Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok.

UPDATE: Even more gay news sites have been found to have been banned by the Pentagon, while an officially-designated hate group is not. Good as You, Bilerico – banned.  AFA, NOM, Red State, Breitbart, Glenn Beck – not banned.

UPDATE: The filter category used by the Pentagon, “LGBT,” also bans gay anti-bullying and suicide prevention sites.


It’s bad enough the United States Department of Defense censors Towleroad and AMERICAblog – banning the gay civil rights Web sites from being accessed on DOD computers – and it’s even worse that the Pentagon has no problem permitting their computers to access Ann Coulter’s and Rush Limbaugh’s hate-filled Web sites.

But what’s really offensive is that at least one of the Pentagon’s safe-surfing Internet filters has a censorship category called “LGBT.”  And if you’re deemed “LGBT” by the Pentagon, they ban you.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 1.39.55 PM

I wonder if the Pentagon has a censorship category titled “Jewish,” “African-American,” or “Latino.”

The LGBT filter existed before the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, but still has not been fixed.  And the Pentagon was notified of the problem as early as last summer, 2012.  Yet no one’s gotten around to doing anything about it. I’m also told that the censorship varies depending on service and geographical region – it’s not entirely clear why the Pentagon doesn’t use the same bans/filters nationwide and agency-wide, if it’s going to censor the Internet at all. This problem has to be fixed Pentagon-wide.

Our site, AMERICAblog, was previously banned for being “LGBT,” but now we’re only banned at least by the Air Force, for being “political” and “activist.”  The Air Force is banning my Web site for being “political” while permitting other Republican “political” Web sites.  Daily Kos is banned as well.  Anyone else smelling a Big Brother constitutional problem with that?

I had a few different contacts try accessing a variety of sites on DOD computers, in order to confirm this, including Zeke Stokes, communications director for OutServe-SLDN, who confirmed via one of their military members.  Note what they found.

Towleroad – Banned for being “LGBT”

Towleroad, a popular gay news Web site is banned by DOD for being gay.

Towleroad, a popular gay news Web site is banned by DOD for being gay.

AMERICAblog – Banned for being “political” and “activist.” Previously banned for being “LGBT.”

AMERICAblog, a popular gay and straight news and politics Web site, is banned by DOD for being gay.

AMERICAblog, a popular gay and straight news and politics Web site, is banned by DOD for being gay.


Josh Seefried, founder of OutServe (a DADT repeal group), banned for being “LGBT”

Josh Seefried banned by dod for being gay

Josh Seefried’s, OutServe founder, Web site is banned by DOD for being gay.


Now look at who is not banned by the Pentagon:

Rush Limbaugh, not banned

Rush Limbaugh's Web site is not banned by the Pentagon

Rush Limbaugh’s Web site is not banned by the Pentagon


Ann Coulter, not banned

Ann Coulter's Web site is not banned by the Pentagon

Ann Coulter’s Web site is not banned by the Pentagon

Again, I wonder how long the Pentagon computers would ban all things Jewish or Catholic.  This should have been fixed a very long time ago, and in fact, it should never have happened.  The filter actually says that Towleroad and Josh Seefried were banned for being “LGBT.”


Follow me on Twitter: @aravosis | @americablog | @americabloggay | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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428 Responses to “Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok.”

  1. Show me your proof that there are no filters for the exact things you just mentioned. There are, which I know based on usage of DoD computers, but feel free to stand on your soapbox screaming about half the truth some more.

    BTW: If you notice, the filter also lists blogs/personal pages on every single example you gave. THAT is where the ban comes in.

  2. I submit that you have no right to question this person’s patriotism. You John Aravosis have lost any respect I could have possibly had for you for your ignorant statement and it is my opinion you should post a public apology for your statement.

  3. Did you do any research into the 100s of sites of Baptists, Republicans, and southerners? Do you know how many sites on the other side of the spectrum are banned as well? You don’t and I would assert that with your bias you wouldn’t do that sort of research.

    These bans are not based purely on content. They are based on whether people are found to be using the sites instead of working. Clearly, there hasn’t been enough time wasted on the sites you mentioned as not being banned. Also, you are getting information from one single organization within the DoD. Each individual location has its own filters.

    Please at least be willing to admit you have an extreme bias in relation to this subject and then due to that bias gracefully bow out of the subject. If you can’t report fairly on the subject then you shouldn’t at all.

  4. There are many reasons for ANY organization to ban certain sites from usage. Remember, this is a ban for an internal network that prevents people that are supposed to be working from wasting time. If you want to read into this as more than that then that is your right, but don’t take the action at face value.

    The classification of the ban is nothing more than a classification of the site. I had a personal website banned by the DOD for no reason other than it wasn’t work related. If they deem too much time being spent on specific sites that are non-work related they will be banned.

    The banned sites should actually take this as a compliment that they hold enough interest to government workers be deemed worthy of a ban based on work time lost.

  5. Plum Gurly says:

    It is impossible to be a molester and a Christian. If you can molest, you are not a Christian. Every molesters is a fake Christian. For all we know, it is the CIA planting molesters in churches to destroy Christian influences.

  6. Plum Gurly says:

    NAMBLA is North American Man-Boy Love Association. A man has a penis and a boy has a penis, and a man who likes to diddle penises is what? Morally, there is nothing different between a sick sexual desire for children and a sick sexual desire for members of the same sex, or a sick sexual desire for animals, or a sick sexual desire for corpses, or a sick sexual desire for people who fight your advances and say no.

  7. Plum Gurly says:

    Good. I’m a TS woman who opposed the TG and LGBT communities. People don’t realize that TSs are a type of Mainstream person like TG is a type of LGBT. The T on the end of LGBT is the choice of transgenderism, not the birth condition of TSism. A TS woman starts as a little girl that was born with parts opposite of who they are. They fix them, get on with life, and really have no place with the LGBTs. A TG “woman” is a man who chooses to pretend to be a woman, and any of his “femininity” is chosen and worked up.

  8. Ibsyboy says:

    Okay so i should include white straight men with 9 inch dicks to my list of the source of most child molesters.

  9. Ibsyboy says:

    Also, this fascination with guns, and elevating them to some status of a higher level promise from some divinity as the consummate expression of freedom in a Democracy. The very Country that introduced Democracy as a workable philosophy of Governance. The only industrialized country in the world that has this issue with men and guns And the Gun folks have made the 2nd Amendment an Amendment to the 10 Commandments. Thou shall have a gun.

    It amazes me with all of the freedoms being challenged in this country just on a social level. That there are people of a ungenerate opinion, an antediluvian view of life. That guns come first in the matters of life.. An object created to end life. Is a central narrative in the richest and most powerful and successful Democracy in the history of the world. And we argue about guns and gay rights. And voter rights.

    It’s the 21st Century and people still see America as a Dodge City for today’s gun-slinging White Males. You have no idea of how good you have it in the USA. When I hear Right Wingers yell about Freedoms. They should move to Syria, and get a taste of what the real lack of freedom is. Not this paranoid pretend loss of freedom gun people have created.

  10. Ibsyboy says:

    The 2nd Amendment is meaningless, it is more so when people run to it to justify gun violence. The 2nd Amendment is completely irrelevant. Arm everyone, and let the shooting begin. For those lost souls hiding in the Mountains of America waiting for their self fulfilled prophecy to come to pass. They are nothing more that a bunch of paranoid White Guys who have lost the ability and courage to deal with the real world. They have an Utopian delusion of an all White America, women subservient to Men. No gay people, no liberals, no higher education, they don;t need to have intellectual curiosity, that’s a deterrent to Free thinking. Guns, it’s all so chi8ldish, and adolescent. Playing Cowboys and Indians and War as an adult is sociopathic.

  11. Ibsyboy says:

    You have to understand, the GOP and the Teahadists had the shock of their lives. Americans elected a Negro as the POTUS. TWICE!!!

    Now they are being asked to be accepting of another of God’s creations. Gay humans.

    It’s more that their psyches can handle all at once. The emphasis on what they refer to as perversions, are only their imaginations getting the better of them. Their curiosity scares them, the fear of being okay with Gay people scares them.

    The Negro President will never be accepted, to expect them to accept Gay people is punishing it. The GOP has decided on irrelevance.

  12. Ibsyboy says:

    Care to explain why the GOP psyche chooses to be on the wrong side of every issue.

    Anti LGBT, anti Women, anti Poor, anti Immigrant, anti Negroes, anti Education, Anti Intellectual, anti worker, anti Union. Every thing with a modicum of concern for others is a No No issue. Tolerance and Empathy, poisonous words to a GOPer.

    If it costs money and the people benefiting from it do not fit the GOP Utopian view of America, they vote No. Let me add Anti American and Anti Christian to that list.

  13. Ibsyboy says:

    Ah, a psychologist. A human nature expert. Reminds me of people who talk about sports with such certainty, yet they never played the game. They have every p[layer figured out, and the coaches decisions analyzed. Yet never played the game.

    Those a BS experts, like to hear the sound of their own voice, and don’t much care that they sound like A-holes.

  14. Yep, thanks Sean, finally saw that on Facebook and noted it in another story. That was helpful, as some were telling me this was just Air Force.

  15. Your assumption is that I didn’t note that very fact in my story. I did. “I’m also told that the censorship varies depending on service and geographical region – it’s not entirely clear why the Pentagon doesn’t use the same bans/filters nationwide and agency-wide, if it’s going to censor the Internet at all. This problem has to be fixed Pentagon-wide.”

  16. The article is correct as it notes that different services and different geographic locations have different filters. Now tell me how that fact changes anything I wrote above. So you’re suggesting that DOD is now not responsible for web filtering done by DOD employees?

  17. A) Coretta Scott King thinks “LGBT” is akin to race, so you’re wrong.
    B) So you’re for censorship and permitting one political point of view but not others. That makes you about as un-American as you can get. You’re not that proud a vet, clearly.

  18. Read. Then comment. Read. Then comment.

  19. Coretta Scott King thinks they all fall in the same category, and sorry Nullfactory, but she outranks you on this issue.

  20. No problem, how about they only ban 100s of sites of Baptists, Republicans, and southerners. But permits gays and Democrats. I suspect you’d have a problem with it then.

  21. bingo, just what I said before reading your comment!

  22. We got a prominent link from HuffPo. Their commenters are, how shall I put this, often colorful when it comes to gay rights. I’m letting much of it stand, as they tend to hang themselves.

