TN cops in body armor tell old woman to remove marijuana bumper sticker (was a buckeye leaf)

Police in Tennessee, in a black SUV and in full body armor, pulled over an elderly couple because they had a marijuana (or so the cops thought) bumper sticker on their car.  In fact it was a buckeye leaf – the couple are Ohio State Buckeye fans.  The cops then ordered the couple to remove the bumper sticker, even though the woman had already explained it was a buckeye, not marijuana.

Good grief. I’m not sure what’s the most ridiculous part of this recent episode.

Was it the person who phoned in the dangerous car sticker that slightly resembles a marijuana leaf?  The cops insinuated that it was another cop who called it in.

Or perhaps the idiotic Tennessee cops that pulled over the elderly couple with armor-covered police in black vans simply because they might have had a marijuana leaf sticker on their car?  Although, perhaps the most ridiculous part is the cop, after learning that it’s a buckeye leaf common to Ohio State fans, still ordered the woman to remove the sticker. (Not that it’s entirely clear that, even if it were a marijuana sticker, a cop could make you remove it from your car.)

Now, let’s take a look at both marijuana and buckeye.

First, marijuana:


Marijuana via Shutterstock

Next, buckeye:

Buckeye leaf via shutterstock

Buckeye leaf via shutterstock

In the Tennessee cops’ defense, I guess they both are leaves.

Here is some of the fan paraphernalia from Ohio State’s shop with the infamous “marijuana” leaves. This took all of 30 seconds to find and confirm.

Ohio State buckeye leaf Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 7.35.51 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 7.34.31 PM

This is just crazy.

It takes a special kind of stupid to think a major drug-running gang trafficking in marijuana would be so stupid as to put marijuana stickers on their car, just so everyone knows they’re doing it.

But then again, Tennesse is the same state where:

It’s bad enough that far too many states still spend far too much time focusing on marijuana, but this is too much. Are these people really responsible for maintaining law and order? If only the Tennessee police weren’t serious when they did this.

I love the woman’s comment after the fact:

“It’s just amazing they would be that dumb,” Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni said.

It’s not amazing.  It’s Tennessee.

An American in Paris, France. BA in History & Political Science from Ohio State. Provided consulting services to US software startups, launching new business overseas that have both IPO’d and sold to well-known global software companies. Currently launching a new cloud-based startup. Full bio here.

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  • SUnsan

    All religions are most definitely a cult.

  • Billy Bob Joe William Samuel J

    Believe me, I lived in Tennessee for 40 years and EVERYBODY there is stupid as fu*k! I finally left and took the only brain known to them thar parts in nigh on to a huntert yers.

  • PietSmit

    ever heard of ‘satire’?

  • Vincent W Simard

    i know huh…. im sure as a young boy surrounded by that… and death over a shoulder… you would STILL be so proud as to stand up to it huh…. do some research a lot of them were forced into that when countries were invaded…. but like i said… i know you would have stood your internet ground… and said NO…. i REFUSE… you seem like that type of guy….

  • Vincent W Simard

    its who police are not they cant help it…

  • Vincent W Simard

    also why assaults on cops are going up up and away…

  • Vincent W Simard

    dont worry… the mess country is in…is fault of people like you… YOU are whats wrong with America… PLEASE RETIRE… MOVE… leave them…. im sure they want you gone…. in fact come to CALI….. its a left wing utopia here… LOL…. or go to FL… just dont confront people… might end badly…

  • Vincent W Simard

    nope… cops do this all the time… this time it got out…. go to youtube…. do a search enjoy all the vids of cops getting busted…. then remember this… what we see on vid.. is only tip of the iceberg…

  • Vincent W Simard

    i do… and would have told mr pig fuck off i dont remove my property in a country i have freedom of expression…. let pig do it… so i can make a case of it… cop in armor isnt scary… he just wants to look that way… he in fact a punk…. why do you all think assaults on police are up so much…..

  • Vincent W Simard

    California is MUCH worse…

  • Vincent W Simard

    you do know vegetables and fruits come from plants and with out that you would die… not to mention the air they produce…. think before you speak….

