Goats yelling like humans (video)

I’d heard about this video of goats yelling like humans, but hadn’t checked it out until someone on Twitter recommended it, and what do you know, it is pretty funny, and odd.

I know that donkeys are noisy as hell.  My mom grew up in Greece and used to tell me about the donkeys’ braying.  Then went I went to Greece as a relative-kid, I remember being woken up at 6am on the island of Paros by the neighbor’s damn donkey that just wouldn’t stop.  (Yes, it’s a fun memory now – less so, then.)

So I suppose Im not surprised that goats yell like humans.

goats yelling like humans

Goat or Velociraptor? You decide.

I have to admit that there’s a part of me that thinks this is dubbed – that’s it’s people yelling like goats. I honestly don’t know. But the videos get funnier and funnier as the video goes on – it’s a compilation of various goats.

The funniest ones start about 1:10 into the video – please don’t miss them.

And for those of you who prefer hard news in the morning, the 8am post is about Hitler.  :)

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