Sam Arora claims didn’t do 180 on gay marriage

Sam Arora really is a slimy bastard

Sam Arora is a man who’s clearly hiding something.  The question is what?  What is so terrible that Sam Arora can’t tell his constituents why he changed his position on marriage equality, 180 degrees, over a three-day period? Why did Sam Arora lie to some of his closest political friends? Just what is Sam Arora hiding in his political closet?

This issue isn’t going away.

Sam Arora famously ran for the Maryland House of Delegates the first time (the only time) as a progressive former Hillary staffer who was adamantly pro- gay marriage.  Sam Arora even called a gay friend of mine, who is also his constituent, to gush to her about how he had cosponsored the gay marriage legislation and how they were going to win this.  Then, mysteriously, he changed his mind.

Sam Arora is hiding something

Whie politicians are permitted to change their mind, they’re not permitted to change it on one of their core campaign promises while being unable to articulate a simple explanation as to why.  It’s down right creepy when a politician suddenly, mysteriously, swings 180 degrees on a core issue, and can’t, won’t, refuses to explain what happened.

Sam Arora

Sam Arora

It’s really not that hard a question to answer: What happened, why did you change your mind?

And when a politician refuses to answer that question, when a politician suggests, as Sam Arora did the other day in the video below, that the question is false – that he didn’t really change his mind, that only his political opponents think he shafted the gay community by betraying his promise to them – then it raises the question of what is going on behind the scenes, what influenced Sam Arora on a core campaign promise, and why is he so loathe to talk about what really happened?

Was he blackmailed?  Outed?  Did his mother threaten him?  His pastor?  Did someone pay him off?  Threaten a family member?  Those are the usual questions I’d ask of a politician if they suddenly clammed up on a core belief and refused to explain why they changed their mind – I’d be concerned that something sinister, untoward, creepy happened behind the scenes.

Sam Arora is a liar

And Sam Arora’s interview last week, below, in which he incredibly suggests that people are playing politics when they claim that he completely repudiated his former position in favor of gay marriage, only makes this entire issue all the more creepy.  Sam Arora’s constituents were, are, furious with him. And if he doesn’t get that, then he truly doesn’t deserve to be in office.

Sam Arora is up for re-election in a few years.  He betrayed his constituents.  Spat in the face of the governor, and of Hillary and Bill (Bill Clinton and Gov. O’Malley both reportedly called Sam Arora, seeking his support – he refused).  Progressive Democrats put this political child in office.  He then betrayed us.  Progressive Democrats are going to take Sam Arora out of office when he’s next up for re-election at the end of 2014.  And any Democrat, or Democratic organization or ally, who supports Sam Arora, is going to have to explain why they are helping elect an anti-gay bigot to office.


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