NM GOP wants to ban abortion after rape as “tampering with evidence”

And you thought Republicans learned their lesson about playing games with rape after the last election.  You thought wrong.

A Republican state representative in New Mexico, Cathrynn Brown, has proposed legislation that would make it a crime to get an abortion, or even “facilitating an abortion,” after a woman is raped.  The “facilitate” language could mean simply driving a woman to get an abortion, lending her money for the procedure, or even just giving her advice in favor of the procedure, putting her parents, friends, spouse, and even religious confidants at risk, lest they give the “wrong” answer.

Here’s the salient part of Cathrynn Brown’s proposed bill:

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Brown is now claiming that the legislation is intended to help stop sex offenders from forcing women to abort their babies.  Because, you know, the biggest problem a woman faces after being raped is her rapist insisting she abort his baby when she wants to keep it.

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And one more thing, Representative Brown.  It’s not “evidence” – it’s a woman’s body.

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