Marijuana clubs open in Colorado

Following the passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado that legalizes cannabis, clubs are opening where patrons can smoke, though not buy or sell marijuana. One of the two opened, then quickly closed due to a landlord issue though the other – Club 64 – remains open.

It is now legal in Colorado to have up to an ounce of marijuana, and as long as smokers smoke in private, there do not appear to be any issues with the law. Business owners are still being cautious though.  As the dust settles, expect more club openings in Colorado.


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Video from KDVR in Denver:

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  • trinu

    They already raided medical marijuana greenhouses in Montana.

  • That’s what they said four years ago upon assuming office — yet the DEA, ATF, and FBI have never been more active in shutting down dispensaries, growers, and any form of public venue.

    Of course the war on this drug (and most others, really) has failed. But there is big money in it, in the form of law enforcement budgets, confiscations, and for-profit prisons.

  • Outspoken1

    Not yet.

  • Outspoken1

    They were closed with 24 hours by the landlords. A task force has been set up by Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper to determine how to enact the law – but nothing is yet published. for information about the task force.

    Other news includes . Many counties and cities in Colorado are already just banning the opening of businesses to sell marijuana before any guidelines take effect. It is still quite confusing and still a Federal crime, if they chose to prosecute. In addition, companies may still test and dismiss employees for marijuana use under the Colorado law.

    BTW – I live in Denver and am a Colorado native, hence the info. Happy New Year!

  • j1ulia2n

    Actually Obama and the Feds (Holder) have come out saying they will not waste time and resource on marijuana in States that have legalized it. I think this Administration realizes it a losing fight. The war on this particular drug has failed (think Prohibition).

  • Cue the inevitable DEA raids in 5, 4, 3…

  • Can ordinary bars do this?

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