Spearfisherman encounters tiger shark off of Hawaii, handles it surprisingly well (video)

Chris passed this video on to me, and made the following comment about it:

I liked most of it except for the speargun-hunting part. I’ve done that myself (but not a gun, more of a sling, which is harder than hell to do) but think a lot of people wouldn’t like seeing a spear gun. Heck, even I look down on people using those things because they’re too easy. But fending off that shark was no easy task.

It’s a pretty intense video. I’ve been diving when sharks come around, and it does startle you. When I was diving in Africa it helped me get used to seeing them because there were so many of them. Tiger sharks (like the one in the video) and bull sharks are generally considered to be among the more unpredictable sharks. Even in South Africa, people were more afraid of bull sharks (called Zambezi sharks because they’re know for swimming far up the Zambezi River, which is full of other deadly folks such as hippos, crocodiles, etc) than great whites. The great whites can obviously be deadly, but they are at least more predictable than tiger or bull sharks.

The guy in the video must have had nerves of steel. Fresh food floating around in that shark’s backyard…yikes.

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