Ed Asner narrates “Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale”

This is rather well done. In this video, Ed Asner comes to the same conclusion as many of us, and asks: Can we not tax the rich?

For my own take, see here on America’s a “billionaire problem”. But I’m not alone. Note also that the video doesn’t talk about “Republican politicians” and their role in enabling the rich; he talks about “politicians” — meaning all of them.

In my view, the only way out of this mess is two-fold:

■ Force the wealthy to pay Nixon- or Kennedy-era income taxes.
■ Recognize that the Neoliberal Democratic agenda is as “free-trade” and pro-billionaire as the Movement Conservative Republican one.

We must do both of the above — tax the rich and unbedazzle ourselves. If progressives continue to walk around with stars in their eyes — Obama stars — and fail to recognize that, for example, Simpson and Bowles, ringleaders of Fix the Debt, are Obama-appointed and Obama surrogates, we can never lead the charge against everything the video rails against.

This is a very smart piece. Watch:

Offered for your unbedazzled amusement.

By the way, Ed Asner is the deliverer of some of the best lines on TV, and he has a moral center. From the pilot of the Mary Tyler Moore Show (Asner as “Lou Grant”):

Grant: You know what? You’ve got spunk!
Mary: Well, yes …
Grant: I hate spunk.

Now that’s writing.


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