  23. Hi, if you bothered actually reading the story you’d note the contradiction in the filter, permitting some ‘waste of the taxpayer’s dime” when it’s conservative, but not when it’s liberal. That’s unfair. Either you ban all the sites (and then we discuss the appropriateness of doing so), or you ban none of them. But you don’t ban the lefties and not the righties, the gays but not the anti-gays etc.

    See, if you actually read before you speak, your comments and thoughts would be much improved.

  24. No, you’re ethnic based on your genes, the same reason I’m gay. Oh, and how about the Pentagon create categories for Christians, and ban anything written by a Christian, but permit things written by Muslims – you’d be okay with that right? I mean religion is a behavior and a choice.

  25. plutosdad says:

    That was supposed to be “$100 Million”.

    I might add the Marines spent $3 Million to combat the rape of female Marines by male Marines (this is a big problem in all the services). That shows where their priorities are. $100M for a test to see if you are evangelical enough, $0 to help vets who are actually suffering and at risk of suicide, and only $3M to stop female servicemembers from being raped by men in uniform.

  26. plutosdad says:

    The air force is probably the worst offender. I would not say “run by dominions” but there is a LOT of discrimination against non-evangelicals in the air force, and to a slightly lesser extent other services. Part of the reason is that the Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs, which is home to a number of Evangelical MegaChurches and naturally those influence it, and all those officers rise up through the ranks.

    It is pretty easy to Google up incidents of discrimination that the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has fought against. About 90% of their clients are Catholic or mainline Protestant who are discriminated against by the evangelicals.

    Marines are bad too, they spent over $100 on a “spiritual fitness test” that people did not HAVE to take, but many officers and NCOs did indeed force their people to take, and if you “failed” you were flagged as at risk for suicide and sent to talk to a chaplain.

  27. Ibsyboy says:

    You don’t need anything you don’t use. Wanking off does not count..

    As for hands a feet, have you been sneaking on to those gay porn sites, again?

  28. MamaMelo says:


  29. MamaMelo says:

    Good…those site should be banned and how dare the author compare being gay to belonging to an ethnic group! So disrespectful! People of ethnic groups aren’t ethnic because of their bedroom practices and deviant sexual desires and/or behaviors!

  30. splashy79 says:

    I think DailKos is banned too, as far as I know.

  31. Ibsyboy says:

    Just take a quick look at the high profile molesters or the profile of a molester, it’s predominantly White Straight Christian rooted Males. Same with serial killers.

  32. Marlyn Daust says:

    Someone who uses the AF network on a daily basis. I have never seen an LGBT block but I have seen plenty of ‘blogs’ blocked. I forgot to check out this page at work, but I will have to do it the next time I go in.

  33. Ibsyboy says:

    Perfect. Way to make my point that the GOPers have no original ideas. I assume you know every liberal in America and you have personally checked on their honesty and mental state.

    Whereas for me and White male GOPers:

    If you know one White Male GOPer, you know them all. Giant Trucks, Tractor Pulls, Football and Budweiser 12 packs. Maybe a little Meth thrown in for good measure.

  34. Marlyn Daust says:

    Someone who has seen plenty of blocked pages on the AF network. I have seen education pages blocked for no reason. I have never seen an LGBT block before. I did not get a chance to test the links myself. I am loud equal rights supporter in the military and I am glad to see change in the branches…slowly but surely. I have friends and family serving openingly with no fear now!

  35. kcw1963 says:

    I did say political and LGBT websites should be viewed at home, not work. Did not single out LGBT websites if you re-read my comment. But you and I are on same page :)

  36. Chris says:

    Leave it to the arse backwards military.

  37. WOW I know many LGBT who serve proudly and with great distinction. Your comment is both impious and cowardly.

  38. OK then, time for some ‘edumication’ for the straight boy.

    A. Jews, Latinos, Hispanics and Christians are NOT races, Blacks (African-Americans) are a race.
    B. Judaism and Christianity are Religions.
    C. Latinos and Hispanics are in fact from the Caucasian race (White) and Central American Aboriginal cultures (Mayan, Aztec, etc.)…..this will be news to many bigots but it’s true goodol’eboys.
    D. Homosexuality is innate as in, you’re born that way.
    E. Religion is a Choice.

    Hopefully, this will clear up any misconceptions you may have. If not, I would advise remedial schooling at the 2nd or 3rd grade level.

    You’re Welcome and have a nice day.

  39. Please tell me you’re being sarcastic……..

  40. Fair enough, so why then are employees of the DOD surfing political websites like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Ban them all or let them all be seen.

  41. Actually, proving you wrong is quite simple, one need only read your post. You use ad hominem attacks against an entire group of people, castigating them for being against free speech which you are clearly exercising without an impediment. Further, you state “facts are facts” yet offer no ‘facts’ to back up your argument. And, if that isn’t enough, you claim “You libs don’t like FREE SPEECH from republicans……” while seeing no irony in your statement given the subject of the story being the denial of FREE SPEECH to liberals. No, proving you wrong isn’t difficult at all…….and that’s what makes your screed so laughable.

  42. Buford says:

    Nice dickishness.

  43. Buford says:

    As I said, the distinction could be that these right-wing nutter sites focus purely on the political, whereas a site flagged as ‘LGBT’ would earn that flag as a lifestyle site that contains non-political content… e.g.., ”
    Poll: The 13 dwarves of the Hobbit, ranked by relative hotness”

    If there is no similar lifestyle-type content on those nutter sites, then you have one criteria which they could leverage into a filterable distinction… hypothetically.

  44. Purple Shell says:

    What ever happened to “freedom of speech”? How is it the the hate mongers have freedom of speech, but not others? This matter need to be looked into by the CIA. In my mind hate mongers are traitors.

  45. Larry says:

    Trying to equate ‘gay’ with Jewish, Latino, or African American is
    just gay…oops..! Yes, it’s gay and lame. That’s the right equation.
    Let’s talk about good friends and ‘mates’ no matter the religion or sex
    of any person and we have some sense. The gay community talk of love and
    intimacy without ever mentioning the whole truth and fact that putting
    one’s phalic member into the fecal removal hole of another is wholly
    unsafe and repugnant. Yet two persons of the same sex can be close and
    great friends without sex and be clean but the LGBT ‘agenda-driven’
    group want to have it all without telling us what ‘it all’ consists of.
    As a parent I/we have an obligation to educate our children and set a
    proper example in the whole of society. That is relatively easy for
    ‘normal’ parents but how do you tell a child or anyone that anal sex is
    proper or right in any manner..? Rush is a ‘dork’ but he has his moral
    compass right at least. *smile*

    Every time the liberal
    defunct courts grant some measure of ‘right’ to some gay cause the gay
    ‘agenda driven’ tools push for more that twists and perverts the norms
    of values and nature beyond belief…What as sick society we build

  46. Larry says:

    Trying to equate ‘gay’ with Jewish, Latino, or African American is
    just gay…oops..! Yes, it’s gay and lame. That’s the right equation.
    Let’s talk about good friends and ‘mates’ no matter the religion or sex
    of any person and we have some sense. The gay community talk of love and
    intimacy without ever mentioning the whole truth and fact that putting
    one’s phalic member into the fecal removal hole of another is wholly
    unsafe and repugnant. Yet two persons of the same sex can be close and
    great friends without sex and be clean but the LGBT ‘agenda-driven’
    group want to have it all without telling us what ‘it all’ consists of.
    As a parent I/we have an obligation to educate our children and set a
    proper example in the whole of society. That is relatively easy for
    ‘normal’ parents but how do you tell a child or anyone that anal sex is
    proper or right in any manner..? Rush is a ‘dork’ but he has his moral
    compass right at least. *smile*

    Every time the liberal
    defunct courts grant some measure of ‘right’ to some gay cause the gay
    ‘agenda driven’ tools push for more that twists and perverts the norms
    of values and nature beyond belief…What as sick society we build

  47. Larry says:

    Trying to equate ‘gay’ with Jewish, Latino, or African American is just gay…oops..! Yes, it’s gay and lame. That’s the right equation. Let’s talk about good friends and ‘mates’ no matter the religion or sex of any person and we have some sense. The gay community talk of love and intimacy without ever mentioning the whole truth and fact that putting one’s phalic member into the fecal removal hole of another is wholly unsafe and repugnant. Yet two persons of the same sex can be close and great friends without sex and be clean but the LGBT ‘agenda-driven’ group want to have it all without telling us what ‘it all’ consists of. As a parent I/we have an obligation to educate our children and set a proper example in the whole of society. That is relatively easy for ‘normal’ parents but how do you tell a child or anyone that anal sex is proper or right in any manner..? Rush is a ‘dork’ but he has his moral compass right at least. *smile*

    Every time the liberal defunct courts grant some measure of ‘right’ to some gay cause the gay ‘agenda driven’ tools push for more that twists and perverts the norms of values and nature beyond belief…What as sick society we build for…

  48. Jennifer1972 says:

    No I can get to but not to the LGBT sites in this article.

  49. quick_quip says:

    Typical, government leeches sqealing foul that they cannot waste time on the taxpayer dime. Not even worthy of tar and feathers.

  50. Tom J says:

    Michael, I salute you and thank you for your service.

  51. ecoalex says:

    Obviously hate is ok,it gets the troops fired up.Tolerance is bad for business.

  52. Great says:

    Towelroad and AMERICAblog should file a lawsuit if the Pentagon doesn’t change its policy.

  53. Naja pallida says:

    Bigotry collateral damage. They don’t care who they attack.

  54. LibsRNutz says:

    I’m sure Big Fatarse Red Ed Schultz’s website is still available too. This isn’t news, who really cares.

  55. bigone4u says:

    To refer to the Limbaugh website and the Coulter essays as hate is despicably inaccurate. Banning any websites related to politcal discourse should be a violation of employee First Amendment rights. Let everyone read whatever they like and stop labeling those with whom you disagree as haters.

  56. Don Chandler says:

    Why do you have your long nose up other peoples business if you are so grossed out? If there is one thing I’m not interested in it’s what is going on in my heterosexual neighbors bedroom. Somehow, we all manage to find mutual respect for one another, but you can’t seem to shake out the buttinskies…you have a problem–seek help.

