Walmart changes mind, will deign to meet VP Biden to talk guns (and they may have lied)

We reported this morning that Walmart, the nation’s largest gun-seller, refused Vice President Biden’s invitation to meet with him at the White House to discuss gun violence.  Walmart claimed they were unavailable to meet with the second most important man in the United States, and arguably one of the most important in the world, because of a “scheduling conflict.”

But now we’re hearing an entirely different justification out of Walmart.

walmart gun meeting biden

You see, Walmart didn’t realize that its customers would be ticked that they arrogantly snubbed the Vice President of the United States for seemingly partisan reasons, so now Walmart is suddenly available and will come to the meeting.

So while Walmart said it had a scheduling conflict, it really had a PR conflict.

Walmart seems to be admitting that whether or not they had a scheduling conflict, the only reason they didn’t reschedule the conflict and meet with the Vice President was because they really didn’t want to see the man, and they didn’t think people would care.  Then, when Walmart’s snub of the VP became a huge PR crisis for the company, suddenly Walmart found the will and the way to change their schedule.

So that initial excuse about the “scheduling conflict” appears to be not quite entirely true, since they could have rescheduled.

I always knew that people complained about Walmart treating its workers like garbage (I even had some Costco employees once tell me how good they had it compared to the folks working at the Walmart down the street).  It would be unfortunate if Walmart wanted to associate itself with the recent spate of businesses, like the Wendy’s and Taco Bell franchises we wrote about yesterday, that seem to want to use their brand to take partisan swipes at the President.

Walmart has enough problems, with the way it treats its employees and the fact that it’s dead-set (pun intended) on becoming the arsenal of American violence, do they really need to alienate half the country too?

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20 Responses to “Walmart changes mind, will deign to meet VP Biden to talk guns (and they may have lied)”

  1. theoracle says:

    Me too. I went into a Walmart once, but only to pick up something for a client. Otherwise, I refuse to support (give any money) to a racist, anti-American, anti-worker, fascist company run by a family that has done everything possible to destroy our society from top to bottom.

  2. cole3244 says:

    i don’t care what walmart does i refuse to shop there, thats been my position for over a decade and i have done just fine without the low prices.

  3. Given the number of shootings and assaults at Walmarts (53 actual shootings, in 2012 — more than one a week with shots fired!), you’d think they’d be jumping on the opportunity. See here:

  4. Naja pallida says:

    Wal-Mart has made deals with several media groups to exclusively market their DVDs, music and other tie-in products, including toys… but considering he said he was in the health care field, I’m guessing it may be something like the ReliOn diabetes testing products – which recently agreed to only sell through Wal-Marts. I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but I’m sure there’s more. Of course, you can get other brands of diabetes testing products elsewhere, but when it comes to things like that, people often want to stick with what they find the most comfortable with using.

  5. Freday63 says:

    I’m drawing a blank…What items are “exclusively” sold at Walmart and not anywhere else?

  6. karmanot says:

    Governments come and go, while toxic virus, the Catholic church and WAL*MART become eternal.

  7. Naja pallida says:

    Wal-Mart employees, due to their below-the-poverty-line pay rates, are subsidized by the federal government to the tune of around 3 billion dollars a year, in food, housing and Medicaid. That’s essentially a 3 billion dollar tax payer handout to Wal-Mart so it doesn’t have to pay its employees a living wage.

  8. Naja pallida says:

    Most larger companies (I would imagine Target does) have some kind of product request form you can fill out at their customer service desk, to request a product they don’t carry. I don’t know if that would specifically help you, or if they would even decide to carry the product you ask for, but it’s certainly worth looking into if it means finding a way to avoid Wal-Mart. :)

  9. Naja pallida says:

    Unfortunately, Mall-Wart has worked very hard at becoming a monopoly in many communities. Driving out or buying up any kind of competition. It has been their business model to not give consumers any choices. Even if there was a nation-wide boycott attempted, many people simply wouldn’t have the capability of complying without making life difficult for themselves.

  10. HolyMoly says:

    Why in the world would a large corporation have a scheduling conflict for anything? It’s not like there’s only one person at the top who can go to meetings…I’m sure they have hundreds of people at or near the top who could attend any meetings that might pop up. CEO has a meeting with the dictator of a country where sweatshops are making Wal-Mart products? Okay, then send the No. 2 guy to meet the VP…or vice versa. The whole thing was bull from the get-go…

    Who cares if they don’t respect Biden or Obama? They need to respect the OFFICE. I might hate a specific judge personally, but I’m damn well going to wear a shirt and tie and rise when he enters the courtroom.

  11. Jim Olson says:

    PR? Walmart doesn’t care. That was just cover for the phone call they got from someone, maybe the VP himself.

  12. Jim Olson says:

    No, but there are a lot of people who do.

  13. As much as I hate, despise, and distrust Walmart, after I saw what it did to the small town center of my college town; there are literally some products I cannot get anywhere else. Things I used to get at Vons or Target are now “exclusively” at Walmart, which is another way Walmart twists the supply chain for it’s own benefit. Since I have not found a decent replacement product, I have to step in quickly to buy it and leave; I buy nothing else.

    As a health care provider I have seen what happens to patients who have to have a prescription other than the standard $4 version. A patient, due to her condition, had to have a dose of a medication larger than the amount offered under the $4 plan. She couldn’t get more of the $4 version because they are allowed only one in 30 days– they wanted to charge her over $300 for the same generic drug in a bigger dose when the larger dose was available at Costco for $40. She was smart enough to call me, and I told her to go to Costco and avoid Walmart. In other words, you have to fit exactly the Walmart mold or you will be gouged.

  14. MyrddinWilt says:

    Erm how? I can’t exactly boycott a place I never shop at in any case.

  15. MyrddinWilt says:

    CostCo actually has a reputation for being the progressive choice. They provide healthcare coverage without the tricks Walmart uses to effectively deny it. The workers in my state are unionized:
    Costco pays its workers an average wage of $17.00 per hour.
    Wal-Mart pays its workers an average wage of $11.75 per hour.

    Costco’s CEO takes a salary of $350,000 (thousand) per year.
    Wal-Mart’s CEO takes a salary of $35,000,000 (million) per year.

    I had not realized that the meeting was for people like me rather a personal invite to the CEO. Walmart has a million employees and a huge government affairs department. The idea that none of their people could find time is an utterly stupid lie to tell. If the FTC calls you cancel the meeting without a second thought and they are not the Vice President.

  16. Jim Olson says:

    We could put Wal*Mart out of business in less than a year.

  17. samiinh says:

    That has to suck. Though my nearest Walmart is 15 miles from home, I do have other option when I get to town. I have no problem paying more for the basics or for locally produced food and stuff, even though I am retired living on SS.

  18. I wish I had the option of never going inside a Walmart ever again, but I don’t. In my rural area there are no other options for many of the things I must have. And should I use some $3.25/gallon gasoline to drive to the nearest alternative shopping area 20 miles away, guess what? It’s another one-holer situation – another Wretched Walmart – for most things on my shopping list.

    This does nothing good for my blood pressure, but that’s how it is for me.

  19. samiinh says:

    Another reason not to step inside a Walmart store besides the demand of Walmart for American taxpayers to subsidize their employees wages by paying for their health care and in some cases even their food.

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