Sandy Hook truthers claim the Newtown massacre was a hoax

Yes, there are now Sandy Hook truthers who think the mass-murder of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut was a hoax.

They are people who find a government, or Jewish, conspiracy behind what did, or did not, take place on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut when 20 six and seven year olds were mass murdered by a young man using his mother’s legally-purchased weapons.

Some of the conspiracy theories center around which weapons the shooter used (the Sandy Hook truthers even have a Twitter account, of course).  As if it matters which weapon he used.  But some think it’s a whopping Feinstein/Biden conspiracy to “fake” the fact that an AR-15 rifle was used in the attack.  They claim that the shooter, Adam Lanza, “only” used handguns to shoot each child three times before moving on to the next.  To that I say: the kids are still dead.  And honestly, if it was “just” handguns, and not semit-automatic rifles, then let’s ban all of them.  I’m not sure how it helps the gun-nut cause to claim that this was “only” about handguns.

There’s also a Sandy Hook conspiracy theory about the entire shooting not having occurred at all.  A sort of Sandy Hook Capricorn One version of what happened – the entire thing, you see, was a hoax:

sandy hook hoax truther fake conspiracysandy hook hoax truther fake conspiracysandy hook hoax truther fake conspiracy

If you actually believe this garbage, then maybe you shouldn’t have the right to own a gun in the first place.

(And personally, I’d have found the entire script more compelling if the words floated off the screen backwards, Star Wars style.)

Another Sandy Hook conspiracy theory is raging around the testimony of a neighbor who says a small group of children came to his house seeking shelter from the shooting. A video posted on YouTube attempts to show that the man is a fake and a liar, mostly because his story is consistent in every interview he gives (ironic that the “proof” that he’s lying is that he doesn’t change his story).

A number of the comments posted alongside the YouTube video share the ultimate proof as to how we know this guy is lying.  You see, his name is Gene Rosen, and everyone knows that “Rosens” are J-e-w-i-s-h (each line break below is for a new comment):

The whole thing was staged. don’t let the Jews disarm you America.

Maybe he really did think that the shooter was going to turn the children in to soap and lampshades and then burn them with gas pipes!

Yes, when in doubt, go for the Holocaust gag.

Oy vey jew porn king Al Goldberg HATES all the gentiles!

Oy vey…where there is suffering there is always a jew, always….

Mr Rosen is apart of he Jewish mafia, the same Jewish mafia that brought us 9/11. Just read their Kabbalah, Zohar, Talmud and you can see what they’re all about. This is the synagogue of satan the bible refers too REV2:9. Newtown is heavily influenced by satanism. Satanism is Judaism

“And then the little tiny child looked me right in the eyes and he said “You’re one of God’s Chosen Chosenites aren’t you? You look little a Tiny Babby Jeebus because Babby Jeebus was jOoIsH.”

You can now comment on Gene Rosen’s song just as long as you light a Hanukkah candle beforehand.

They’re also quite upset that he keeps using the same words to describe what happened – in other words, that he isn’t changing his story:

Anytime a person repeats the same line over and over again it;s because it was a memorized line, totally fake, never happened!

Or, perhaps he keeps repeating the same thing every time he’s asked about it because, uh, it’s true.  Imagine what they’d say if his story werent’ consistent each time he told it.

Oh, and he’s apparently a free mason too:

Light and dark…ugh that turns my stomach. The Masons are all into light and dark, black and white, like the checkerboard floors they have. Light for the illumination, sun, Satan, lucifer the light bearer, wisdom, blah blah blah. That’s how I know he’s coached. Nobody talks like that, and the odds of two ‘witnesses’ at different shootings doing so? Masons signal each other with secret signs, like that hand inside the vest pose. This is just an extension of that. It’s what they do. FWIW

Lots more crazy, including the “Sandy Hook was all a government plot” theory:

After the gun grab, the human rights grab will continue inexorably, by the 1% economic elite, achieving the stated goal of eliminating 95% of the Earth’s population, identical to the numerous genocides this century, totaling as many as 100 million people; trust God, that when your life is taken, you will be positioned in eternal Heaven, to witness the Godless liars, thieves, and murderers witnessing you, as they enter the torment of eternal Hell.

Damn this guy is a pedophile. I rather have my kids stay back the school than with this freak

Well, he’s either just some crazy old man who got on tv because shit like that sells, or it’s scripted. But there is no way he is telling the truth. Why would a school bus driver take the kids just half a block down from the school and leave them in the hands of a stranger, instead of going straight to the police or at least the fire station which is visible right behind this nut job’s house.



He’s the worst actor I’ve ever seen.

I thought the Robbie Parker character was the worst actor but I now believe Gene has managed to overtake him. Uggg, so difficult to watch this guy. Crybaby fake acting.

That is quite a performance. Was he really a neighbor? I am really curious to what is his connection to this terrible tragedy.

What a crappy actor

the only question I have is where are all of the tears, if these people are so upset about the many people that died, why aren’t they actually crying? because it’s fake that’s why

He used to work at Screen Actors Guild too. Coincidence? I also find it amazingly astounding that SO many people are figuring out all the lies so quickly. I’m impressed. It seems more and more people all the time are waking up, all around the world.

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409 Responses to “Sandy Hook truthers claim the Newtown massacre was a hoax”

  1. niico100 says:

    How is the new season of American idol pop star celebrity on Kardashian ice by the way? Good yeah? Lap it up….

  2. niico100 says:

    What have I said that requires psychiatric help?

    That people should question everything? That the media IS controlled by a very small number of individuals? That the security services routinely infiltrate the media (so much evidence of this).

    Rather than empty insults – try and think for yourself slave.

  3. Mark C says:

    Take a step back yourself and get psychiatric counseling.

  4. Mark C says:

    No, moron, for being a batsh1t crazy imbecile like yourself.

  5. Mark C says:

    Get psychiatric help, you sad, sad little half-wit.

  6. Mark C says:

    Actually, you pathetic half-wit, you need to get a brain.

  7. Mark C says:


  8. AK47 says:

    And all your baseless comments here make you a worthless troll.

  9. AK47 says:

    For what.. using his brain a little and wanting to know the truth?

  10. JCH says:

    The morgue guy seemed very out of it, no video camera footage, Robbie Parker LAUGHING right before his fake tear interview and the bizarre change-my-story-ten times guy who said he found the kids on his driveway……but the most intriguing was the principal of the school saying ‘he knew something like that was going to happen soon” ???? Also the creepy picture of Robbie Parker smiling as he drove away…..most people would’ve been prostrate with grief but not him.

  11. Alvin Colon says:

    Um…. I live in Ct. and work with Dawn Hochsprung’s daughter at Post University in Waterbury Ct. Trust me… She’s dead.

  12. OPEN YOUR EYES says:

    Everybody has heard the phrase “Never judge a book by it’s cover”. That is how people should look at this situation. Most murders are committed by people that you would never expect. When interviewed family, friends, and neighbors say they never would have thought that person could commit such a crime, but they did. You would be a shallow person to believe everything the government and media says is true. We’ve seen corrupt government in other countries because we see it from an outsiders prospective. Take a step back and look at ours for a minute.

  13. aaronsingleton says:

    get fucked now.

  14. aaronsingleton says:

    get fucked.

  15. aaronsingleton says:

    16 of the homes near the Lanza’s place were gifted to their current owners on Christmas day ’09. That’s what we know so far. Sure there are more.

  16. bigfatfatty says:

    ur dumb

  17. momwithafamily says:

    wheres the 600 kids and their families at in this???? are they in the fema camps?? why havent they came forward to talk about their experience???

  18. niico100 says:

    You’re right – just sit back and suck up what you’re told to believe by a very small number of news outlets – largely controlled by a handfull of people.

    Never question anything. Do as you’re told. Consume your reality tv like a good slave. Do what your government tells you – your government whose congress and president are chosen not based on their values, but by their ability to raise money, by their ability to do what rich individuals and company lobbyists want.

    You are living in a dream world Mark C. But perhaps it’s best for some people to stay in the matrix…

  19. Mark C says:

    Get psychiatric help now.

  20. Mark C says:

    Get help.

  21. Mark C says:

    No, half-wit, BEING A CONSPIRACY THEORIST makes you a conspiracy theorist. Get help.

  22. Mark C says:

    Get psychiatric help.

  23. Jojo says:

    The parents didn’t get to see the bodies. All caskets were closed at the funeral. The medical certificates have been sealed indefinitely for no apparent reason other than privacy (?). The bodies supposedly were left in the school for one whole day, and night before being removed. The only known person to have seen the bodies is the coroner, who refuses to release details of the autopsies and has been evasive, vague and acting strangely in his interviews with the press.

    Regardless of all the facts above, which parent would accept to bury his child without wanting to see him? And which parent would accept to leave the body of a child unattended in the school one full day and night without at least wanting absolute certainty that the child is actually deceased? And why is nearly every parent acting oddly and near cheerful on the very day of this supposed massacre?

    something is not right. something is not right – any sane parent would think this odd.

    John Aravosis if you’re honest with yourself you know that something is odd

  24. George Potulov says:

    Haha, we already much of our freedom taken away from us.. Great observation!

  25. George Potulov says:

    His stupidity really makes me question whether he is working for someone..

  26. George Potulov says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Nice job!

  27. syd says:

    what the hell do the Jewish People have to do with it? The reason why people say it was “only” hand guns is because our administration is trying to ban ar-15s and anything that caries more than 10 rounds. Well why would they do that? Do you know why the 2nd amendment was made? So we can bare arm against our government if they try to take us over (I.E become socialists) well how hard would it be to defend our selves against them if we “only” had hand guns that held ten rounds? They come in with automatic riffles… you know how hard? Impossible. Obama’s law of banning these guns did not pass. So what did he do? He bought up all the amo. So much so that even our military doesn’t have enough… So now, why don’t you think real hard on why this could be a fake story.
    The government works for us as a people. We don’t work for them. They are over taking us and turning our country into fearful infants, desperately in need of their aid. Use your brains, don’t believe anything ANYONE tells you. Look it up for yourself. research. Our country is so dependent and ignorant.

  28. Robert Jones says:

    This is a good video. Long… But thoroughly informative. There is no sway. The presentation allows for the individual to make up their own mind. It’s nearly 3 hours long.

  29. Robert Jones says:

    The .223 Bushmaster was found in the trunk of the car. Their is video footage of this. Were there two long rifles or did the cops confiscate the one inside the school and plant it in the trunk–or vice-versa?
    Every element to this case has a very clear counter point. A very arcane story.

  30. Robert Jones says:

    They need to get sliced? Hypocrisy any? Are you not complaining of murdering people? So due to free speech outside your viewpoint deserves a slicing and dicing?

    Join the Marines if you’ve got the balls…
    Time for people to start using integrity. Do you want the truth or lies—whether your side is wrong or not–whatever that side maybe?
    You can’t lead without being accountable. I thought Marines were dumb… You make us Jarhead’s look like rocket scientists!

  31. urbanrocker says:

    Actually, plenty of people are claiming nobody died.

  32. niico100 says:

    Why does any discussion like this have to be shrouded in ‘conspiracy theorists’ vs ‘everyone else’.

    There’s no such thing as ‘Conspiracy Theorists’. There’s the truth – and that’s what, I assume, everybody wants. Asking reasonable questions does not make someone a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. That is a label invented by people who want to control the message.

    People should question everything – and be able to have an intelligent debate. Questioning what the mainstream media – owned by a small elite with their own agenda (this is a fact) – is a healthy part of democracy.

    If you name call these people CT’s, you’re part of the problem. There may not be anything untoward about Sandy Hook – but just take each point and disprove it – and keep your mind open because it’s not as if Governments, media and ruling elites have never tried to fool the masses is it.

  33. corriesaurausa says:

    You guys are friekin idiots…..It did happen you guys are sickos if you wanna watch a video of 26 people dying!! I mean really who does!! Oh yeah that’s right NO ONE okay listen it did happen people don’t eNt to let parents see their dead child with more than 15 bullets in their bodies no one wants to see a video of kids burnt shot to death!! You guys can believe what you want but think why you wanna see 26 people bieng shot. And if you still wanna see people shot then you need to think some more. If I was that little girl who pretended to be shot yes I would act calm because if I didn’t I wouldn’t even be able to speak or anything I would act calm so I can say what happened that day not wait 5 months to calm down then tell the story.

  34. Yohr Maeker says:

    Yes, those conspiracy videos are hokey, and I was very bothered by the shootings upon hearing of them. However, there is still no direct evidence of the shooting. You look up columbine and any other school shooting there are tons of pictures and video evidence of gunmen in the school, injured and dead being wheeled out of the buildings. We don’t need to see pictures of dead children and video of them being shot repeatedly, but with the security feed in the school it would not be hard to put out SOMETHING, Adam Lanza in the school with a gun in hand, getting into the school? ANYTHING. Interviews are very sketchy, especially the chief medical examiner, they heard bangs but not in rapid succession, no screaming, they were told to close their eyes when leaving the school even though there was nothing to see outside, no one knew what to say on camera and most of the time children didn’t know what to say to the camera at all, none of the interviewees could cry tears even at their funerals, helicopter footage is not of sandy hook school grounds or shot in the morning. This is the first conspiracy that I believe has any credibility to it.

  35. nick toth says:

    btw, even if it was really an actuall shooting like columbine, its anti depressants. Plenty of doctors have said on the record that these things can cause this. So you…mr wimpy liberal prick, if you really care about stopping shootings, why don’t you write about ssri’s?For christ sake! it says right on the back of the bottle “may cause suicidal or homicidal thoughts” Why doesn’t the media point this out? SPONSORS time warner is sponsored by pharmaceutical corporations, time warner owns HBO (which is really why bill maher stopped going on anti-pharma rants), CNN, fox, and many other outlets. Stop pushing your anti-gun agenda. Left wing, right wing, libertarian,liberal, it doesn’t matter. Big money runs shit, plain and simple, parties might as well not exist. So stop pushing for your stupid “perfect” world, where everyone is vegan,has no guns,and drives priuses.

  36. nick toth says:

    wow. Typical yellow journalism flaws. You, along with every other person commenting, actually don’t know anything. Your only response to that is “this is garbage” yes, like religious people who can’t handle the facts about life, they repeat this stupid “just cant be true” stupidity. The media is obviously controlled, for christ sake, all they talk about is “heroes of the tragedy” or ” helping to family in their grieviances.” If you’re going to be a good journalist, you shouldn’t add your own personal opinions, just facts and counter arguments. If you want to play down historical facts, and the fact that governments have admitted to controlling the mass media (ie project mockingbird) and the fact that our government has staged false flag attacks and taken the people who were “victims” back to the country in secret (ie operation northwoods). Its okay though, because CNN just doesn’t like to talk about that! Go back to bed folks, watch american gladiators, continue to talk about how great america is until the rich leave you with nothing but a dime. You are free, to do as they tell you. You don’t know the truth, because…haha…like all others who say they “know” everything about it, weren’t there at the scene. You haven’t seen the footage, or pictures, or bodies, just like the public. Another victim of the american okiedoke! You dont know the truth-its called the american dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it, like all other dreams haha! Please..spare me the “crazy shut-off-from-society tin foil hat” conspiracy theorist crap. You don’t know what the senators on the intelligence commitee are planning! (by the way,a few days ago, the principal who was “killed” at sandy hook, was reported ON THE NEWS and showed the SAME PICTURE OF HER to have been injured in the boston explosion, its on facebook)

  37. Marc Phila says:

    what the heck is going on here? this is the most disgusting story i have ever read. 20 children gets their head blowns off and someone actually starts this nonsense?

  38. I want to know who are the sob’s making this stuff up because they need to get sliced. How dare you insult these families by saying that this was faked? God forbid that anyone in my family goes through something like this for some conspiracy nutjobs to tell me that it was faked. If I were any of these families I would hunt you down for insulting the memory of my child. I’m tired of these idiots thinking that the government is out to get them. Do you seriously think a few automatic weapons are going to stop the government from shredding you to bits? Ha! You are the real idiot! If the government really wants to get you they will get you whether you have a thousand guns or one. Honestly I firmly believe that these people should be accused of treason because this is how revolutions start. Why don’t you go to some third world country and see how you like government action over there.

  39. SICKKK says:


  40. Susan Lee says:

    dont be stupid! the families and anyone at that school knew who died that day dont be in idiot!

  41. Susan Lee says:

    come to sandy hook happened facebook page it has facts the shot out glass bullet holes pictures and you can see two dead bodies removed from the school google it its there come on now people its all there stop pretending the shooting did not happen you all know it did!!!!!!!

  42. Susan Lee says:

    if you come on facebook check out the sandy hook happened page it shows evidence that the shooting occured

  43. Susan Lee says:

    actually they have claimed they did not happen as well the conspiracy people are nuts!

  44. which is what the MSM is guilty of as well. gulf war jako footage? blue screens cnn? what have YOU seen in the way of physical proof that allows you to be so COCK sure that this actually happened at have nothing but slightly better grammar than most but sadly? you come up short on content, you have nothing but what MSM told you. you’re a parrot for MSM and nothing more


  46. did YOU see anything? that’s the whole point so, DID YOU? or did you just see what we all saw WHICH WAS NOTHING WE SAW NOTHING WE CAN PROVE NOTHING BY SEEING NOTHING!