    What you are missing is this is a LGBT site that doesn’t have porn all over the place–you are posting in the wrong place, LOL’er ;) When the pentagon ban’s a this kind of blog, it suggests that the people at the pentagon are perhaps afraid of the ideas that are being spread about at this blog…like marriage equality and the right to fight for our country and simple dignity. Or maybe the pentagon’s paper shuffers really are obsessed with the act as you are obsessed with the act…simple solution, acquisition a glass table.

  57. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You do understand that Jewish and Latino are not races? I’m Latino, and my very nice, all over tan is excellent, but it does not qualify Latinos as a race. Jewish is not a race, it is a religion and qualifies as a choice. I do believe with every fiber of my being that being gay is not a choice.

  58. sam jones says:

    No they are not! I know because I am a straight man with a tiny 9 inches! And I don’t like Molesters, might even shoot one if i seen it going on?

  59. Moderator3 says:

    The moderators are aware of these posters, but the regular posters do seem to handle them quite well.

  60. joeAmerican says:

    and Most if not EVERY liar is a liberal democrat with looney left background. So what’s your point?

  61. jOE aMERICAN says:

    You libs don’t like FREE SPEECH from republicans because we tell you the truth about yourselfs. You call it hate speech … lol… you fools. the real hate speech comes from the looney left!!! Facts are facts dipsh*t!! PROVE ME WRONG? You can’t!!! YOU DAMN LIARS!!!!

  62. Micheal so sorry about the TRUTH, however ” not to worry” there are Good White PEOPLE , there are called ALBINOs, really, REALLY White, the others that Claim that color are far from WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE , that is white Repsents in respect to the color WHITE, and YOu who use that word WHITE ,so LOOSLY , Shame on YOU Blessing…

  63. dcinsider says:

    John, I’m all for free speech but you have some real trolls on here spewing a lot of inappropriate language and homophobic comments. I think they need to be banned.

  64. Robert159 says:

    how does the pentagon ban anything from the people?
    It’s time to ban the pentagon from the united states.

  65. Andrew says:

    I am a bit concerned over your completely unwarranted personal attack on me. You know nothing about me other than the fact that I said that censorship was wasting time better spent on other things. Why would that make me a deviant in your eyes? Your train of thought is a bit sketchy to say the least.

  66. lye says:

    Well they don’t have as much money duh.

  67. Alohajonny says:

    OMG, get over yourselves, the DOD bans hundreds of sites, and Rush hate speech, only in your crazy man love eyes.

  68. nullfactory says:

    The person who wrote this piece of trash understand that being gay is very different from being jewish or latino right? Or are gays their own race now?

    I’d rather people in the pentagon actually do work rather then surf websites all day but hey.

  69. nycmcmike says:

    Oh Sally, it must suck how progression is leaving you in the dust.

  70. nycmcmike says:

    Exactly how is banning LGBT sites a “good story” for LGBT Americans?


  71. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Part of the cultivation of acceptance is crying foul when appropriate.

  72. Kevin Graham says:

    Mercenaries are not US troops, they’re civilians paid to act like military personnel. Unfortunately they’re typically paid much better than our honourable troops.

  73. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Your definition of race needs refining.

  74. Kevin Graham says:

    And I was the second person to sign onto it…

  75. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You need to work on your definition of race.

  76. SinStar says:

    This is nothing more than a feel good story to bash liberty on both sides. One side spews hatred for Limbaugh and Coulter, while the other side bashes ones choices as an adult. When will you people grow up?

  77. Sally says:

    “I wonder if the Pentagon has a censorship category titled “Jewish,” “African-American,” or “Latino.”
    LGBT is not a race; the above are. Please stop slipping in this type of foolishness.
    I’m a proud vet and this bit of news is not concerning. If one wants to read about LGBT, let them do it on their own time, not govt. time.

  78. WomenOnGuard says:

    Very interesting… If the military is OK with homosexuals, so should the pentagon. This is an example of how unorganized our government is.

  79. Cronkite says:

    Is the Lies- and Hate-Filled Huffington Post site banned?

  80. lloydc1234 says:

    If those two would get married they could make a lot more money as has cueball and Madelin. Talk about an “odd couple” show? May they all retire.

  81. Mike says:

    They also allow hate-filled liberal sites such as the Huffington Post.

  82. LGBT are part of American reality. It’s simply ridiculous that a department of the government as large as defense has a problem acknowledging that part of reality and is in for some reason some sort of denial. Good to know an agency that functions according to the morale of it’s soldiers and on “intelligence” decides to demoralize a significant demographic while acting blind deaf and offensively stupid at the same time. What Talibani brainiac thought this bullshit up?

  83. RJLigier says:

    I just thoroughly understand the psychology of sociopathic/psychopathic behavior of homosexuals and bisexuals. It amuses me to no end when you project and prevaricate.

  84. lloydc1234 says:

    Put simply, you are nuts.

  85. lloydc1234 says:

    Say something constructive.

  86. lloydc1234 says:


  87. lloydc1234 says:

    There are other sites, but Rush is the hateful king of talk.

  88. Steve0T says:

    And yours proves mine, dumbass. Try and keep up.

  89. eleanorstrouser says:

    Um, no. But thank you for playing.

  90. eleanorstrouser says:

    If there were no “sell-outs” (gay people working in government?), then you’d be complaining about bigotry in hiring and you’d have nothing to complain about here, since there’d be no gay people in the Pentagon to try to access gay political sites. Instead of just whining and trolling on the Internet, why don’t you follow my suggestion, call the EEO office and get the thing fixed? If you’d like to change the system from within, try “selling out” and getting a job serving your country and fellow citizens. Try experiencing some bigotry first hand, then try to do something about it.

  91. Stev84 says:

    Then they need to be in a “blog” category and not in a gay category. Having a blog category would be reasonable. This is not.

  92. Stev84 says:

    You clearly never heard of the Southern Baptists (especially the Independent Fundamentalist variety). Their coverup of sexual abuse almost rivals the Catholic Church. And because they don’t have a strict hierarchy, they just say “Not our fault. We don’t control that church”

  93. Stimpakistan says:

    Now do the yahoo! search moron.

  94. RJLigier says:

    I would suggest that you stop engaging in histrionic and passive-aggressive behaviors. I would also suggest the borderline psychotic among you cease and desist in serial killings and mass murders and attributing your sociopathic behavior to the general population. The 2nd Amendment protects all of us all from the acts of borderline psychotic adults and tyrannical government composed of sociopathic adults.

  95. RJLigier says:

    Why do all homosexuals and bisexuals manifest histrionic and passive-aggressive personality disorders? Why is it that the borderline psychotic among you engage in serial killings and mass murders? Take responsibility for your behavior before attributing your sociopathy to the general population.

  96. kcw1963 says:

    Why does anyone working at the DOD need to be surfing political or LGBT websites at work anyway? Save it for private viewing in your home!

  97. John M. says:

    Your article is very incorrect. I am responding from a DoD computer on a DoD network. The Pentagon is not at issue.

    What you fail to note is that proxy filtering is done at the enclave level. What you are showing is that a single proxy filter at a single Air Force location is blocking the sites. Your are NOT showing it being blocked by the DoD or even the Air Force as a whole.

    You do yourself and your readers a disservice by not including all the facts.

  98. figure8 says:

    It’s hard to define “Christianity” these days with so much sinning. The internet has opened the eyes for many of the hypocrisy of Christian’s and their tainted halo’s. It’s not just gays that have come out of the closet.

  99. Unbelievable. Or…believable.

  100. gznyc says:

    see what I mean… you are fixated on inappropriate and deviant thoughts that have no bearing on the topic. Please seek help!

  101. gznyc says:

    Dear RJLigier, your comments are being reported as inappropriate… There is no room in this great nation we all live in for your kind of ignorant and LGBT-phobic rants. Just by clicking on your name, one can see your fixation on the subjects of pedophilia and homophobia. I suggest you seek therapy before someone else seeks it for you. I would hazard a guess that you are an proud, NRA, card-carrying member. Please seek help before it is too late!

  102. gznyc says:

    Michael, yikes! That sucks and I’m sorry for your treatment from fellow “Americans”. And those people who behave this way, anonymously (as you described above) and in some comments to your post, are people who are cowards and can’t own up to the fact that they are intolerant and prejudiced. America has NO ROOM for these kind of people. And “asdf” below is an example of one of these people. SAD SAD SAD

  103. gznyc says:

    what “weirds everyone out” is intolerant and enempathetic people who “hate” and name call b/c they either don’t know an LGBT person or are just plain prejudiced.

  104. gznyc says:

    Wow, the above article is ALARMING… As an interpreter, I get a chance to talk with people from other countries and a recent conversation with some fellow Chinese Interpreters opened my eyes and woke me up. I asked, “So, how do you compare our freedom to the freedom that China says you enjoy?” I was bluntly told that, “people in the USA aren’t that free… except you can criticize your government.” When you think about it, his statement was pretty much on the mark. We are told what we can do and when (smoke, buy alcohol, access LGBT / AFA websites, etc…)

    My original intent of posting here was to ask everyone to flag

    RJLigier ‘s comments as inappropriate. He (?) goes beyond the concept of “freedom of speech”. The guy (?) has a fixation on pedophilia, homosexuality and the like. If you click on his name, almost ALL of his comments are based in inappropriate comments, innuendo and hearsay. Maybe the govt should look into this guy. You know, the ones who “bark the loudest” are more likely to be doing what they are barking about, allegedly.

  105. rmthunter says:

    Try assimilating some facts — such as the fact that gay men are less likely to molest children than straight men. If you don’t believe actual science on that score, check the FBI’s numbers — they’re right in line with the research results.

  106. Sven Storm says:

    They certainly know who their real enemies are?! LMFAO!

  107. As an Air Force vet, every time I hear this story I’m ashamed. No organization of any sort should be able to control the military.

  108. RJLigier says:

    Closeted homosexual bisexual men and women engage in pedophilia and ephebophilia………….

  109. RJLigier says:

    You mean closeted homosexual bisexual male or female, regardless of race, color, or creed……………..

  110. RJLigier says:

    More sociopathic homosexual blather……………..the rights of serial killers and mass murderers aka borderline psychotic homosexuals and bisexuals……………Why do borderline psychotic homosexuals and bisexuals want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment?

  111. RJLigier says:

    Child molesters…………all homosexual bisexual men and women pretending to be straight through heterosexual marriage.

