CNN’s Carol Costello slaps hate-group FRC for linking gays to pedophilia in Boy Scout debate

There’s a reason the Family Research Council (FRC) is an officially-designated hate group.  And FRC’s own Peter Sprigg proves why in this conversation with CNN’s Carol Costello, who has been dogged lately in not letting her interview subjects lie on the air, unchallenged.

Earlier today, while discussing the Boy Scout’s current debate over whether to lift its ban on gay scouts, Sprigg brought up FRC’s favorite canard about gays raping young kids (Sprigg must have been confusing us with Catholic priests).  Costello, to her credit, wasn’t going to let Sprigg get away with spreading a defamatory lie that was debunked decades ago.

Here’s some text, and at the bottom of this post is the video:

FRC’S SPRIGG: [Parents of Boy Scouts] have a right to protect their children from the potential risk of child sexual abuse at the hands of men who might be attracted to other males.

CNN’S COSTELLO: Well, I’ll just say that the American Psychological Association has studied the issue you just mentioned: “Homosexuals are not any more likely to molest kids than straight men.”

SPRIGG: Well….

COSTELLO: Unless you’re condemning every single homosexual in the country as being a possible pedophile, that’s not fair.

First off, since Sprigg wants to make this personal, as FRC always does, then I have a simple personal question: Why do so many of the men working at these top anti-gay groups come off so gay?

It’s just an observation.  But after debating so many of these religious right guys myself on TV, and following their hate for going on three decades now, I’ve been astounded at just how “gay” so many of the religious right spokesmen seem. (I was in an elevator with one after we debated each other on the air, and I swear he was flirting with me.  I was so grossed out I just couldn’t “take one for team” to expose him.)

Former FRC  head Gary Bauer

Former FRC head Gary Bauer

I remember the first time I saw FRC’s former head, Gary Bauer, on the News Hour, way back in 1993, talking about the Gays in the Military debate.  I had no idea who he was, and turned to a gay friend in the office and asked, “who’s that f*g?”  FRC’s current head, Tony Perkins isn’t going to win any Tom Selleck look-alike contests either.  Why is it relevant?  Because we’re talking about people who have devoted their lives to bashing gay people.  The fact that so many of them come across as so gay to so many of us is relevant, I think, when trying to understand their possible motivation in being so hateful towards gay people.

But now back to the issue at hand. The Family Research Council, and other anti-gay bigots, are obsessed with pedophilia and the fake linkage to gays.  Tony Perkins tried to get away with linking gays to pedophiles on Chris Matthews’ show, and even cited a sham “professional” association in order to couch his lies in truth (a typical Family Research Council tactic).  Of course, Perkins then turned around, after a guy with a gun walked into his building and shot a security guard in the arm, suddenly discovered that words have consequences – not his words, your words.  His are okay.

You can read much more about why the FRC is a hate group here and even more analysis of FRC’s hate group status here.

Costello has been building up quite a name for herself as the No-BS queen over at CNN, along with Soledad O’Brien.  Man, could you imagine both of them working on a show together.

Here’s Costello taking on Sprigg:

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