Bill Maher on Donald Trump’s $5m lawsuit against him (funny video)

Bill Maher apparently joked that Donald Trump was the son of an orangutan (since he’s all orange), and that he’d give $5m to charity if Trump could prove he wasn’t the child of an ape.

Trump’s lawyer sent Maher a copy of Trump’s birth certificate (actually it was only the “short form,” as Maher points out) along with a letter stating categorically that Trump was not birthed from an orangutan (Trump actually had his lawyer write that), and is demanding that Maher put up the $5m. So Trump is now suing Maher.

This is the Republican party’s best and brightest. They file lawsuits over jokes about them being born to orangutan’s.  I hope the judge forces Trump to pay Maher’s legal costs.  Trump’s lawyers should be ashamed of themselves.  As should the Republican party.  Their embrace of crazy really needs to stop.

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