Springsteen – Badlands, Live

Going to a Springsteen concert is really one of the most fun options out there. Even though he plays at massive arenas and stadiums, he puts on a great show. This is The Boss before his workout program so he looks a bit different from today but the performance is as good as it is today.

Winter has finally warmed up again over here and the snow is now gone in Paris. On the train out to Brittany this week, I noticed a bit of snow in the countryside outside of town, but that too is likely to melt as temperatures move back to the normal range again.

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  • Lawrence Kirsch

    Because of its darker tones, some might call Darkness a difficult album, but despite
    this, it’s a cherished gem for many. Collecting stories and photos from hundreds of fans, The Light in Darkness celebrates this classic record, allowing readers to revisit the excitement of that
    moment when the needle found the grooves in that first cut and the
    thundering power of “Badlands” shook across the hi-fi for the very first time.

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