Norfolk residents confuse dog for lion, call 911

It could have happened to anyone, really. Who hasn’t confused a labradoodle dog with a lion before?

In all honesty, the dog’s hair was clearly cut to mimic a lion’s.  It’s actually kind of a funny idea.

Charles the Monarch mistaken for lion

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  • Zorba

    Or on Fox News, K. Don’t forget Fox News!

  • If it’s not on Jerry Springer or Honey Boo Boo they don’t know it. :(

  • pauljgo

    I”m surprised some yahoo didn’t try to shoot it to mount on the wall in his den.

  • ronbo

    It’s VA. At least they didn’t invoke “terrorism” and 9/11. Call in the drones to protect us!

  • OtterQueen

    My coworker has her big, fluffy kitty groomed to look like a lion. It’s pretty cute!

  • Hmmmm… I wonder how many reported it as armed and dangerous?

  • melchore

    The dog is cut to resemble the Old Dominion University Mascot (Big Blue – a lion). It is at all the tail-gating events and most sane people realize it is only a dog. Some people here in Norfolk are not the smartest.

  • Zorba

    Oh, for pity’s sake. Male lions look nothing whatsoever like this dog. Not to mention the fact that the male lion generally weighs well more than 300 pounds.
    What, these idiots have never gone to a zoo, or watched a National Geographic Special?

  • cole3244

    people in norfolk need to get out more, or get satellite.

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