NRA targets Obama kids in new Web site, ad

UPDATE:  The White House has now responded to the vile new NRA ad.  Via Reuters:

“Most Americans agree that a president’s children should not be used as pawns in a political fight. But to go so far as to make the safety of the president’s children the subject of an attack ad is repugnant and cowardly,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said.


In a new in-your-face Web site and ad, the NRA appears to be using the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in order to fundraise, build membership, and push the NRA’s recent talking point about putting “good guy” armed gunmen in every American school.

Oh yeah, and the NRA is also using the Obama kids as a political foil to take a jab at their father.  What’s a little collateral damage to a gun nut, right?

The site, NRA Stand and Fight, takes the odd position that President Obama’s kids face the same kind of threats that every other American kid faces when they go to school.  The NRA argues on the site that if the Obama kids get armed gunmen protected them at school, why don’t your kids get the same protection?

nra screen shot

No, the President’s kids aren’t more important than yours.  But the President’s kids routinely face assassination threats.  Yours don’t.  The day Al Qaeda threatens to take out little Jimmy down the block, then we’ll talk about getting him some extra security too.

The Obama kids, on the other hand, are probably the most threatened kids in America. Remember this one from the NY Daily News?

The failed city council candidate who urged the assassination of President Obama and his “monkey children” got a visit from the Secret Service at his southern California trailer, he claimed….

“Assassinate the f—– (N-word) and his monkey children,” he goaded, according to a screen grab obtained by

It’s offensive enough that the NRA is list-building and fundraising off of the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre – so much for not letting the massacre become “political” – but then to take a potshot at the President’s kids, when kids were the ones mass-murdered at Sandy Hook by a gun-nut, is especially crass.

The video on the NRA site continues:

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.46.29 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.47.23 PM

Because his armed guards are the Secret Service, and they have a bit more marksmanship training than Mrs. Bittner who teaches the first grade.

There’s also the estimated $6bn a year price-tag for the NRA’s little power grab for the gun industry.  Maybe we could tax America’s death industry of gun and ammo makers to pay for this – just like the tobacco industry was finally forced to pay for the death it rained down on American lives.

The NRA really is a sleazy organization.  For all the talk of how the NRA supposedly just represents Joe and Jane Gun-Owner, the more you get to know the organization, the more you realize that the gun-nut rots from the head down.

This is how the NRA negotiates.  Like animals.  They take no prisoners.  Including your kids.

The President is put on notice that if he’s serious about doing something about the daily carnage that gun-nuts have loosened on our country, then he needs to take on the NRA, full-bore, and take them down once and for all.

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55 Responses to “NRA targets Obama kids in new Web site, ad”

  1. david says:

    so i guess it was ok for obama to put kids on the stage with him when signed the new executive orders on guns? that is what disgusted me

  2. blueiiris says:

    The danger we are facing is that by letting gun laws get this laxidazical, we have allowed a massive network of armed UNREGULATED militias to form across the country – in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment. These armed thugs are a real and present danger, a cancer across society, whether they are gangs, survivalist outfits, wannabe warlords, self proclaimed possie’s of 2 or more armed men seething with anger and grudges.

    By demanding to operate unregulated, they gut the 2nd Amendment, and threaten the peace and even the core of our democracy should they ever get well organized.

    Now that the NRA is having gun-nuts parade in armed “demonstrations”, it’s not long before that happens.

    They are a domestic terror threat and should be treated as such.

  3. The reason for the Second Amendment is that the Founding Fathers did not want to have a standing army (its why Congress can only fund the Army for 2 years at a time). As an alternative to a standing professional army, they envisioned state “militias” the structure of which would be defined by Congress (Article I, Section 8) and could be called out in case of invasion and TO PUT DOWN SEDITIOUS INSURGENCIES (not to arm loonies to start a seditious insurgency). In national emergencies, the President as Commander-in-Chief has ultimate command of the militias (today known as state National Guard units) and can order them into battle against an outside aggressor.

    At the time, they never envisioned how grotesquely firepower would escalate in 235 years. Instead, they envisioned each “gentleman farmer” putting down his plow, grabbing his black-powder musket from the mantle, and mustering up with his “well-regulated militia.”