  47. who’s wearing the tin today? you are! you have not one shred of proof that backs up your msm parroted claim that even one murder happened in that school no evidence at where do you go from here..try researching!! do it for yourself. that thing you’re staring at getting all pissed at me does more than just porn vids and bad comedy shows.. use it and do some fact checking THEN maybe comment but taking MSM at full value is moronic at this point. again? you have NOTHING in the way of proof just hearsay from a known corrupt source which is MSM in GENERAL! cnn is the worst but all of them used about the same script..and rosen? he tells no less than 8 lies I what? YEP! I fact checked him and I can say with confidence that that guy is a real liar. I mean but MSM even knew it look at nancy grace’s face when she interviews him lol worth the time it takes to search for it’s a scam.

  48. HOW ABOUT ALL REAL EVIDENCE. not one pic of one dead person not even of the now hated mrs. lanza again you’re parroting back what MSM told you..but that isn’t proof of anything you can’t prove a conspiracy theorist wrong because they can’t prove you right. neither can you lol you’ve been HAD don’t worry some others have as well but not many

  49. how do you know what video system they had or didn’t have? you’re just brainwashed or feel it’s your special duty to lend credence to MSM got NUTHIN not on shred of real evidence not one dead body not even of the hated ms lanza you have NOTHING!

  50. how we’ve been told” who told you cnn? msm in general? the same cnn and nsm that lied to you over and over and over again during the gulf war THAT MSM? so you have nothing but parrot talking have nuthin’ you r post proves nuthin NOT A DAMNED THING AND BECAUSE msm IS YOUR PROOF LOL YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE EVEN BOTHERED TO POST.

  51. what are you even talking about? you make no sense other than letting the dopers out of jail and let into more appropriate rehab who carries a gun for no reason? it’s for personal protection and millions own one for that reason..sorry that you don’t approve I don’t “approve either but it’s THEIR business pal

  52. how about all of them hold inconsistencies none prove even ONE murder happened

  53. A) The massacre was over so quickly that no photographers had a chance to arrive. By the time the media arrived, the front entrance had already been shielded from public view by the Police (two people were shot there, so there would be blood and other nasty images).
    The only photos that exist of the interior of Sandy Hook after the shooting are the Police’s property, therefore they would’ve been used in the Official Investigation…it is unlikely that they’ll ever be made publicly available.

    B) The CCTV footage would’ve shown images of terror, blood and children dying…of course those images won’t be shown publicly. Again the CCTV footage would’ve been seized by Police and used in their investigation. We have no need to see that gruesome footage.

    C) Parents weren’t allowed to see their children’s bodies because of how badly disfigured they were. Some of the children were shot 11 times with a semi-automatic rifle…their bodies would’ve been damaged almost beyond recognition! If I was a parent, I wouldn’t want to see my child in that terrible condition.

    There is no Sandy Hook conspiracy, a deranged youth shot 27 people dead! FACT

  54. not to mention Adamn Lanza “fell off the grid” and nobody seen him since 2009??? WEIRD

  55. Sandy Hook is really strange…….no body seen evacuating, no kids, no injured people, helicopter footage of people just walking around in circles doing nothing, memorial pages posted days before the actuall shooting, Gene Rosen’s story changes EVERYTIME he tells it, parents never shed ONE tear during interviews, reports changed on what guns were used numerous times, DEC 14th but no CHRISTMAS decorations up anywhere at the school, NO SECURITY CAMERA FOOTAGE?? Something is really strange about Sandy Hook, strange indeed

  56. Leave a m

    Evidence: Sandy Hook
    School Shooting Staged by Factions of US Government and Mainstream Media?

    It is a sad day in
    America as new evidence has come forth showing that everything we were told
    about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a lie and that, possibly
    factions, within our own government and mainstream media were complicit in
    staging the atrocity to possibly strip constitutional rights from American
    citizens by banning firearms.

    By Shepard Ambellas

    January 9, 2013

    Tuesday I was
    reviewing information sent in by reader tips on the Sandy Hook (Newtown, CT)
    school shooting.

    As I was
    cross-referencing other reports that we have done, an extremely dark, cold
    feeling ran down my spine — to me it was confirmed. My original suspicions came
    all flooding into my mind as more pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

    First of all I would
    like to preface this article by stating that I personally feel that this
    Newtown, CT shooting case and some details within is one of the hairiest
    stories if not the most dangerous story we have covered in depth aside from the
    BP Oil Spill of 2010.

    In fact, most of the
    media and even alternative media are not covering certain aspects of this case
    which deserve to be highlighted. In my opinion the information about the
    possible shooters being disguised as nuns is groundbreaking. Please take the
    time to read this entire essay.

    Here is a recap of
    Ambellas’ report;

    Newtown Police: ‘Two
    Occupants with Ski Masks, One May be Wearing a Nun Outfit’

    Note: On December
    14, 2012, Shepard Ambellas reported the following;

    A caller on the Alex
    Jones show Friday (the day of the shooting) gave a report from Newtown that he
    was in a bowling alley before 10 AM (before the shootings took place)
    signifying that the school population was possibly held artificially low Friday
    as a possible militarized operation took place.

    The caller has also
    stated that an unverified rumor is circulating amongst the school staff that
    the shooters were described to be disguised ”organized group of
    nuns”infiltrated the school property to carry out the shootings leaving at
    least 26 dead at an elementary school Friday.

    Now evidence has
    come forth that correlates with school staff claims that the shooters were
    “disguised group of nuns” in a shocking audio capture of Newtown Police
    operations on the morning of the shooting.

    By Shepard Ambellas

    December 23, 2012

    — It has now been verified in an audio clip reviewed that, at
    the very least, police officers on the day of the shooting believed that there
    were multiple suspects fleeing the scene in a purple van wearing ski masks and,
    possibly, nun outfits.

    UPDATE: January 9,
    2013 — The following police audio (YouTube) has been pulled along with a
    plethora of other videos (in the last 24 hours) which show in a massive
    coordinated effort to fool the American people as the Sandy Hook shootings were
    likely staged.

    Take a listen for

    At 1:34:19 into the
    video, “Two occupants with possible ski masks”.

    At 1:35:07 into the
    video, “One may be wearing a nun outfit, headed toward Danbury and Stoney Hill,
    purple van”.

    Update: Reader
    submitted actual audio again.

    What bothers me most
    about the fact that the (above) police scanner audio was taken down is the fact
    that it coincides with several other key, videos, audio, tweets, Facebook
    posts, and more that have been mysteriously taken down in the last 24 hours. I heard
    this audio for myself as did many others. The transcript is available above.

    After further
    investigation I have noticed key details of the crime emerge that are just
    uncanny to say the least. In fact, I don’t even know what to make of it as my
    brain has been on information overload with all of the other stuff I am busy
    with right now.

    However, this issue
    is too important to fly under the radar. Bottom line, we need a massive
    independent investigation into the entire shooting.

    On the very day of
    the shooting, the Chicago Tribune posted the following headline reading simply,
    “Elementary School Shooting”.

    What kind of
    headline is this? What could this article be about? It sounds more like an
    optimized search engine term rather than an article headline on a popular
    mainstream newspapers website. But even more creepy was what the body of the
    article read and the photo it contained.


    ( Don Emmert, Getty
    Images / December 14, 2012 )

    Two unidentified
    nuns leave the scene of the aftermath at Sandy Hook Elementary School in
    Newtown, Connecticut. At least 27 people, including 18 children, were killed.

    It literally reads
    “Two unidentified nuns leave the scene…”. However what stands out to me the
    most is the fact that the nuns look very official. In fact they look so
    official they even have blatant identification badges.

    To me this signifies
    a totally staged photo op also posted in conjunction on a major news website to
    play as a cover if the (militarized) shooters were to be made or identified by
    authorities or eyewitnesses as the teachers described and as police audio details.

    However we are
    merely scratching the surface of a massive governmental plot to obtain our

    New evidence has
    surfaced showing that video “memorials” of the Sandy Hook school shooting
    victims were posted on several CIA ghost accounts over 30 days in advance.

    In one case a video
    was uploaded to private and then the day of the shootings it was released
    publicly. However, there was just one flaw, the time date stamp was recorded by
    Vimeo’s system, a Tweet was recorded by Twitter, and a post was found on
    Facebook all pointing to prior posting of memorials of the Sandy Hook victims.

    In fact, some of the
    CIA contrived footage is so pathetic that it was used by the mainstream media
    early on indicating full involvement of several factions on many levels.

    Yesterday in front
    of my eyes I witnessed link after link, video after video, being pulled from
    multiple sites across the web.

    The following
    Twitter user @bacmaster may be involved in some type of operation as he
    actually Tweeted the video post he did one month or more prior to the school

    The video post was a

    However after I
    confronted him through my Twitter @NotForSale2NWO yesterday he panicked and
    deleted the original Tweet itself, which implicated him as an operative with
    advanced knowledge of the shooting.

    The original Tweet;

    The following Vimeo
    account Joseph Ametrano shows the upload time date stamp as November 10 2012 at
    11:36 am;

    Note: More evidence
    on Facebook shows a fundraiser posted 4 days in advance;

    The bottom line is
    there are multiple time date stamps that precede the actual shooting event.
    This demands an explanation.

    Please send all
    information and tips to [email protected] as we will be conducting an open
    investigation into this matter.

    A popular YouTuber

    As the YouTuber
    points out the only thing that matters now is finding out if there was indeed
    real victims or if the entire shooting scene was in fact staged.

    There are others
    including a Florida professor who are taking a serious look into this event.
    Claudine Zap writes;

    A media professor at
    Florida Atlantic University who is questioning the Sandy Hook massacre has
    caused controversy with his conspiracy claims.

    James Tracy, who
    writes a personal blog about conspiracy theories, believes the events that
    unfolded at Sandy Hook did not happen as reported.

    The professor writes
    on his blog, Memory Hole, “While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is
    left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place—at least in the
    way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.” He
    suggests that there were multiple shooters and that the number of dead is
    incorrect. The blog post was published on the Global Research site, where it
    caught the attention of the Web.

    The academic, who is
    known for his conspiracy theories on 9/11 and the Oklahoma bombing, believes—as
    he claims on his blog and recently stated on a radio show—that trained “crisis
    actors” may have been employed by the Obama administration to shape public
    opinion on gun control.

    The 47-year-old, who
    holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in mass communication, wrote on his
    blog, “ As documents relating to the Sandy Hook shooting continue to be
    assessed and interpreted by independent researchers there is a growing
    awareness that the media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was
    intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends.”

    According to his
    faculty profile, the professor “teaches courses examining the relationship
    between commercial and alternative news media and socio-political issues and
    events.” He also lists his recent work in “Censored 2013: Sourcebook for the
    Media Revolution. The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2011-2012.”

    Remain vigilant!

    Related Research:

    Sandy Hook Planned:
    Video Tribute Video Uploaded Weeks Before

    1/8/2013 — Sandy
    Hook Tribute — Twitter / Tweet From 1 month before shooting

    GOING ON HERE Sandy Hook Elementary School Tribute Newtown, Saturday, November
    10, 2012 11:36 AM .avi


    Read more articles
    by this author HERE.

    Shepard Ambellas is
    the founder & director of (a popular alternative news
    website), researcher, investigative journalist, radio talk show host, and

    Follow Shepard on

    Watch and subscribe
    to Shepard on



  58. TrueLove says:

    The freaking truth you numbskull. Wake up and smell the shit. They are doing right in front of all you idiots who can’t disconnect themselves from the TV (fake reality). I am so glad my eyes are open. I used to be in denial myself but LOVE opened my eyes. I know what these people are capable of and it’s pure evil. It’s there for everyone to see you just need to wake up!

  59. eamonkelly says:

    Reichstag Fire….anyone?

  60. David French says:

    What kills me is that this guy thinks it’s impossible for a country that dropped an atomic bomb on an innocent Japanese city- to fake the deaths of 20 children. Watergate wan’t that long ago either big guy..

  61. molon labe beotch says:

    I have no words to describe how much of a sheep you are. Line up and head for the slaughterhouse clown man. You are not capable to think for yourself so I guess it is time to cut your losses. Just a burden on the rest of humanity.

  62. carlos says:

    There is no hope for you. Momma must have dropped you on your head a few too many times there ace. Go ahead brilliant one, stay plugged into the matrix of cattle. You are what some would refer to as the “Goyim” Pathetic.

  63. BJ says:

    TJJ Bitc- please. You know nothing, in fact you know less than nothing. If at least you knew that you know nothing that would be something but you don’t. Can you read? Do you have a brain? Are you capable of critical independent thought? RESEARCH this “event” and learn something. It is all lies and booger eating morons like you just eat it up.

  64. charles chips says:

    OK Phoenix breathe…..deep breaths…that’s it…now pull your huge head out of your buttocks. You want facts….you can’t handle the facts. How about not one single tear in any video of any ” grieving parent”…none, zilch, nada, zero dry eyes! How about not one drop of blood, not one photo of the crime scene, not one body, no video of the crime by security cameras, a 90 day gag order in place to hide evidence. The worst acting ever by the cast of characters that claim to be “victims”. You’ve been had by the criminal media.

  65. Asmara says:

    I absolutely agree with every single word you said :) fantastic! I am glad There is others who also believe this whole thing was a set-up… I watched all the “hoax” videos, and there is a lot of critical evidence pointing to this thing being faked! About 10 different facebook pages we’re made DAYS before the shooting even took place! and how was emilie parker photographed sitting on obamas lap days after the shooting??? strange huh? none of what the government or the news is saying makes any sense.. they needed a massacre like this so Americans would back up their anti-gun laws.. they want us to be sooo scared of guns that we will accept their new gun laws.. it’s sick.

  66. Asmara says:

    Actually.. gene did change his story 3 different times, maybe you should pay attention and actually watch these videos before giving your opinions about them.

  67. Heath says:

    All of you are walking conspiracys, wheres the proof of your intelligence? Or that any of you even exist, or anything in your life, including family and friends. Shame…..others should die so you can recycle fear and paranoia. Shame, zero compassion, zero critical thinking, zero humanbeings….you dont exist..

  68. NOT John Aravosis says:

    The author of this article needs to pull the 2×4 out of his ass. Why does it matter that he used pistols and not an ar-15? I would suggest the same answer to that question would be the same answer to “why would they feel the need to lie about it…”. How is this guy an author for americanblog? He wrote possibly the most un-american shit iv ever read. Grow some balls asshole. Holy fuck and this dude was in the senate? How clueless can you possibly be, having been granted everything you have been in your position. Shame on you John. You should pay more attention to your fellow senators like Rand Paul.

  69. Vash1972 says:

    except the guy with the knife did not kill anyone. All of his victims lived. That is a bad example and again I am not for a gun ban. I am for something more reasonable a national gun register. And better background check with a deeper look into mental health and means with which to educate people on proper use and handling of firearms and proper ways to secure said firearms. I would prefer not to be shot because some dumbass does not know how to turn on his safety. like what happened at a few gun show at the first of the year.

  70. Vash1972 says:

    the first ambulances that got there took the few wound out and the remaining that were still in route were directed to stop at the fire station in case they were needed. The car was shown to be Nancy Lanza’s car people listening to the police scanner got confused with a traffic stop on the same channel in another town. the web pages have been explain a hundred times if you want to look. And there are no such prior pages of the kids with different names. If you have the urls then provided them to back up what you claim. You won’t because you can’t they do not exist because they never existed. What the Medical Examiner was referring to was an emotional crash from the stress of what the people were going through trying to maintain a professional decorum. You really need to listen to it in context unlike the way the videos try to twist it around. You have to listen to the first sentence to understand the context of the statement. You did take English class in high school right. The only person here in a manufactured reality is you. oh to hear the guy speak uncut go to :

  71. Vash1972 says:

    you do know all that stuff is all over the web right. You can obituaries and grief-stricken parents and there were even eye witnesses. there was an eyewitness that saw them bring out the 2 girls that were shot and taken to the hospital for treatment and there was the fact the hospital reported treating 2 children that died there. So the hospital staff is in on too I guess. Oh and by the the young man that was the girls being taken out of the school covered in blood can also be seen in a pod cast video of a town hall meeting with the school board in Jan of this where they are talking about what to do with the building now. He even reported seeing them bring out on little girl covered in blood but did not seem hurt. I would guess the girl that pretended to be dead.

  72. Vash1972 says:

    some friends of the family created the page even says so on the page itself and it can be seen in the video although the person doing the video tries to direct your attention away from that. It was one of the other girls that scammers used a picture from another girl to set up sites to try to get money. Which also happened after 911. Not sure what conservatives care I have never seen one willing donate money to any cause without some personal gain involved.

  73. Vash1972 says:

    The FB page you are speaking about was not created by the parents but by some friends of the parents. It even says on the page and visible in the video you are referencing that that they were friends of the family And the page only shows the date it was created not the time. It was her sister that was with Obama in the picture. You could tell if you really looked a the pictures by the bone structure of the checks and chin. They are similar they are sister duh but they are different too. You sound like the one brainwashed.

  74. Vash1972 says:

    gangs with guns. gangs murder less people with knifes just saying. I am not for a gun ban by the way just pointing out the gangs use guns to kill people.

  75. Vash1972 says:

    just where is the proof the pictures they post about these 4 people is in no way proof of anything considering they do not even look a like. Do you have SS numbers or figure prints or dna. Do you have anything besides some pictures that only show the women have the same hair color and the guys look nothing a like not even remotely close.

