When life gives you freezing rain… (video)

Some kinds in Utah have fun with a recent freezing rain storm.

I used to like the ice too.  Until I fell on my ass last week in Chicago right after an ice storm.  Damn, I’d forgotten what it’s like to really fall. My legs literally flipped out from under me on the steps on our back porch – landed flat on my back on the steps and avoiding hitting my head (which was fortunate, since those of us with retinal issues need to avoid banging our heads).

It wasn’t always this way. I loved ice when I was a kid. I remember in college back in Illinois, we use to hang out at the student union during ice storms and watch the foreign students fall. (When you don’t grow up in an area with a lot of ice, it seems you don’t learn how to take those flat-footed baby steps that permit you not fall down on your ass.) Ah, those were the days.

And speaking of foreigners and winter, my nephews in Panama who visited us last year had no idea what a snow angel was, since they’d never seen snow. Sadly it didn’t snow while they were visiting (these are the kids who took their shoes off while walking in the park, at night, in 15 degree weather because they wanted to feel what “cold” felt like – “I can’t feel my feet” my nephew told me, excitedly). Well, in honor of the boys, here’s a bonus video of a snow angel. (And let me just say, it’s surprising how bad the “snow angel” videos are on YouTube – just food for thought.)

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