NRA’s Nugent: Obama “is an evil dangerous man who hates America and hates freedom”

When it comes to long-time NRA board member Ted Nugent talking about people who hate America and hate freedom, it takes one to know one.

Via Media Matters:

NUGENT: But here is what is wrong with America today. We have a president, and everybody better write this down, and memorize this. The president of the United States goes to the Vietnam Memorial Wall and pretends to honor 58,000 American heroes who died fighting communism and then he hires, appoints and associates with communists. He pretends to pay honor to men who died fighting communism, and then he hangs out with, hires and appoints communists. He is an evil dangerous man who hates America and hates freedom. And we need to fix this as soon as possible.

So how exactly do you “fix” the fact that your President is a communist who has infiltrated his entire administration with communists?  Is it any wonder that people keep feeling like Nugent’s ongoing pronouncements have an undercurrent of violence to them?

Nugent has been a flaming embarrassment to the NRA (and America) for decades now, yet America’s premiere gun-fetishist organization continues to keep Nugent as a board member, and promote him at conferences.  It’s almost as if the NRA is proud of its own extremism, and it probably is.  Many of us have known for years that the NRA doesn’t represent normal law-abiding gun owners.

The NRA represents the crazies because it is the crazy.

So it’s no wonder that NRA board member Nugent is yet again making comments that sound an awful lot like threatening the violent overthrow of the United States government.

NUGENT: I’m part of a very great experiment in self-government where we the people determine our own pursuit of happiness and our own individual freedom and liberty not to be confused with the Barack Obama gang who believes in we the sheeple and actually is attempting to re-implement the tyranny of King George that we escaped from in 1776. And if you want another Concord Bridge, I got some buddies.

Remember, Concorde Bridge was the shot heard round the world that heralded the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

Remember, it was only a short while ago that Nugent was making comments that some construed as threatening the life of the President.

Even knowing how extremist the NRA really is, it still surprises me that they don’t even care if they’re perceived as pro-violence.  You’d think the gun-nuts for hire would at least dissociate themselves from nuts with guns, for appearance sake.  But nope.

Nugent has a long history of racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-Latino comments.  Yet still he hangs on as one of the top directors of the NRA.  Let’s revisit a little vintage Nugent, just so you can see first-hand what the NRA really is:

NRA board member Nugent: America might be better had South won the Civil War.
Ted Nugent likes to use the n-word.
Ted Nugent has called President Obama “a piece of sh*t.
Ted Nugent thinks Nancy Pelosi is “sub-human” and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a “brain-dead idiot.”
Ted Nugent has called Hillary Clinton the c-word, a b*tch and a wh*re.
And big surprise, NRA board member Ted Nugent has a problem with gays too.

No normal organization in this town, anywhere, would tolerate a board member who is this offensive. But the NRA does.  And that tells you something about the NRA.  It’s not an organization for ma and pa gun enthusiasts.  It’s a haven for extremists.

When you’re a normal non-profit, the Secret Service doesn’t have to pay your board member a visit out of concern that he may have just threatened the life of the President of the United States.

And the NRA says it’s worried about unhinged people having guns.

(H/t Raw Story)

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