  • Vincent W Simard

    im sure people around you feel the same.

  • Jeremy Ayers

    All religions can be considered cults, as religion is man made, to explain the unknown. James yager is a proud supporter of the bill of rights, not just a gun nut. He is a retired police officer. And while i can agree with the rest as backwoods nonsense, its mostly backed by religious views and indoctrination.

  • Jimmy John

    Vague laws & just tooo many laws are letting cops run this country

  • Jimmy John

    We are Increasingly a police state. I wish that this was only a funny story, but regrettably the morons with the guns are making public policy!

  • craig d

    It is called the “Athens of the South” because of the architecture, not the education system.

  • Craig D

    I absolutely detest living in Tennessee. I came here for a job 5 years ago. I am counting down the days to get out of here and go back to the North.

  • SamWayneSmith

    I think Al Gore was right on and his actions were very correct. Considering that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, you got ugly eyes….

  • SamWayneSmith

    Uhhhh, all the dumb ones didn’t migrate. Ozarks are Arkansas, not TN…;-D What exactly is a “satchwatch”. I have never seen this word….

  • silas1898

    Sadly, it has been dead for a long time. The great “Law & Order” campign always wins.

  • PietSmit

    The cops were right. If there should be a problem with a hemp leaf, then ban other leafs as well, buckeye, clover, the lot. All that useless nature and communist treehuggers, to hell with them. Plants are only good to rot and become oil. Within 6000 years ofcourse.

  • Sicsempertyrannis

    Again, probably not constitutional. And yes, I’ll happily write a check to the ACLU to go court and defend this gross abuse of of constitutional rights.

  • Sicsempertyrannis

    Freedom of expression is “asking for trouble” ??? seriously ?? If we accept that, then it’s the Constitution that is truly “Dead”

  • Sicsempertyrannis

    That’s actually very accurate. I was in a cafeteria in a government bldg/local court house and overheard one cop say to another just that-“I have to go in and ‘testilie’ tomorrow”. I later talked to an ex-cop who say they routinely refer to appearing in court that way.

  • Sicsempertyrannis

    It’s ACLU lawsuit time in TN. This is the definition of Freedom of Speech. No way this kind of law would pass constitutional muster-even with the Roberts Court.

  • spookiewon

    More often from the right than the left in fact.

  • spookiewon

    So it can be determined by an officer that the logo of a college football team is offensive and then those bumper stickers would be illegal? If, say the officer doesn’t like tornados, my niece could be required to remove her license plates because she’s an Iowa State grad and her state-issued license plates have a cyclone? Buckeyes are not any more illegal (not that that matters for a picture) than cyclones. I don’t think that law is constitutional.

  • Asterix

    …and not one of the so-called “legislators” pointed out that it infringed on the First Amendment rights of the people? I guess Kerry was right–there is a right to be stupid. Too bad that the same people exercising this right also make the laws.

  • James Robertson VII

    Ninth-generation Tennessean here: It’s amazing that prejudice exists in many forms unrecognized by the public, including regional stereotypes. Many of the people posting here never would accept calling minorities, those of a non-Christian faith, or women a negative name. So let’s drop the “hillbilly” label, okay? Nashville’s nickname is “Athens of the South” because of the number of schools of higher education is greater per capita (and has been for 150 years) than any other place in the United States. That’s why we have the earth’s only full-scale replica of the Parthenon. It’s a beautiful museum, so please try to see it when you’re in town. Yes, the cops made a bad call, and such police stupidity can be found in every state, including Cali, according to my friends there. Yes, I think there’s a place for medical MJ, and I’m from Tennessee.

  • JackLinks

    What county in Tennessee did this take place in?

  • caphillprof

    Oh, yes you can.

    Subject: [americablog] Re: TN cops in body armor tell old woman to remove marijuana bumper sticker (was a buckeye leaf)

  • gunnerm109

    Thugs, stupid, armed. The only difference is that they’re paid by the state, so we can’t criticize them. GOD forbid!