  76. Vash1972 says:

    The families were given the option to see the bodies at the funeral homes after the morticians had chance to do as much as the could. If you have seen the interview with one of the funeral home directors, he explains they do try to talk the families out of view they bodies when there is this much damage due the the impact it can have on people but in the end if the family wants to see the body they show them. Bottom line it was the families choice and it was a private one if they choose not to share that it is their business and we have not right to demand it like you are doing. Rosen is not an actor that was different guy with the same name that never lived in CT and a different age. As for the parker girls there were only two with Obama maybe you need to learn to count and you are comparing a 2 years old photo to a recent one. If you really look at it you can tell it is the middle girl with obama and the youngest one. There is another photo of of the 3 girls that was taken back in Nov and you can tell that emiliy does not even look that much like her family photo because she grew in those 2 years and her face change a bit. That happens from 4 to 6 you know. You are very much sheep you believe any of the lies you were told in that video or about the parkers. As for being against guns don’t know how the families felt before the shooting but I can sure understand them coming against guns after. You call someone a dumbass but you don’t know the basic facts of the case. You really need to look at things besides these videos they are not being honest with you.

  77. Vash1972 says:

    yup that anyone that believe she was the Phelps mother is a fool. They have offered nothing but a vague resemblance to each and very vague at that.

  78. Vash1972 says:

    not 600 only 458 minus the 20 killed and any that just did not go to school that day. so most likely only around 400 seem to believe all the parents were living just 5 min from the school which is not reality. Depending on were they work or live or if they could even drive yes some people don’t drive. people would filter in just the way it has been shown that they did. And in the 12.11 from chopper 12 you see the fanatic parents going from door to door to try to find how they can pick up their children. The answers are right in front of you but you can’t see the forest for the trees. One set of parents did talk about suing the school broad if that makes you feel better.

  79. Vash1972 says:

    You are not looking hard enough there were a lot of children filmed at the scene. the ambulances were parked there because it was determined they were not needed at the time due to all the remaining victims were dead but keep close until they were sure they did not find more as the cleared the building. FEMA was not conducting any drills in the area at all. and most defiantly not on the same road. There was a class in a different location and not on the same road. The FB pages were original dedication pages to something else that was renamed by the show disrespect to these families by posting this before you researched the first thing for yourself all of this has been on the net for months.

  80. Vash1972 says:

    not really that is the tea party and they claim to be Republican. they are not but they do make that claim.

  81. Vash1972 says:

    Again I suggest you do some real research which plainly have not done. Since you are citing the mistakes made and latter corrected by the media as they learn the real facts same as the video does. It likes to pretend updates that cleared up thing did not happen but they did. And this happens at all these events.

  82. Vash1972 says:

    you have not looked.

  83. Vash1972 says:

    God had nothing to do with your right to a firearm. Some rich old white men did that because they were to cheap to want to pay for an army. And everything in that video has been debunked.

  84. Vash1972 says:

    I did and no they were not valid. If she had really looked into things for the answers she would have already found the truth months ago but she like the others are not interested in that just their agenda of spending the lies. Not one of these conspiracy people has even bothered to look at the schools website. Should that not be a red flag as to the source of where they are even getting any information. The truth is they just make it up as they go along. Heck they did not look at the website of Sandy hook itself. they still have last years scrapbook up and you can see the layout of the school itself in those. But they have not looked into any of this and you have not even wondered why. I will tell you because it will answer some of the questions they have put out there. and they do not want that at all.

  85. Vash1972 says:

    I suggest you go back and look no drills were conducted by FEMA or anyone else. And there are no other schools on that road. The FB pages has already been shown how that happened They were pages renamed from something else that had been created earlier. there are not 600 kids in the school that statement shows how little you really have looked into anything you don’t even know the basic facts about the case. If you go and listen to the police dispatch that day you can hear them cancel the ambulances early on. I would say that has to do to the severity of the damage done to the victims. As for the footage from both choppers just who do you think the people are walking around the fire station. If you look you can see some have kids with them. there are plenty of videos with parents and kids walking away from the fire station at ground level know where you can see their faces.

  86. Vash1972 says:

    you mean underwhelming don’t you the overwhelming evidence supports what we were told by the media and law enforcement. If you look at the real stuff not give to you by the truthers. Sorry but you were taken in by the real hoax which was to call his a hoax. I have looked at the real evidence none of which was in that video. The video is very careful to remove anything that shows it is not being completely honest. Like just as an example muting the mother while she is remembering her dead child which has been know to cause people to smile. You are peddling a lie and misinformation. You call other sheep but you blindly cling to this video that was made what 3 months ago with it out of date crack pot questions . Most of which have been answered even if you don’t like the answer.

  87. Vash1972 says:

    Einstein was talking about the Universe and science not this nonsense. He would not support this complete waste of time looking into something that was so simple to see what the main truth of it was. A mentally unstable guy got some guns went somewhere he thought he could find people who would have the hardest time escaping because they would be cornered and went there and shot them. Very simple. Horrible and terrible but not real hard to figure out. Not sure why people think this is just something that could not happen the world is a terrible place and bad people do bad things.

  88. Vash1972 says:

    The only people mixing up the facts are the conspiracy people. They were doing it so much they began to interfere with the investigation. but they want to confuse thing and muddy the waters. To keep the sheep following them. You can trace most of this stuff back to just a handful of people putting it out. Most of the other are using them as sources and nothing else because they are told they can’t trust anyone but the conspiracy people. so they are in a bubble and cut off from any reality or facts that you show them. If it does not come from the people that spoon feed it to them they claim it is part of the conspiracy. I have been call an fbi agent or cia or even an crisis actor myself and even threaten but one of these people. they cling to this lie so hard it is sad really. Mind you I by no mean overlook the mistakes made by the media. Heck I am mad they complete blown of the fact they cured aids with little to no coverage. You would think that would be a big one. But it have a 2 min spot on CNN one night never talked about again.

  89. Vash1972 says:

    You are the one that needs to open your eyes to the truth I dare you to check out the school broad website for the pod casts of the school broad meeting after the schooling. You can find a few answer there if you really want to know. But I know you would look and you will keep your eyes firmly closed.

  90. Vash1972 says:

    They did not take the kids out all at ones and there were only 458 kids enrolled at the school 20 of which were dead. The school looks like just about every public school building I have ever seen that was not built in the last decade. When was the last time you been to a school. And you need to look again there were things in the windows of the class rooms. You need to open your eyes sir.

  91. Vash1972 says:

    The Medical Examiner is the real Medical Examiner but I have no idea why you think he is a jerk. People in his profession are just like that. I have met a few when I dated a mortician’s daughter. He acted kind of the same way. I think has to do with being around dead bodies that much. And Robert Parker is a real parent and there was nothing out of the norm in his behavior during or before that press conference. I have seen it before as someone is giving an Eulogy at several funerals. And that is just in front of friends and family this was a statement to not just the press there but to everyone watching so being a bit nervous would be normal. There was no one paid to be an actor in any of this.

  92. Vash1972 says:

    the video you are talking about was around 12:11 to 12:25 and which is the time he said he went to the fire station to deliver some of the kids to police and school officials. Sorry you really should look into things a bit more and not just the lying truthers. I mean these are the same nuts that claim it was done by satanic cults or the free Masons. I mean really you do have consider the sanity of the source of such information.

  93. Vash1972 says:

    This statement alone proves you have not researched anything like you try to belittle others for earlier. The security system was not state of the art but what is considered or at least was before this consider the gold standard and commonly used in schools but hardly state of the art. They have the same system at both of my children school so am familiar with it. And it could be bypassed with a hammer or a big rock. The security plan they had was the same as most schools but most other schools to have locks on the doors but I have seen some school without them to and some schools with no doors at all. The Principal did heard the sound and came to investigate but was gunned down and the secretary did call 911. Most people would not know the sound of a gunshot and would think it was a vehicle backfire in most cases so their guard would be down.

  94. Vash1972 says:

    This would require thousands of people to cover this up the way the “truthers” keep painting not a mere hundreds. I mean the whole town would have to be in on it. Don’t you think someone in the town would have came forward if the school had really been closed. And if it was open just one person would have came forward to state they did not know any of the people killed. And all it would take is just one person to blow the whole thing. While there has been several people come forward that have stated they new one or more of the victims. Even after the national media left he area and moved on to the next blood bath. If you want to see them just go to the website for the school board in the area and watch the pod cast they have of their meetings. The first one in Jan was an open town hall type plenty of people talking about how they know someone that was there or hurt. The only conspiracy here is the one being pulled on the truther but the conspiracy scammers..

  95. Vash1972 says:

    Watched it and it was a waste of time complete non sense any reasonable person could see through in a second. This article pretty well lays out the real truth about the video.

  96. Vash1972 says:

    It was homer made tear gas which was more in line with a smoke bomb. He came in the side door. I would say he used something to jam it open earlier. There is no connection to Libor that has been proven as a false lead. Their is no connection to the shooters to the Libor scandal. People in that theater were running in a blind panic in the dark with smoke all around. And most of the ones I saw interview and few were even shot by the guy one spoke of one shooter. The attorney in Colorado is a completely different person that the parent you are referring too. The sole comparison of the 2 women is they have long brown hair but none of their other features match at all. The crisis actor site has no pictures of Columbine they do have pictures of the drills they help communities with. none of the photos on that site are real events. I am ok with looking into Medication abuse maybe we should also look into that as well. That seems to be the only sensible thing you posted.

  97. Vash1972 says:

    SS Master Death Index already said that was a clerical error and fixed it about the death date. The site people were using get dates wrong quite a bit as does the SS. They report people dead all the time that are still alive.And the school does not have cameras in the hallways. It only had the one camera at the door and it was not able to record just display who was at the door. to be buzzed in. Maybe if they had not replaced the old metal doors with glass ones the shooter would not have been able to get in

  98. Vash1972 says:

    it took over a year for that video to be released first off and as for Sandy Hook they did not have that kind of video system installed in the school. I am not sure about the other shootings I doubt the movie theater did considering they would get in trouble for a camera in the theater and he came in the side door and not the lobby. As for the Sihk Temple not heard what kind of security they had in place but it sad to think a church even need such things these days. There is nothing strange outside the fact the kid was crazy and he had a stupid mother that did not secure her weapons.

  99. OP IS GAY OBAMA IS GAY says:



  100. Ruthiness says:

    All the facts are being withheld. There was video at Sandy Hook for security so IF Adam Lanza did this, the school hallway video should show him clearly. I have also seen that Adam Lanza’s date of death is one day before the Sandy Hook shooting. His date of death has been recorded as December 13th and the shooting happened on the 14th. explain???

  101. Ruthiness says:

    Where is the video from inside the school showing Adam Lanza committing these crimes? Why have we not seen it? Why are all the records for this event sealed even STILL? No forensics, no 911 calls – total black out of information. Why????????? Because we have not been told the truth that is why

  102. resso says:

    Whoa, Whoa here a moment. Regardless of if the sandy hook shooting happened or not I think we need to pay attention to the doubters, because their numbers suggest just how far our faith in our government and society have fallen. Americans are beginning to have all the poverty of faith in their miljo that the soviet russians had.

  103. vash1972 says:

    you are not quite correct about the crime rate vs gun ownership fl really goes against your argument there. As for the crime scene tape it was on all the cars in the front parking lot and on the doors of the school. If you listen to the police scanner audio that is online you will hear them cancel the call for EMTs and told the one already en route to stay at the fire station. And you seemed to have missed the big tent in front of the school where they did treat the few that managed to survive. And just how much skill is need to shot some 6 years old huddled in a corner from 10 to 15 feet away. Stevie Wonder could just about do it. Oh and at that range one bullet would have went through more that one child and caused massive damage. One of the reasons they called of the EMTs it was painfully clear very few survived You have not looked very hard if you have not found the truth. It is there just have to look.

  104. Vash1972 says:

    Most of them are saying it did not happen. Some are even claiming mythical shadow organizations are behind or satanic cults. Honestly these peoples are just plain nuts and here is the the thing they reference the extremely crazy ones as their sources even the ones that seem more rational. If your main source for your “facts” is claiming hitler and disney were the same guy your argument loses all creditability. And they cannot make any of their claims without referring to the misinformation they have been spoon fed. God knows they did not look into anything for themselves.

  105. vash1972 says:

    Have you looked at the “truther” BS all they are doing is saying the same things over and over again and when you confront them with the real truth they go off on you. I have personally been threaten by one of them. Fact there were no lies or misinformation since the imply a deliberate act. There were mistakes made in a rush to report things oh my were there mistakes. But the reporters really believed what they were reporting at the time. was it bad info yup it sure was in some cases. Did they correct themselves when they found out yup they sure did but the truthers just skip over those parts.

  106. Vash1972 says:

    the children were shot 3 to 11 times each. the ammo used .223 caliber. He was questioned and released once he was cleared. Same as the man in the car. they were removed that night to avoid the press taking pictures of them and causing stress on the families and it took a while to examine them all. Well you can get try to get a court order to have someones private medical history released if you want but I doubt you will get very far with that. Unless the person wants to release it the hospital sure won’t. He didn’t the interview in question was on the day the list was released the person that made that original claim got the date wrong. They have all been answer do you have more. I have looked into this quite a bit and found it really did happen more or less how we have been told. The only hoax here is all the people claiming hoax since they did not even try to look up anything. oh and the guy in china did not manage to kill anyone. He hurt a lot of people but they all lived. And he used a knife not a sword. I will give you it was a big knife but still a knife.

  107. HamatoKameko says:

    The amount of stupid in these comments is astonishing.

  108. The families are all well-paid actors.

  109. Emmaannetta says:

    When I first saw the news on tv about the killings, there were things that I found to be so weird. One was these kids supposedly saw their friends killed yet when they were talking, they were not crying, screaming, or in shock. When they showed parents parked along side the road and walking to the building, that was really strange. they looked so nonchalant and not crying or running; like they showed a video from something else. where were the 600 kids evacuated? they never showed them, just a few kids that saw their friends be killed. And then there was the little girl who said she pretended she was dead while the mad man killed all her classmates while blood sprayed her. there is not way she would be so calm. she would be shocked and not be able to speak or crying. So when I saw the video about the truth, I believed it and still do. Read “The Secret Government.” Do not think the government would not be deceiving to get Americans to believe there should be gun control. Take away our guns, and we will have our freedom taken away. It is history folks!

  110. sheeple fools says:

    If you don’t ask the questions your an idiot who has some sort of faith in a government who hate the people no matter if it’s real or fake they are lying and will never show or tell the real story. idiots.

  111. TruthandFreedom says:

    The problem is as such: conflicting evidence by the press. How was lanza dead the day before the incident took place? Coroner said all were killed with high power rifle, yet NBC says all were killed with hand guns. Then we have conflicting (many) memorials on the web prior to the incident, and photoshopped pictures. Likewise, people testimony that conflicts to the information, such as emily parker’s aunt who states emiliy’s older sisters are missing her? Hello, emily was the oldest. Likewise, no scholl photo of emily, and then the clear joking around by the suppossed dad prior to the interview definitely does give way to doubt! Next is the fact in both 9/11, aurora colorado shooting, and newtown were all al so magically the same places involved in DHS emergency massacre plans, supported by government documentation, at just the same time as the incidents. Next is the suppression of evidence to the public in regards to all these incidents! Now let’s also look at the governments involvement in psyops like MK Ultral and NLP, ie mind control agendas. Thus, if we are to believe any crap that is fed us we wat proof anymore!!! People with videos of 9/11 or who came forward ended up DEAD!!! COINCIDENCE? Now people are threatened if they pursue the truth in Newtown!!!! Very easy way to clear this up, RELEASE THE DAMN VIDEO OF THE EVENT!!!!!! THERE IS A SCHOOL VIDEO FROM A NEW SECURITY SYSTEM THAT WAS INSTALLED THAT TAPED THE ENTIRE EVENT!!! OFFICIALS REFUSE TO LET ANYONE SEE IT!!! SMELLS TO HIGH HEAVEN OF A COVER-UP. REGARDLESS OF THE END RESULT, THE STORY FED US JUST DOESN’T ADD UP!!!! WE NEED A THIRD PARTY INVESTIGATION INTO ALL THREE OF THESE MASSACRES WITH NO STONEWALLING BY THE GOVERNMENT IN AN ATTEMPT TO COVER-UP!!!!!

  112. Vito says:

    Ok, I actually watched the Conspiracy video made by the truthers. They never claim that this was a hoax. They just said that there is a lot of holes in the story and brought up the idea that Sandy Hook was staged. There is a lot of convincing evidence to support such an idea, so don’t try to twist their story to make yourself look good and defuse this theory. They bring up a really good point and it should be considered before people like you automatically jump down their throat. This article is completely one sided. You only used bits from the video that supported your attack on these people and failed miserably to tell the real story. I hope that people aren’t gullible enough to so quickly believe everything that the media and people such as yourself distribute. If this did happen, then it is beyond devastating and my heart goes out to them.

  113. ahwhoknows says:

    Where’s the security video of him entering the building? They released that for Columbine and many other shootings, but not for Aurora, Newtown of the Sihk Temple. They even released that for the guy in Miami who tried to kill and eat another man – but no video of this kid going into the building? I’m not saying it was faked, but if you watch all of the news reports and interviews and don’t come out on the other side thinking something is very strange about this, you’re just stupid or brainwashed.

  114. ahwhoknows says:

    There’s saying something never happened and then saying that we (the people learning of this through the media) have not been provided with a complete, comprehensive, account of what happened. Read, “I Heard You Paint Houses,” a book based on interviews given by Frank Sheeran, a deputy of Jimmy Hoffa’s in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It seems far fetched to say, ‘this didn’t happen,’ but to assume that you have been provided with an accurate account in any of the events that you listed above. Read the book – there’s a lot more to how things happen in this country than the 20 second sound byte on the news will ever tell you.

  115. We had more than AOL and CompuServe in the ’90s. We had pretty much everything else that existed today minus sites like Facebook and Youtube. Many kids used the internet at local public libraries and school libraries. We were on chat rooms constantly. Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold found websites on their own PCs to aid them in the massacre they planned and perpretrated.