    In fact, maybe that’s the solution. Those who consider themselves Constitutional Fundamentalists (believers in Strict Construction and Original Intent) should accept a reasonable interpretation of the Second Amendment. Each and every citizen of the United States should be permitted to own his or her own black-power musket. ;)

  4. They are using organic fertilizer!

  5. Ah, but we run into the problem that the very gun nuts who are arming for an insurrection against our dictator (funny, I though dictators didn’t run the risk of losing elections, but instead merely eliminated their rivals) are exactly the kind of conspiracy-obsessed wackaloons that mental health checks are intended to rule out of owning guns. Even Chief Gun Nut, Wayne LaPierre, who took over the NRA in a hostile takeover in 1976 (after a century of the NRA supporting gun control!) has called for mental health testing and building a database of mentally unstable people. That would eliminate about 1/4 of the NRA who own guns primarily to fight their own government when the black helicopters come for their guns, as well as all those gun-worshiping moon-bats walking around carrying firearms they are not adequately trained to use safely and wisely. Now, there’s an irony.

  6. The most interesting part of this is that, according to the Sitwell School, there are NO armed security guards working for the school. There are 11 people assigned full or parttime to security, but most are administrative and the 5 security officers are not allowed to carry firearms. The only armed security at the school is provided by the Secret Service, which is required BY LAW to protect each member of the President’s family 24/7. But, then, when has the NRA ever let the truth get in the way of a vicious, self-serving outright lie?

  7. jeff says:

    Well what dumbass would go to a school with armed security on the roof and in the front doors.but there was one that went to the school that had no security and no legal gun owner because of gun free why not train teachers that want to conceal carry and have the gun on thrir person so a kid couldnt get it.that would seem a better option.if you care about the kids like you say having them with armed responsible people would be better than havingno kind of security.have better program in the school.i have idea but not putting more here.owning a gun don’t make you a killer taking from law abiding people don’t stop criminals.more restrictions on law abiding people only makes more victims.especially young female disabled and never hear of a mass shooting in a police station do you i haven’t.

  8. alaskaproudandstrong1 says:

    You mean AR-15? or AK-47? Hard to tell. If you must know, I think he took a .22 mag most of the time.

  9. alaskaproudandstrong1 says:

    Oh wow. Maybe this is just a little comment fired off quickly and not proofread? You got the point.
    Yes I have a HS diploma, I actually graduated a year early. What exactly does this have to do with guns? Nothing. You just made a hasty generalization. Just glad I’m not you’re neighbor.

  10. Naja pallida says:

    Sadly, I am not the asshole whisperer.

  11. FunMe says:

    Nice to see the nuts here. Why? You know they are becoming unhinged. Love it!

  12. Except the gun… right?

    BTW, what did your dad take to school and use to shoot grouse; a bump firing…32865.36385.0.36796.…1c.1.bUMXONdBt9s AK-15?

  13. 1st:, it’s ad, not add.
    2nd: it’s ad, not add.
    3rd: What is it with gun the majority nuts and the most basics of education?

  14. Which one?

  15. Nut farming.?

    One would wonder how – with the extreme weather events this year – the GOP has still managed to harvest a bumper crop?

  16. Carl Gorney says:

    Then you shove it in their face. Over and over and over again.

    They don’t stop shoveling their crap. Why should you?

  17. Indigo says:

    The NRA is resorting to trash talking, unaware that the only thing trash talking proves is that trash can talk.

  18. alaskaproudandstrong1 says:

    Ha Ha, a Sarah Palin joke. Never heard one of those before. Seriously that is so 2010 get over her already!

  19. karmanot says:

    Come to think if it—–can’t fool us Sarah Moose breath. proud and strong.

  20. karmanot says:

    double ditto ppppffffftttt

  21. karmanot says:

    Or the ‘K’ in KKK.

  22. karmanot says:

    Well, certainly, as evidenced by your rude comment, the loons are responding.

  23. Krissy Hager says:

    its sad very sad isnt it

  24. Krissy Hager says:

    feel disgusted by your ad, you
    have made him a target with your hate for a long time, we all have guns and its our right but some of us don’t need high power guns. what you did with his kids in that ad was terrible and not very patriotic
    to talk about our president who was just elected by us the American people thought it was tasteless at best :(

  25. alaskaproudandstrong1 says:

    So I guess you’re saying guns are OK if you know someone is trying to kill you? When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed out in the woods without a gun (I’m in my 20’s) for bear protection. When Dad was a kid he took a gun to school so he could shoot grouse for dinner on the walk home. My point is, guns and schools/kids have been around for a long time. School shootings are a recent development. Something changed, and it has nothing to do with guns.

  26. KingCranky says:

    “NRA” & “Good Guys”, a perfect oxymoron.