  112. RJLigier says:

    And inserting hands and feet into your rectum_vagina which causes rectal and uterine prolapses is normal? What other species besides sadomasochistic homosexuals and bisexuals engage in such behavior?

  113. RJLigier says:

    You like hands and feet in your rectum_vagina. Why do I need my dick?

  114. wrong! Pedophiles are not homosexuals. Learn the difference between a sick sexual desire for children and a desire for the same sex in adults.

  115. Navy Jesus says:

    Your assumption is that the military has a DoD wide network that works well so they can just turn off the filter and everything will be fine. There are multiple systems at hundreds of bases throughout the 5 services all running on different network providers and different contracts specific to the region, country, or platform.

  116. LivNLuvCA says:

    What mind altering substance are you on? Evangicals hide under the title of youth “pastor” and molest teens..I suggest your do some research that is evidence based prior to making a comment!

  117. The is banned onboard the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74).

  118. Rocco11 says:

    “Hate filled conservative sites” ? Sorry, just don’t see it.

  119. Nick says:

    Just watching Top Gun will make you gay these days. ;-)

  120. Talleyrand says:

    What did anyone expect? That the Pentagon, specialists in killing and disinformation, should want a group that promotes peace and tolerance? In your dreams.

  121. Ibsyboy says:

    No defense on earth for censorship of any kind.

  122. Ibsyboy says:

    Problem there is, the Teahadists are locked in their ideology. No taxes on the wealthy, no rights for Women, no rights for Gays, no rights for low income voters. Guns for everyone. And don’t forget, the cure all of cure alls, prayer in school thing. 20 Children crying and praying their hearts our for a tiny bit of God’s attention. Nada. Complete silence and not a move of the tiny finger of the Almighty.

  123. Ibsyboy says:

    Another well thought out comment by a Small Dick White Guy. Who is afraid of those dark scary thoughts.

  124. Ibsyboy says:

    Most if not every molester is a White American Male with a Christian background. Do your research.

  125. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Okay, then you won’t mind holding your breath until the “LGBT” censorship category is eliminated, right? You sell-outs are disgusting.

  126. Ibsyboy says:

    Rabid and liberal in one sentence. Yet to see any one other than a GOP-Teahadist with a foaming mouth. The mere thought of the Negro in the White House starts the foaming every time. Rabid and GOP now you got it.

  127. Skeptical Cicada says:

    The facts are circled in red on the screenshots above, bigot.

  128. Skeptical Cicada says:

    My safesearch is off, and a search for “LGBT” yields zero porn, bigot.

  129. Ibsyboy says:

    The GOP would have a migraine if you went after Bush. They are still trying to get their heads around, Al Jazeera having cable access in the USA. Sharia Law is coming to eat your children.

  130. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Here’s another idea: stop discriminating against gays.

  131. Ibsyboy says:

    Now that is not nice. The paranoia of a straight White man afraid of his own sexual shadow.

  132. Skeptical Cicada says:

    No. Your theory is absurd.

  133. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Who are these imbeciles posting comments about how there is no “LGBT” block when the screen shots in this story clearly show the Pentagon using an “LGBT” block?

  134. Ibsyboy says:

    Child Molesters: All straight white men with tiny dicks.

  135. Skeptical Cicada says:

    They might have a better chance of winning if they were smart enough to spell “you’re.”

  136. Skeptical Cicada says:

    No, most of the right isn’t smart enough to be evil. Your infantile comment is perfect example.

  137. Skeptical Cicada says:

    What’s your excuse for your smug and anti-gay condescension?

  138. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Try noting the screen shots above. The Pentagon is using “LGBT” as an independent censor category, completely separate from blogs.

  139. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Tells us more about your bigotry than the site.

  140. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Ding. Ding. Ding. Anti-gay bigotry from what, until last year, was the nation’s largest employer with an explicitly bigoted employment policy?

  141. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Which as unchangeable as a person’s race, but therapy is available for your bigotry.

  142. If you care about Israel so much, go live there.

  143. So shouldn’t they ban straight-related sites?

  144. CooperLiar says:


  145. SomeDumbLib says:

    Phobic? No one is afraid of you. We are grossed out by you, yes. Afraid? No.


  146. farsighted says:

    Well, evangelical christians don’t go around m0l3sting little children and betraying their country.

  147. asdf says:

    Shut up, fggot.

  148. Cooperztown says:

    A lot of time and energy? It’s a simple click of the mouse.

    get over yourselves. You’re a deviant. It’s normal for people to be weirded out by you.

  149. Cooperztown says:

    Actually it’s h0m0s3xuals who are most likely to m0l3st children.

  150. Cooperztown says:

    “”‘I wonder if the Pentagon has a censorship category titled “Jewish,” “African-American,” or “Latino.””””

    Well, you see, those are racial designations. LGBT is a designation of someone’s peculiar sexual proclivities and deviation.

    Mmmmkay, h0m0s3xual?

  151. DanB says:


    Great simple post. Ride the wave.

    Women wanted to be counted as fully human. We’ve made progress but we’re still working on equal pay.

    People of color are still demonized by images of the “deflowering of white women”. I wish it weren’t so. Many of our neighbors are in loving mixed-race and mixed national-origin relationships. They demonstrate love over tribe, blessed community over exclusion, every day.

    LGBT people still creep-out many American citizens. Some people may never get over their feelings. Others will discover that love is love. They’ll discover that their neighbors and distant cousins and close family members have created loving families and are cherished members of loving communities. They’re raising kids. But they’ve got to see them (images matter), be with them (feelings matter), and overcome their inner demons, the demons that breed fear and hate.

    Cultivating acceptance and love is essential to transformation.

  152. Phoflex says:

    Very ignorant comment. The uniform is noble. However, all the private companies leaching off the services is despicable. How about a Burger King burger with your IED wound.

  153. Michael,
    I am sorry you have had to deal with that kind of crap, I knew America wasn’t as far along as many pretended but had no idea we would leap backward so far after knowing better. Since the initial run of candidate Obama – the things I have heard and seen – the ONLY thing I did right was to teach my children to treat others how they would like to be treated. It really breaks my heart to know the pigs have brought racism and other kinds of hate out in the open as if it’s OKAY. Well it isn’t, it’s disgusting and wrong and the GOteaP needs to know it. Seems hate has been the only thing “trickling down” for the past thirty years. I don’t know how to fix it, but you stay safe and I hope you live really well and smile right in their nasty faces (or just to yourself) in satisfaction.

  154. Fred Walker says:

    Coulter is the voice of a generation!!! A destitute down, greed promoting, hate mongering, trust fund inheriting generation of entitled morons. These morons would rather have a family starve than sacrifice a summer home, yacht, or Porsche for their sweet sixteen.

  155. condew says:

    My employer plays FOX News in the lobby and the cafeteria. I call it a hostile workplace environment and an abuse of government resources. I actually did get them to tune to MSNBC once in a blue moon by pointing that out.

    But I know who I am dealing with and might read MSNBC or Talking Points Memo at work, but due to the gay-friendly content I’d never even try to read AmericaBlog at work.

  156. The military anymore is just uniformed welfare.

  157. Military personnel are insane for the most part.
    Lying, thieving morally ambiguous undereducated troglodytes.

    I suddenly want to be gay.

  158. Chris Herz says:

    According to ARMY TIMES some years back two-thirds of Army officers described themselves as “very conservative.”

  159. Jafafa Hots says:

    This is about as shocking as finding stormtroopers on the death star.
    This is what they DO.

    We are the largest most powerful nation the world has ever seen, by far.
    You didn’t think we actually need to spend close to a trillion dollars per year on DEFENSE, did you?
    That we are in some kind of actual DANGER?

    We are an imperial power, and imperialist armies like their soldiers programmed properly.

  160. kdoug says:

    So much for fighting for “freedom” of the press …

  161. Blake says:

    LGBT should not be a keyword for blocking a website.
    If Google has the safe search that blocks porn but not news websites, etcetera, surely the Pentagon can do the same.
    Unless this is just a display of homo-hostility.

  162. tevic says:

    I’ve never heard of this site “Ameicablog” but glossing over a few headlines, loos like it’s pretty hate-filled to me

  163. Funny how the government runs counteractive to common sense. Civil rights and equal protection for all is censored, but loony far right hate speech is protected. Strange world we live in indeed.

  164. HolyMoly says:

    Or Brush Lint-Ball

  165. Thomas Jones says:

    No – Bluecoat defines nearly every site running wordpress, or ones that “look like blogs” even though they aren’t, as blogs and therefore blocked by the AF proxies. Its outright stupidity.

  166. Somegraphx says:

    I’m actual wondering if the sites are really banned because they count as blogs; personal pages. I know that at my company, all blogs are blocked. I can’t get to my elearning blogs, but I can see HuffPo and drudge. I’m going to try these at my office (although I’m not DOD, it seems a lot of large companies have a blanket ban list. We can’t watch videos including our own company speaking at a TED conference.

  167. Thomas Jones says:

    The Pentagon doesnt control the Air Force proxies. I used to work as a network boundary engineer in the Air Force INOSC. These lists are pulled from Bluecoat itself, and then specific exemptions have to be made per site to allow given its categorical classification. The Director of the NSA commands all military computer networks, and the Commander of AFSPC reports to him. The 624th Operations Center is the one who releases the task order or MTO to change proxy settings at the INOSC’s, which control internet access for every Air Force base world wide – at least those who are migrated into the enterprise Air Force domain – a project currently ongoing.

  168. gearbox123 says:

    Your reply simply proves my point.

  169. ritgar says:

    … and they are probably all spinning like tops now that Current has been purchased by Al Jazerra! (arguably the best news channel on the planet!)

  170. This is one of the areas President Obama fails to understand about the military. It is a top down leadership on everything. It is supposed to start with the Commander and Chief, but Obama does not assert his power in the military effectively on media bias, political manipulation of senior officers, and good conduct of all military personnel. He does not have a clue, because he did not serve, and he has no family history in the military to educate himself. Because he did not serve, he is weak on leadership of the military. He is foolish enough to trust all of the military leaders, because he has no experience to tell the difference. Obama should ban Fox news in any public spaces in the military. It is anti-Obama and therefore biased against the Commander in Chief. It is the presidents duty to keep the troops in line.

    Christianity in the Air Force comes from the top down.

    There is a book that is over 10 years old written by a reality TV celeb that was a closeted gay man at the air force academy. The book gave great inside to the uber-Christian workings of the US Air Force Academy leadership. Putting a bible on your desk and attending church was very important in the academy.

