85% of record-number of guns confiscated by TSA in 2012 were loaded

Pro-gun advocates never miss a chance to talk about how responsible gun owners are, though there are enough examples that show how  false that theory is.  The Sandy Hook shooter’s mom was a gun owner, and we know that turned out, after he took his mom’s gun and killed twenty children.  Then there are the record number of people the TSA catches trying to carry usually-loaded guns on planes.

Then there’s the post- Sandy Hook incident where a 6th grade student managed to bring a gun to school, and a day later when a concealed gun owner lost his gun in a movie theater and failed to warn authorities. The loaded gun was found by kids.

The TSA has now reported that 2012 was a record year for confiscating guns at US airports.  What kind of idiot would bring a gun to an airport, other than a terrorist?

As if bringing a gun to an airport isn’t dumb enough, many of the guns were loaded, with some even having rounds in their chamber.

Oh, and people apparently bringing grenades too, though fortunately they’re inert.  But seriously, who brings a grenade, inert or otherwise, on a plane?

Grenades 12-28-12

Responsible gun owners?  NBC News:

Travelers have attempted to carry more than 1,500 firearms through U.S. airports and on board airplanes in 2012, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

As of Friday, TSA’s gun tally sat at 1,527 — 1,295 of which were loaded — and this week’s count will likely bring the final tally just past 1,550 before the year ends.

Once a weapon is found, the TSA’s job ends, David Castelveter, the agency’s director of external communications, told Skift. “We are not an arresting authority. We don’t have detention authority. If somebody comes through with a weapon the immediate procedure is to call the local authority,” he said. “There are some states where they just tell you to take it back to the car; in others you’ll end up at Rikers.”

Oh and top six airports for gun confiscations are in the south or Arizona. Figured.

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