  27. KingCranky says:

    And the NRA leadership is just as guilty of being “elitist hypocrites” because the organization doesn’t buy all manner of guns to give away to people living in urban areas and cities.

    If the NRA isn’t willing to lead by example in that way, then its entire leadership are nothing more than hypocrites of the most easily-debunked type.

  28. Naja pallida says:

    Last time I brought that up in this kind of discussion, their excuse was that phrasing was just a for instance, not intended to be taken literally.

  29. nicho says:

    RFacis/sexism Pfffft.

  30. judybrowni says:

    The difference between Republican and Democrats: the first black President’s children don’t “deserve” protection.

    Whereas bratty party girls “the Bush twins sometimes try to lose their Secret Service escorts for kicks—“You know if anything happens to me, my dad would have your ass” is the taunt Jenna reportedly hurled when they finally caught her”

  31. Naja pallida says:

    As long as the NRA keeps flashing their crazy cards, the more the general public is going to turn against them, and ultimately make gun control changes more likely and more significant. They have had every chance in the world to have a rational discussion on the issue, and have obviously decided to abdicate responsibility in favor of absurdity.

  32. I’m sorry, but that’s insane. Having some fat retired cop, or worse, Mrs. Bittner kindergarten teacher, packing a Luger, rightfully worries people that aren’t convinced that either is qualified to be packing heat in a crowded school. The Secret Service is. No one is arguing that guns aren’t effective at stopping terrorists. I think nuclear weapons are pretty good at stopping terrorist states as well. It doesn’t mean we all should own nuclear weapons. You guys simply don’t trust – aka hate – the US government, and that’s why you want your guns.

  33. You’d be pulling out your gun if someone put your kids in an ad. As for the ad’s veracity, it’s not true at all. The ad suggests that the Obama kids face the same day to day threat that your kids face in Alaska. They don’t. That’s a lie. And this has nothing to do with “those in power believing their kids should be protected with guns.” It has to do with Sasha and Malia having been threatened with assassination. Have your kids been threatened with assassination? No they haven’t. So it’s beyond disingenuous for you to suggest that Sasha and Malia are somehow spoiled because the Secret Service protects them against known assassination attempts by white supremacists and Al Qaeda. Are you gun nuts for real?

  34. Lisa Johnson says:

    The thing all these gun nuts and Second Amendment freaks forget are the first five words: “For a well regulated militia…”

  35. alaskaproudandstrong1 says:

    Do you really have a problem with white men? Really? Cut the racism/sexism and get back to the gun argument. Then google Sandy Foreman. Maybe that will make you happy!

  36. alaskaproudandstrong1 says:

    You may not like it, but nothing in this add is untrue. So what if it mentions the presidents kids? How does that change anything? The fact remains, that those in power believe their kids should be protected with guns, but not yours. This is the main point of the add. focusing on anything else is a distraction.

  37. AdmNaismith says:

    I should hope so. This is the perfect time to fully expose the NRA for the nutjobs that theyare, but I don’t see it happening. They need to be smacked down hard, but I’m afraid we will lose momentum on this before anyone says anything truly useful.

  38. kartski says:

    Highly trained good people with guns is the safest solution, just ask Pat Tillman.

  39. nicho says:

    Told that the college class he wanted to take was full, guy asks for the names of enrolled students — so he “can shoot one and make room.”

  40. FunMe says:

    The NRA is a disgusting bunch. They have not shame with those ads. But then what do you expect from them. Looking at the current NRA Board of Directors explains a lot. Check out the link below from Mother Jones.

    Here are a few stats about NRA board of directors:
    – 87% are men. 93% are white.
    – 25% are current or former federal, state, or local lawmakers or officials.
    – 64% are hunters. 71% are sport or competitive shooters.
    – At least 71% were nominated, endorsed, or selected by the NRA’s Nominating Committee.

    And about the current NRA President David Keene: “The current NRA president is the former chairman of the American Conservative Union. In 2003, his son was sentenced to 10 years in prison for firing at another driver during a road rage incident.”

    Check out more of their Directors. They sure look pretty sleazy to me!

  41. Randy Riddle says:

    It’s interesting what the NRA’s really doing here – they’re reframing a larger debate about violence in schools that’s happening with many political players and making it look like it’s just a personal issue for Obama. This tactics riles up their extremist, quasi-terrorist base that’s been fed bullshit about Obama not being a legit President for the past few years and attempts to deflect the heat from Republicans in Congress that are standing in the way of legislation that could curtail the bloodshed on American streets.