  116. luci says:

    BUT the people who were said to of died, DONT exist.(ive only looked into the adults) Adam and Ryan Lanzer are real kids from the same place, same age. both ALIVE. See them on twitter.

    Ryan__Lanza (<—read down he states "so aperently im getting spammed bc someone with the same name as me killed some ppl… wtf?" dec 14th)


    Just prove to be one of the adults really existed. PRIOR to the shooting. I realllly want them to but they dont.

  117. bill britt says:


  118. bill britt says:

    hey numnuts what about the video of sir gene rosen walking around at the fire department at the same time he is suspose to be entertaining five kids that a bus drive just so happened to drop of at his house —your a troll

  119. bill britt says:

    your a troll p.o.s satan lover

  120. bill britt says:

    this is for the numnuts that cannot and will not think for themselves.–show me 1 pic were the 600 kids are being escorted out of the school-ive seen 1 pic with 12 kids walking in the parking lot with there eyes closed. all you numnuts half to look at is the damm school that school had been closed for mounths—–if not —what do you see in every other elmentry school windows snow flakes christmas trees the windows have nothing but dirt on them-wake up

  121. bill britt says:

    keep believing all the lies —people like you derseve eveything your gubnut dose for you.

  122. JD says:

    Liberal idiot…shocking. Guns are here to prevent a couple of things. One, other countries think twice about invading a country wielding millions of guns. Two, it keeps the government in check. (How do you think we bought and paid for your FIRST amendment right?…oh yeah, with our SECOND amendment right.) Sean, I have literally had to pull a gun out twice in my life for protection. Once to protect myself while running a convenience store and once to protect my pregnant wife and myself from home invaders…a gang is a more apt description. Both times, I was plenty glad I had one. I’m certain my wife would love your point of view. Maybe without our guns, my children and my wife would be dead. Move to Mexico where guns are illegal, maybe you can open your dumbass mouth and get yourself shot down there.

  123. JD says:

    I’m sure it happened. It is sad. But, I am a gun owner. You are an ignorant to call for the ban of all guns. First of all, the right you are exercising here was bought and paid for by our SECOND amendment right to keep and bear arms. We rose up against an oppressive government with those guns and won our freedom. They are still in our hands today for the same reason. The liberals are out of control, I fully support a revolution. We are not just talking about finances and healthcare either. The government is out of control all over the spectrum but you may be stumbling too blindly to notice. Guns can be used for hunting but the right was granted us to prevent oppressive government. Ask Australia, England, and Mexico how it’s working out for them. Hell, ask the jews how great it must have been to be unarmed when the ovens were turned on. Idiots. China is pro gun ban in the states…wonder why. Who wants to invade a country that has a rifle behind every blade of grass…not me. Take that away and I have no problems with it. Do you know why nobody invades Switzerland?…the government GIVES citizens guns.

  124. Jason W says:

    wow maybe we should ban stupidity and kick your dumb ass out of the country or maybe you should just move in with Obama.Oh and he is not American either.

  125. SneakyM says:

    How can you be so close minded? I am not asking you to see something that isn’t there, I am telling you to open your eyes to what’s right in front of you.

  126. imc440 says:

    Every time somebody says to open your eyes, they’re asking you to see shit that isn’t there to begin with.

  127. SneakyM says:

    You’re entirely too ignorant. FOX haha what a joke. Did you know only 6 corporations own all of cable television? You are not given every fact on the news because there is no diversity in the news. I’m not living with hate because I don’t believe what you do and bashing a girl who states her opinion is whats hateful? Ill be the first to admit not everyone will be able to change, but hopefully your generation dies out as soon as possible because their is no hope in changing the way you view information. Have a nice day sheep.

  128. SneakyM says:

    You sir and the people like you are the reason that these plans will fall into place. Do you honestly think we want to think like this? Why would I want to think my government is not what they say? It’s not because I want to, it’s because I question. “The important thing is to never stop questioning”-Albert Einstein

  129. SneakyM says:

    Losers? Look at yourself, you lack critical thinking if you just believe everything you’re told.

  130. SneakyM says: Come on, open your eyes

  131. SneakyM says:

    Thank you.

  132. SneakyM says:

    Are you serious? You are so blind you should have a service dog. There is a video on youtube with over 10 million views about these events you need to watch it and see for yourself.

  133. SneakyM says:

    You know I’m not trying to bash you, but look at the evidence. A father who lost is little girl was joking around, smiling, and he didn’t even shed a tear. I don’t have children, but I’ve asked numerous parents how they would feel if their child went to school one day and never came home. Not a single one said they would be able to be in an interview. Look at the medical examiner, he didn’t know anything. A man which has supposedly been to college acting like he was intoxicated The old man who changed his story multiple times. You must thing 911 was a terrorist attack too, huh? Quit accepting the answers you want to hear and do your own research. Its truly mind boggling the amount of people who know what WTC 7 is. A building in new york that not only was destroyed, but no one was injured, because Condaliza Rice sent a memo to the office telling them not to go to work. On a tuesday in New York City. Come on, open your eyes.

  134. rick spigmaa says:

    ok, tell me about the recorded radio transmissions comcerning the men in nun outfits, or the fact the one memorial site was dated before the attack. then ill stop believing the truthers lol.

  135. christyglpn says:

    You want further proof how about the fact that Adam Lanza died on the 13th in New Hampshire not on the 14th in Connecticut. Per the social security death index

  136. lioness says:

    conspiracy or not, the news is inaccurate, do America a favor and turn your TV off. don’t support newscasters that can’t get their story straight.

  137. trsdek says:

    I think you need to go back on your meds John.

  138. trsdek says:

    What is being withheld? Oh, genius….

  139. bugs bunny says:

    super fake. we might as well live in a communist nation.

  140. american conspiracy says:

    Ha fox news strikes again. how about trying to address the crazy inconsistencies, terrible acting, and utterly false testimonies from so called witnesses rather than bash people and call them crazy. i think you’re crazy if you don’t think this conspiracy was planned. what about the donation websites? they were set up before the shooting ever happened. where are the facts??

  141. Not Surprised says:

    Sometimes you need to step back and simplify things. 1) The government over-steps it’s bounds frequently, and more often than not, gets checked and balanced right back into place by the supreme court. 2) New gun legislation is unlikely to pass. 3) People who bicker back and forth through internet outlets are generally not very close to the incident, and any research done is usually obtained by sources through the internet. This leads to spinning wheels and occupation of focus. Perfect time for mis-direction for getting some spending bill (editorialised general example) passed. 4) I personally only know what was reported, and like most of you, I dig and sift and try my darndest to compile a number of sources to piece together a consistent unbiased story, which like most of you, frustrates the crap out of me that I can’t get journalistic integrity out of 1 or 2 sources, but have to Frankenstein one together. 5) In my opinion (Preface this statement by stating that I’m a Colorado native, and have a very close Columbine friend present the day of that shooting) It was a regional event that does NOT affect the whole of the nation. Much like the events that have taken place in Colorado, they should handle it, as we did. Any support should be given by request, not just because “I feel helpless and have to do something” They’re not weak, They’re American just like you and I. They got knocked down hard, and will get up. Thats what we do. The most uncomfortable part of these things is having the eyes of the world on you through a grieving process, that should by all rights be solemn, personal and private. 6) I am a gun owner and advocate, and more people are than are not in this country. Using a tragedy, especially one with the loss of so many youngsters as a platform FOR ANY, let me repeat that, FOR ANY agenda is deplorable. My personal opinions aside, if you insist on going on and on with every tidbit of this story while people try to trudge forward without their children, at least focus on the needs of the families. I’ve generally never been embarassed to be Human, but thats only because events like this certainly demonstrate who can call themselves one and who should refrain from such.

  142. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  144. AKing says:

    Becca makes a valid point. And I have no reason to have any faith in the people elected by said morons. We have a president who has done nothing but spend him time trying to find ways to limit the rights of Americans and fight supreme court to pass bills that are unconstitutional.

  145. AKing says:

    So you are saying that you want to repeal American’s right to Bear Arms? Well I want welfare banned. Guess we all want things that will never be passed.

  146. AKing says:

    Ok, Is Sandy Hook a Hoax? Who knows. But I am a parent and if anyone shoved a camera in my face I wouldn’t be all smiles and reminiscent about my child. That cameraman would have been told to leave my property immediately. My child’s death would not be a spectacle for new reporters.
    BUT! I do not believe the government will ever be able to take guns away from the people. The right to bear arms will not be amended. And what people can’t seem to grasp is that they will not be able to completely remove guns. They will take guns from LAW ADIDING CITIZENS only. Meth, cocaine, heroine…those are all illegal too, but you can still find it on the streets. And guns can never cease production. guns are too easy to manufacture.
    Lastly, if anyone believes that this is the America that it once was and is not in a state of decline needs to wake up. We are falling. We are not the great county that we used to be. Same with China, same with Germany. Half of Germany fell in behind someone they believed would be a great leader. And then he became a dictator. I wonder what America has signed up for in the next four years….

  147. j arnold says:

    David Mamet: Hands Off My Gun
    The individual is not only best qualified to provide his own
    personal defense, he is the only one qualified to do so.


  148. j arnold says:

    Consider many people get their cues how to think and what to think from mass media and after a while people look to mass media to define what is normal and real, thus what is “real” gets confused in this feed back loop with what is defined at the moment as normal and acceptable thinking.

    Which is why I think so many people fight so fiercely for their own mental slavery to mass media truth. Any contradiction or dissent effects their already precarious sense of reality and normalcy.

  149. j arnold says:

    “tin foil-hat,”

    The whole range of radical mistrust of the US government is a consequence of the cold war national security state and the post 911 police state “patriot laws.”

    Read the Patriot Act. Read the NDAA. Then read the US constitution. If you want facts, then deal with current laws. Not what used to be. The Federal government can brand any American citizen a terrorist, arrest him, hold him
    indefinitely without trial or legal council. Even torture this citizen, without
    recourse. That is the law.

    When you come to terms that the US no longer operates as a constitutional republic, then you can have an opinion on “conspiracy theorists.”

    Until then, your subtext reads, “The US as a police state is a conspiracy theory. Trust the US government, which really isn’t a police state despite police state laws passed giving the Federal government sweeping police state powers.

    To believe the government is a police state because it is now legal to committee formerly illegal and grossly unconstitutional acts against its citizens is an unwarranted canard against a Federal government only interested in the safety and welfare of the country and citizens in a time of war and terror. The Police state is good. Constitutional government and anti-Patriot Act rebels and obstructionists are bad. Be a good citizen. Fully trust you government even if it makes no sense, or get labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

  150. j arnold says:

    In March?

  151. egmiller says:

    Supposedly there will an “official statement” in March, just in time to vote on these issues, but not enough time to examine the facts by an independent 3rd party.

  152. egmiller says:

    The reason people say ‘tin foil hats” is to discredit anyone who would ask questions. What is wrong with seeking the truth and pointing out the inconsistancies?

  153. egmiller says:

    Kurt, what is interesting is that there was FEMA drill in Aurora Colorado on the same day as the shootings and there was also a FEMA drill in Newtown on the same day, what’s the chance of that happening? Must be in the billions? Perhaps actors mixed with real folks, just like there was at 9/11?

  154. BxBully says:

    How are you gonna defend yourself if a military attacks this country, u gonna call the police, when someone is breaking into your home where u and your family lay your heads you gonna run out the house screaming and yelling help, guess what u are a victim waiting to happen. Where guns are readily available there is less gun crimes than the places that have strict laws. Why because criminals don’t follow laws. so u can try to ban them it’s not like the criminals follow rules any way. Americans that can’t defend themselves are perfect victims for the criminal element.

  155. James S. says:

    How fucking stupid are people? Why is it so hard to understand that it’s not guns that kill people, it’s people that kill people? Without guns, there would still be weapons, and everything is a weapon.

  156. How very true the US needs to stop working for the betterment of a group of men (and women lets not be sexist) who own guns and work for the betterment of MANKIND (and childkind) by banning the fucking things. Get rid of all the dopers in prison and replace them by any clown walking around with a gun and no reason for it.

  157. qqqjones says:

    “What are you talking about?”

    Lol. I’m quite willing to believe an allegedly “state of the art,” security system for Sandy Hook Elementary was simply and easily thwarted by a crazed gunman who either simply walked through open doors or blasted his way through glass doors or windows so quickly that no one heard the racket in sufficient time to call 911 or lock down their kids by simply locking class room doors.

    I’m quite willing to believe that the best and brightest security experts can’t devise security measures to protect students from mental cases seeking spontaneous targets of opportunity, not because this can’t be done, but because government contracts for elementary school security aren’t that important and aren’t evaluated until kids die.

    What I would suspect is far from state of the art security, whatever ‘security plan,” was implemented at Sandy Hook Elementary didn’t even pass common sense.

    For example, teachers should have keys to lock classroom doors. And lock themselves and children inside at the first sign of trouble. If we are talking state of the art, how come no one spends a few bucks and makes classroom closets impenetrable safe rooms, with bullet proof metal doors and walls? All things which would give first responders time to respond.

    As far as grief analysis, if parents of the slain are able to process their grief in days, sufficient to give an television interview, I’m not sure why I should process my grief for their children for any longer. All I know is if it were my kid, I’d be howling at the moon and demanding answers, and far too distraught to give interviews. I wouldn’t go gently into the good night. And that is how many people feel.

    Sorry. Either 20 dead kids is a very big deal or it isn’t. From media coverage I get the impression loosing a kid is about as important as losing a dog. Life goes on. Que Sera. Disconnect from expected emotions.

  158. imc440 says:

    What are you talking about? Why would anybody think they’re dealing with a simulated shooting drill in the first place? “Oh, must be another one of those ‘crazed gunman drills’. You know how we love to create a crazed, paranoid environment for our children.” That never happens, because people aren’t insane enough to think of shooting drills for elementary school kids. And don’t armchair quarterback grief analysis. Was the Challenger explosion a hoax? Because do you know how family members reacted to the explosion? With stunned silence. They didn’t start wailing and screaming. The horror was too much for their brains to process. I’ll believe that, a lot quicker than I will that a school staged a retarded shooting drill, had a few people killed, and then put it on a crazed shooter.

  159. The fact is we have seen videos bodies and guns used at all the other shootings just like columbine, but we have seen none of this here.

  160. Bryan Gulcin says:

    This shooting was definitely a hoax. Too many questions unanswered. The interviews by parents of the “deceased” are head scratching too. They look like they didn’t even lose a child….and that Robbie Parker guy smiling prior to his interview and then all of a sudden acting out his weak blubbering is questionable.

  161. johnb3950 says:

    Hm – looks like I can’t post the whole link – just search the Globe for “cartoon” and you should find :United States of Paranoia.”

  162. johnb3950 says:

    It is absolutely appalling and scary that there are so many people ready to go along with this weirdness. Even scarier to think that many of them probably own guns. These are the black helicopters, 9/11 inside job, FEMA concentration camps believers. There’s a whole nexus of insanity ranging from creationism to World Government conspiracy that probably covers a lot of the same people.

    There’s a wonderful cartoon in the Boston Globe that relates..

  163. John S. says:

    For all you people who don’t believe any of this…I question your logic. I’m not saying all the of the information is true, but some of it is unexplainable. Explain the indisputable evidence that there were websites made, multiple websites.(don’t say photoshop because there are multiple sources that talk about them). No one questions Virginia Tech or Columbine shooting because there is hard evidence to back it up. There is hardly ANY evidence for this one, at least that has been released to the public.
    ONLY 1 person was injured in the shooting. That means Adam Lanza, a claimed psychotic socially awkward child, gained god like accuracy and must have seperately shot each child fatally with multiple shots , which is hilariously false. I can almost guarantee you that if a gunman with no experience shot up a school they would miss 50% of the time, resulting in some injuries not all deaths.

    Question that I challenge people to answer: Who is the source of the Victoria Soto heroine story? I feel like that is just a propaganda story to enhance the believablity.
    -HOW THE HELL did 6 kids escape from a school shooting, not grabbed by anyone, hopped on a random bus that miracously was waiting and were dropped off at a random house? You honestly believe this garbage we’re being fed? Who’s the bus driver? Why did the kids who just witnessed their friends murdered play at some random guys house with toys? Answer if you can.

  164. George Wright says:

    “And I saw the dead, small and great standing before God, and the books were opened… and the dead were judged according to their works, by the things that were written in the books… and anyone not found in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.” Rev. 20 11 – 15.
    We will know the truth when all is revealed before the judgement seat of God.

  165. BxBully says:

    How many times was each child shot? What type of ammo was used? What happened to the man in the police car ? What happened to the man in the bushes? Why were the bodies not examined and or removed until days later? Where are the medical reports of the injured. How did the Rosen guy know about the casualty list if it was not released until two days after his interview? Need I go on ? Why don’t we have any of theses answers. Typical cases have more details released after the fact than this. Something is going on and were not getting the full story. A guy in china killed 20 children and some teachers he didn’t use a gun he used sword. What is real issue. People killing children is wrong no matter how its done but let us not disrespect the dead children and make this gun issues when it way more than that. We as humans have to put aside all the propaganda and “hidden” agendas work for the better of MANKIND not the better of A group of man

  166. Jake Steffey says:

    More damage-control from vested interests. It looked staged, sorry.

  167. Graham Boyken says:

    The saddest thing of all is that these people get the attention they want…. Much akin to what killers like Adam Lanza and James Holmes get. Forget these people, because their legacy is only the mere attempt at making the lives of others miserable. Forget them, because they only seek to destroy the common bonds that make us compassionate human beings.

