Walmart changes mind, will deign to meet VP Biden to talk guns (and they may have lied)

We reported this morning that Walmart, the nation’s largest gun-seller, refused Vice President Biden’s invitation to meet with him at the White House to discuss gun violence.  Walmart claimed they were unavailable to meet with the second most important man in the United States, and arguably one of the most important in the world, because of a “scheduling conflict.”

But now we’re hearing an entirely different justification out of Walmart.

walmart gun meeting biden

You see, Walmart didn’t realize that its customers would be ticked that they arrogantly snubbed the Vice President of the United States for seemingly partisan reasons, so now Walmart is suddenly available and will come to the meeting.

So while Walmart said it had a scheduling conflict, it really had a PR conflict.

Walmart seems to be admitting that whether or not they had a scheduling conflict, the only reason they didn’t reschedule the conflict and meet with the Vice President was because they really didn’t want to see the man, and they didn’t think people would care.  Then, when Walmart’s snub of the VP became a huge PR crisis for the company, suddenly Walmart found the will and the way to change their schedule.

So that initial excuse about the “scheduling conflict” appears to be not quite entirely true, since they could have rescheduled.

I always knew that people complained about Walmart treating its workers like garbage (I even had some Costco employees once tell me how good they had it compared to the folks working at the Walmart down the street).  It would be unfortunate if Walmart wanted to associate itself with the recent spate of businesses, like the Wendy’s and Taco Bell franchises we wrote about yesterday, that seem to want to use their brand to take partisan swipes at the President.

Walmart has enough problems, with the way it treats its employees and the fact that it’s dead-set (pun intended) on becoming the arsenal of American violence, do they really need to alienate half the country too?

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