleep. Ifin I wake up. night all.

  • hollywoodstein

    I better be careful.

  • hollywoodstein

    Or three.

  • hollywoodstein

    Uh-oh, I forgot the Xanax. Was that one, or two pills.

  • Naja pallida

    Hispanic operated farms are the majority now. True, one commercial doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. But if they want to advertise, presumably with the idea of attracting more customers, it is probably most sensible to actually represent your potential audience.

  • Naja pallida

    The merger with Daimler was doomed from the get-go, because while it was ostensibly a merger of equals, but Chrysler was the bastard step-child and treated a such the entire time. It wasn’t until after they started losing serious money that they thought it would be more logical to start sharing technologies and nudging Chrysler along, but by then it was way too late and the approach was way too half-assed.

    Due to that fumble, Cerberus thought they could come in and snap them up on the cheap and then part them out for a profit. Areas like their minivans, full-sized trucks, and Jeeps were still very popular and profitable, while their cars and bloated SUVs were dragging them down. But Cerberus refused to infuse the amount of capital necessary to allow for any real innovation to improve the car line-up, so their entire acquisition was basically an anchor on the company. There’s a reason why Chrysler still has no really competitive hybrid vehicles while all the other major companies have basically left them in the dust in that area. While other companies were investing in that particular R&D, Chrysler was being mismanaged and short-changed.

    The 1980 bailout was really for much the same reasons. They refused to innovate, refused to invest in themselves. We went through two major gasoline price hikes, with the oil embargo and then the issues with Iran, and Chrysler vehicles were still being built like it was 1969, and many barely getting more than 14 mpg in the real world. Iacocca basically laid the smack down with the K-Car platform, drastically changing their entire design philosophy to save them. And the government actually made a profit on that.

    This time around, Fiat was really their saving grace. Nobody else wanted them. GM made a low-ball offer at one point, I think, but couldn’t have sustained it even if they really wanted to. While the Fiat deal seems highly silly at first glance, Fiat has never been competitive in the US market – and Chrysler never seriously competitive in Europe. The two companies actually complement each other pretty well, and Marchionne, the CEO, is a smart guy who isn’t about to make the kind of decisions that the previous vultures were making. They’re already talking about investments in Chrysler vehicles overseas, especially very popular models, like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which they think will sell well in South American markets. There is every indication that the company will continue to build on what it has managed to re-establish just in the last couple of years. Jeep is still a profitable brand, as are Ram trucks. The Grand Caravan minivans are still selling well (heck, even Volkswagen sells a re-badged Grand Caravan as their Routan). The Dodge Challenger has been a relative success. New designs based on Fiat platforms are forthcoming. I just wish they would bring over Fiat’s turbo diesel engines, which get excellent gas mileage, and could make up for Chrysler’s lack of serious MPG figures without having to resort to some cobbled together hybrid system borrowed from another company’s R&D.

    Of course it’s a suck-up ad. Chrysler’s image has been beat to hell, and their last year’s ad got raked over the coals for being “too political”. They seriously need to fire their entire marketing staff, because they’re not doing them any favors. They didn’t put any thought into this ad at all. They just seemed to want to try and get the attention of all those old farts who are still driving a 1967 Chrysler Imperial, and think they are still living in that world. Really though, nothing can be served if Fiat’s efforts with Chrysler are ultimately unsuccessful. We can rag on them for having a marketing department full of ignorant idiots, but we as a country are improved by having a competitive automotive market. Losing Chrysler would have been a pretty big dent, even if they are pretty far down the totem pole these days. It would be an even bigger dent at this point, given that the UAW owns a significant chunk of them.

  • hollywoodstein

    Mainly, because I drank bourbon, not scotch.

  • As long as you don’t get haggis breath, that’s cool my friend.

  • I’m giving up Wonder Bread and Mayonnaise sandwiches for Lint and intending to fulfill my perpetual New Year’s vow to finally finish ‘Swan’s Way’ or the ‘Anais Nin Diaries’.

  • hollywoodstein

    And I’m not going to blame this one on the Scotch, Criots-Batard, and Les Gaudichots.

  • Raechel

    Not every farmer has used Latinos to do their work. My grandfather has been a farmer practically all his life and this commercial described him very well regardless of whether or not it was “white-washed.” Everyone needs to stop worrying about stuff like this beig politically correct all the time, it’s a commercial, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter.

  • hollywoodstein

    And this Cohiba canonaza extra cubana, now that cigar is a cigar.

