Simon & Garfunkel – Me and Julio Down By the School Yard

Like the UK yesterday, Paris also received snow last night and into the early hours of the morning. Unlike the cute cat video John posted last night from the UK, our cats are completely unimpressed with the snow. Cat girl briefly walked on the side before coming back inside and Sushi took a few steps in the snow, but he too was unimpressed.

January 2013

My backyard following the unusually heavy snow in Paris

Snow in Paris, Sushi's paw prints

Sushi’s five steps in the snow

When the cats were younger, Sushi liked playing in the snow but back then we had a lot less snow. 10 years ago a dusting was a big deal and caused chaos on the streets. It’s not that much more now – maybe 3 or 4 inches last night – but compared to the past, it’s a lot. Unlike in the past, it is still cold enough (just about freezing) to keep the snow around for more than a few hours.

The real challenge for a city like Paris is figuring out where the snow plow truck is after years of inactivity. The truck is probably sitting in a garage somewhere and the guy who knows about it retired years ago. It’s not exactly Buffalo, Cleveland or Montreal where the city is prepared for snow and flips a switch and the machine to clean up the city moves. I don’t think they even sell snow shovels in the store let alone plows for trucks or snow-blowers. If they do, I’ve never seem them.

We’re not expecting more snow today, but the forecast says more all next week. It’s also around 10-12 degrees (Fahrenheit) below the normal January temperatures. Researchers have concluded that because of climate change and the warming North Atlantic ocean, Northern Europe would be receiving a lot more precipitation and would be cooler. What a difference a few years makes.

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One Response to “Simon & Garfunkel – Me and Julio Down By the School Yard”

  1. Indigo says:

    There are some wonderful oil paintings from the late 19th century of Parisian street scenes all covered with snow, the pedestrians tromping along as best they can. Enjoy the retrospective moment!

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