  168. Start thinking says:

    Did anyone say they did? Once again, please use your brain and stop putting words in other people’s mouths and assuming that represents what they believe and then insulting them for it. This shit is getting ridiculous. I cannot believe how so few people think for themselves anymore.

  169. Start thinking says:

    Did he say he condoned them? Did you even put more than 2 seconds of thought into what he said before retorting with a useless insult and strawman argument? Do you not see why this line of thinking has “truthers” so aggrevated? People like you and this article writer are merely parroting the same shit over and over and refuse to acknowledge the FACT that there were/are lies and misinformation blatantly being put out by the same media sources telling everyone they’re crazy for questioning it. Perhaps it was a real massacre, but how are you and others so arrogantly blind (don’t hear that too often) to not see why so many people began questioning it in the first place! Please educate yourself about psychological warfare, shock economics, reverse psychology and propaganda before making such ignorant articles and comments.

  170. Dave Blair says:

    The conspiracy nuts don’t have verifiable evidence either. They don’t need it. All they need to do is question any other evidence given – which is ok – and use the lack of answers* (like right here, right now, wrapped up and delivered to their doorstep) to weave a fantasy “theory” that fails any reasonable sanity check.

    *EDIT: No they don’t even have to do that, all they have to do is ignore the answers they’ve been given.

  171. Dave Blair says:

    Oh I totally hear you. Reality can be so confusing at times it’s much more comforting to believe in some nice ordered fantasy conspiracy theory.

  172. Still waiting for you to actually offer evidence that isn’t “the Jews did it”.

  173. If any Sandy Hook parent could see you, he or she would slug you for pushing such bogus garbage.

  174. So, do you really think the parents of the Sandy Hook kids weren’t allowed to see their bodies? And do you think that Dr. Rosen plotted this because he’s Jewish?

  175. So you think massacres are trial balloons? Are you that insane and amoral?

  176. Really? Tell us, O wise one, what “facts” are being withheld?

  177. BxBully says:

    Where are the facts about sandy hook? We are not being told the truth, not only is it being withheld but we are not getting the facts and u as journalist should be a
    Shamed of yourself pushing this crap u call journalism out there We want facts

  178. Shawn Thomas says:

    Are the children dead?I am beginning to feel less, and less inclined to believe anything I have seen on the news, and I saw nothing that looked even remotely like the scene of a mass murder, including, but not limited to the reaction…Or lack there of I should say, of the people responding to this, and those who allegedly linked.Nothing seems to add up, and I tend to believe what Judge Judy says…If it does not make sense it probably isn’t true.

  179. Houndentenor says:

    To be fair here, there was also a fringe of the Democratic party that believed the Bush administration created 9/11. That’s equally insane and for the same reason. And then there are the anti-vaccine nutters (both right and left).

  180. Houndentenor says:

    So let me get this straight…the same government that we all complain does such a lousy job of running the country is able to fake major events like 9/11, the moon landing, and now these mass shootings. Really? REALLY?

  181. Bruce Atkinson says:

    Sure it all sounds nuts. And when I hear and see more verifiable facts, it will be confirmed for me that these are conspiracy nuts. But if all the refutations are (like here) nothing but saying these people are nuts, then I must wonder too. Give me evidence, not opinions, please. My question is: Why are we not seeing verifiable evidence to quiet these people? That’s all it would take.

  182. qqqjones says:

    No it wouldn’t. It would take hundreds of confused parents and kids thinking first they are dealing with a simulated shooter drill then told that a brutal massacre actually occurred.

    This would perhaps explain the inappropriate, non-panicked community reaction to the shootings and then explain the silence and lack of commentary because individually, people would be confused, shamed and intimidated from commenting negatively on a shooter drill “gone live” tragedy when their child is alive while other children are “allegedly” dead.

    In other words, I seems that people appear to be acting from a simulated shooting script because that is what they thought they were doing for a good cause and community service and then kept “in character,” even after the tragedy because they thought the shooting and media was part of script, then became confused and intimidated when the script went real.

    That is not to say that the shootings and dead children did not occur. However, I think we are not being told about a shooting drill gone live.

  183. qqqjones says:

    “This is, of course, the downside to the Internet”

    The upside of the internet is people are empowered with information and their own mass communication network. The days when an important story doesn’t have to jive with reality and easily accessed facts is over.

    Perhaps one should wait until there is an official statement and commitment to facts about Sandy Hook before one starts screaming, “conspiracy theory.” The flip side of conspiracy mentality, and just as suspect is the disingenuous defense of the indefensible, or “smokescreen theory.”

    Rationally speaking, once there is a official commitment to story and facts, then the story and fact should stand scrutiny. Surveillance videos, list of dead who can be proved to exist and are now dead. Guns and ammunition used, car used, timeline, eyewitnesses, etc.

    If the official story is true and accurate –which it should be for a simple, lone, crazed gunman case –all the facts should check and all rational questions answered.

  184. qqqjones says:

    No. Doesn’t look right. 600 kids is a lot kids. 600 kids equal many hundreds of crazed, frantic parents attempting to get their kids.

    Where’s the crowd of “out of their minds with fear their kid is dead” parents? Where’s the interviews one would expect with the waiting,frantic parents? Where is the reunions of children with parents? When did they get their children back?

    Clearly if there are 600 kids in the school and even 300, 400 waiting parents there would be frantic waiting area somewhere and a news worthy, camera worthy mass reunion. Where is it? Did all these hundreds of parents wait patently at home for the authorities to maybe drop off their kid?

    Where are the parents of these 20 dead kids expressing outrage that their kid is dead in a supposedly “high security school” and demanding answers of how this could happen?

    Instead you get detached parents eulogizing their dead child in a manner which might make sense long after they have accepted and processed their child has been brutally murdered but strains credulity when the child has been dead for hours.

    No. Doesn’t sit right.

  185. Wayne Furr says:

    OK, 1200 feet from Rosen’s house is the school, if I am to stipulate that to you. Hundreds of shots. It takes the kids a half hour in Gene’s house to start disclosing what has just taken place. And all the while playing with Gene’s dolls he has in the front room… I’m brainwashed by whom for having questions? What “reason” is so lacking in me? And you are afraid of someone who asks questions, believing he is going to “start packin'” because he is so much more stupid than you. By “start packin'” do you mean that questioners like me are like Mao Zedong, who started packin’ and killed tens of millions. Or wait, maybe you DON’T Believe that Mao killed anyone at all. Maybe we’re like Stalin, who “started packin'” and killed tens of millions of his own people. Or wait, maybe you DON’T Believe that Stalin killed anyone at all. Are you afraid of Holocaust Deniers? I do believe that Jeremiah Wright, Noam Chomsky, Cynthia McKinney, Louis Farrakhan (all “right wing loonies”) are the most staunch supporters of our present President. Would I myself have questions about the Holocaust? Yeah. If there were no pictures. If the Jewish survivors had come out looking healthy, well rested, and stopped over at Grampy Gene’s house for a quick bite. If a Jewish survivor who had lost his family in the ovens laughingly came up to a microphone for an interview about the horrors of the camps and I perceived what seems to be his contorting his face to initiate painful memories and evoke tears. So sorry. If this wasn’t a hoax then these people are very weird. And that’s OK by me. I’ll call them weird then but I won’t call the liars. And I don’t wan to call grieving parents liars. But I am of the belief that we are defined more by our enemies than by our friends. So I take it as a compliment that someone who questions NOTHING starts packin’ so as to eliminate my opinions.

  186. Wayne Furr says:

    Your “answers” never answer anything. Your answers to people who have doubts is that unless a doubter can tell you exactly the alternate scenario that happened he is to be labeled an idiot and tin foil hatter. You begin your insults with things like “…and we’re supposed to believe that…” or “…maybe you can tell me how…” and “…in order to believe that you would have to…” You assault our questions by rephrasing them as our answers and then malign us for being “stupid”.. “We’re supposed to believe…”? NO, you’re not supposed to believe anything. I don’t believe anything. I am not trying to get you to believe ANYTHING. You are content with the answers. I’m not yet. I have no agenda other than truth. If I was sitting on a jury and had to hear some of these witnesses and victims I would have to believe completely in my mind that they were being truthful. I am in that jury, the jury of public opinion. And if you think that you were selected the foreman you can walk out to the judge and tell him that the jury hasn’t come to a verdict yet. And then you can go back into the jury room and insult me until we get a verdict that you want? Would you want me to think that Trayvon was murdered? I don’t know. I’m weighing the evidence. I live in Colorado and my kid worked at Aurora Hospital and I knew people who lost loved ones. Maybe people are different in CT than CO, but I saw real tears here, I saw and heard pandemonium, I saw pics of the devastation, the police were terrified. But in CT? I passed off a lot of this stuff you call “loonie” until I actually reviewed what they were talking about. No, not the Jews, the Masons, the Satanists, etc Just questions. And because I don’t fall into lock step with your conclusions I and others are demonized by you and the rest of your closed-minded toadies…

  187. Wayne Furr says:

    Right wing loonies? R U kidding? GWBush lied about WMDs, got us into wars everywhere. Some of us “right wing loonies” do not believe ANYthing the govt tells us just they say it’s so. We have heard so many lies from GHWBush onward we believe no one and nothing if it has any inconsistencies. You think we’re demeaning the parents? We’re supposed to shut up about our doubts because we might hurt someone’s feelings? Ever hear a police interview of a raped woman? You want brutal? BTW, you don’t really believe that Monica Lewinsky story do you?..Anyone who doubted the old lyin buzzard with his cigar sexual device and DNA stained dress was as good as a traitor and called the same epithets by the same bunch doing it here. I was right in doubting the Prez then. And if my doubts on this can be assuaged I will be more than happy to know that our govt is not as evil and cynical as these unanswered doubts and questions would lead me to believe. But as of right now I’m one for three. Didn’t believe Clinton. Fell for GW’s lyin lips (another reason I trust NO party, right or left). Up in the air right now. To paraphrase Eliza Dolittle–quit calling me names…SHOW ME.

  188. Wayne Furr says:

    Hey unclemike…oh, never mind

  189. jan says:

    please show picture of the dead adam lanzer on the school floor with the gear he used then..that will be ultemate proof

  190. joe says:

    please children ..stay on the bus..its a lot safer here!!!ummm…oh..I think I will drop them off at a complete strangers driveway/street…mm…wait ..I will make a call to the police and notify where I am…ummm..I am so confused right now…

  191. Pohickitydoda says:

    I don’t believe it was a hoax, but the person who wrote this article is a complete tool.

  192. pappyvet says:

    When it comes to evaluating facts that are relevant to our deep-seated or beliefs, wingnuts don’t act like scientists. Rather, they attempt to contort the evidence to support their argument. Its about ideology and anything that they can twist to fit their “beliefs” They do not want to deal with 6 year olds being slaughtered so it must be the black guy in the white house or the jews or both. We’ve seen this sort of authoritarian ,tribal thinking before.Debating with them does no good. FACTS do no good.

    If you were to say.”Bush is an idiot who almost destroyed the economy of America.”
    They would see absolutely no difference between that and
    , ” Sock Sokolowski to Stephanie Miller:
    “As with Cindy Sheehan the best thing that could happen to you
    would be seeing some WONDERFUL activist sticking an AK-47 up your Glory Holes
    and sending you into eternity.”
    {Commentater at “Shot in the Dark”
    “The only “common ground” we’ll ever find with the blue
    state scum is the battleground, when we finally cut the shit and put all the
    enemies of this nation to the pike. It can not come too soon.”
    J. Baker ,Phoenix commenting @

    “Ya know, I think it’s too bad that we can’t follow Saddam’s model of dealing
    with opposition – just open up mass graves and start torturing, maiming, and
    murdering liberals and leftists by the millions – toss them into the ground, and
    fill the holes up with dirt. I would love to volunteer for such duty!”

    Red State contributor Thomas Crown
    “I repeat: Should the entire American Left fall over dead tomorrow, I would
    rejoice, and order pizza to celebrate. They are not my countrymen; they are
    animals who happen to walk upright and make noises that approximate speech. They
    are below human. I look forward to seeing each and every one in Hell.”

    This is the root that has taken hold after 2 decades of hate radio and rabid propaganda. Very rightwing, straight from the old coffeehouses of Berlin,but not American at all.


    Is not that suprizing at all.

  193. James D. Smith says:

    There are far too many living on the streets, homeless, living w/a relative, that have no access to help. Yes, it may be time to make mental institutions more available to those in need. There are professionals that can help w/the mental health problems in this country.

  194. Damian Lopez says:

    Kim I totally agree with you. People are suffering and all this hoax b.s. is only making it worse.

  195. As much as it made me sick to watch this story unfold on TV of the tragic lives of 20 innocent children being loss, it sickens me more that there is even a slight possibility that this was fake. But being from New York and haveing just witnessed our state being made an example to the rest of the country by passing a bill behind close doors in the middle of the night to pretty much declare New Yorkers felons if we own more then three guns and slowly striping our rights away, I defiently now question and air on the side of this whole thing was staged. I would much rather be the person sitting back questioning everything then the person who sits and waits for my cival right being taken away. As a mother of four, I cant imagine ever losing one of my children to a mentally ill enraged person with a gun. It is just as scary to think my kids are going to grow up in a country when their freedoms are being taken away. You notice the fight isnt about mental wellness but 80% about disarming Americans. With the age of technology, where kids and parents walk around with cell phones all day documenting their every move. Why isnt there any random videos from bystanders or other parents out their that documents the shear panic of the day? I have seen video of kids recording random after school fights, and your telling me not one person had a cell on them to catch or record anything other than what the media captured? No interviews with any families other then the families that were directly involved with incident. I would feel more comfortable to know it was real and not staged, because it is much more scarier to think or if there is even a small possibilty that it was staged. I dont see anything wrong with questioning things. This is your life and your childrens future.

  196. Stefen Antes says:

    lol who ever wrote this is pretty dumb..

  197. JD says:

    Maybe the first moon landing was a hoax. Maybe there is no moon.
    The eyes can be very deceiving and easily persuaded.

    Be cautious of what you see. Of what you believe

    Yes, even you conspiracy hopefuls. Question what you’re questioning and the sources that are convincing you to question.

    (And no- youtube videos, twitter tweets, and wikipedia don’t count as legit sources)

  198. John Hurley says:

    stop with the divisive “lib” crap…
    that is NOT useful… it isn’t liberal to be ignorant… it isn’t far left. It is simply emotionally induced stunting of reason… some people just don’t want to believe that FOX NEWS ( A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE GOLDMAN SACHS PROPAGANDA SYNDICATE) LIES!
    That isn’t liberal… FOX isn’t liberal. Stop being divisive. I’ll take a personal insult… sure, I get it… we get emotional… but don’t call me liberal… I’m not. But being divisive, making a group of AMERICANS out to be the enemy is NOT going to help in the upcoming struggle to regain our constitution.
    NO… they aren’t liberals… they are stupid.
    Dumb can’t talk.
    deaf can’t hear…. but stupid won’t listen.
    And these people who are determined to believe the Sandy Hook partyline story are just not capable of doing any more research than to find the right cable channel.

  199. John Hurley says:

    you don’t research anything at al,l do you? You buy it all. 3 metre holes caused by jumbojets, physics defying fires and collapses, disappearing aircraft, Phantom nurses describing non-existent kindergarten teachers…. all of it. Laughing daddy’s grieving…

    and you blame it on guns and boxcutters.
    and call people who do research idiots.

  200. egmiller says:

    Kurt, it’s the same ol’ story: shooting tragedy, lone gunman blamed (i.e. James Holmes, Adam Lanza, insert name here), lone gunman is either killed, commits suicide or is committed, so no evidence, no investigation, buried at sea so to speak. We are supposed to believe that a shy withdrawn 110 lb kid who could barely speak in public is responsible for this tragedy? It happened, just not the way it’s being told by the media. BTW, how very interesting nearly every media source is now trying to debunk those who question the “official story”. Not everyone believes this a complete hoax, there are questions that need to be asked, especially for the families of Sandy Hook.

  201. John Hurley says:

    What agenda? Seeking truth is an agenda?
    you have seen the dubiously described evidence debunked?
    post it! I so very much want to be wrong about this… I would rather have a lone gunman crazed and wildeyed blasting holes in children than to have a government perpetrating hoaxes upon the constitution… or worse perpetrating MURDER upon children just to steal my god given constitutional rights.
    talk about heartless pricks! Robbie Parker is the worst!

  202. John Hurley says:

    did you look at any of the dubious evidence? What evidence do you have to support the posit that YOU are asking questions? My agenda is to find the truth here, and I have NOT seen it yet.

  203. John Hurley says:

    are you talking about the name above your content?

  204. John Hurley says:

    do you have anything constructive to say? Have you been reduced to ad hominem attacks without regard for cogent, conclusive reason?
    Thank you special agennt, your support of the corporate media has been noted, your merit raise is being considered.

  205. John Hurley says:

    excepting, of course, that you offer no evidence to support your stance. Just say no, to rational debate!

  206. John Hurley says:

    carefully constructed criticism! deep weighty arguments supporting your position.
    I’m sure it was hard for you to take time from your position as a rocket surgeon!

  207. John Hurley says:

    no. it wouldn’t. they would act perfectly if they were honestly appalled . So, parents and kids aren’t needed. Then you would need a few actors to do interviews and press conferences… “Robbie Parker” comes to mind… what the hell is HE laughing about as he walks up to the podium?
    The coroner… if he is really the coroner, he’s a jerk!
    A few watch commanders to direct people to where they don’t need to be, and a few federal agents to take charge of people of interest… who are in on it, and bang!
    that’s a wrap.