    Check out the book “Here’s What We’ll Say: Growing Up, Coming Out, and the U.S. Air Force Academy” by Reichen Lehmkuhl (2007). It is a great book and you will enjoy his dismissal by Ted Kennedy and his acceptance by Barney Frank when he was looking for and endorsement to get in the US Air Force Academy.

    Lehmkuhl has since become sort of a celebri-tard on LOGO TV on a show call the “The A-List”. If you want your life to be a train-wreck to the nation, join reality TV. Sad that a pilot has chosen this for his career. I watched one episode on LOGO TV and it was a bigger train wreck on no-purpose lives than any of the Real Housewives shows. The good news is the show has been canceled and Lehmkuhl is reported to be preparing to go to Law School. Maybe this hunk is back on the right track in life.

  171. Steve0T says:

    Listen up, bagger boy, the blog is asking for equal access (or restriction, no one cares).

    Why do conservatives apply one set of rules for themselves, and another set for the rest??

  172. David Soares says:

    Well–it’s for sure that “anything sexual” does not apply to COulter, she could use some.

  173. David Soares says:

    Probably about a GS-3 level huh Eleanor????

  174. Mike Meyer says:

    YOUR SITE and others like it helped defeat DADT. Holding a grudge is , though UNREASONABLE, might be understandable.

  175. David Soares says:

    This is way below his pay grade

  176. markpkessinger says:

    That certainly isn’t the case at AmericaBlog or Towleroad, and there are many, many other sites besides that do not show skin. You are full of it.

  177. markpkessinger says:

    The CEOs of most businesses have no clue what specific sites their IT departments have blocked on their proxy servers, so why on Earth would you conclude the President of the United States knows that kind of detail about a SINGLE department? This is just delusional!

  178. gearbox123 says:

    Don’t bother them with the facts, they’ve made up their minds.

  179. gearbox123 says:

    The only war the Left is fighting is their war against America. (and Israel.)

  180. gearbox123 says:

    Waaah. Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean they’re full of “hate”. Listen to yourself – do you hear how rage-filled and hateful YOU sound?

    There’s an old saying, the Left thinks the Right is evil, while the Right thinks the Left is merely stupid. Based on the amount of hate coming from the Left in the last four years, I think that needs to be revised, and maybe even reversed. The Left is definitely not just stupid, I think a lot of them are evil also.

  181. Topkitty27 says:

    Both Rush and Ann Coulter are cancers on American society. They should be tried for treason and sent to Gitmo. They prey on the ignorant and have ZERO concern for the American People.

    They only spew their misinformation to make a buck off of their minions that support big business and the Christian Right Agenda. They are far more dangerous than any foreign enemy, VOTE THE REPUBLICAN DEVILS OUT OF OFFICE!!!! Once they gain a firm control… America as we no it is DOOMED. We will be the financial slaves of the minions of Satan.

    You don’t need to vote Democratic just don’t ever again vote for the cancerous and evil Republican Party.

    They are represent Satan in the modern world and want to make certain freedom has a price tag that can only be paid by the selling of your soul. If you’re a Christian… you cannot be a Republican. They are the scum of the earth.

  182. Anna Rather says:


  183. Jade Mahoney says:

    One of my former employers had an “LGBT” category in their web-filtering. When I found out that Lambda Legal was banned under this category, I nearly blew a gasket.

  184. Lolita Sweeta says:

    Come on…Rush is still a drug addict and Coulter is still a man the LBD still doesn’t work.

  185. BobSF_94117 says:

    Let me guess… outsourced to a “private contractor” who just happens to be a company owned by a conservative Christian.

  186. This should make one hell of a recruitment poster!

  187. werg says:

    You know that fox and rush despise their fellow americans. It’s all hate.

  188. 34543353454 says:

    booo hooo hooooo……who cares if they’re happy or not? Just because you call them “hate filled” doesn’t mean your right. Its about time the conservatives WIN.

  189. hrh says:

    Does Aravosis EVER stop whining? (That was rhetorical.)

  190. Tom Berndt says:

    Nice. There is sanity in the world.

  191. They want to make sure you’re okay with dying in wars for conservative causes, so they can’t let any liberal voice get through.

  192. Marlyn Daust says:

    It is more likely blocked because they are “blogs” not just a website. You cannot go to even a nail polish or DIY blog without being blocked. I have never seen any blocks saying LGBT specifically and I have gone to gay rights pages. I will have to try at work to see if I get the same results.

  193. Carol Green says:

    It may sound odd to most people that the Pentagon has banned LGTB websites, but has not banned sites like Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter. Well, I think I’ve figured out the reason. Most employers boil knowing their employees waste precious work time searching the net for personal, even sexual reasons. I’d bet many employees at the Pentagon are gay or closeted gay. Pentagon officials, bent on limiting web searching on the job likely studied usage and found LGBT sites enticed workers more than most. The same officials likely found right-wing sites like Limbaugh’s and Coulter’s to be rarely visited by their employees, so officials didn’t ban more conservative sites. Makes sense, no?

  194. F'mal DeHyde says:

    Thank you Stimpakistan, that’s the point I’ve been trying to make that SC refuses to understand. The category doesn’t matter, its BLOG that throws up alarms. Jesus Christ, it shouldn’t be this hard to explain.

  195. boyce 535 says:

    So many young people join for all the right reasons. I was a career soldier and spent 7 yrs as a recruiter and I never met or enlisted anyone who was doing it for religious reasons and I doubt if anyone who enlists know that our DOD has a top down policy of religious intolernce. Try to get out because you don’t want to be religiously harshed and see what happens. I knew what was happening but I didn’t have the balls to walk away. I will just have to take that to my grave.

  196. Edward says:

    Here’s an idea. Use your computer at home.

  197. DC Mykl says:

    Yes, it is amusing to watch christians being Christ-like.

  198. DC Mykl says:

    Oh yes, and you of course have someone in mind who would be infinately superior. Or perhaps not. Maybe you just like to crawl around with vomit dripping off your chin looking and acting grotesque.

  199. mwestport says:

    ” florist’s convention” What a dig! How is everything in the 1950’s?

  200. So much for freedom of speech. The really interesting idea is that this banning of sites is basically because of personal fears on the part of those in charge. Are they so worried that they are themselves are attracted to someone of the same sex that they need to protect themselves form being noticed? As much as I dislike Limbaugh or Coulter and the likes of them, I would rather know what they are saying than ignore the hate they are spreading. You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Better to have them in your tent, rather than outside the tent and pissing in. Come on! Whoever is in charge. Grow up! Join the 21st century.

  201. Stimpakistan says:

    They also block a US Air Force Academy blog. Are they “LGBT”?

  202. DC Mykl says:

    Good…good. Evolving works well for him. I was very pleased with the results of his last evolution.

  203. Stimpakistan says:

    I do. I like porn.

    You must have your safesearch turned on.

  204. tony grant says:

    These two Idjits, Ann Coulter and Rush…both got neutered after the Nov 6th election….

  205. Stev84 says:

    People produce porn to make money. And since there is a market for gay porn, straight people produce it.

  206. tony grant says:

    Who freakin types in google==>image lgbt gay, dimwit….but if you type in lgbt gay, what comes up are resource pages about gay/lesbain.

  207. MerryMarjie says:


  208. Stev84 says:

    Everything is about sex to religious nutbags

  209. Stimpakistan says:

    This really isn’t too hard to understand.

    Search for “LGBT gay” in google or yahoo! image search and see what comes up. Yep, that’s right a lot of porn. Gay porn. I don’t think it’s it’s straight people posting all this gay porn on the web ….so you want to wonder why certain search engine criteria gets flagged I guess you know who to blame.

  210. lol that I’m not sure so sure about that

  211. Stimpakistan says:

    Being bi isn’t about gender. It’s about sex.

  212. eleanorstrouser says:

    As a lesbian who worked in the Pentagon during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” I’m pretty sure I’m up on the corrosive bigotry issue. But in this case, this is an IT tech support problem that could easily be resolved.

  213. disqus_uErxGw6a5W says:

    Ann Coulter and Rush are always on the Matt Drudge report. They are def gay “aware”

  214. Doublejack says:

    I used to work for DoD. We couldn’t even access NPR’s website.

  215. karmanot says:

    The last part of your name says it all.

  216. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Then leave

  217. karmanot says:

    What makes you think religious sites are normal?

  218. karmanot says:

    Don’t worry, nobody wants you.

  219. Belle Starr says:

    Hahaha, the best laugh of my day—now I can go to sleep chuckling!

  220. karmanot says:

    Except for General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steube, who helped Washington win the Revolutionary War. And, then there’s Alexander the Great who conquered the world. Try again skankys.

  221. Belle Starr says:

    Exactly what I was going to suggest—if they have the money to run this kind of horse-hockey censorship program, then they have too much money….

  222. I’m not sure why you think writing a person’s Representative is a waste of time. Contacting ALL your Congressional representatives is always a good idea…whether they’re tea baggers or not. They need to hear from outside their little echo chamber. AND gays, lesbians etc. have some very commited allies in the House. They also need to hear from LGBT people.

  223. karmanot says:

    No almost about it—-you are completely pathetic.

  224. ckg1 says:

    No, please! Keep digging! Make yourself look even stupider than you already are, Mr. Hawk2!

  225. ckg1 says:

    I’m sure Mr. Limbaugh and Ms. Coulter will be happy you came to their sites instead of this unsavory one.

  226. ckg1 says:

    Why the F did you even come here? Are you a masochist?

  227. Skeptical Cicada says:

    I don’t care if you’re a Santa Claus elf. The screen shots make clear that your precious DoD is using an “LGBT” censorship category. Spare us the bigot-coddling evasion.

  228. karmanot says:

    “you’re going to love legalizing incest, polygamy and polyamoury.” Is that the same as priests raping children?

  229. Gman says:

    Pentagon bans Towleroad, AMERICAblog sites for
    being “LGBT.” Coulter, Limbaugh ok
    Same sites as the Vatican

  230. karmanot says:

    Oh honey, clearly you’ve never had a bunk job.

  231. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Hiding your bigotry behind an anonymous username is how you get by in the real world.

  232. karmanot says:

    Thumbs down also means ‘noooobody likes you.’

  233. Skeptical Cicada says:

    It’s called “pretext.”

