Some of the best Maggie Smith moments from Downton Abbey

If you don’t watch Downton Abbey on PBS, well, shame on you. :) It’s a wonderful series, now in its third season, about an aristocratic British family around the time of World War I. It’s awfully well-written and acted, and contains some great actors, like Dame Maggie Smith, who usually gets most of the best one-liners.

Here are a few different videos of Maggie Smith’s best lines in Downton Abbey.

Here’s Maggie Smith versus a swivel chair:

Maggie Smith saying goodbye to Mary’s ex-fiancĂ© who no one likes:

This is a compilation of her best moments from Season 2:

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  • hollywoodstein


  • It is cut on the upper class bias.

  • ROTF ( downstairs) L

  • nicho

    Actually, it says that right in the credits. “This show is not intended for Sweetie.”

  • nicho

    I have pictures of my English grandfather — in the ’20s — wearing a coat and tie at the beach. And these were working-class people.

  • Couldn’t agree more. My parents were corporate types and the first thing they did on retiring was box the formal wear and shop for sweats.

  • Alpha Gays—nailed it! A-Gays, the very definition of superficiality, banality and pretentiousness: decor, dress and vacations.

  • I still can’t believe that people dressed for breakfast. Imagine wearing clothes like that all day. I”m sorry, but I have NEVER been comfortable in a suit. I think they look fantastic, but they’re not comfortable. And dressing like that all day long. Ugh.

  • Sweetie

    This show is not for me.

  • lilyannerose

    I love how predictable this show is as it’s all in how it gets there. It’s such a perfect play on ‘as above, so below’ I find it addictive. Additionally, what isn’t to low about the elegant costumes!

  • Indigo

    Delightfully Edwardian, ever so much like my grandmother, the terrible struggle to adjust to modernization, the very idea that other people with less money have good ideas, that strolling through the parlor in fine dress is the purpose of life, all such mannerism as Alpha Gays imagine are the measures of having arrived, and then one looks around and notices where one is . . . so far away from socially responsible thinking that “climate change” could only be an unwelcome intrusion into a delusional structure dangerously close to paranoid schizophrenia. Well dressed, of course, but delusional nevertheless. Ah period pieces . . .

  • K_L_Carten

    I was gonna wait for season three and watch it on PBS, except I couldn’t. I LOVE British soaps and watch a lot of ITV and some BBC. I tried really hard not to watch Downton Abbey, and I lasted until the fourth eppy was up on the player. Watching it a second time it’s just as good and probably gonna keep the dvr unless I need the space. The British, to me, just do period dramas and mysteries the best! ITV changed their player format and is now requiring a post code and it took me a few hours to find one, so when I sign on now, I use Buckingham Palace address, I wonder if they keep track of those addresses, lol. A new period drama started and really really wanted to see it plus the new season of Lewis started, I am hoping that Sherlock will be shown a few months a head of PBS so I can torture my brother and hint at all that’s going on with his favorite show, lol. I am a rotten sister, lol!

  • nicho

    Spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched it yet.

  • That scene of Maggie arriving the next morning after her granddaughter’s death was absolutely stunning. Silent and shot from the back it delivered the most brilliant and poignant portrait imaginable of an old woman of the world. Just incredible.

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