  • This couple should get a real good lawyer or even contact the ACLU.
    This was a clear violation of their Constitutional rights of Free Speech
    and Expression.

  • getlit

    Don’t generalize, we’re not all stupid here in Tennessee!

  • Peacevoice

    Tennesseeseems to be a State that one should be afraid to enter. Have heard multiple times about innocent people being harassed and detained by police, as well as outrageous bigotry from elected officials. Its too bad, have also heard is it beautiful, but I would be leery of ever going there.

  • DonS

    Same kind of nasty experience on a family trip in the early 50’s But it was to DC. Made the mistake of sitting in the wrong area of a segregated lunch counter in some 5 & 10. We were obviously dumb Yankees who didn’t know the local code. Like less that a mile from the White House. Made an impression. It’s totally ignorant whether NY, San Fran, Chicago, Birmingham, or DC. I’m a NYer by birth, and have lived the last 45 years in DC and SW Virginia. Different varieties of bigotry, same hate filled smell.

  • berbes61

    only in tennessee. that, and rampant incest that leads to a career in law enforcement or farming. remember all those COPS episodes with those yokels prowling I-40?

  • DonS

    you bet they are !

  • tennessee ploughboy

    The real story here is actually worse than tennessee cops being dumb. the police are trained to treat everyone as a potential criminal. what they were doing in this case was “goosing” the occupants of the car to see if they would “rabbit”- try to run. if they did, the stop would probably reveal illegal activity. when these folks didn’t, the cops were left with no choice but to stop them, hassle them, and then let them go. in other words, as one officer on a tv show stated, the cops were showing “initiative” in their policing efforts. this translates to conducting a fishing expedition to see what they could turn up. in two other recent cases in tennessee, one person was goosed because his car had “dark tinted windows” and the other because he did not turn off his hi-beam headlights when approaching the officer’s car. evidently, both are illegal in tennessee and provide probable cause to stop a vehicle. both cars refused to stop. one car’s occupant had a small amount of marijuana in his possession and the other had nothing (he refused to stop because he was a “sovereign citizen” who did not recognize the police as being properly authorized.) his case is causing a stir in local courts.

    when every citizen is a suspect, you live in a police state. -Tennessee Ploughboy-

  • Is there an unknown Tennessee law that specificially states people cannot have an Ohio Buckeye sticker/decal on one’s personal vehicle? If not, the jurisdiction should be charged with something — enforcing a law that does not exist?

  • Jameika

    Since that was “30 years ago” I think it’s okay to say that is hilarious!

    Why do all those good people think about sex non-stop?

  • Actually buckeye nuts are poisonous. You got that right!

  • Internet forum moderators are like moron cops? Oh for Christ’s sake!

  • Krusher

    I know some really terrific people in and from Tennessee. You really cannot judge all the people in that state by a couple of jackass cops.

  • What makes you think words will never hurt you?

  • “persons could have been impersonating the police…” OMG! you mean Rick Perry or Mittins Romney are up to their old tricks?

  • I know, I’ve never forgiven France for its bigotry against Wonder bread, AND, they don’t even recognize Spam as pate! The nerve.

  • yadda, yadda Akbar, might get you arrested.

  • Hate is a strong word I realize, but my experience over the decades with police has been completely negative. Had I not had an ‘activist’ career and remained a middle class academic my views might be different. In the field, where justice is as rare as hen’s teeth, good cops are as rare as justice. Stastically speaking, professional, ethical cops exist. It depends on experience. I grew up in a neighboorhood where the cops wore blue blazers and drove unmarked cars, but spent years living in neighborhoods were cops were considereded dangerous predators and fulfilled that perception with every violation of human rights and justice.

  • DUH

    Anyone stop to think that maybe the old lady could have made it up or the persons could have been impersonating the police…

  • Yep, that’s like Pope Benedict saying he wasn’t a real Nazi, even though he was in Hitler’s Youth Corps.

  • Oh God, can you just imagine what a poppy would engender?

  • Living in the cop hell of Oakland you would know Skippy.

