Michelle Obama appears to roll her eyes at John Boehner during inaugural lunch

I LOVE Michelle Obama.

You have to watch the video here, to get the full effect.  But in a nutshell, during yesterday’s official congressional luncheon immediately following the President’s swearing in, GOP House Speaker John Boehner was saying something likely idiotic to President Obama, and Michelle Obama, who was seated between Boehner and the President, seems to look away from Boehner and roll her eyes.

michelle obama roll eyes boehner

First Lady Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at GOP Speaker John Boehner. (Animated gif via Raw Story.)

How many different ways can I say I love this woman.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Obama twice, for a grand total of 5 seconds each time (it was at the White House Christmas party, twice).  But oddly, for such a brief encounter, I was stunned by, and in, her presence. The lady has charisma.  And is quite beautiful too (I don’t think most photos do her justice). But the warmth and personality she exudes.  Far more than her husband, interestingly enough.

And clearly, she’s a woman with a brain in a position that doesn’t always look kindly on women with brains, or any sense of self.

So, I don’t know in the end if this was just an odd clip that seems to have caught something it really didn’t, or what.  But if Mrs. O did roll her eyes at John Boehner, and lord knows he’d deserve it, it’s just one more reason we love her.

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