  • hollywoodstein

    After my imbroglio with a lurker in Colorado who failed as a waiter and so became a programmer, but wanted nothing more that to achieve internet martyrdom by of all things being banned from the Americablog blog, and even worse after loosing the good charm of my favorite avatar karmanot who thought I was being stuck up talking about dining on fancy schmancy food Miss Hollywoodstein, who may or may not be a performance art project by committee of Miss McGillicutty’s fifth period eight grade art class, decided to take a break over the holidays, and upon return be a more circumspect and less ascerbic contributor to these pages.
    Despite the best of intentions, many of our returning comments have come off as mean spirited. Oh well, as Thoreau once said, ” Comedy is not pretty.”
    As such, we criticized the response of our fearless leader, John Aravosis, who loved him the 16 million dollar Paul Harvey Narrated, American Farmer mythologizing, Hispanic disappearing, Dodge Ram Truck selling ad.

    We begged to differ.

    His response to our differ was rather lame. It was lame because ignored the brunt of the critique by shifting it on the American Indian, and also equated any criticism with what Nobody Ever Expected the Spanish Inquisition, at Christmas time no less. He was further dodgy by putting all the whiteness into the past tense ( you see there were no slaves, freed slaves, indentured servants, chinamen, or Indians farming the past), and ignored the fact that the main criticism aside from that God, God, God, God, God, God, God making farming such a goddammend shitty job instead of an easy job, and endorsing whitey’s manifest destiny was that the ad was set in the Present, and WhiteWashed the present farming experience to make all of us suburban white male non farmers who can afford 48,000 dollar Dodge trucks, feel warm and fuzzy about stopping to mend a meadowlark’s broken leg when the vast majority of small farmers I know regularly, knowingly plow under, baby rabbits ,and meadowlark nests to make hay. Hell, they don’t even bother leaving hedgerows for the quail, instead planting fescue which dooms the quail and is of limited value, but then the truth about Americana wouldn’t make anyone fuzzy about Dodge.
    So a cigar is just a cigar except when it isn’t, and an ad is just an ad except when it isn’t, so you should ask yourself when a multinational corporation hires a multimillion ad agency with creatives and picture editors and sound design and pollsters and fact checkers, and focus groups to create a 15 million dollar Super Bowl ad to tie in to a continuing tens of millions dollar campaign cooperating with other corporations, you should ask yourself what are they selling, to whom are they selling, and how are they selling it. Do you think they chose Paul Harvey and his baggage by accident? And are they willing to tell lies about the reality what they are selling to make their demographic feel good about the brand.
    And most condescending of all we are told to breathe, as if we were a hyperventilating sophomore in college who had just read some Chomsky or a history by Zinn. There were those who said, It’s just an inaugural prayer, can’t they just let it go. I suppose it is whether or not your ox is getting gored.
    And to continue the theme of a college student who has had their eyes opened I offer this heartfelt critique with all due respect. The contributions of to this blog are often suffused with for lack of a better word is white privilege. And I don’t just mean the ones saying owning a million dollar townhouse in DC does not make one rich. Take that for what it is, think about it or not, just one eighth grade classes opinion.

  • bbock

    Funny or Die has the real modern version: The Factory Farmer.

  • The video has been improved, but the audio is still messed up.

  • caphillprof

    Propaganda is propaganda after all.

  • hollywoodstein

    What!?! a celebrity death match between Chris in Paris and John Aravosis on the topic of God Made a Farmer.

  • Ninong

    It was a suck-up ad. Fiat is trying to rehabilate Chrysler’s image by putting on this warm and fuzzy ad about farmers narrated by the late Paul Harvey. Actually all they did was broadcast part of a speech Harvey gave at a Future Farmers of America convention in 1978.

    Well, good luck with that idea. Daimler lost their ass on Chrysler before finally giving up and dumping it. Fiat got it on the cheap and their CEO is a hell of a lot better than Daimler’s current CEO.

  • UncleBucky

    Too late, GOP/TPers… We have the BEFORE and AFTER and the daylight that shined in the middle. Anyone can see the real soul of the GOP/TPer Party and how they react to daylight… like roaches.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    this is all pretty thought-provoking. the fact that they replace images of white farmers with non-white farm workers is telling — it shows not just that immigrants enjoy and embody the same values as crusty white guys, but that our crusty white guy economy has changed, and today’s farmer has two halves, the corporate owner and the immigrant worker, not so much the crusty white owner-operator of the past.

  • OtterQueen
  • Bill_Perdue


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