  208. John Hurley says:

    While you are deep in the rabbit hole of education funding, it would be nice to take the time to use cogent facts.
    To wit: the case against guns is dubious. Crime is down where gun possession is up.
    strictly held gun free zones are crime magnets.
    Now, I’m sure it’s important to harp on the emotional aspects of the Sandy hook event, but I don’t have any solid evidence that an event took place at all! There should be 10 ambulances on the scene! there are none. The second thing that should have happened would be to control access to the school for emergency personnel… the street was CHOKED with civilian cars… which became moot because no ambulances showed up to care for any wounded kids or teachers… which is good, since the lunatic gunman was such an extraordinary shot he mortally injured nearly every kid he pointed at. Seal team 6 could use that kind of accuracy.
    There should be crime scene tape everywhere. There is none ( these observations are from the “live” footage).
    There are children wandering around while armed ‘security’ ( people in camo carrying ar15’s) also wander around.

    I don’t know what the truth is… but I do know I haven’t heard it yet.

  209. John Hurley says:

    valid argument. I’ll bet your mommy is proud of your reasoning skills. Try using informations instead of insults. You just might have some credibility if you did.

  210. John Hurley says:

    Aurora is also pure speculation: tear gas was allegedly used, but the fleeing moviegoers didn’t seem to be suffering from exposure.
    Who let him into the theatre?
    What is the CONNECTION TO LIBOR?
    How odd is it that BOTH shooters in colorado and connecticut have ties to testimony in the LIBOR scandal?
    Do any of you people do research?
    Eyewitnesses in the theatre spoke of numerous shooters. They have NOT been heard from on that account since their initial testimony.
    Why is the attorney in Colorado also a parent in Connecticut?
    Who are crisis actors, and why is their website festooned with photos of COLUMBINE?
    If you must go after the guns, you NEED to go after the SRI manufacturers… the PROZAC family of drugs is all over pretty much every shooting in the latter part of the 20th and all of the 21st century.
    Wake up.

  211. John Hurley says:

    Gene started his story with a woman bus driver… ended with a man shouting at them ( both of whom disappeared to let this stranger have custody of the kids for half an hour before he called the police).
    That’s starters: he DID CHANGE HIS STORY.
    The BUSHMASTER that the alleged coroner said the shooter used was found in the car after the alleged shooter was dead. The alleged coroner, a self described expert, couldn’t recite the calibre of the bullets, citing a legal ruling… how many shootings did this small town coroner see? How ishe more of an expert in .223 injuries than ANYONE?
    What the hell was Robbie parker smiling about? Why was Emilie Parker on the pResident’s knee after she was killed?
    You are lying. You simply deny the dubious evidence,and focus on the emotional issue of dead children.

    The video evidence of other suspects BEING DETAINED, and summarily forgotten. What were they doing there?Why were they running? where is the followup?
    Why did the reporter say she spoke to a nurse who doesn’t exist?
    Why did this nonexistent nurse tell the reporter that the alleged shooter’s mother was one of the finest kindergarten teachers in the school?
    If I were a juror, trying the case of “was there a shooting” I would have to say, “there is not enough evidence to clearly determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that a tragic event actually took place.
    There is NO solid evidence of a shooting, and all the eyewitness accounts are dubious at best. Some accounts of the events are so farfetched and incredible as to inspire me to think the alleged eyewitness is just guessing.
    As I said at the pentagon… RELEASE THE VIDEO.

  212. Skip says:

    I had to remind myself this was someones opinion and not fact. Citing YouTube comments……..pathetic.

  213. Hai Nguyen says:

    Will there be anybody that have the balls to stand in front of Gabby Gifford and say that her being shot is a set up? Will there be anybody who dare to go into Newtown to dig up those new graves and expose that there are no bodies down there? Now you people say that the shooting was a hoax, there is no proof that it was real. So you want the police to show pictures of children shot to dead lying motionless in blood throughout the school on national T.V? You want those police officer who walked in the school after the shooting relive their possibly worst nightmare? You want the coroners at the funeral homes in Newtown showing you proof that they clean up the children bodies? And how many of you will say that they were modified by Photoshop? How many of you will say that those are mannequins disguised as human bodies? And how many of you that accept it was real will say that the government abuse the image of the dead for their own gain? When you refuse to see the truth, everything is a lie.

  214. fooledmeagain says:

    How dare you suggest that the gubment infected those Tuskegee airmen wid da syphilis..

  215. fooledmeagain says:

    thats called diss-info.. they say Tom Cruise was the doctor ..its done to remove credibility …#gullable #easilyfooled

  216. pappyvet says:

    “Have you forgotten YOUR OWN conspiracy about Bush and Cheney?”
    Thank you for proving my point. Either Bush,Chaney are hidden somewhere in my comments leading you to believe that I have some belief concerning a myth about them, or you have simply lumped me imediately into a catagory based on zero history and zero knowledge . Neither of which are correct and have absolutely nothing to do with the comments I’ve made concerning the hateful mythology being now built around the tragic murder of so many children at Sandy Hook.

  217. 14west1 says:

    You are a liar. Nobody is claiming that nobody died. They are claiming that the official story is not credible.

  218. You are a he*k who needs to have thgeir nose meet someone’s fist.

  219. How about locking the nuts up in rubber rooms at the funny farm like they used to.

  220. All gun laws are unconstitutional.

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

    No wiggle room in that statement. Me? I just hope 0bama decides to go to the theater some night. I hear “Our American Cousin” is a riot.

  221. How effing DARE you do this to the parents who lost their chilodren? You people are as disgusting as the idiot 9/11 truthers. Go polish Alex Jones’ knob with your DSL’s you moron.

  222. If you believe ANY of this crap from these tinfoil-hat idiots, then your sanity should be questioned.

  223. imc440 says:

    “Good one”
    -Todd Akin.

  224. imc440 says:

    No, you moron, it would require hundreds of actors. Namely all of the other students and their families who might notice 20 of their classmates disappearing, or suddenly being grieved for after not having existed. You would tend to notice something like that.

  225. Banning anything here is stupid. It has nothing to do with guns. His intent would have found another weapon. The same day as Sandy Hook, there were tow school attacks in China, one with a bomb and the other with a knife (quite effective and silent, it’s a good choice over a gun).

    The dirty little secret is that school attacks jumped 4-fold exactly when school were ordained Gun Free Zones. It’s that simply. Just let the teachers concealed carry and kill the GFZ’s and we have the problem licked.

    Without exception, more legal guns has meant a safer, lower crime environment. WIthout exception gun-control laws do nothing but usually increase gun violence and crime. Concealed carry has lowered crime in all state’s that have adopted Shall Issue Concealed Carry—the criminals admit to being more wary of their victims possibly being armed. Thats the dirty BIG secret the liberals refuse to acknowledge. Libs love guns, but only in the hands of those who agree with them.

    In the US, why would they worry about being shot by conservatives—the liberals are telegraphing that they are inclined to shoot those with whom the disagree.

  226. westie says:

    Try to learn a bit of history…conspiracy about the government is as American as Apple-pie. Have you forgotten your own conspiracy about Bush and Cheney?

  227. westie says:

    Trying to defend Geno Rosen is definitely a challenge that only the progressive mind would undertake!

  228. stepan838 says:

    this looks to be a new south park episode lmao

  229. John the baptist says:

    Operation northwoods. If the government was plotting against its own people in 1962, the hell you think they’re capable of now.

  230. who ever wrote this article is a F**king idiot.

  231. mestre says:

    Of course, believe in your own eyes. The earth don’t revolve around the sun. The sun is the one that moves. I see it ALL the time.

  232. BeccaM says:

    Discourse of the sort you seem to be advocating isn’t objective reality. It’s hyper-driven rumor-mongering.

  233. Jim Olson says:

    These are very good questions, to which you have arrived at what appears to be the correct answer. There is no point in trying any more, or in believing what anyone tells you. 40 years of cutting funding for education has resulted in a nation of utter morons. And now, they have an easily accessed platform for organizing themselves into ignorant, torch-bearing mobs. America is rotting from the inside out, and will one day soon, collapse in upon itself in spectacular fashion.

  234. peeps are brainwashed says:

    Oh I give up, my comments keep getting deleted. Have fun. Im out a here. Good Luck Mr. Rosen.

  235. peoplerbrainwashed says:

    Oh I see , I must have said something someone didn’t like. Gotcha.

  236. peoplerbrainwashed says:

    I don’t believe you had anything to do with it Mr. Rosen. Ignore the threats , they’ll eventually go away.

  237. peoplerbrainwashed says:

    where are my comments and why do my comments keep getting taken off here

  238. peoplerbrainwashed says:

    I don’t think this guy had anything to do with a conspiracy. I think people are brainwashed. There are internet thugs that get together and group attack people, this may be people pretending to be truthers and are not, but are people trying to make truthers look dangerous.The Truth is, brainwashing is alive and well on the net.Just ignore the threats Mr. Rosen.They’ll stop eventually and move on.

  239. ana says:

    Maybe its not a government conspiracy, maybe its just the media screwing up the facts and making stuff up as usual. Honestly does an explanation for misinformation or suspicious pictures have to be a complicated conspiracy theory? Maybe its just something as simple as the media distorting the facts. The media has been known to make fake stories, fake pictures, fake interviews, etc.

  240. peoplerbrainwashed says:

    Look, some conspiracies have been proven. I can’t buy that this guy had anything neferious to do with it. If I was mr. Rosen , I would just ignore the threats, I get them all the time. usually its not from truthers tho. We have internet gang problems now.I will tell you one thing, I’m Jewish and their are “issues” .But don’t put all Jew sin the same boat. This is all I will say.

  241. me says:

    It is ONLY disrespectful if the premise is correct. If the children were murdered by a madman then it would be disrespectful to say that it didn’t happen. If it is a hoax, however, it is abominable that people would & could pull off a hoax of this magnitude, and why did they do it? Most people cannot FATHOM that this is a hoax because it would shake their beliefs to the core. If this was true, people would not believe it because it is so unpalatable. No one wants to disrupt the status quo. I don’t know if it is a hoax or not because obviously whoever would be evil & smart enough to pull of something like this would not come out & tell you that it was a lie. (DUH) So, honestly we will never know, but on the assumption that it did happen the way the media told us I grieve for the parents.

    What is TRULY disrespectful is standing on the graves of children to take away people’s constitutional rights.

  242. Me says:

    But you know if this is trending, and there are articles being written solely to belittle these people that there is something to this. Why waste time talking about people who truly where just ‘loony’?

  243. Me says:

    All THEY have is name calling. Funny how people who have been drinking the kool-aid for so many years call others crazy.

  244. unclemike says:

    I’ve said all I intend to say on this thread. These so-called pieces of “evidence” of a conspiracy have already been debunked and explained, and people who persist in continuing conspiracy theories about this mass shooting are ghoulish vultures and opportunists, detached from reality and pushing their own paranoid agenda.

    And they’re heartless pricks.

  245. Me says:

    Which is more crazy & gullible – to believe what they tell you, or to believe your own eyes?

  246. SiliconBadger says:

    That might make sense, if you had tried a reasoned refutation of the “bat crazy” ideas. If they’re so crazy, it shouldn’t be hard to shoot them down. But instead, name-calling is the first resort. You really think that’s more productive? Well, I suppose it couldn’t be less productive in the event that you don’t really have an actual rebuttal. Let me be clear: I am a long ways from having my mind made up about this issue, but I’m trying to look at both sides. So far, I see one side that has pointed out some suspicious things that merit answers, and another side that does nothing but call people names and try to impune any questioning of the official story.

  247. SiliconBadger says:

    You know, if you’re so concerned with knocking down the “conspiracy theory”, then why not address the points Nikki C made? There were some, what I consider valid, concerns brought up in that post, but you didn’t address any of them. You just resort to name-calling. Is that really what passes for intelligent debate now?

  248. SiliconBadger says:

    So, you allow your attackers to continue maneuvering into optimal position, and don’t react until after they’ve begun the assault?

  249. SiliconBadger says:

    Wow, you don’t seem to have much faith in humanity. A singularity of stupid that consumes all it touches?? If we’re all so stupid, then what’s the point of trying at all? What’s the point of believing anyone? If you can’t believe that people can arrive at truth through free discourse, then we’re totally screwed anyway, and there’s certainly no reason to put any faith in the people elected by these morons, so susceptible to stupidity.

  250. SiliconBadger says:

    Nice job of not making any useful point.

  251. casey katich says:

    I tend to feel that this was just a tad biased

  252. Brendan says:

    America is built around the “Market Place of Ideas” principle in which everyone speaks-even the morons. It is our job to take the information presented to us, think about, and decide whether or not it is logical information. You’ve got to be critical and careful, or you’ll find yourself falling for every conspiracy theory. But then again, I can’t really say whether this is true. My gut tells me it wasn’t a conspiracy. In the midst of a massacre, I’m sure all sorts of emotions are flowing, and it’s very easy to make mistakes reporting it.

  253. Joey says:

    Why would any serious journalist quote youtube comments? You’re a joke.

  254. Are you mentally retarded?

  255. Ethel Arauz says:

    Wow… You can change the date of FB page not a personal page but a business or a group page for example is easily changed. I have a FB page for my business and I changed the month the page was “created” to coincide with the initiation of my web storefront. I mean c’mon, that’s how crazy republicans have become? So, these kids are alive? The government killed them? All for a sensible ban on automated rifles & large capacity magazines. I have 3 guns & I’m not crippled by fear that they will be taken away. It seems this lunacy is shared by end of the world religious fanatics whom are still shell shocked the president is black.

  256. maybe we resort to name calling because there is no getting through to someone who won’t educate themselves and wants to jump on the bat crazy band wagon every time it rolls through town

  257. Take off the tin foil hat – it’s too tight and you need some oxygen flowing up there, nut job!

  258. Nikki, what color is the sky in your world? How do you live with so much hate? Try to watch something besides FOX for once in your sad little life.

  259. hdalby33 says:

    Truthers? Go **** yourselves. Declaring national crises a hoax, blaming them on a certain denomination, and exlpoiting he people who had the good will to act as heroes in the event of a crises treads on whole new meaning of low er than dirt.

  260. And all of these “truthers” own guns and lots of them. Fact: the spree shooters in Newtown, Aurora and phoenix were all God Loving law abiding gun owners right up to the split second when they pulled the trigger for the first time. Think about that.

  261. Carl Gorney says:

    How about you leave the internet AND NEVER COME BACK?

  262. Carl Gorney says:

    How about we Google “I need more meds”?

  263. Carl Gorney says:


  264. Carl Gorney says:

    Stay off the internet until you can SPELL.

    Your ideas make even less sense than normal.

  265. joeybot says:

    I’m so happy to read about this stuff. I love love LOVE crazy people! Enjoy it Republicans, these guys have got your back!

  266. shayna says:

    I agree completely its fun. ny how the parents and coroner are laughin in the videos. Pretty sure if their babies were murdered… I mean for real, they definitely would not be laughing about it. And taking away all guns won’t solve shit excuse my language but it won’t. Because the only people that Will give their weapons up are the good and honest people.the bad and the crooks Will keep their weapons and every good and honest person Will be defenseless. Guns are not the only weapons that can kill so what’s next are we gonna have knives, cars, ropes, etc. Taken away from us. Its not the guns or objects that kill its the low lifes that use them to harm or murder people. I don’t think its fair to take all guns i personally have guns to hunt with and provide food for my family. So no i don’t agree at all!

  267. Kimberly Logan says:

    A common practice I see in social media sites is when conservatives are presented with facts, even when they are backed up by a link to PoltiFact, they call Liberals names and refuse to believe what has been proved before them. So then you come along with your conspiracy theories, with no proof to back it up, only your “keen intellectual mind” that can detect such things, and when Liberals don’t believe you and call you nuts, Liberals are then the ones who lack logic. The logical explanation is that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have poisoned the minds of conservatives by feeding them conspiracy theories so now that is the only way a con mind works.

  268. James D. Smith says:

    This is an example of the need for change in the mental health system in the US. These paranoid folks live in real fear of imagined evil. I am sure that many of them are so incapacitated they can’t even go outdoors. Someone in their lives has tried to get them to seek help, or sought help for them only to find there is nothing they can do.
    If a mentally ill person does not want help they can’t be held, unless they have broken a law. By then the system is more concerned about incarceration than the underlying problem of the mind. When the loved ones seek help for the mentally ill they should be taken seriously, and should be given time for a diagnosis. These people need help, and the system needs to change to get them that help.
    Paranoid personalities can become dangerous, an this problem of mental health should be part of the solutition.

  269. Jennay says:

    Are the kids really dead or is that all fake too???

  270. EVENSEVEN says:

    Just a thought… These parents were making memorial pages before their children even died. I read somewhere in these comments that it could be a scammer!! Wow.. how do you scam something that hasn’t taken place yet, hmmmm! Also a lot of people don’t realize that the date that things are created online stay there. I have seen 3 pages that had incorrect dates myself not in a video someone else posted. So why delete these pages if they are memorials, or charity, whatever!!! Why.. because they were wrong!! I feel if you see something speak on it. I will sit back and watch it all unfold… I hate the “Telephone Game”!!

  271. citizen_spot says:

    ” legitimate massacre”

    I have no words.

  272. citizen_spot says:

    Apparently yes, and it will probably leave a stain on the carpet. Dang.

  273. citizen_spot says:

    Hahaha! Do you mean like the websites that claim Jennifer Greenberg = Tina Fey?
    Wow, I am totally convinced now. The Truthy, it burns!!!

