Poll shows huge support for new gun control measures

A new poll shows huge public support for a number of key provisions of President Obama’s new proposal on guns and violence post- Sandy Hook.  Gun control polls far better than people realize.


The poll, mostly taken before Obama released his recommendations, found 74 percent of Americans favor a ban on assault weapons, with 26 percent opposed. A ban on high-capacity ammunition clips was backed by 74 percent, and 26 percent were opposed.

The poll also found 86 percent favor expanded background checks of all gun buyers, including sales at gun shows and between private parties, with 14 percent opposed.

The disturbing part of the poll is that people also like the idea of putting armed guards at school. I’m sorry, but that’s insane. If things are so bad that we need to put armed guards at schools, then we need to admit that this is a far more serious problem than we thought it was.  Maybe it’s time we start talking about, and adopting, draconian measures to address both the causes of the violence, which go far beyond mental health, and the weapons of choice, firearms.

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For example, we have a serious violence problem in our cites, among other places, that a lot of folks, on the right and left, don’t seem entirely able to discuss honestly. And it’s part of the reason people want guns – they don’t feel safe, and they know the bad guys have funs.  And I don’t entirely blame them.

I’ve never felt safe in Washington, DC.  I was violently mugged here a little over ten years ago, and I know the thugs that live near me have guns.  And it makes living here rather unbearable, for me at least.  I can walk the dog back home at midnight and not worry about being attacked.  Here, you wouldn’t catch me dead walking the dog at that hour.  Would I feel safer with a gun – sure.  Would I accidentally kill someone if I had a gun?  Isn’t that the question, and the problem.  More guns don’t seem to be calming things down when far too many people are either prone to violence, or simply nuts.

I’ll never forget the time an 8 year old thug, they mold them early in DC, threateningly flashed a gun at an elderly man sitting outside a coffee shop (Pop Stop, for those of you who were in DC in the 90s).  This was before the age of cell phones.  None of us knew what to do.

But that’s not the only problem.  Far too many of the gun nuts have gun lust. Weapons are like porn to them.  They think a gun has the same meaning as Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus.  A revolver, a bullet, is almost spiritual for them.  And that’s a f’d up attitude to have about a piece of metal.  They fetishize weapons, and violence, and they help feed our already out of control culture of violence.  And someone needs to finally call them out on it.

But in the end it takes political will. Remember, the public option polled at 70% too – and where did that get us? Members of Congress need to stop being afraid of the NRA, and their gun nut constituents, and start standing up for the rest of us. Start standing up against this country’s culture of violence. Before we pass a tipping point, beyond which we may never recover.

Great video below of a police chief telling Congress to man-up and take on the NRA.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtBH0RMJ7EE&w=720&h=540]

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