Jon Stewart on Dick Cheney, the man who got everything wrong (video)

If only the traditional media said what every sane person in America is thinking. Honestly, how many times does Dick Cheney have to be wrong with deadly results until those in proper society call the guy out?

Now it is comical to hear Cheney talk about Obama not surrounding himself with anyone “who won’t argue with him”, since the Bush bubble was widely discussed during those years. How did Cheney and his crowd react to those critical of Cheney’s plans? Hmmm, I wonder.

Jon Stewart looks at some of the key failures of Dick Cheney. You will recall how forceful Cheney was about them and how hard he attacked anyone that dared suggest he was wrong. And yes, it was Cheney that did the marvelous job of “taking the US down a peg” or ten.

So how about these Cheney opinions?
– There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein has WMD?
– US troops will be greeted as liberators.
– Iraqi resistance is in the last throes of the insurgency.

Stewart then nails it when he says “this guy was wrong every time…you try that at work, see if you get to keep your job.” Exactly. But for Republicans, Cheney is a hero that they celebrate and even worship. Talk about setting the bar low, but that’s what the GOP has become. They celebrate failure.  And after listening to Marco Rubio rehash the non-existent Obama last night, they’re not getting any better.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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