  274. citizen_spot says:

    You are just trolling for You Tube hits. Ha, your whole defense of this “evidence” screams Fishy!!!

    Do you know what else is fishy? Pikes Place Market in Seattle. Do you know what else is in Seattle? A Space Needle!!!! A giant alien Probe!!! Just down the road from Microsoft Headquarters. Don’t you see the obvious truth???

    Geez, I better be careful with my mocking or I might give some people “idears”.

  275. Thomas J. Herling says:

    This is why I love the Internet. Stuff you’d previously had to go to the nearest subway station to hear being yelled about by some nut is now available in comfort of your own home.

  276. Mossberg 88 says:

    Again, more name calling. what makes you libs so angry? No facts; no arguments; nothing but name calling. Again, another thing I teach my kids not to do.

  277. www. says:

    Drugs and gangs are the main reasons the US murder rate is so high. Most developed countries do not have these issues.

  278. www. says:

    That’s the whole point. Who would question the deaths of 20 children? Why can’t the questions being asked be answered? Why is that so difficult? The only responses are you are heartless for asking these questions.

  279. sophie says:

    “all you are capable of are mindless responses which illuminate your pure and utter lack of understanding of fact and interpretation thereof.”
    Great job describing yourself, moron.

  280. Quinn B says:

    Please go have your tubes tied.

  281. Quinn B says:

    There is no evidence, just speculation by people who are completely uninformed. So you have losers such as yourself spreading dumb ass opinions and showing their miserably low intelligence.

  282. Quinn B says:

    and by this article I mean all these stupid truther videos and articles. Parasites.

  283. Quinn B says:

    Dear John Doe, Please stay in your mothers basement and never leave. Bad shit doesnt make sense, and all the facts in this article are fucking bunk. Im from the town next to Newtown CT and can easily refute almost everything all YOU morons have said in this thread. There are no “facts” as you are referring to, only speculation by unintelligent people like yourself. NEVER PRO-CREATE. Do humanity a favor in that.

  284. Moderator3 says:

    Please don’t link to other blogs without Mr. Arovosis’ permission. The link has been broken.

  285. Mossberg 88 says:

    Not even an attempt to dispute the argument. I’ll take that as a concession. I love the lib logic of name calling ala Barack..’I have no argument, therefor I’ll call you names.’ I teach my kids not to do that.

  286. Brian Beddow says:

    John, if you are truly a practitioner of journalism, do you honestly believe you should resort to name calling or suggesting people who question the validity (no matter how far fetched it may seem to you) of what they are being told, is even remotely ethical? I understand that you don’t buy their claims. I understand that you are a card carrying member of the establishment (nice credentials, by the way). I understand that to NOT oppose what these people are saying goes against what you believe is right and true. Yet, as a reporter, you owe allegiance to the truth, not to painting people as you see them.

    Personally, it is very coincidental in the face of UN Gun Ban treaties that these massacres have come about. In the wake of these murders, it is odd that public opinion is being manipulated to accept only one solution (take away the guns from law abiding citizens for the actions of a few mentally questionable criminals), rather than having many more options on the table that logically apply to the situation (protecting our schools with full time armed police, or even allowing the teachers to arm themselves with appropriate training).

    If the Newtown massacre happened as it is being told, then the questions being brought forth originate in the misinformation disseminated by an out-of-control sensationalism-driven mass media, and subsequent stories being fed to them by fumbling officials and supposed eyewitnesses. If those put out in the public eye seemed unquestionably credible, we would not be having this issue, and if we had a media with ETHICS and a an oath to truth, rather than editorial opinion, we may actually get somewhere.

  287. Mossberg 88 says:

    I’ve told no fantastic story; Grampy Gene did. Ya know, just because Grampy Gene said it, that don’t make it so. But just for kicks, let’s hear how you think those kids got there. You must have the ability to reason right? So dig deep into your mind and come up with a logical version of what happened concerning old Gene. Come on, just take a swing at it.

  288. John Doe says:

    To whoever the fuck wrote this, maybe you should be killed for your brainwashed stupidity. You are told to believe what you hear on the news, and you do. But when the facts point in the other direction, you don’t even have the balls to ask “why”. I hope for you to die a horrible death.

  289. Again I say, why don’t you go to New Town and ask one of the parents why they aren’t thanking Grampy Gene and telling them this fantastic story you have presented here?

  290. UncleBucky says:

    What the heck? Is the woodwork oozing with conspiracy nuts?

  291. sam says:

    I find it terribly ignorant that you say it doesnt mattwr which guns were used . Investigations once theyre closed sjould be made public. The thing with these murder suicides is that theres no following public court cases for these people. The fishy thing with thisschool shooting is that its so shrouded in mystery. Everyone KNOWS it happened, but no one knows any of the details. When we look at tge details, they just seem weord and inconsistent.

  292. 2nd Amendment says:

    To the author of this article: You are an idiot. Leave this country. Thank you.

  293. GrowTheHellUp says:

    I find it hilarious that the conspiracy theorists can present hard facts and questionable events, and all their detractors debunk their facts with “HA! YOURE A DUMMY!!!” “GET YOUR TIN FOIL HAT!!!” How about intelligently providing an explanation for the facts presented that are contrary to the official big news reports instead of screaming out “YOURE AN IDIOT!!!”

  294. citizen_spot says:

    I certainly have little faith in our corrupt government, but if I may…

    You’re a blind sheep with some seriously delusional faith in some videos on the internet if you aren’t questioning the mounting inconsistencies and lies being perpetuated by some conspiracy nutbags on the internet.

    There, I fixed it for you.

  295. Fightforourrights says:

    What an idiot! This article is irrelevant because your not explaining why things might have been un clear, you are only restating what people said! And NO! His story was not consistent. Someone didn’t do their home work.

  296. pappyvet says:

    Sandy Hook truthers may be the stinking bloom,but the roots are deep.

    The mythology of paranoia and hatred that is dealt like a drug,was not forced on these people,they are willing addicts. The “I’ve got mine and nobody could possibly work harder than me so work for nothing or starve,” attitude is a branch. “Gotta have those assault weapons to protest ourselves against the gubment”,is just another branch from the hate filled trunk that trumpets cowardly behavior over true courage.
    “I tell people don’t kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can
    have two on every campus — living fossils ” Rush Limbaugh

    “I would have no problem with [New York Times editor Bill Keller] being sent to
    the gas chamber.”
    Melanie Morgan

    “[T]he day will come when unpleasant things are going to happen to a bunch of
    liberals and it’s going to be very amusing to watch.” Lee Rogers

    Day in and day out the pushers pump the veins of their “tribe” full of violence,hatred, rationalized selfishness and fright. And they take it,wantonly screaming through wide eyes and clenched teeth for more,more ,more.

  297. judybrowni says:

    Obituaries, grief-stricken parents, eye-witnesses, oh, facts and reality-based evidence.

    None of which you have, along with the lack of common decency.

  298. judybrowni says:

    Whereas regulating guns and drugs…

    Which is the rational approach, so “truthers” reject either.

  299. judybrowni says:

    And they faked the moon shot, too!

  300. judybrowni says:

    20 dead children.

    You are slime.

  301. judybrowni says:

    Crazy is as crazy does.

  302. citizen_spot says:

    The guy in that video has a slight beard. You know who else has a beard? French Impressionist Paul Gauguin!! Coincidence? I think not! The truth is so obvious sheeple! ; )

  303. unclemike says:

    Au, contraire. It’s a very successful attempt to belittle your underwhelming “evidence.”

  304. citizen_spot says:

    Alcoa has substantially increased its revenues and earnings and set the stage for continued future growth.

    Coincidence? I think not! ; )

  305. Elvis Beeg says:

    O…M….G!!! Just when I thought all the right wing had no more loonies, here they go out-doing themselves again.

    Is anyone else out there worried about the fact that the people with the most tenuous grasp on reality seem to love guns the most?

  306. KingCranky says:

    Nothing like spamming a conspiracy theory blog on the bodies of dead children and the adults who died protecting them.

  307. unclemike says:

    Conspiracy theories are not about searching for answers or asking questions–they’re about ignoring the truth if it conflicts with your agenda.

    I’m literally gobsmacked by the stupidity on display here. So I mock thee and I point and laugh at you while you call the now childless mothers and fathers “crisis actors.”

    Fuck you, you heartless pricks.

  308. KingCranky says:

    Massacres as trial balloons?

    NRA logic strikes again.

  309. mossberg 88 says:

    So I can put forth valid arguments and all you are capable of are mindless responses which illuminate your pure and utter lack of understanding of fact and interpretation thereof. nice job mike. you’re a great example of an average lib. thanks for your help with proving what most normal people already think of far left loons.

  310. fooledmeagain says:

    Why not take about 10 minutes to search Jennifer Greenberg Sexton .. the truth will become apparent pretty quick

  311. Don’t you think if this was an elaborate hoax they would be smart enough to wait until after it happened to create web pages…C’mon Man!!!!

  312. fooledmeagain says:

    Hey Awesome reporting really ..but explain this the tweet was made a half hour before the first 911 call ?

    If you really care to learn instead of deny what is painfully obvious the name Jeniffer Greenberg Sexton …

  313. Not fooled says:

    It’s a hoax. No bodies, no surveillance video from inside the school, no car from the Lanza’s in the parking lot, and several of those kids are on the Internet as other kids from years past with different names living in different places — same with the parents. How about the web pages about this event created prior to December 14? The United Way page about the Sandy Hook created 3 days earlier? No EMTs were allowed into the school to save the wounded. Why aren’t they concerned about lawsuits? Cause there were no wounded.

    Why did H. Wayne Carver, the medical examiner, warn that this might all come “crashing down” on the heads of the “people of Newtown?” Now, whatever might he mean?

    Like Truman in The Truman Show, we live in a manufactured reality.

  314. Nikki C says:

    Searching for answers is not disrespectful. Being too offended to ask questions is more disrespectful.

    There were no children filmed at the crime scene. The ambulance crews were parked half a mile from the school. Fema and the US Defense Department were conducting drills for a class involving the protection of children during a crisis 20 minutes from the school on the exact same road during the exact same time that this happened. There were at least 3 FB pages (all now removed but can be viewed at the very end of the video) that were honoring the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting as early as December 10th, 4 days before the shooting. Another was created December 13th, again, before the shooting. Regardless of your reservations, a crime scene filmed from the air of a school containing 600 kids with ambulances parked half a mile away and not a parent in sight is eerie. It just doesn’t sit right.

  315. Nikki C says:

    Searching for answers is not disrespectful. Being too offended to ask questions is more disrespectful.

    There were no children filmed at the crime scene. The ambulance crews were parked half a mile from the school. Fema and the US Defense Department were conducting drills for a class involving the protection of children during a crisis 20 minutes from the school on the exact same road during the exact same time that this happened. There were at least 3 facebook pages (all now removed but can be viewed at the very end of the video) that were honoring the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting as early as December 10th, 4 days before the shooting. Another was created December 13th, again, before the shooting. Regardless of your reservations, a crime scene filmed from the air of a school containing 600 kids with ambulances parked half a mile away and not a parent in sight is eerie. It just doesn’t sit right.

  316. Yeah you keep believing that….

  317. unclemike says:

    You provide all the evidence for that.

  318. fooledmeagain says:

    You guys are the ignorant ones. There is so much to talk about here that doesn’t add up.. One hour of research and you won’t believe it either.. but you’re all to closed minded to see what is perfectly clear to even the skeptics I know.

  319. AdmNaismith says:

    If you believe this Sandy Hook Truther nonsense, then you you are too crazy to own a gun.

  320. fooledmeagain says:

    Past the firehouse, past the first responders ?

  321. mossberg 88 says:

    Hey unclemike..good job backing up your comment.

  322. Are we to believe that they went thru this elaborate scheme just to get assault weapons banned….again….since Bush let the ban expire when he took office. This is what is wrong with this country…ignorance….

  323. Josh says:

    Ban guns. That’s what they did with drugs and look how well THAT worked. Oh, wait….

  324. unclemike says:

    You should buy a lottery ticket.

  325. cole3244 says:

    just another campaign to get the true believers to part with more of their cash in the name of hatred and bigotry.

  326. Nikki C says:

    It’s ridiculous to point out parents are laughing and joking in interviews after their kids died? Jonbenet Ramsey case. What tipped people off was the fact that she did not mourn her daughter. Turns out she killed her. It’s absolutely a valid red flag. Combined with everything else? You’re a blind sheep with some seriously delusional faith in our corrupt Government if you aren’t questioning the mounting inconsistencies and lies being perpetuated by our media.

  327. unclemike says:

    The crazy is strong in this one.

  328. FLL says:

    No sooner do I post my comment, than I see someone with a “Joe 789” decal on their truck loading 20 rolls of aluminum foil into his vehicle in the parking lot of the Publix supermarket here in Fort Lauderdale. I keep telling you that those tinfoil hats don’t work. You “swear by the knowledge of the Holy Bible”? I say, pass a law prohibiting fundamentalist Christians from buying aluminum foil. Let them eat cake… I mean, let them use clear plastic wrap.

  329. htfd says:

    Yes, I see your point…or rather newspaper. I’m still not a gun person.

  330. Mossberg 88 says:

    Mossberg 88 Daniel Spencer • 3 minutes ago

    If you have researched Gene Rosen and his many interviews, you will;find he has many different versions of what happened…this is can not be debated. However, common sense should tell anyone with a modicum of intellect that those kids could not how ended up in a nice semicircle on his driveway. How and when did these kids get out of the school? Did they simply walked past the police unnoticed? And when the did, supposedly a bus driver picked them up and brought them to Gene Rosen’s house? Really? Right, the bus driverdrove past the firehouse and stopped at Gene’s house and just let them out. K. So Gene, being a good guy, takes them in and gives them juice and cookies and stuffed animals. I’m guessing Gene is hard of hearing as he didn’t hear the dozens upon dozens of emergency vehicles going to the school with was less than a half mile from his house,

    So, finallly Gene gets the info from the kids that their teacher has been shot. They fail to mention their seven classmates who were also shot, as well as the other dead folks who were in the hallway that they would have had to walk past while leaving the school, which, by the way, was in lockdown/These were very smart first graders no doubt, as all knew their parents home and cell phone numbers, as Gene was able to call all the parents to come get there kid from ‘Grampy Gene’. Now, I have a six year old; she does know our home number..many six year olds would. But she does not know mine or my wife’s cell phone number yet and I’d guess maybe one, at best would know their parents. Why do I say they would of had to know the parents cell phone number? Because none of those parents would have been at home at that point as they would be at the school already looking for their child.

    But maybe I’m wrong here, as Gene may not have called the parents at all because in one of his interviews he claims to have brought the kids to the firehouse, which is around the corner from his house. That would indeed make sense. Or, and I know this might sound nuts to you level thinking libs, maybe Gene could have just dialed 911 and tell the police I found six very upset children on my front lawn and they told me their teacher had been shot dead. crazy idea, i know…just thowin’ it out there.

    Although, I did see an interview of the ‘oh so grateful’ parents who thanked Grampy Gene for taking in their kids. Wait. Sorry, I didn’t see that interview, but I know it’s coming. These grateful parents are all going to come to Gene’s defense any minute now. I mean it would be the least they can do.0


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  331. karmanot says:

    While you are there find out why they cross their toes when taking an oath. :)

  332. Mossberg 88 says:

    If you have researched Gene Rosen and his many interviews, you will;find he has many different versions of what happened…this is can not be debated. However, common sense should tell anyone with a modicum of intellect that those kids could not how ended up in a nice semicircle on his driveway. How and when did these kids get out of the school? Did they simply walked past the police unnoticed? And when the did, supposedly a bus driver picked them up and brought them to Gene Rosen’s house? Really? Right, the bus driverdrove past the firehouse and stopped at Gene’s house and just let them out. K. So Gene, being a good guy, takes them in and gives them juice and cookies and stuffed animals. I’m guessing Gene is hard of hearing as he didn’t hear the dozens upon dozens of emergency vehicles going to the school with was less than a half mile from his house,

    So, finallly Gene gets the info from the kids that their teacher has been shot. They fail to mention their seven classmates who were also shot, as well as the other dead folks who were in the hallway that they would have had to walk past while leaving the school, which, by the way, was in lockdown/These were very smart first graders no doubt, as all knew their parents home and cell phone numbers, as Gene was able to call all the parents to come get there kid from ‘Grampy Gene’. Now, I have a six year old; she does know our home number..many six year olds would. But she does not know mine or my wife’s cell phone number yet and I’d guess maybe one, at best would know their parents. Why do I say they would of had to know the parents cell phone number? Because none of those parents would have been at home at that point as they would be at the school already looking for their child.

    But maybe I’m wrong here, as Gene may not have called the parents at all because in one of his interviews he claims to have brought the kids to the firehouse, which is around the corner from his house. That would indeed make sense. Or, and I know this might sound nuts to you level thinking libs, maybe Gene could have just dialed 911 and tell the police I found six very upset children on my front lawn and they told me their teacher had been shot dead. crazy idea, i know…just thowin’ it out there.

    Although, I did see an interview of the ‘oh so grateful’ parents who thanked Grampy Gene for taking in their kids. Wait. Sorry, I didn’t see that interview, but I know it’s coming. These grateful parents are all going to come to Gene’s defense any minute now. I mean it would be the least they can do.

  333. karmanot says:

    Thank you. They are stretching that taffy pretty thin.

  334. karmanot says:

    Always question authority.

  335. karmanot says:

    We’re glad you are finished, unfortunately we don’t have that option.

  336. karmanot says:

    I know. It’s time to get a new tinfoil hat!