  • I agree Towanda, Tennessee does not necessarilly produce stupid cops. Cops are usually drwn from a collective gene pool of humans widely spread and known for their genetic propensity to violence and sociopathic behavior. BTW say hello to Idgie for me!

  • Not trashing ya A, we love ya!

  • Oh Ms. Scarlet youz best not get a freat’un over this, or ya’ll will faint dead away.

  • God help the Canadians. Never forget to put a Jesus sticker next to your leaf when traveling in the South.

  • That might change with complaints to the Chamber’s of Commerce. Nasty cops are bad for tourism.

  • Please site where I made a case for jerks. I never once mentioned your ‘Hills Have Eyes’ relatives.

  • The exam standards are rather low. Brilliant and smart candidates are assumed to move on to management and more opportunity. So, Bubba and Goober with their military training get picked, because they can at least read at the 4th grade level.

  • My first visit to Alabama was in 1962. It was a Spring Break visit to a friend’s cousin. It was the first time I saw African Americans and realized in horror that slavery still existed in the South. I made a mistake by drinking at a ‘Color’ds Only’ fountain and nearly got beaten for it. We were run off the raod twice because of CA licence plates. Alamaba was a hell hole and because of that experience I became an over night advocate of civil rights. My emotional loathing of the deep South has never wavered to this day, even though I have dear friends living there.

  • There are simply no good cops, the good ones end up on desk jobs and keep the Blue Silence.

  • I hope so Becca. A cop with a heart is a rarity. Many start out that way, but in time become corrupted by the very evil they choose to counter.

  • In Russia drivers now have dashcams to record police activity.

  • True, just a different species of toxic virus.

  • Good luck

  • In CA the cops just step over your dead body and do it themselves.

  • yep!

  • That’s true. In our state it is rumored that the families of satchwatches who populate our lower Serria foothills are conservative primates originally migrated from the Ozarks.

  • Mike

    Not sure what the code is, but it passed last year. Google will find it for you.

  • Actually, this is a VERY beautiful state. I moved here from So. Cal 16 years ago and don’t regret it. HOWEVER, it is at times difficult to listen to some of the indigenous inbred hillbilly rednecks that never made it past the 6th grade. Several of them post non stop on my US Congressman’s fb page because it was dip shits like them that got him re-elected. Needless to say I’m posting there constantly.

  • Jeff, This is the first I’ve heard of that law….any idea what the statute code is?

  • Crimfresh

    There is no way in hell I would remove my bumper sticker for a cop.

  • A_nonymoose

    I live in Tennessee; to my everlasting shame, if we had voted for our home boy in 2000, the reign of Bush would have been a fantasy. It is my intention to move out of this Red cesspool once I retire, because that day is drawing near, but if you trash everyone in the state, you’re trashing me. You’re no better than my idiot neighbors who keep voting in these morons.

  • Then get off your ass and do something about it!

  • samizdat

    That is some grade-A stoopid right there…wow.

  • DonS

    Tennessee state patrol pretty much doesn’t seem to like out of staters. I’ve been stopped for violation of a law that Virginia does not have (or didn’t have at the time); got pretty rude treatment. No wonder folks are less willing to give the cops the benefit of the doubt. Respect for the public – that’s part of their job. The public should not have to be lucky whether the cop that pulls them over is well trained or an asshole with a chip on his shoulder the size of a Georgia pine. Too damn many of them are going out of their way to validate the generalization fascist asshole.

  • RepubAnon

    I’d guess that this was one of those civil forfeiture patrols – pull over someone from out of state, try and find an excuse to seize “drug related” assets. Once they saw that these folks didn’t match a preferred victim profile, they were released (and given a lame excuse to cover up what was really going on).

  • RepubAnon

    “Sticks and stones may break by bones, but names will never hurt me.”

    Why, then, is our right to use words regulated more than our right to bear arms?