  234. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Then where’s the straight category, bigot?

  235. Don Chandler says:

    If the pentagon could explain why the blogs are being censored then we could be more specific in our criticism. But you have to admit, censoring people on a blog suggests fear of what is being said at the blogs…it’s basically cowardice on the part of the pentagon. Who are they protecting?

  236. Skeptical Cicada says:


  237. karmanot says:

    Cheetos with jalapenos.

  238. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Try therapy for your self-hate.

  239. F'mal DeHyde says:

    Look again. There was one screenshot that didn’t have LGBT that was blocked as well… yes, it was a blog. That’s the common denominator. I’m a DOD employee, they block cooking blogs as well.

  240. Skeptical Cicada says:

    You grossly underestimate the corrosive bigotry that pervades the DoD.

  241. Skeptical Cicada says:

    An “LGBT” censorship category is unacceptable. Too bad you don’t have any problem with anti-gay discrimination.

  242. karmanot says:

    Is there any connection between a small mind and genital identity?

  243. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Apparently you missed that whole “LGBT” censor category.

  244. karmanot says:

    Is dickhead part of the real world?

  245. F'mal DeHyde says:

    It’s the word “blog” that sets off the censors on DOD computers. Doesn’t matter what the subject is, if it’s a blog, it’s not allowed. Nothing to get excited about here.

  246. karmanot says:

    Very patriotic of you down-arrow to diss a vet’s mom….assh**e.

  247. eekeller says:

    Another swinging dick hear from

  248. karmanot says:

    What bullshit….the old equivalent shuffle won’t work here. Anti GLTB is not just an opinion IT IS HATE, hate that denies equal civil rights for American citizens.

  249. Bingo. It didn’t say blogs, it said LGBT. We can discuss the “blog” bias another time.

  250. If you’ve ever introduced your wife or your children to anyone in the world then you told them that you had intercourse, so please stop insisting that you identity yourself by your genitals.

  251. karmanot says:

    Is ‘hetro’ blocked?

  252. eekeller says:

    In your dirty little mind, I’m sure.

  253. D.w. Skinner says:

    it’s not something to over react to. I know financial firms who block the same sites. They simply consider Limbaugh and Coulter to be generic radio fare like The Ed Show, Rachel Maddow and the rest. Some Youtubes can be blocked from business if they suspect content might be questionable. In time, it’ll all change. The Conservatives are losing ground on absolutely everything… Fox news’ ratings are plummeting… just be patient..

  254. karmanot says:

    To hell with grace. Obama is a sell out.

  255. eekeller says:

    You, however….

  256. Well, too bad. They also caught legitimate news site sand they need to fix it.

  257. BeccaM says:

    Then don’t enlist.

  258. It says LGBT, that means Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans. So actually if four-fer. Our site was banned by some DOD computers for being gay, but others for being political.

  259. BeccaM says:

    In fact, the overwhelming majority of porn sites out there are hetero-oriented… yet the excuse for banning LGBT blogs and discussions is because there is SOME gay porn out there, too? Talk about a ridiculous justification.

    You’re right: It’s not our problem. It’s the bigots’ problem.

  260. So you mean news sites aren’t pertinent to the job of people at the Pentagon? You do realize that a lot of policy people work at the Pentagon, it’s not just about shooting M-16s at Arabs all day long.

  261. What about the bottom pro homo agenda?

  262. Actually, the Pentagon’s public information folks need to read my story since it’s obviously causing a problem today, but they won’t be able to, because it’s banned. So, yeah, there are times when people at the Pentagon read my site. In addition, we often report on problems with gay and trans DOD personnel, and have for years. Again, they would need to read our site to learn about the problems. That’s like saying no one in the Pentagon should ever be reading a newspaper for work.

  263. Michael says:

    In the Military we have no time for divisive Racists like Limpballs or that huge Adams Apple sporting giraffe neck scrawny butt sea hag, neither of them have never worn a Military Uniform and are too chickensh!t to enlist in the first place.

    African American Air Force Veteran

    FYI the Thanks I received for my Military service was to be spat at, rocks thrown at us, nooses hung from the trees just off Base in an attempt to intimidate us, refused taxi transportation while in Uniform from Wilmington, NC airport to Fort Fisher AFS and shot at while changing a flat tire in VA agian while in Uniform by a group of Racist white good ole boys, You gotta love the love some Anglo-american sheeple show their African American Military Vets,,,, Not!!

  264. Yeah, I don’t think so. Our government isn’t permitted to ban political speech, and speech about or by specific minorities. DADT was lifted over a year ago, and they were notified about this problem last summer. We informed them, they didn’t act, conversation’s over.

  265. You lost that fight.

  266. Well, that’s not my problem. There are a lot of hetero porn sites out there too, we don’t ban all web sites that might cater to heterosexuals.

  267. karmanot says:

    What rabid sites freestinker?

  268. I suspect he was unaware of this. People don’t discuss internet filters with the president, unless they blow up as national news stories.

  269. Edgar Nell says:

    When will all this come to an end? One thinks progress has been made and DOD has finally righted a long standing wrong only to discover that there is still a long way to go. The very core of the Armed Forces’ leadership is still operating with an Inquisition emulating mind set. Where is the Secretary of Defense and why hasn’t he issued a “cease and desist order” and end this travesty once and for all?

  270. Huh? So you’re a free speech advocate who opposes censorship and you’re chastising us for exposing censorship? As for how quickly the government acts, it’s not my job to let the government take years to fix rank bigotry. DADT has been gone for over a year now. There is no excuse for the Pentagon still having a bigoted computer use policy.

  271. onejamesp says:

    Happy to see our Country is trying to get away from the perverted Gays

  272. karmanot says:

    Thank you freestinker

  273. karmanot says:

    The Navy, I imagine is silent and runs deep.

  274. eleanorstrouser says:

    I’ve worked in the Pentagon and other federal agencies. There is no such thing as one DoD or Pentagon filter or server. That’s not how web servers work. The Pentagon has servers for each branch of the military and sub-agency in the building. This is a location-specific filter, that as far as your post suggests, only applies to one office in the Air Force sub-Pentagon. Each agency buys their own IT products from their budget and filters through its purchased IT products.
    I agree that “LGBT” should not be a filter, plain and simple, and guarantee that one polite email to the Blue Coat web page review site from an employee would be all that it took to have this filter category removed (by a peon in an IT cubicle no less). If you really want to fix this for this Air Force server, an email to the Pentagon Air Force EEO office would suffice. I’m not saying that it’s not a problem, but it’s also not anything that some Pentagon OverLord or DoD Mastermind can fix. This is a low-level administrative issue and easily resolved.

  275. Oh? that’s intg…

  276. karmanot says:

    Are they banning ‘chicken shit chicken hawks’ sites?

  277. Michael says:

    Oh no not Rush “I used a hairy butt pimple to avoid service during Vietnam” Limpballs,,, Priceless

  278. Connie Durr says:

    Then they should have an intranet which only allows for access to in-house servers and there should be no access to the internet at all. Giving access implies that use of the internet is acceptable behavior at work.

  279. These screenshots are of an off-the-shelf office web filter from Blue Coat. Chances are it was installed with default settings. While you can fault the DOD for not configuring it properly (or fixing it once it was pointed out to them) I’d be much more concerned that they’re using the same software that Syria and Burma have used against their own people.

  280. Connie Durr says:

    Somehow I don’t think that someone who identifies liberal sites as “rabid” is a good source to determine if liberal sites are actually being accessed. Some conservatives think that MSNBC is “rabid liberal” and they are at best moderately liberal as they carry water for a middle of the road democratic president.

  281. Sam Rose III says:

    What a remarkably stupid generalization!

  282. Larry says:

    Because they are so brave….not to mention believing in Equality. Totally Americanish.

  283. John Barelli says:

    These decisions aren’t generally made by military leaders, but by civil servants, who follow the unofficial motto of the civil service “don’t cause trouble”. So, we need to make it more bother to censor than not. Thankfully, we have a way of telling them that this is unacceptable.

  284. JRElliott says:

    Would be interesting to know whether would be blocked or allowed.

  285. Out here in the real world, away from the fringe in which most of you seem to exist, there are people who still value free speech and who oppose censoring those with whom you don’t agree. The government doesn’t do anything quickly. Relax.

  286. jaf48 says:

    Do not think for one moment that Obama is unaware of this.

  287. freewayblogger says:

    To be fair, the AFA and other Christian sites are probably blocked for their propensity towards child rape.

  288. BeccaM says:

    Indeed. Looks like I’ll have to make another run to Costco for the jumbo bags of Troll Chow.

  289. KathyNage says:

    I’m making $86 an hour working from home. I was shocked when my neighbour told me she was averaging $95 but I see how it works now. I feel so much freedom now that I’m my own boss. This is what I do,follow the steps to get started info34.comCHECK IT OUT

  290. BeccaM says:

    Then why don’t they just use the label ‘pornographic’ appropriately rather than including political opinion blogs? Or is that much thinking too hard for the bigoted wingnut brain?

  291. Skeptical Cicada says:

    How does your distinction explain the “LGBT” censorship category?

    Thumbs down means people don’t agree with you. It does nothing to prevent you from commenting further.

  292. BeccaM says:

    Right after we’re done whipping up a new hurricane/superstorm.

  293. Freethinker01 says:

    That filter category is used to catch lots of homosexual pornography.

  294. Freethinker01 says:

    Real love…like a consenting, incestuous adult couple? Or, is there too much “eww” in that for you.

  295. Pete Needham says:

    The vets of Vietnam that I knew called the Pentagon the Fumble Fort.

  296. Duncan Roy says:

    Why are most lgbt sites blocked from most companies and public places? Because most LGBT sites are illustrated with pornographic images… not men in love or bringing up their gaybies but men having sex or showing off their genitals. Most lgbt sites are not like Towel Rd. Most lgbt sites are raddled with hate speak toward just about anyone but mostly at other gays. Having a contrary, virolent position is not the preserve of neo cons… we are brilliant at it too. When do we get off this jag of thinking we are so much better because we can’t get married?

  297. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Slash their budget. The $500 billion sequester would be a good start.

  298. lynchie says:

    We are coming for your kids next.

  299. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Did it cherrypick that “LGBT” censorship category, or is there also an “evangelical Christian” one too?

  300. Freethinker01 says:

    The Air Force run by Christian Dominionists. Right. That must be why Christian sites like The American Family Association ( are also blocked by network filters.