  337. FLL says:

    You want to store some food in your freezer? Get used to using clear plastic wrap. I foresee a future where the wingnuts are making so many tinfoil hats that aluminum foil will be virtually unavailable at the local supermarket. Can the sane majority turn things around and agree that the Second Amendment does not guarantee the right to build an arsenal for waging civil war? And by the way, we want our aluminum foil back!

  338. karmanot says:

    Wrong, it’s the gun that kills. If you point a rolled newspaper at me and say ‘bang’ I am not killed. Get it?

  339. Joe 789 says:

    Time and again since the late 90s, I have been right about many events that were politically motivated. While the masses have continuously played fools, some of us aren’t so easily deceived. I swear by the knowledge of the Holy Bible. It tells us all we need to know about the nature of the world. Following some mottos that come from that wisdom can keep us wise instead of foolish like everyone else. When Clinton was exposed, I already predicted it long before. When 9/11 came, it was 2 years after I predicted it. And I even knew that the Bush Co and the secret society was behind it. Keep in mind that the society is always there regardless of who is Prez. They are there now. In 2003, I predicted Obama to be a coming Prez, and the most deceiving one of all. And I know for a fact that he knew all about the deception of the recent shootings. When will people wake up?? 90% of all media is corrupt and sold out to the political monster that consists of ALL politicians and all corporations. Not only do you people need to hold on to your guns, but you need to load them because IT IS COMING sooner than you think. I have never been wrong and won’t be about this. They will try to deceive you any way they can to literally castrate the people and destroy any power they have left. You are about to be pushed into becoming 100% consumer cattle. Greed is never satisfied until it controls the whole world. They don’t care if they kill children to get what they want. Money stinks and all who fill their pockets are enemies of the worst kind.

  340. karmanot says:

    Leave Brittney alone!

  341. karmanot says:

    “People are so stupid and brainwashed” Bubba is a case in point.

  342. Meghan McGrath says:

    This is insanity! Can we all agree that guns do hurt people? And that there are crazy people have access to guns?

  343. Nikki C says:

    This is a pathetic attempt to belittle overwhelming evidence that the media has lied and spewed false information. The inconsistencies are piling up. You are not crazy because you do not blindly trust the Government like a sheep. This whole thing screams fishy, review the evidence and decide for yourself if lying about people who don’t exist in school data bases, laughing parents caught on tape, and right out lies shows a clear cover up.

  344. LaszloZoltan says:

    these same people tell us the earth is round when it’s clearly flat ! it’s all a big conspiracy so we don’t go too far away from where they can watch us ! if only I could’ve learned them something I would’ve learned them good ! that’s the way it was in the bible and ain’t nothing nobody can tell me different. it’s all a lie ! darned them guys !

  345. htfd says:

    I am not a gun person, but I do not feel it was the gun that kills, it was the person who pulled the trigger that kills. It is very upsetting to read how people could be so fearful that they have to have such weapons and so afraid of not being able to have them. To me this show a total failure of our government, our society and us as people. To be so afraid of loosing a gun that people would go to such an extent to make this into a conspiracy is sick. I sure have questions regarding this, but they are more along the lines of why did this have to happen, no one saw any indications that this could happen? Not in general, but in the particulars. I think it’s high time our government take a good look as to what all there insecurity agencies have done to a good portion of this people.

  346. pappyvet says:

    After decades of wingnut hate speak, this frothing is not unexpected

  347. Blogvader says:

    I agree that this particularly conspiracy theory is absurd, and it’s a shame that this person has had to deal with that level of harassment.

    With that said, there are parts of our history that were conspiracy theory before some diligent American put their neck on the line to prove that the official record was false. (Like ‘Deepthroat’ or Robert Hanyok for instance.) As much as you love to ridicule folks, John, it’s important to recognize that it does have its place, especially in a government that goes to such lengths to keep secrets from the public.

  348. dmhlt_66 says:

    Fringe? … Fringe?!?
    Seems that is now the BASE of the Repubican Party.

  349. HibblyBibbly says:

    Why would it require the cooperation of hundreds of persons? Are you kidding? No, it wouldn’t. It would require a few actors and a few authorities. (Unless you mean the government itself, but if they’re all in bed together under potential mortal threat- it’s still not absurd to think.) The staff, students, and most of the parents probably would NOT have been in the know in any way shape or form in order to best maintain the illusion that it was real.
    Let’s be smarter now. If this IS a real conspiracy- a hoax- then it is elaborate beyond your wildest dreams (and no, elaborate doesn’t mean hundreds of people would be involved). If it IS a conspiracy then our comparatively feeble minds (to whomever might orchestrate such a thing) would barely begin to uncover its truths because it would be meant and devised to ruse the general public and divide them from anyone who dissents to the idea that it was a completely legitimate massacre. And if it IS a conspiracy, then guess what? It is working. Just consider it for a moment. You don’t have to agree to continue to examine it for possible truth.
    Don’t forget that even if an incident like this occurs/ed “organically” it does not preclude the government/corporate hooligans from taking advantage of its emotional and reactionary effects on a populace to institute more control.

    Again while they continue to kill innocent children every single day in the Middle East. We’re dripping with hypocrisies and refuse to see any merit in challenging our institutions (whether this is a conspiracy or not).

  350. mike31c says:

    And this is the reason the government has it’s war on drugs… Drugs are BAD for you!

  351. HibblyBibbly says:

    Not only did they mention Aurora, but did it occur to you that each of those shootings could have been a “test run?” Look into shock economics. Each of those shootings could have easily been a way to gauge what kind and scale of tragedy it would take for the citizenry to start talking about and accepting more gun control. Which would make it easier for the head honcho to swoop in and make executive orders (all while he sends another drone into the Middle East). I’m neither right wing nor in any way informed enough to confirm this story or sidle up with it because I find it tasteless, but it would do to think a little more critically about the questions you ask. Chances are you can answer them for yourself unless they’re meant to be rhetorical and therefore useless because you aren’t even looking for answer, just trying to make a point.

  352. the sandy hook elementary is still closed till this day i wonder why :) ? they are making a movie how it all went down duh go do your research

  353. Nikki C says:

    The evidence is undeniable and this is a pathetic, childish attempt at posing anyone who see’s all of the stuff not adding up as crazy. How could we NOT trust our mass media and government? Our mass media who 60% of Americans don’t trust to report the news accurately. There is footage of these people mixing up their facts, stating things and then going back on it. It is ALL fishy.

  354. Nikki C says:

    How about the footage of three shooters, not one. How about the NEWS video footage of parents not knowing they are on camera, smiling and joking, and then putting on a game face? How about no ambulances, no EMT, no children being rushed to the hospital? Again, news footage of the cars blocking all ways from the school. How about donation pages and memorial pages for specific little girls dead created days before the shooting. The list goes on. Open your fucking eyes.

  355. I’ve been studying stupid Americans for a number of years now with the hope of possibly finding a cure. With this stupid shit I’m finished, I just don’t want to know anything more stupid than this crap.

  356. Barack Obama says:


  357. John Grandy says:

    To call your average legally licensed gun owner a “gun nut” is absurd and shows how out of touch and radically charged you are. Your as off the wall as the conspiracy theorists you write about. We need normal level headed people from both sides of the arguments to find real solutions. Stereotyping those who have concerns about guns and those who have concerns about losing their rights is simply just another form of schoolyard bullying and silly. You will not convince the average level headed person you are correct with tactics such as this. As I have a hard time believing the Sandy Hook was some sort of government conspiracy, there are legitimate concerns as to how the situation may be being spun to advance certain agendas. Such as using this as a way to ban AR15 type rifles when this type of weapon was not used in the shooting. When the facts are twisted and manipulated, we should question and be a little suspicious.

  358. fooledmeagain says:

    What about Matt Coyne’s Tweets from a half hour before the first 9/11 call that morning. Showing the first responders on scene …You can find them on screen shots ..but now they’ve been removed from twitter..

  359. fooledmeagain says:

    All you have to do is look at Jen Greenberg sexton to see her and her husband play the role of the Phelps parents . There is no question about that

  360. bubbaking says:

    But even if this did happen it’s sad all you people believe everying the media tells you. Look at the comments on here. Look at all the people saying “OMG how could this be made up? All those kids died OMG”…How the hell do you know if the kids died? People are so stupid and brainwashed

  361. Dick_Woodcock says:

    You do realize that there were quite a few reports of scammers using Facebook to try to get money from people by taking advantage of the shootings, right? This facebook page you speak of, even if it is real, is probably from a scammer.

    Sometimes the simplest answer makes a lot more sense than a conspiracy.

  362. Monoceros says:

    Yeah. I mean, if you really wanted to stage some sort of Reichstag fire-style incident as an excuse to seize guns, surely you’d come up with a plan that left fewer loose ends.

    But I suppose it’s useless to apply logic to these things. I’m reminded of all the doomsday preachers and cultists over the years who claim to predict exactly when the world’s going to end or when Christ is going to come back or whatever. The predicted date always comes and goes without incident, and maybe the cultist loses a lot of followers, yet he also retains some true believers who never fall away and continue to believe in the next, supposedly corrected prediction.

    Obama has been President for four years. If he was going to throw all gun owners into concentration camps or make himself king or whatever, surely he would have at least gotten started by now? The predicted liberal apocalypse didn’t happen…but the true believers still believe.

  363. BeccaM says:

    This is, of course, the downside to the Internet: Any ignorant moron can spread misinformation and lies to other morons, creating a critical mass of ignorance, a massive singularity of stupid that consumes all that it touches.

    In the 1990s, they were mainly limited to AOL and CompuServe discussion groups, for those few who had computers and could operate them. In the 70s and 80s, they distributed photocopied newsletters. In the 60s, it was mimeographs.

    But like I said, now these crazies and morons and ignorant xenophobes find each other and spin the most insane of conspiracy theories…and the saddest thing of all is they really, truly believe this ridiculous nonsense, and use it as an excuse to spread hate, intolerance, and…well, stupidity.

  364. Carl Gorney says:

    Sorry. Doesn’t count.

  365. bubbaking says:

    There was a facebook page made by the family of a girl “emilie” who was “killed” in the shooting. They posted about their daughter dieing and that they were taking donations. Then later they posted that they weren’t sure if their daughter was in the school or if she was taken to a hospital. Then a girl that was “killed” in the shooting was in a picture with Obama a couple days later. This is just a way for the government to take our guns to control us. It’s amazing how people believe everything the media tells you. BRAINWASHED

  366. The YouTube comments simply underscore how desperately this country is in need of competent mental health screening and treatment.

    Or maybe it’s always been this way, but there was no internet for these lunatics to broadcast their crazy to an audience. I dunno…

  367. Carl Gorney says:

    John: She don’t NEED no stinking proof! She has THE GUT, and that’s good enough for her.

    Naomi: Anne Robinson said it best…”You ARE the weakest link. GOODBYE!”

  368. Carl Gorney says:

    Not to mention conspiracies aren’t supposed to EXPAND the number of participants.

  369. The mere idea that there are ‘truthers’ out there that think this was somehow staged makes me physically ill. What is wrong with these people? I mean honestly? Why is this even a thing? Why can’t they leave these kids’ families in peace?

  370. karmanot says:

    “and little emilies” are those like, nano-bots?

  371. karmanot says:

    And a few smiley faces might my ears stop ringing :)

  372. karmanot says:

    It says that your comments are valuable to us, who read them.

  373. As a mason, I never realized there was a secret hand inside the vest pose. Who was he signaling to? Guess I’ll have to go back to lodge and see what I missed.

  374. Alex Kamantauskas says:

    I don’t know, I think in this case, yelling is entirely appropriate.

  375. I’d be more than happy to prove it. Watch this video….

  376. Moderator3 says:

    Please do not write in all capital letters. It is considered yelling. You can use HTML code to put your words in bold, or use lots and lots of exclamation marks.

  377. sunjoe says:

    your completely fucked up asshole naiomi

  378. KIM says:


  379. You mean, we should have a truther “truther” conspiracy theory? (The truthers are jewish-government plot…) ;-)

  380. Im curious what proof you have that even one facebook page was created two days before the shooting occurred. Prove it before you believe it.

  381. samizdat says:

    Not to mention, if you’re in a group of half-a-dozen other children, scared shitless, who have just seen your young teacher murdered, and the man who did it is still in your school shooting people, is 400 yards really that much? We’re talking about twelve hundred feet. As someone else noted, perhaps two city blocks, depending on which city, and which block.

    Sigh. It’s rather sad–and alarming–that so many people have been brainwashed to within inches of their sanity. The worst part is one cannot reason with such hysteria and lack of reason. Just hope that when they finally do lose it, they ain’t packin’. Law-abiding, right up until the blood starts flowing.

  382. Actually, they mention Aurora in the screen grab above.

  383. PeteWa says:

    omg! 400 yards is like 1200 feet! how could those little ones travel such a massive distance?!?
    why, if you put four and a half of those together it would be one of those ‘mile’ things I keep hearing about!

  384. Chris Vogel says:

    In my observation, “truthers” are both conservative and religious, so that cheap, malicious, self-indulgent fabrication is their normal response to everything.

  385. Carl Gorney says:

    Do me a favor. Leave the internet AND NEVER COME BACK. EVER. For ANY reason.

    You need meds in the worst way.

  386. Carl Gorney says:

    Bill Hicks was even more blunt: “We’re a virus with shoes.”

  387. Kurt Weldon says:

    Let’s pretend for a moment – but only for a moment – that these people are correct. Let’s say for the sake of argument that Sandy Hook never happened. What about Aurora? Nobody claimed that didn’t happen. Or Tuscon. Or Columbine. Or any of the other myriad massacres that we’ve been treated to over the last few years. I wonder why that is…

  388. Monoceros says:

    Another one of these dastardly, far-ranging, and yet singularly ineffective gummint conspiracies. Always they would require the coordination and cooperation (or coercion) of hundreds of persons in order to hang together for even a second–proving, of course, how deep the tentacles of liberal tyranny have dug themselves; and yet a fearless 101st Fighting Keyboardist can always unmask the conspiracy in five minutes. You think a massive government cabal would manage its affairs a little better than that.

    Also of note: every mass shooting of this sort has been part of a vast, covert operation to ban gun ownership, yet there have been many such shootings without any serious change to gun laws. If the blackshirts have just been waiting to swoop in and impound everyone’s guns, when are they going to get around to actually doing it? Pretty sorry excuse for a conspiracy.

  389. HolyMoly says:

    400 yards isn’t a “great distance,” unless your body is as in poor shape as your mind.

  390. quark says:

    naomiwalker = particularly dumb nasty troll

  391. caphillprof says:

    Rosen’s is one of the three homes closest to Dickenson Dr which is the ingress/egress to the school; it’s next to a “volunteer” fire department; it’s far from clear if anyone was at the volunteer fire department; the kids were most likely heading home

  392. Monoceros says:

    400 yards is a “great distance”? That’s like, two city blocks!

  393. MyrddinWilt says:

    Oh post an anti ‘truther’ statement and out come the truthers.

    The reason truthers exist is that some people find it impossible to change their mind regardless of the facts. Gadaffi probably thought he was loved by his people while they were lynching him. Assad believes he is a hero rather than the war criminal he really is.

    So unable to accept the fact that guns are the main reason that the US murder rate is dramatically higher than the rest of the developed world, truthers have to invent nonsense and conspiracies to explain away the fact that a gun nut went and murdered twenty first graders in Newtown.

  394. Mitch says:

    you’re a fool just like the rest. he did lie and the video points out multiple places where he did. yes it was skewed to fit the conspiracy agenda but did you even watch the entire video before you wrote this horseshit article? prove to me that the conspirators lied and ill believe you. show me proof that EVERY family got to see their own childs body, to say goodbye to them one last time. If my son got mauled by a cougar i would be allowed to see my child. Also Rosen has been proven an actor already you fool. He has also been proven a gun rights activist. Odd how these all just so happen to line up don’t they. and little emilies family? they only supposedly had 4 children and yours and every other liberals defense is its the same dress on a different child. count children you dumbass. same amount of kids. unless they found her twin somewhere and adopted her to sit on Obama’s lap. I love the common liberal phrase of ‘We are sheep no more’ but the best part is that, YOU ARE.

  395. naomiwalker says:

    I’m less concerned with the reaction of parents and/or witnesses and more curious about the memorial facebook pages that were created in honor of the slain children almost two days before the shooting even occured. Why was the “coroner” filmed posing as a guard directing traffic and then seen again holding an impromptu press conference wearing a lab coat? The truth is there ARE inconsistencies here that need to be addressed. Blaming an entire culture for the supposed actions of one person does about as much good in finding the truth as capturing screen shots of the blamer and ridiculing them with no real support to debunk their claims. You haven’t proven anything with this post, you’ve just made fun of someone without even bothering to research the claims that this MAY not be what the media is telling us it is.

  396. usagi says:

    Reading this this morning pretty much convinced me that Anne Frank had it exactly backward. Most people are fundamentally horrible. Reading comments on the internet only reinforces this view (and I’m not sure what it says about me that I still post comments from time to time).

  397. Rosen does change his story. A man, a woman, a bus driver–who brought the kids and why?
    Also, Rosen lives apparently 400 yards from school. Somehow kids “ran” that great distance, past the fire station, and right up to Rosen’s house? Where he could hear gun shots? Where he has a black car with a sheet-covered window? Where he kept kids 30 minutes without reporting them? Every detail of his account is weird.

  398. Have any of these “truthers” been identified?

  399. Randy Riddle says:

    The fringe of the Republican Party has a way of making you question your faith in humanity.

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