    Disgusting. The NRA as an organization should be on the US terrorists lists – that’s all they are.

  42. Badgerite says:

    ‘Good guys’ with guns is NOT what I see when I look at the NRA.

  43. Ginger_FL says:

    WTF. Can we just make it harder to get the damn things…or how about make bullets and bullet making material extremely expensive. I think the lives of everyone killed each day is worth more than the pennies those bullets cost. I know someone who is a Veteran that has disabilty for PTSD and the jerk managed to get a CONCEAL CARRY in CA !?!?!!? WTF is going on in this country….insanity rules apparently.

  44. Litterbox says:

    I think what the NRA was pointing out was the hypocrisy of the position that Obama is (allegedly) willing to go after YOUR guns and not support the idea of armed people to protect YOUR kids, but he has no problem letting armed people protect HIS kids. Regardless of how you feel in this debate, its a valid point. Yes, his kids are “at risk” due to obvious reasons, but if you listen to the crazies bellowing about how unsafe guns are, then everyones kids are at risk. The whole issue points out the hypocrisy from the anti-gun crowd.

  45. Litterbox says:

    “The reason for the second amendment in the first place was Virginia
    wanted to preserve its right to keep the slave patrols (their ‘militia’)
    which were of course essential to put down the regular slave revolts.”

    What absolute bullshit. And if you are going to go around quoting “Truthout” articles, you may want to get educated first before you continue on your quest to see how dumb you can sound. I feel sorry for John. He used to have a top notch site here, but the loons now seem to have control of the asylum.

  46. Guest says:

    Was going to correct that, but, the more I thought about it, the more appropriate it seemed to its target.

  47. Gust says:

    The crazier these people talk, the more they justify confiscaton.

  48. Brian says:

    So do they expect a presidents kid to go to school unprotected? You think Clinton, Bush, Dole, etc just let their kids just walk into school without nothing? Heh don’t think so.

  49. MyrddinWilt says:

    Before too long, an ‘A’ rating from the NRA is going to be as highly sought after as an ‘A’ rating from NAMBLA.

    The NRA is the National Man-Gun Love Association.

  50. UncleBucky says:

    From after Lincoln to the present, the families of the President, Vice-President and other members of the government are well-protected. Former members of government are also protected.

    It is NOT that we should not protect our own outside of the government. But rather that creating an armed camp creates many more problems than we could ever have imagined.

    And at this time simply referring to the kids, or to any other kids of people in the government is the most agregious and contemptable attempt at self-benefits.

    I have just about had enough.

  51. Dennis McDonald says:

    This is vile.

  52. MyrddinWilt says:

    And not to mention the fact that nobody is suggesting disarming the police or the military.

    The point is to take the guns away from the criminals and from the gun nuts who talk about using them to overthrow the government.

    But this pitch will still manage to collect a few hundred thousand dollars from their nuttier and more racist members. That is what the GOP lobbies are all about these days: nut farming.

  53. S1AMER says:

    Extraordinarily vile, even for the NRA.

    I’ve always worried about president’s kids, regardless of party. But I’ve worried far more these last four years about the Obama girls, as I’ve worried more about their father and mother, and now I suspect I’ll be extending my level of worrying.

    Damn America! Damn our racism, and our violence, and our political extremism. And damn the press that pretends none of these problems even exist. And damn decent people who allow it all.

  54. MyrddinWilt says:

    OK so all those people who were complaining that my earlier proposals to ban guns were ‘extreme’ and likely to be counterproductive… you will of course be saying the same about this little nugget of NRA racism?

    Oh, I get it now. We have to watch what we say for fear of inflaming racist nutjobs like LaPierre further while he froths about government jackbooted thugs and takes in millions from the death industry. Nope, not happening. The members of the NRA are the people who must be disarmed to protect liberty because they keep on demonstrating that they are a group of fascist thugs who spend their time talking up the idea of murder to achieve their political aims.

    Of course its all about race and pandering to a certain part of the Southern population that still hasn’t figured out that their side lost the civil war and that the civil war was about ending slavery.

    The reason for the second amendment in the first place was Virginia wanted to preserve its right to keep the slave patrols (their ‘militia’) which were of course essential to put down the regular slave revolts.

  55. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Unfortunately, the video will associate the idea of gun violence with the President’s daughters in the minds of the most stupid among us. I hope the Secret Service will participate in having it made unavailable.

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