  301. shankys says:

    Perverts have no place in military.

  302. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Anyone else noticed how unintentionally hilarious so many military bigots are when they try to slur gays? They have dozens of these kinds of references, which primarily function to make them look clueless and anachronistic.

  303. emjayay says:

    The Interior department (or maybe just the National Park Service) some years ago had no filtering, but were monitoring everyone by routing everything through some porn sniffing computer somewhere. So your job could be in jeapordy if you clicked on something on some site where maybe there was a nude photo somewhere you weren’t even looking at or for. Kind of like reading Playboy for the articles. Or some link or search item you thought was something else. Anyway they put in filtering about seven years ago. All the comics sites were blocked. You had to start with a news site and find them through there, heh heh. Too much fun? Eventually they let You Tube back in because they were blocking useful instructional videos. Also humorous pets.

    A couple of years ago I did research at work for displays on National LGBT month, officially federally recognised now by the guvmint under Obama. Checked probably fifty sites with no problems. And I’m sure on occasion I checked out all those Pentagon blocked sites. You know, on a break or lunch of course. So the whole government isn’t as narrow minded.

  304. Freethinker01 says:

    Perhaps you should stop insisting on identifying yourself by what you do with your genitals. It’ll get you a lot further in the real world.

  305. Skeptical Cicada says:

    If the Pentagon has the resources to censor LGBT websites, it can afford to have its budget slashed by the $500 billion in the sequester. Bring on the massive cuts!

  306. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Then leave.

  307. Freethinker01 says:

    Have no fear. My military buddy assures me that some of the most rabid liberal sites are permitted as well. This article simply cherry picks the conservative sites in order to bolster its viewpoint.

  308. brant torok says:

    Has anyone tried Heterosexual?

  309. Freethinker01 says:

    Come down from your homophilic fervor. Many normal religious sites are blocked as well.

    Furthermore, anyone has the ability to request that a site be unblocked. Initially blocking broad categories of sites in the “LGBT” category helps the Pentagon keep all the anal sex sites off the fiber while bona fide sites are eventually let through.

  310. brant torok says:


  311. Invictus says:

    Does anyone consider Coulter and Slimball’s life style normal? They are as disfunctional as a dog with 4 nutts.

  312. Skeptical Cicada says:

    Apparently you missed the whole “LGBT” censorship category in the story above. Thanks for rushing to defend bigotry, though.

  313. Michael Diaz says:

    A White House petition has been created on the issue. I encourage everyone to sign it!

  314. brant torok says:

    Thanks for enlightening the rest of us! Smiles . . .

  315. Colininla says:

    This sort of mentality will never change. It has to literally die and be slowly winnowed out in time. Very slowly, obviously.

  316. Skeptical Cicada says:

    You apparently missed the “LGBT” category.

  317. brant torok says:

    No not sexual. LGBT is to do with Gender. And as such, LGBT should not be blocked any more than Heterosexual.

  318. Invictus says:

    Is this the quote I guess you are referring to, “…I feel nothing over the death of merceneries. They aren’t in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them.” It seems like the person quoted was talking about mercenaries.I hope you didn’t twist the quote to support your point.

  319. Skeptical Cicada says:

    LOL!!! The 1960’s called, and they want their debunked ideas back.

    P.S. Not even being able to spell polyamory makes you look even stupider than you already do.

  320. Brenda says:

    Why are pentagon computers being used for what is apparently non-work functions? I am a state employee and we are not allowed check our personal email or do any web surfing on our office computers. That computer is for work related tasks only. Of course, if the pentagon employees are using their office computer to spy on Rush or Coulter, well, that is another story…

  321. brant torok says:

    Rash Slimeball

  322. brant torok says:

    it depends on the way you take it emphasis on the ‘you’

  323. Sin says:

    People are allowed to take 15 minute breaks and lunch breaks.

  324. bigjimtx says:

    The military is run by old white men…sound familiar…..time for an update there as well as the elected officials.

  325. Silverheels says:


  326. lenalafluer says:


  327. Joe says:

    WAH WAH WAH I am glad at least someone finally has the you know whats to stand up to the over the top pro homo agenda. Sorry folks, no chance for making gays on the Pentagon dime. You’re just going to have to keep indoctrinating and recruiting elementary school aged kids, You’re doing a great job , by the way, You must be soooo proud of yourselves. Messing up minors heads. This great sociological experiment will contribute to the destruction of this country, But you all knew that already, didn’t you?? If you like gay marriage, you’re going to love legalizing incest, polygamy and polyamoury. Can’t wait to watch that fight about “fairness and equality”. LMAO

  328. Invictus says:

    Perhaps you can share a webaddress where the Daily Kos was troop bashing.

  329. Invictus says:

    I have never seen any troop bashing in any article published by the Daily Kos.

  330. Wildmule says:

    So we would rather have our country protected by Haters than homosexuals? Would really like to see this practice reversed. Guess they have an image to fulfill.

  331. They’ll just say that NO surfing outside of their job is allowed. I’m sure it’s in their little employee handbooks.

    I think we’re just going to ave to let this one die. There’s no changing people. I just wish people would at least pretend to be ladies and gentlemen.

  332. Invictus says:

    How about Lush Slimball?

  333. Invictus says:

    Not much grace in your comment.

  334. ww3 says:

    you should start with adam and eve

  335. This is absurd; Actually, they should be on ANY sites that aren’t pertinent to their job.

  336. ww3 says:

    obama – let me get back to you, i’m evolving

  337. ww3 says:

    start with your mother, if she even cares

  338. Ryan says:

    This is why they don’t want the defense budget slashed. It costs money to run a propoganda machine of this size

  339. Jill Westin says:

    I am a mother of a Iraqi war vet and there IS NOTHING NOTHING on Kos that says Screw the troops?! Give it up! In fact there are several veterans that post on that site, including my daughter.

  340. Agi Tater says:

    I must say, this is a perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with too many people in this country. Real love scares them. Hate-mongering makes them feel righteous. Sick.

  341. Jim Olson says:


  342. dave says:

    You need to review the paragraph labeled:

    “Before submitting a Boundary Modification Request, please review
    the following information:”

    before you start making accusations. Nowhere does it list among the reasons for banning the site the reason for sexual orientation.

  343. FreeLiu says:

    The Armed Forces appear to be fine with taking the taxes of LGTB Americans to pay for their toys and everything else, but they still want to ban their websites ? What is their service to the American People wasting their time censoring websites ?

  344. Buford says:

    Sweet Jesus! I get thumbs-down’d for simply suggesting that one distinction might be (hypothesis only) that this site contains lifestyle content whereas Coutler and Rush and company focus solely on hate-filled, repugnant ‘nutter politics…?!?!? I’m not suggesting that lifestyle content is bad, but it might be the Pentagon’s distinction for filtered/not.

    I thought this was a ‘discussion’ board… would nice to be able to discuss logically.

  345. Al Baston says:

    The Pigman Limbaugh & Pigwoman Coulter spew their elitist republican propaganda is okay with the pentagon but liberal progressive sites are banned – Even liberal & progressives taxes pay the $635 billion dollar a year to these pentagon Nazi’s fascists imperialism world domination crazies at the pentagon as progressives also pay a huge chuck of the wars these republican right-wing corporations profit from corporate subsidies, collusion and government contract give-sways to ALEC Koch brothers and other corporations…

    For example…..Lockheed Martin $161 billion of our tax dollars, Boeing $121 billion
    dollars Northrop Grumman $69 billion dollars, Raytheon $57 billion
    dollars, General dynamics $47 billion dollars, BAE Systems $42 billion
    dollars, SAIC $25 billion dollars, McDonnell Douglas $24 billion
    dollars, General Electric $19 billion dollars, Oshkosh $18 billion
    dollars and hundreds of more corporations receiving big paychecks
    annually from the Pentagon military industrial complex from our tax
    dollars…wars for corporate profits – it doesn’t matter how many die –
    just as long as we can fool the Americans that the wars are patriotic
    and that these wars for corporate profits are to protect them….then
    the corporations can continue to make trillions of dollars….and
    imperialistic control of mid-east oil fields so the oil corporations can
    gouge us at the pumps for even more gargantuan profits.

  346. WaStConcerned says:

    ….so is military rape……

  347. Just wondering is the Drudge Report accessible? If so then double standard is being ues as to what is consiered political

  348. WaStConcerned says:

    I call him “Limpbrain”

  349. Michael F says:

    I went ahead and created a petition on the We the People website to stop this discriminatory practice:

  350. WaStConcerned says:

    ……but how can they show EVERYTHING?

  351. Tapasap says:

    stop digging, please.

  352. Rush couldn’t fight because he had a pimple on his arse! As I recall.

  353. Karen Clark says:

    Exactly! I would love to see a study of the progression of divisiveness in our country and the premiere of Fox News.

  354. Are YOU the Steve from Adam and Steve?

  355. Sue Kerr says:

    The City of Pittsburgh bans my blog, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, because of the word “lesbian” in the URL. It is categorized as pornography even though my content is barely racy. While you are describing an intentional stimatizing decision, the default “filters” indirectly stimagtize dissenting views in Pittsburgh (like mine.) And let’s remember – Facebook will not let page owners use the words lesbian or transgender or bisexual when naming a page.

  356. Now he walks on all THREES?

  357. The military has always had a right wing christian hetero male bias. That’s the ‘norm’ for them.

  358. Karen Clark says:

    Someone in the Pentagon’s IT department has to be instructed which sites to tag and ban. Need to find out who makes those decisions. If you want to ban political sites at work, you must ban them all then.

  359. hazelnut101 says:

    Join the US armed forces where you can RAPE< KILL< SING jesus loves me and GET PAID!!!!!! We have the USKGB!!!!!!!…. crap heads…

  360. xhawk2 says:

    So when Kos says “screw the troops, they deserve it”, you have no problem with that?

  361. Vonti says:

    We did….we are forced to see their faces.

  362. Vonti says:

    We must remember that being Pro-LGBT is sexual and worth blocking while being Anti-LGBT is just….normal and allowable

  363. Vonti says:

    Then hopefully this site and others continue reporting this story.

    Simply keeping two of the most hate-filled sites allowable while banning others that aren’t even in the same realm of stupidity….is laughable and probably illegal if someone brought it to Court.