  • A roach and a gun and there’d have been no investigation.Sometimes I think Tennessee is taking over from Kentucky in Mark Twain’s description of Kentucky,
    “When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky, because
    everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else.” –

  • But there are preponderances and the volume seems to lean more in one direction than the other. You should have pinpointed the “broad generalization” and pointed out just how and why it was “untrue”. Your,but they do it too does not relieve the prime actors in this instance from their culpability for their ignorance.

  • Generalities

    The author is one to talk, being from Ohio…

  • ronbo

    Our Constitution is in freefall when basic expressions command military-style interventions. If we don’t turn this around now, our future is to repeat history circa 1932. No individual will benefit; not even the drone manufacturers (long-term).
    What has become of freedom. Maybe it’s time that I purchase firearms….

  • Rjk

    I love people who say “not the whole (insert red state) is bad. Basically saying hey look, some of us aren’t bad even though we are sitting here arguing about who’s who instead of getting upset and doing something about the crappy police state we live in.

  • JesusIsALie

    To be fiar, Islam (like all religion) is a cult. The consequence for apostasy is death.

  • Jafafa Hots

    “Disorderly conduct” often means “pissed off a cop but broke no real law.”

    I was arrested for telling a donut joke in front of an undercover cop. (We teenagers hanging out in the neighborhood all summer needed close monitoring, apparently.)
    I was charged with disorderly conduct. The arrest report was of course all lies.

    My $350 lawyer, the judge – everyone saw it as routine. “They do this all the time” my lawyer said. Judge was bored. It IS routine.
    No trial, no testimony, they just issue an ACD – Adjournment with Contemplation of Dismissal and as long as you don’t get in trouble for nine months, charges are automatically dismissed.

    Planned out right in the system – cop doesn’t like some kid and wants to give them a warning, a “probation” even though they weren’t breaking the law? Disorderly conduct, automatic ACD.

    Arrest used as a warning to show deference.

  • Jafafa Hots

    But if he knows that a fellow cop broke the law… say for instance didn’t have probable cause for a stop, instead just using a “car crossed the white line in the road” excuse… would he turn the other cop in?

    Because otherwise…

    There are no “good” cops if they know of another cop violating the law or someone’s civil rights.
    And how is it possible to never ever see such a thing?

  • Jafafa Hots

    Hey… one of the two officers who falsely arrested me and then filed a total fabrication of a police report was fairly polite while they were doing it.

  • Jafafa Hots

    They would have planted a roach near the bodies.

  • jeffingk

    unfortunately, here in Tn there is an “offensive bumper sticker” law that has a very vague definition and is pretty much left to the individual officer to decide what is “offensive” enough to pull over. It’s pretty much bullshit

  • Towanda

    It’s unnecessary to attack an entire state because of a few morons. If you focus in on any given state in the US, you could find a sufficient number of stupid people. The cops were stupid–not because they were from Tennessee, but because they do not put in the effort to be less ignorant (and who knows what else). You’re expressing ignorant prejudice as well by dismissing an entire region of people because of a few statistics you’ve come across. Ignorance is a universal personality trait.

  • Johnny Bonham

    What a load of crap. I live in Maryland a state controlled by democrats for decades. We have the same militarized police, it has nothing to do with republians.

  • Apparently Law Enforcement jobs in Tennessee are an Affirmative Action Program for Blithering Idiots.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Note to the people asking Chris to be nicer to Tennessee: Drive-By Chris seldom appears in the comments, lest he have to back up the opinions in his posts. So, good luck.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Remember, Chris lives in France and looks at many U.S. issues from the perspective of someone who hasn’t been here in a while. I’m not sure he even knows where Tennessee is.

  • NorthAlabama

    no funnier than you making the case for jerks…

  • Elasmobranch

    Not all Tennesseans are that stupid. Some of us are decent, intelligent people. I’m sure there are examples from every state that behave that way.

  • No. I just want the ‘well-regulated’ part added back in.

  • I’ve known a handful of good ones over my nearly 50 years here.

    I’ll also admit to having some ‘skin in the game’ so to speak, in that my nephew, who served a bunch of tours in Iraq — mostly infantry — and also as an MP in Kosovo, is currently attending the NM State Police academy. May just be my bias here, but I do believe he’d turn out to be one of the non-assholes

  • Travis

    Go Fuck Yourself

  • Fireblazes

    F*ck you cop, take me in! Let’s do this thing…

  • Ryan

    Everyone should avoid that backwards hell hole.

