Polar bears playing with dogs (video)

We’ll get to politics in an hour.  But for now, I was looking through old videos on YouTube, and saw this one from 2007.

It’s a teaser for a documentary, and the teaser shows some gorgeous polar bears playing with a man’s dogs.

It’s a very neat snippet, and sure to bring a smile over your morning coffee.  Enjoy.

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6 Responses to “Polar bears playing with dogs (video)”

  1. davidinchelseama says:

    That was incredible ! Thanks, John !

  2. citizen_spot says:

    Apparently the dogs have no choice in the bear interaction because they are chained in place. Not sure what that is all about. As for the canine ursine interaction, doggie Stockholm syndrome?

  3. I’d never seen this. And cannot imagine the bears being that cuddly. Or the dogs for that matter. I’d still worry that the bear would get the munchies, then bam!

  4. sunmusing says:

    I can almost hear my mom hollering…”Don’t play with your food”…

  5. Lisa Johnson says:

    I’ve seen this several times before and it never fails to amaze me. The dogs and the bears seem to genuinely like and enjoy each other’s company.

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