Video of customer service in Japan… wait for it…

I’ve been to Japan. I didn’t love it.

Fascinating trip. But can’t say I liked the country. The food wasn’t terribly to my liking (even though I love sushi in the states, raw shrimp and raw squid is an entirely different story). The bigger issue for me was the level of regimentation in the culture. It disturbed me at a rather basic level.

Having said that, damn if Japan isn’t a country that (sometimes) works.

A few days ago I posted a video about Japanese movers who certainly do a nicer job than any American movers I’ve ever used.

japan-subway-customer-serviceTonight I’m posting a video of two Americans in a Japanese subway trying to buy some tickets from an automated machine.

They can’t figure it out, and push the “assistance” button. The video shows what happens next…

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