Were OWS protesters dirty f’g hippies? New study: Not so much.

Despite what Fox News thinks and the image that they would like to promote, the Occupy Wall Street supporters do have jobs and they’re also educated.

Maybe it’s the education bit that upsets Fox and the rest of the GOP. Even Bobby Jindal recently recognized that the GOP is the “stupid party.”  And we all know how much the Republicans hate science. Shall we take a walk through memory lane?

Remember the time that future GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio said that the age of the earth was one of life’s “great mysteries.” In fact, it’s only a mystery to Marco Rubio.  The age of the earth is 4.5bn years, or so.

Or the time former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said that it’s elitist to send your kids to college.

Then there’s climate change.  Where you’ve got Santorum, Fox News, Romney’s campaign rally, and who can forget Sarah Palin, all good for a laugh.  Or Senator Inhofe who compared global warming science to Hitler.

And in pretty much every category that deals with hate, intolerance, and ignorance, there’s always Tennessee, which has been trying for a while now to become the new Alabama.

So it’s interesting, thought not surprising, to find out that a new study shows that the Occupy Wall Street quote wasn’t as DFH as Fox et. al. tried to portray it.

99% 1% OWS

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A new study from CUNY’s Joseph A. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, based largely on a sample of protesters interviewed during a mass May Day rally last year, found that the majority of participants were white and well-educated (76 percent of respondents had a four-year degree). Two-thirds of Occupy protesters had professional jobs, the sociology study found, with nearly a third living in households with incomes of $100,000 or more. Meanwhile, nearly a third of the protesters had been laid off or lost a job and a similar number said they had more than $1,000 in credit card or student loan debt. A significant number of respondents were precariously or underemployed and 10 percent of respondents were unemployed and seeking work.

Unhappy with this hard truth, Murdoch’s other rag, the New York Post, didn’t miss the opportunity to change gears and attack the OWS crowd as 1%-ers. Of course. They never miss an opportunity to criticize anyone with an education.

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