    People are correct about blocking sites to do “work” but that still doesn’t get to the point of why right-wing sites are allowed and non-right wing sites are blocked.

  364. margaretpoa says:

    Nothing new here. I’ve used many DoD computers and liberal websites are routinely banned while conservative ones are not. What can you do? They have all of the control when it comes to content and complaining will only get your access more restricted. In a couple of months, as physicians and contractors complain, the controls will gradually relax until the next Colonel wants to make General. It happens 3 or 4 times a year.

  365. BlueIdaho says:

    First of all I am Gay. Second, before I retired I was Chief Information Officer for a financial institution that was subject to government regulation. We were required to implement security policies and procedures that blocked any number of websites. This is accomplished through rules to the organization’s firewall device. I can tell you that the government regulations stated that we block user access to all blogs, personal pages, chat rooms, etc. And yes, sometimes this included LGBT content. This was also a productivity issue since some employees did not have the discipline to do their job instead of reading and commenting on numerous blogs.

    I’m not saying that what these government entities did was right in my eyes or your eyes. I’m just saying that some network engineer down the line is just following written security policies and procedures. You can request the page you are trying to access be reviewed and hopefully be granted access. Have any GLBT members of the military asked for a review for access? This would be the tell-tale sign of any discrimination.

  366. Gregory Williams says:

    YES it can be challenged in the Federal Courts if you are a member of the service or a DOD civilian employee – its a standings thing PLUS the affected sites can sue on the censorship and discrimination issues that this shows are going on at the PENTAGON.

  367. Stev84 says: is extremely homophobic. No big loss there

  368. fred flintstonesleg says:

    Ironically these sites are available in China.

  369. ginger1234 says:

    This is against the UCMJ as a violation of the First Amendment. Whoever did this should be brought up on charges of Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer, Dereliction of Duty, Behavior Bringing Discredit to the Military, Sedition.

  370. Stev84 says:

    No more so that sites dealing with straight celebrity gossip

  371. Indigo says:

    There is only one honor more distinguished, to be Condemned by the Vatican.

  372. Gregory Williams says:

    I am a VET and there is nothing on the Daily KOS that I consider to be troop bashing in any way what so ever … you just hate that site and that is all you wanted to express in your comment.

  373. Gregory Williams says:

    THE SENATE is where you want to make an issue like this known – sending something to the Bagger controlled cult conservative run HOUSE is a waste of time – they do not care about things like this in any place controlled by hate fueled GOP partisans gone insane with power.

  374. GLEAZC says:

    What does Obama think about this?…I forgot…he’s still evolving. Pathetic! I’m so tired of the culture of ignorance that pervades the Pentagon and some extent the country.

  375. WaStConcerned says:

    …truly more apt!

  376. xhawk2 says:

    And yet you defend troop-bashing DailyKos.

  377. Bluebird says:

    Sorry but I think you’re wrong. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh don’t just disagree with my views, they go beyond that and do spew hate-filled rhetoric about anything liberal or progressive. They make the most hate-filled, lying, outrageous attacks on the President of our country. I don’t think they contribute anything to intelligent dialog that a civilized society needs. Do you wonder why there are 30 death threats a day with a 400% increase since Obama took office. I think if we knew the sources of those, we would find a lot of paranoid, white people who listen to Limbaugh on a regular basis.

  378. Censorship like this is disgusting…so true, if the Pentagon cares about our forces, they will ban FOX Noise and their propaganda–hateful cast of mean characters.

  379. Don Chandler says:

    They are paper shufflers in the pentagon–nambypamby through and through.

  380. nicho says:

    Nice to see the dittoheads make an appearance. We were worried about them. It gets damp in those basements in their parents’ houses.

  381. Steve_in_CNJ says:

    Walk up to someone who is actually serving and mumble your insult.

  382. nicho says:

    No, much more pathetic.

  383. Ford Prefect says:

    More like REvolving, methinks.

  384. nicho says:

    It’s more “Pass god and praise the ammunition.”

  385. nicho says:

    Have you read the garbage that Coulter prints. It is pure hate speech.

  386. nicho says:

    Exactly, so they shouldn’t have access to any blogs or news sites. However, they manage to let them take time out to read Anthrax Coulter and Rash Limpbutt. If they banned all such sites, I’d have no argument with them.

  387. Mike Brooks says:

    Well, it is sexual, isn’t it.

  388. Walter says:

    He’s evolving.

  389. Catman1967 says:

    someone does not understand firewall settings and the geographical boundaries to the firewalls….I’m reading this article and typing this comment on a DoD computer

  390. SunIL says:

    Why don’t you show the parts of Rush and Ann’s websites that show all the hate you speak of?

  391. disqus_uErxGw6a5W says:

    Ann Coulter loves her fifty dollar ice burg lettuce salad and seven dollar unsweetened ice tea. Rush loves lying and good luck with that. He will really and truly earn every bit of that. I would be very unhappy if I could not take that back. I think that mean nasty message has got to be hiding some past mean nasty behavior. Just saying RUSH come out . . .

  392. I am not surprised by anything coming from the dysfunctional Air Force. They also blocked Craigslist (owned by eBay) and (run by a retired Navy officer). Besides denying civil rights, their 308 generals have mishandled trillions in funds by over-spending, spending on unnecessary items and are unorganized. They abuse their volunteers and civilian employees, look at the lawsuit against Offutt AFB. If they were indeed organized, they wouldn’t have these problems. Radical Coulter and Extremist Limbaugh are much more dangerous than LBGT and social media sites.

  393. Ford Prefect says:

    Does the Commander In Chief share the Pentagon’s views?

    Has anyone asked him? I ask because this is something he can fix with a damn memo.

  394. xhawk2 says:

    Why ban Rush Limbaugh or anyone else who actually has respect for our armed forces? Liberals attacked Limbaugh because he exposed Jesse MacBeth for the phony soldier that he is.

  395. Paul LaDue says:

    Hey Rush! When are you going on another Viagra/Dominican Republic/Fuck vacation?

  396. Paul LaDue says:

    They are already rapists. Isn’t that good enough?

  397. Paul LaDue says:

    The DOD has long since become an agency that brings, on balance, negative results to this country, They conspire with right-winged elements to bring WAR to countries that as a state are NOT bringing harm to the USA.
    We need to impale this beast through it’s brain and shove it into a roadside ditch in Afghanistan. Good riddance you useless pile of s**t.
    Start a DOD2 with programs that we NEED. Really Need.

    We will save BILLIONS of dollars.

  398. disqus_uErxGw6a5W says:

    I do not agree with how the don’t ask don’t tell repeal is going. gay people have always been there. i am not a jealous person. I want everyone to be doing well. That makes me the better person. The higher ups need to develop some leadership skills. When I say oh my, I mean: my my my my my my my in a very rythemy zone enough to feel sea sick.

  399. Birdie of Paradiso says:

    Why am I not surprised? The military drags their feet too. And besides denying civil rights, they mishandle funds by over-spending, spending on unnecessary items and are unorganized. If they were indeed organized, they wouldn’t have these problems. Coulter and Limpbaugh are much more dangerous than LBGT sites. And yes I meant Limpbaugh.

  400. Bill Thon says:

    The more they wave the flag the bigger the coward they are when it comes to these issues

  401. My company does this too, I presume a lot do. I know ways around it, but anything with LGBT is considered “sexual” in nature and therefore blocked.

  402. Goodbye says:

    I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this. Now I’m wasting my time commenting on it. That makes me almost as pathetic as this article.

  403. Siara Delyn says:

    It seems clearly illegal. Can’t that be challenged in court?

  404. FuzzyRabbit says:

    A question: Are other liberal-type or fact-based websites blocked, i.e. Crooks and Liars, PoliticusUSA, Alternet, etc?

  405. COfoEVA says:

    In other news, no one cares what they banned on their own computers.

  406. Skip Moreland says:

    So censorship is good in your opinion.

  407. Skip Moreland says:

    So what if it does. Coulter and Rush certainly are for lifestyle content that I am not in favor of.

  408. joebud says:

    You’d think the Pentagon would have more important things to do. Just sayin.

  409. Its one thing to have a problem with LGBT sites being banned, its quite another to call conservative sites “hate filled” because they share an opposing viewpoint than your own. This is more of that “everyone should think the same or they are a bigot” nonsense. If you wouldn’t take issue with the shoe being on the other foot, LGBT sites allowed while conservative sites are banned, you are a part of the problem.

  410. Thank You for shining a light on the real enemy. IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY, as your comment demonstrates.

  411. msinva says:

    Don’t ask. Don’t surf.

  412. WaStConcerned says:

    “Praise god and pass the ammunition!”

    More rable rousing garbage from the right is perfectly OK in the depths of the “faithful war mongers”!

  413. pdxuser says:

    They also air Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham on American Forces Network Radio.

  414. jcadams says:

    What did you expect? Consider the environment of the armed services — we recruit people who are comfortable with those organization’s basic work product. Which is … killing people.

  415. Stoneyjack says:

    Good news! Finally, a bit of intelligence & sensitivity from the Pentagon. The military is a fighting force, not a florist’s convention.

  416. Ugmo says:

    Aren’t these people supposed to be working?

  417. HtW says:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure the person who added the entries was just acting in accordance with their “conscience and sincerely held moral principles and religious beliefs.”

  418. Andrew says:

    It seems like the armed forces are spending a lot of time and energy with censorship when they might have other more pressing matters.

  419. swich says:

    I want to write to the appropriate committee to protest against these practices. Where do I write???

  420. ComradeRutherford says:

    The Air Force is controlled by Christian Dominionists who are tasked with taking down the US Gov from the inside, because they are Patriots!

    It comes as no surprise that the Land of the Free censors websites, because just seeing the word ‘gay’ will force Air Force personnel to run out and turn gay. One of their rabidly anti-gay consultants said that, so it must be true.

  421. Buford says:

    I agree that it’s discriminatory and it deserves pushback that will likely be successful in changing the situation… BUT, could it be because this site does include (alongside poignant political commentary) lifestyle content of the type that Coulter and Limbaugh do not?

  422. ckg1 says:

    John: Seriously, did you expect anything less from the Air Force? I mean, they DID have a religious controversy erupt a few years ago at the Academy…we can presume that it has its share of RW basket cases.

    However, I agree with the last sentences COMPLETELY.

  423. Don Chandler says:

    What are they afraid of? I mean, why are they LGBTphobic.

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