Two must-see videos on Louie Giglio benediction controversy

First, CNN’s Carol Costello talks with Wayne Besen and a nutjob from the hate group Family Research Council about the anti-gay pastor Louie Giglio, who was going to give the benediction at the Obama inaugural, then apparently got un-invited.

Wayne does a fabulous job, pointing out that the FRC spokesman, Peter Sprigg, called for jailing gay people.  So that when he says it’s intolerant of people to not tolerate his intolerance, he’s stretching the truth a bit as “jailing people for being gay” is hardly a view we should be tolerant of.

Costello then weighs in about the way the Bible treated women, and the fact that there are various interpretations of the Bible.  Sprigg seems taken aback that someone would question his insane dogma.

Then Lawrence O’Donnell takes on the Louie Gigio controversy and does a great job:

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