  • Ryan

    Yes, NWA had it right.

  • masaccio

    Well, Chris, that’s why we left.

  • LOL no… Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi are FAR more regressive than is Tennessee. Our governor, while still a Rightist, wants to run for national office one day. He really does not let much of the FAR right stuff go through his office. Also, we are only a few years removed from a long line of Democratic governors…

  • Wholfen

    You do realize that all Tennesseans are not like this. Some of us are actually liberals and can think for ourselves. So please don’t put us all in the same category as these idiots that you mentioned in your article…. Thank You….

  • Yeah, probably not, but you can wear your tinfoil hat to keep you safe… (facepalm)

  • And you are guilty of a broad generalization that is as untrue as it gets. Ignorance can come
    from the Right as well as the Left!

  • And a lot of intelligent people. All states have a lot of both…

  • Bankrupting the state is also bankrupting the people of the state as that is who “the state” actually is.

  • Yah know, I love that this writer just bashed on Tennessee over some of the ignorant mistakes here. There ARE a lot of Liberals down here as well. I get a little tired of idiots like this writer painting with such a broad paintbrush. Idiocy comes from the Right AND the Left. This guy’s post is just as ignorant as many of the things he bashes Tennessee for.

  • Sweetie

    I’ve seen the same thing in academia and with Internet forum moderators. Most people have a very low tolerance for being corrected.

  • Sweetie

    Anything that calls for killing people would be illegal as well. Or, sex with kids. Yadda yadda.

  • Sweetie

    Yeah, that’s a pretty big fail.

  • Sweetie

    Imagine if the people had been black.

  • It counts for everything! Without it we are doomed.

  • sherman

    Actually buckeye nuts are poisonous, so they really are more dangerous than marijuana. When I was in about the third grade someone gave me a chestnut, which looks similar to a buckeye. It was the first one I had ever seen, and I was looking forward to eating it when I got home. Someone on the school bus told the driver I had a buckeye and was going to eat it, and the driver made me throw it out the window. It was decades before I ate my first chestnut.

    These cops need to be disciplined for this atrocious lack of judgement.

  • NorthAlabama

    made you laugh, that’s all that counts…

  • George Melby

    LOLOL… funny! Thanks.

  • George Melby

    And east to west, lolol!

  • George Melby

    Who the hell accepted this state into the Union??!? As for the TN law enforcement… this story says it all! Pea brains!

  • kellyfretz

    Not all of us living in Tennessee are like that, or condone their behavior. Unfortunately, those that do think like that have very loud voices. and drown out the voices of the those that are more evolved.

  • Since this is a red state, the US Constitution is kind of meaningless to most people who live here.

  • evodevo

    Yeah, what you said. When they are wearing body armor (!!) for a traffic stop, you DO NOT ARGUE with them. If there is anything that pisses off a cop, it’s being told, even nicely, that he is wrong. THEY ARE NEVER WRONG. Remember, if you have done nothing wrong, citizen, you have nothing to fear…. Right? Welcome to the machine.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    No, that’s not worse at all — they’re identically problematic. It’s like you’re saying that there are varying degrees of First Amendment protection. If it had been a pot leaf on the sticker would you have said “Well sure the cop was wrong, but it WAS a marijuana leaf after all…”?

  • They have a ways to go before they top Florida

  • RepubAnon

    No, no – the only Constitutionally-protected right is the right to bear arms… Source: Glen Beck University.

    (/snark) Tagged as snark for the humor-impaired, or for armed and armored Tennessee police)

  • HeartlandLiberal

    I want to take this opportunity to thank the goons and idiots in Tennessee for giving me at least one day this year when I can read about the insane stupidity of ignorance in someplace other than my home state of Alabama, which I left in 1969. On top of that, we lived in Tennessee for 13 wonderful years, leaving there in 1985. It has gone downhill fast since, I can tell you that.

