Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

UPDATE: The Bloomberg article below borrows a lot from the book, Making Rumours by Ken Caillat and Steve Stiefel. Steve is a longtime AMERICAblog reader which is really fun news.

Lots of stories out there recently now that the 1997 Rumours album has had a special new release. I readily admit that I didn’t listen to any of their music back then and for years wouldn’t listen to any of their music.

In all fairness though, they have plenty of great songs and as someone who played the drums for years (until too many broken bones in my hand made it unpleasant) I enjoy listening to Mick Fleetwood. Some people still dislike the band and the album including this poor guy who had to hear it over and over while working in a record store. (It took me years until I could listen to Nights in White Satin after hearing it so many times at a restaurant where I worked.)

Others though have come around to enjoying the hit album decades later. If you weren’t aware of the back stories during the recording, this Bloomberg article shares a few of them. You wonder how they all made it through the process with all of the fighting and the sexual tensions between everyone. After reading the story, I wondered how a fight didn’t break out during the recording of Second Hand News. Ouch.

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