One of the best gun control ads you’ll ever see

These are the kind of ads that liberals need to run more often. If Cong. John Barrow (D-GA-12) wants to be an NRA puppet in Congress, and accept tens of thousands of dollars in NRA blood money, then he can face the consequences.

Barrow is one of those gun nuts, like the NRA, that wants to arm our schools. And of course, he hates what the President is proposing post- Sandy Hook, even though he probably doesn’t even know what it is. If the NRA says it’s bad, that’s good enough for John Barrow.

”I strongly disagree with proposals that would deny law abiding citizens their Second Amendment rights, and I’m disappointed he did not propose increased security measures for our schools.”

Liberals have woken up. Democrats have woken up. And Americans have woken up. The age of the gun nuts is over.

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