  • UncleBucky

    What about pictures of aloe vera plants?

  • UncleBucky

    I ain’t going to Tennessee, through it, or (potentially) over it. I won’t spend money there (as I won’t in Arizona, not even Arizona Tea, haw haw, too bad) or will I willingly venture onto Southern ground.

    We need to have an education campaign to help poor stupid southernISTS (SouthernERs are quite good, not at all included in my screed, haha) like these cops.

    We used to make fun of these kinds of people. We shouldn’t have. But now we should. ;o)

  • Several years ago an inmate artist in the state of Vermont, substituted a pig for the moose that was supposed to represent the state on licence plates. Several hundred were issued before someone caught it.—-made all the papers.

  • You are lucky Becca I’ve lived a long life and never met one who wasn’t an absolute authoritarian asshole. It’s probably because of decades of community work among the poor, the sick, the elderly and homeless.

  • And you make the case for Alabama? OMG, that’s funny.

  • Sesame Street would be a good start.

  • The educational standards of Texas are as high as the low bar is lowered.

  • And when in the court, the judge, prosecutor, and witness cops would testilie.

  • hollywoodstein

    Which is why we have to cut the social safety net. Priorities.

  • Welcome to the Arizona of the South.

  • No, left.

  • I (sadly) live in Tennessee. Luckily (:D) I live in Memphis though. This type of police “work” is something I expect to see on Cartoon Network around 2:30 am……I can only lol_barf

  • cole3244

    its a solid red state, dumb from top to bottom.

  • Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard

    Although, perhaps the most ridiculous part is the cop, after learning that it’s a buckeye leaf common to Ohio State fans, still ordered the woman to remove the sticker.
    Maybe the cop was an Ole Miss fan.

  • And you want to get rid of that one remaining right.

  • Hopefully that led her to leave the church she was wasting her time at.

  • Tennessee seems to be one of those states that most of the rest of us would benefit from divorcing and letting them strike out (in two senses) on their own. I’d hate to lose some of the Smokies, but the price would likely be worth it. Maybe give them a think strip of NC and SC so they can have sea access.

  • pappyvet

    Well since Tennesse is a red state and red states take in much more government aid than blue, and these are the ilk who are always complaining about the public dole, lets give them what they want. It should be obvious from the list that Chris provided,that most of their “exports” are nothing that the vast majority of Americans want .

  • A great many law officers — not all of them, but quite a few — absolutely do not like to be corrected or contradicted, no matter how foolish, mistaken, or stupid they’ve been.

  • Actually, there are public obscenity ordinances that might be applicable in certain instances… In other words, go driving around with a triple-x rated bumper sticker on your car or truck, you can expect to be ordered to remove it immediately or face disorderly conduct charges.

  • Can you imagine what would happen if they’d had California plates?

  • NorthAlabama

    chris, lighten up a little on tennessee, will ‘ya? idiots are found nationwide, and are not specific to any one state or region. even though everything you listed is true, by taking this position in your rant, you sound as bad as those police officers.
    there are many more understanding and generous people in the state, but the radicals get all of the attention. this is exactly why they do and say those terrible things, and you just bought into it.

  • The people who were stopped should probably avoid Tennessee in the future, because they’ll probably be targeted by that law enforcement organization because of the bad press that’s been generated.

  • In the race to the bottom, TN takes the lead!

  • Goodcarver

    I hope these people sue Tennssee’s ass, and that if they do AMERICAblog will keep us notified of their action.

  • It’s a leaf! I have the whole visual with narrative: Oh, look a car with Ohio plates – them ppl aren’t from here – and look they have a bumper sticker with a leaf! YUP, them ppl from that Ohio are nuttin but druggies. Pull her over.

  • I know. It seems all but one of the Bill of Rights has been repealed by authoritarian fiat.

  • We are the freest country in the world. YES we are! Ask people in China or Soviet Russia! And keep your mouf shut about the cops, too! Everyone wants to be like us! We’re Number One! Go Merka!

