Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who took on Jesus, goes on Jimmy Kimmel (video)

Kai, the hitchhiker who saved a woman by fighting off a 300 pound Jesus with a hatchet, went on Jimmy Kimmel the other night.

It was, as expected, weird.

This is from my earlier post about Kai, then the video of Kimmel below:

Kai, a homeless hitchhiker, from West Virginia, saved a woman from the grips of some 300 pound crazy man who claimed to be Jesus. Kai apparently picked up a hatchet and hit the guy (who is alive, and in police custody). The man had previously been telling Kai how he raped a 14 year old girl in the Virgin Islands.

Now, that may not sound like a set up for the funniest TV interview ever. But trust me.

This guy is going to make a million bucks in Hollywood.

And here is Kai on Kimmel:

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  • katmandude

    i hope he does make a million bucks in hollywood. because he would probably do something really great with the money.

  • Ninong

    I guess they checked his backpack for hammers or hatchets before they let him in the studio. LOL

  • He’s gonna get shot, or at least tased. His free lifestyle clashes with society, and isn’t all fun and games. Much as we admire him, the chances of something bad happening to him are very high.

  • magster

    Obama should have invited him to the SOTU speech for recognition. Obama could have then pointed to him and said “f*&* yeah, dude!!!”

  • Now there’s a guy with no Earthly attachments. Other than a desire to surf.

  • It’s spam. Flagged it as ‘inappropriate’ for mod attention.

  • nicho

    Blog whore much?

  • MoonDragon

    If you live inside your skin, you’re always home, every gathering is a village, every crowd a city. Every person you stand beside is your neighbor. The world is your neighborhood.

  • Snaggletooth

    I haven’t felt that good inside for a long time.

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