David Attenborough meets a local tribe of cannibals (video)

John’s post the other day with Sir David Attenborough’s encounter with a blind rhino reminded me of this 1975 interview when Attenborough talked about his close encounter with a tribe of cannibals. He’s 86 years old, and has been doing nature programs for 60 years on the BBC.

One of his earliest filming programs probably had a bit more excitement then he had hoped for, but thankfully it all worked out in the end. His response to a charging, armed tribe in Papua New Guinea was something you could only expect from the British.

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  • annoyed

    look how young he is they didnt even know what a camera was go away you fool

  • Attenborough should be declared a world heritage site!

  • SkippyFlipjack

    one of the wonderful things about Attenborough’s work is the way he always has the big picture planned. he might have two bits of footage shot months apart on separate continents that each took weeks to capture but he moves from one to the next in his on-location narrative seamlessly. “You might think that bird would be lonely,” he’d say from an Amazon rain forest, “..but it’s nothing compared to this scorpion that is only found in a single place in the world, in the shade of this grove of Saharan palms behind me.”

  • Before I die I want to smoke a pipe like that, be able to say ‘pproooocesss’ and greet a cannibal with, ‘How’d you do, old chap.’

  • ferd

    Well, the “cannibals” do appear to be well aware of the camera, and the handshake appears just a tad staged, to my somewhat jaundiced eye. But I have loved Attenborough’s programs!!!!!!

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