  • HEY! Doh’t look at our economy or that quaint “Bill of Rights.” Look over THERE! An old marijuana lady bringing desolation, crime and perversion to our beautiful state!!!!! OMG!!!

  • Island In The Sky

    Remove a bumper sticker? Fuck you, pig.

  • silas1898

    Legal doesn’t mean not “asking for trouble”, sadly.

    A friend with Grateful Dead stickers was often pulled over. The cops were never stupid enough to state that as the reason.

  • ComradeRutherford

    Only religious freaks have such dirty, dirty minds.

  • Ninong

    About 30 years ago there was a young woman from California who was a graduate of UC Berkeley. She moved to Dallas and managed to get a personalized Texas license plate reading CAL GAL. She attended church every Sunday, parking in the church parking lot.

    One Sunday, after services, she was approached by the Dallas police, who had been waiting for her to come out. They informed her that they had received complaints from other members of the same church reporting that there was a woman soliciting prostitution who regularly parked in their church parking lot. She denied the ridiculous accusation and explained to them the meaning of CAL GAL. Nevertheless, the Dallas DMV revoked her personalized license plate on the grounds that the good citizens of Dallas read that to mean CALL GIRL and it offended the moral standards of the community.

  • ComradeRutherford

    The First Amendment no longer is in effect for most of the nation. If these folks had dared say no to the cops and asserted their First Amendment rights, they’d be either dead through the justifiable shootout the cops would have initiated and then would’ve planted a gun, or they’d be in jail and their car would be seized for obviously being proceeds from drug dealing.

    Thank god Republicans made police into military organizations over the last 30 years.

  • It doesn’t, but at the same time, it’s even worse that after the cop finds out it’s a symbol of Ohio State he STILL wants its removed.

  • silas1898

    Tennessee cops using I – 40 as their personal ca$h machine, fighting “TWOD”

  • SkippyFlipjack

    As others have pointed out, the most ridiculous part is the idea that it made a difference what kind of leaf it was. The cops can’t make you remove a bumper sticker.

  • nicole32123

    What do you want to bet that if she hadn’t been a little old lady the cop would have claimed “the car smelled of marijuana smoke” and searched it down to the frame?

  • And a lot of horses’s asses.

  • arcadesproject

    Maybe Tennessee should invest in literacy and dentists.

  • caphillprof

    There’s nothing beautiful about it’s people nor their actions.

  • They were damn lucky. In California the LAPD as a pechant for shooting innocent grandmas in the back.

  • Naja pallida

    So pictures of leaves are now just cause for a traffic stop? Really? Welcome to the Psycho States of America.

  • Naja pallida

    Free speech around jackbooted thugs. How quaint.

  • Naja pallida

    Republican economic policies and mismanagement have already bankrupted Tennessee.

  • Krusher

    Tennessee is a beautiful state, but it does shelter some of the world’s biggest dumbfucks.

  • bkmn

    Black SUV, probably armored, body armor, most likely with other gear like radios, taser guns, etc. provided by the Department of Homeland Security.

    Our tax dollars at work.

  • I don’t think ANY kind of STICKER is illegal ANYWHERE.

  • unclemike

    Her quote: “I didn’t take it off. . . . This little old lady is no drug dealer.”

    So there’s that.

  • What difference does it make if it was a marijuana leaf or not?

  • LosGatosCA

    This is what happens at the intersection of stupid, ignorant, and arrogant. The woman needs to count her blessings that she wasn’t tasered and maced.

    I’m sure the cop felt ‘much better’ after she acknowledged his superior position of power by removing the ‘offensive’ sticker.

  • Ho-lee crap. Marijuana stickers (or buckeye leaf stickers) are not illegal, are protected by freedom of expression, and are not probable cause for anything, let alone a traffic stop. Hope they can bankrupt the state with their lawsuit.

  • Even if it had been a marijuana leaf decal or sticker, the choice to display such is the very definition of free speech.

  • Jim Olson

    Cops in body armor. Black SUV. Pulling over an elderly couple when no crime had been committed. In Soviet Russia…

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